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  1. I used your suggested Z-52 build and got torp reload down to 58.5 sec


    1. BarronRichthofen


      The Z-46 get's a little better reload than the 52 IIRC using the same build. I use it as my high tier german torp spammer.

    2. Klatuuu


      how do you think it will do in Clans

    3. BarronRichthofen


      I used my Z-52 in the last several seasons of clan Battles, She preforms well. Very good one on one vs other DD's. She can even win 2 vs 1 depending on the situation, ( dual shimi's I can take down, 1 of most other DD's and a shimi I usually win) 2 gearings I can usually get one b4 the 2nd gets me in clans. So I personally think she preforms very well in Clan Battles, I worry when I see another Z in clans thought because then it's all up to skill. I'm good in the Z but not the "Best" so I have to respect other Z captains in Clan battles.