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  1. Arri_Shi

    Anti-Sub Rockets

    It could just be a visual difference but with buffed stats, i.e. they could just work like current depth charges but work on a longer range.
  2. Actually, I just found out this artist made a rendition: https://www.deviantart.com/tzoli/art/Ansaldo-Export-Design-for-Argentina-821334639
  3. I see your designs and I raise you this Italian monstrosity: Ansaldo export design, to be sold to Argentina, comes with the following: 5x3 305mm/45 Armstrong Modello 1908 / Armstrong Mk R Cannons, 20x1 120mm/45 Armstrong Modello 1908 / Armstrong Mk DD Casemated Guns, 10x1 76mm/40 Armstrong Modello 1897 Guns. 4x1 450mm Underwater Torpedo Tubes 250mm Belt and 50mm Deck (?) A whole 22 knots of speed
  4. Honestly, low-tier games are interesting, the meta's entirely different and what constitutes a "good" ship is vastly different than mid or high tiers. It's also what's going to help snag new players, so having extra value in low tiers would be essential. Unfortunately the problem is convincing WG of investing time and value into that as opposed to higher tier ships.
  5. Yes, we know about the pallet swap, but I'm referring to an overall different pattern than the Type 5. And for the record it's a mock-up of the Graf Zeppelin.
  6. As much as I like the Type 5, unfortunately it's starting to make my top-end roster look identical. Many players wouldn't mind there being more variety to how they dress up their ship, without shelling out for expensive permacamos or going into their paint supply. Maybe changing Type 1 and 2 to have the same stats as 5, or adding additional patterns or causing variations to patterns depending on nation, I think players would very much like that, make their ships look more interesting so it's all not one camo.
  7. Arri_Shi

    USN DD Premium Proposal, T6

    My issue is, despite the fact these are the same Mk 30 mounts seen on Sims and Benson, the fact there's only 3 of them means that the ship has less DPM than the A-hull Monaghan which is what it will be competing with for sales. I like the improved AA, it's going to be very nasty at its tier, but if it's going to be that slow it needs some sort of additional defensive parameter as it will be extremely prone to rundowns. If this was a higher tier I'd suggest some sort of defensive radar like the PA line, perhaps a German hydro kit? It can compensate for his by having middling ASW capabilities when those are released.
  8. The entire development of these ships can be summarized as following: "Friendship ended with Orion, Veneto is now new best friend." I do wonder, seeing as most of the ships start off as designs from UK (and potentially Italian) shipyards, that they might have aspects taken from their in-game nations, such as high damage HE from the UK, and high velocity guns from the Italians.
  9. Strangely enough, I can also see this replacing the radar with a smoke set, make it a heavy Atlanta-like with a spicy kick. Most Americans really perform better if allowed to close in, but it's getting there that's the problem.
  10. Had to translate this, was this meant for the Spanish board? I mean the issue here isn't the effects, even the devs considered Auxiliary effects for carriers, or even the armament, heck it's not even the (lack of) armor, it's the speed. These ships are going to be undoubtedly very slow, prone to rundowns, and easily targeted by even the least accurate BB player. With subs coming these will be very fat and juicy targets, even if they have high concealment, as they'll be very hard to maneuver, and that's nothing to say about what the carriers will do to them once they find them, even if the rudder was given exceptional stats.
  11. I am a little worried about how light the armament is, 8 guns at tier 8 looks pretty paltry, even for heavy cruisers. Even though it has respectable DPM people might complain it's a bit too lightly armed and armored. On another note, as this was in service with Peru, this can also be used as a PanAm Premium clone as WG seems to enjoy cloning their Prems for that nation.
  12. Arri_Shi

    Pan-Asia Commander Rework

    I feel like this will come during a major PA rework, possibly when they get their cruiser line, but the main issue might be conflict with the CCP.
  13. Arri_Shi

    ST, hybrids

    I feel like my main issue with the carrier-battleship hybrid is that, much like their IRL counterparts and candidates, they never quite fit into a role. I kinda feel like that may be present in-game, as you get half a BB and half a carrier, and it's not going to be an effective CV nor an effective BB, so what role would something like it play? I feel that it's also going to hit the same evolutionary dead end as their IRL counterparts unless players think of smart ways to use them.
  14. Arri_Shi

    Make Viribus Unitis Great Again!

    Like @ManWantsSteel said, it's a great T5, it's got some rather handy features: -Rudder: This thing puts cruisers to shame and is your primary source of defense. It forces most BBs to shoot at your bow/stern armor and makes torpedoes, both airdropped and ship-launched very difficult to hit. It even makes it so that bombers usually are forced to attack from poor angles, which nearly makes up for the non-existent AA suite, especially when down-tiered. -Guns: OH BABY, 12-inchers might seem small but they certainly don't feel that way when you're rocking 6-12 at a time, and these are some of the best of this caliber. They're not prone to overpen, have great accuracy/dispersion, and are sufficiently dangerous against ships at any range. It's quite possible to get around 8-10k a shot, even without cit hits, and your aforementioned rudder allows you to show them while minimizing your broadside time. -Concealment: Apparently borrowing some Italian stealth technology, Viribris is one of the best, if not the best in class when it comes to concealment, which can actually outperform most cruisers at the tier. This gives you greater power to decide which engagements you want to commit to, and for a standard speed BB, you can certainly do worse. Really, at its tier it's pretty effective, and even a tier above it can still remain competitive. It's when it's two-tiered that it starts to struggle, but then again there are hardly any T5 ships that perform especially well at T7. I think people are just a bit frightened by the low health and AA defense.
  15. Arri_Shi


    What layout are you proposing for the ship? What quirks would it have, because ironically, those foils would make it an easier target to hit at speed.