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  1. derzwerge

    High Tier BBs play?

    You dont play BBs inthis game unless a russian one- Fires will take you out, from CVs,from DDs, from CAs, from CLs, all of these spamming over and over again. As HE does not require to aim, its the mediocre's tool. And dont forget the hilarious image of BBs spitting HE to others lol. Stick to CAand DDs-
  2. I play this game to have fun.Playing BBs went unplayable due to parasite players spitting HE from even BB and this game allowing it (what can we expect from a game that mixes BBs with CVs lol. plain ignorancy) so its only cruisers and DDs. So my experience, goes to real life necessities, not living it virtual. Just log, play, get banned, then i keep insulting them through other means if, log off, laugh about WG-cotillion-dictators, keep working. Just writing this down takes time that i consider useful for other purposes. Bottom line, i have a life hahhaa.
  3. derzwerge

    Is this a chat ban

    Easy there. WG nerds might get offended defending something affected them directly or their families. Lol just read about Kalashnikov and how a nice sheep ended up helping his oppressors.
  4. IKR, myself been accused of and that is why i went silent with the player. But when happens 6 salvoes in a row and they happens to a cruiser...
  5. Imagine playing BB and having to deal with everything and the magic WG-fires abuse from cruisers...unbearable
  6. Unfortunately thats the answer upon many flaws in this nice game : They dont care. Thanks for the reply either way. Sebastian
  7. Thing is, i was really caring to win as was in Ranked, I am already sick of having wave after wave of parasite players and have to carry so would it be ok if WG nerds devise somethign to detect it. :D
  8. derzwerge

    Is this a chat ban

    This game has a high concentration of snowflakes, at the same time, does not mean its only atributable to the said. For example, they have ships named after violent and genocidal figures, communist symbology gets glorified, it costed unimaginable sufferingto millions of people dead and alive for this nerds to rub all that in our faces. Soon or later people will awake and this game will be forced to ban their genocidal idols. On the other hand, i am constantly banned just for minimal things sometimes. Dont get mad, let nerds play the dictator and just have fun of what you can in the game, and nerds themselves loool. Cheer up bud ;)
  9. Always hitting midship, while moving forward and backwards, while running, and also noticed it with other teammates. So how can i report it to WG nerds?
  10. We already have some in the way of the smoke leaning coming our from the stacks. Arrows will only make it more visible.
  11. Is aiming-assist allowed? How to report a player suspected of having it?
  12. yah? Now imagine playing BB now, oh, also with other BB players spitting HE going full mediocre getting damage cuz the game allows that.
  13. I feel you. Now just imagine playing BB, you have to care for DDs, fire magic damage(plenty of), CVs and now Subs. BTW have you seen the german captain cap? Lool these russian nerds... There will be another batch of players leaving this much like last CV mod.
  14. Well i do the same when in an Asashio and only 3 targets to torp. Just push forward and let myself get killed. I play this game to have fun not to accomplish some russian resentful nerds and they "mighty" paper ships, for example.
  15. Nope, these commies feel so diminished they have to feel their country actually had something to be proud of haha. Still they ought to fix the fire idiocy, im sick of BBs spitting HC shells. Too bad there is no other competitor for this game.