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  1. Can we all calm down a tad bit, please? I do think that damaging single planes with AA is a bit too powerful... if not unrealistic. Torpedo bomber heals would seem rather useless if you can't disperse damage over your squadron... plus normally no one gets every single bofors, oerlikon, and 127mm to aim at 1 plane of an entire squadron unless it's a kamikaze but we still don't have those either. CVs, now, against high continuous DPS ships will be losing aircraft. After all, if your entire squadron has only 13,000 hp, one plane can only last against 900 dps for so long. I think either a nerf to the AA in the current state or the restoration of spread squadron damage and buffed continuous AA (or leave as is) would probably be the best.
  2. Tower1056

    ST: Battleship Ohio

    ... I kinda like it.
  3. Soo... USS Helena had a contest/chain of missions run during the US cruiser event for a fan designed camo, the "Remembrance Night" one. You can see a picture of it here: Most of the ship is supposed to be decked out in dark blue, but as of an update somewhat long ago, the secondary turrets have been bugged to show no camo on them. They do stick out a bit like a sore thumb. Anyone know what might be going on?
  4. Might as well.. there's nothing else to do.
  5. Tower1056

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Awesome! Can't wait to mount it on Lexington and Ranger!
  6. Tower1056

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    I did i t! Barely squeaked in the last 5k damage needed by bombing after my carrier died.
  7. Tower1056

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Hawwahhh!! I really want to earn the flag but it's so weird controlling the new CVs! I must keep trying!
  8. Aye, let's keep the current system!
  9. Super helpful! I was skeptical of the CV rework at first (still kind of am, to be honest) since I feared the Player vs Mechanics being the primary feature instead of the Player vs Player, and the generally low skill ceiling that it seemed to have. But, after you listed everything out, I'm more willing to try it. Really curious to see how the new skill metas will develop.
  10. Tower1056

    Santa Container Survey

    I unboxed a Prinz Eugen pudding bote from one that a friend kindly gifted... so... Dunno how reliable my data is.
  11. Tower1056

    Wargaming, please help the Eagles.

    I heard that in the clash of elements competition, you picked a team and had to stick with it. That prevented anyone from joining the winning team and made you have to work your best. Maybe a similar system could've been implemented here. I get that the rewards for winning isn't much, and that you could always switch teams to get a reward, but then you're betting on the the team that will win, not the one you want to win. The tokens aren't as affected by winning or losing. 15 days of logging on and choosing your side will fulfill the requirements for the max amount of tokens you can earn for the side, but still. It's not really fun..
  12. Status update!... Nyothing really. Just seeing how this works xwx

    *eagerly waiting for Helena camo thoo <w> Earnable premium camos for ships is super nice! >w< (also the designs were epic!)*