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  1. BarronRichthofen

    For Whomst've thinks Stalingrad is op

    Yeah and today I hit a Stalin 14 times with my MB in my Georgia. He was bow on but not a single 457mm round hit for more than 6k. Range 8km. Flat Trajectory 8km damn near every round should have penned anywhere on the damn ship. At that range and Tragectory I should have even penned his turrets. Nope just a bunch of overpens and weak pen damage. This thing is BROKEN, not only does it bounce shells it shouldn't, it has the highest sigma in game for any ship and the highest angle before it will ricochet rounds of any ship. Yeah I understand it is a steel ship but seriously WG a paper ship with parameters like this thing has blatantly shown the russian bias in this game. And OP yeah we all get lucky sometimes, that does not make this ship any less Overpowered. Next WG will bring out a Rail gun equpied Russian DD with 70 knt speed and a 2.2 km detection, 30 km/120 knt torps. ENOUGH with the russian bias, ENOUGH with the paper ships. Your starting to get to the point where even I have to say enough is enough.
  2. BarronRichthofen

    KMS Siegfried

    Have we got a release date yet? They just gave us the Viribus Unitis, and we have the Friesland, and all were anounced around the same time.
  3. BarronRichthofen

    Dynamic crosshair with angled hash marks?

    Was going to suggest the same mod and Dynamic crosshairbut you beat me to it.
  4. BarronRichthofen

    Vauquelin Just winning

    Yeah wait til you face of VS Dual CV's and a bunch of Tier V IJN DD's your nothing but a Target, no AA and the speed only helps if the guy shooting at you is a noob and can't target for crap. IMO the HUGE screwup WG has made with these things is the total lack of AA. First they are Big easily seen DD's. Next they give them no smoke so they can't hide. Then the ALL HAVE crapAA. So carrier bait. With a well balanced team these things (French DD's in general) are only good as a Support DD. They can't spot, can't hide, can't ambush unless they are LUCKY. Can't Stealth torp (technally yes they can but the margin of saftey is very small). Over All worst DD line IMO, Too many problems no enough solutions. If they had decent AA to fight off planes I could deal with them but as they are they will become port queen's if I even bother to keep them.
  5. BarronRichthofen

    Jaguar and the guns that fail it...IMO

    Um I think The Jaguar is fine as she is.
  6. BarronRichthofen

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    So let me get this straight, you want us to reset all our XP from a line, sell all the ships, and have all the XP transfered to the lowest tier ship in that line. I guess if you don't want to look for the ship with the most convertable XP this might make just a teeny tiny bit of sense. In return we get WHAT? The chance to re-grind ships some of us Free XP'ed past, and some flags. Or if we do it to multiple lines A ship or 250k FXP. Um WHAT are you smoking and can I get some? Glad this is an Optional thing If you forced this on us you'd loose a major part of your player base. I just don't see any real upside for me in this. For One or even 2 ships when the Ohio releases. It's not like there are not 50+ other preimum ships out there. Some I don't have to regrind 4 lines to get. (10k bonus, 20k first line, 10 k each additional line, 57k min for a ship) When it's broke down like that you could not PAY me enough to do this. IMO WORST IDEAL YET WarGaming. Even the sub ideal is better than this. Now If it would only take doing it to ONE line of ships to reach the 57k needed for a Ship I might do it. But as it is described, not a chance.
  7. I was refering to the other Missions for the tier 7-9 French DD's and the ones for the samll navy's with them specifilly. They give a chance for additional French containers, which may get me one of those tier 7-9 DD's which then give me a chance to get the 250 tokens for the combat mission's for them. I've got 1 Mission left that can give me another container. Should finish it today but if I don't get one of those Missions I'll loose out on 750 repub tokens. so no more goodies for me. Understand now?
  8. Well the randomness of the crates for me in this even is what has killed it for me. I did not buy any containers for the event. I finally recived my first mission when I completed the Daily task : Hard and got the 3 containers Yesterday. I completed almost All of the Directives ( the minor navy's + Tier 7-9 French DD missions of Directive 3 are the exception) So roughly 20+ French containers and not a single Mission until Yesterday. I got 2 of the missions yesterday For the Tier 5 and 6 ships. So I still can't complete the remaining directives. I'll be capped at another 750 of the curency (unless i say [edited] it to real life, and gring my [edited]off to be in the top 5%, NOT HAPPENING) 250 each for the Tier 5/6 and the Siroco. That gets me to the 3rd of the loot options or a couple of perm cammos for the ships I did get. Over all kinda blah rewards and the lack of the Agile being a useable ship for the event just made it Meh at best for me. Bad luck on the containers put a torp into the event for me. I WONT give cash for a loot box in ANY Game. ( Look at all the legal action going on in the gaming comunity about this garbage) Odds of wining are worse that Vegas. So I'm with the OP on a piss poor rating for this event.
  9. BarronRichthofen

    Tell Tale Signs of Good Player

    I normally am quiet in chat in game save for the (Capture area X, or requesting support) But there are times I can be rude. Usually it's the 3 people coming to a cap with me. with me in the lead in my DD, that see the first enemy at 20+ km and do a 180 and run like hell that torque my shorts. They haven't been spotted the enemy guns are not pointed at them, they have full health, and run away like a Deer from a Mountian Lion. They can be other DD's (usually not but I had a match with a Hill today oh boy....) Cruiser or Battleship. 95% of the time I spot that first BB and all support runs away. That can get me testy. Add in stupid mistakes (Sailing broadside to A BB at 10 km in a Leander stupid) and the first dead blaming everyone for his mistakes and Chat can be toxic to say the least. I'm not a Unicum player in most ships, hell not even Unicum in most DD's. But I call out priority targets (not necessarily even threats to myself) I warn if my torps might be close. I smoke you friendly Cruisers and BB's. I'll throw a set of torps just to delay or stop a push not really expecting a hit. My win rate is a tad over 51% ( I blame the 400+ matches in my Clemson where I just went psycho with the charge, most were losses ) My Average Damage sits around 37.5k or so with most battles in T6-7 Range. And I've never broke 230k damage in a match. All that being said I feel I'm a good player (not great but good). Everyone has those bad games, but the repeated bad games and not learning from your mistakes is what causes some to sit at a 40% win rate or less. Statistical probability show's that most should have a 45% win rate or better. If your below that your doing something wrong repeatedly, and not learning. (Or have the worst luck on the planet) Those are the BAD players. (Bad at playing the game not as a person) Now the BAD (as a person ) players are the constantly Toxic, stat shaming eliteist's that start a match with insults. (They are out there) But even if you do everything right, pull down that Kracken, High Caliber, & Confederate in a match you can still loose. I've found that when the star's align for you to have the Great match, it's usually because your team screwed up and more often than not you end up loosing those "perfect match's". Not because you were a good, great or bad player or the other guy was one of those 3, but because much of the time RNG Jesus just does not like your team that match.
  10. BarronRichthofen

    Is it me?

    First DO NOT CHASE THE DD !!! That is a bad ideal unless your a full secondary build German BB with your hydro available. Even then have a partner ( cruiser or DD works). Next, Don't shoot at the first target, unless your looking at a cruiser sailing broadside to you at 10-15 km. Wait a sec and see what else is out there that can shoot back. Don't push in to your detection range, that's a sure fire way to get HE spammed and torped. Stay at 12-15 km from the nearest ship so if your getting gang [edited] you can stop firing and break detection. There are very few BB's that can Brawl effectivly and you have to have the build for it. The Iowa is NOT one of those BB's. Even the german BB's have to be catious before pushing. Turn last know position marker on your mini map and use it. You'll find fewer ambushes that are successful if your expecting it. Keep you head on a swivel, do not stay zoomed in on your target. You'll miss those torps inbound, and miss where your taking fire from and who is doing it. It's not as nail biting as DD play but any mistake WILL be Exploited by your enemy.
  11. BarronRichthofen

    Done with Ranked.

    I'll admit ranked this season seems off for some reason. After 62 games and hopping back and forth between Rank 9 and 10 I think I'm done as well. Now as far as the DD fest that it seems to be, just be Z best you can be. Yeah thats a Plug for the Z-46, fastest torp reload for the tier. One of the fastest firing DD's (more than enough to compete) and the evil of German DD AP. Yeah I hit you with 4 rounds and did 12,000 damage. Hydro, (German Hydro at 6km) Check. Low Detection (5.9km) Check. Fast (over 40kts boosted) Check. 46 second Torp reload, Check. Ability to kite, BIG Check (dual rear Turrets 2/3 of firepower when running away). Whats not to love about her?
  12. BarronRichthofen

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    So my Clan's opinion so far of this Season's CW is poor, and thats being nice about it. Tier 8 has so many ships that are UNBALANCED it removes all the fun from CW. We in general would rather see Tier 7,9, or the standard 10. The DD's vary greatly in capabilities, most of the cruisers have the same issue that Tier 8 Cruisers have always had, a need of a heal. And as far as BB's go well there are a few that are good, a few ok and a few that are just BAD, (Monarch for example, haven't see one yet in CW this season). Tier 8 has the most Premium ships of any Tier and although we dont lack in this area, some clans do. This season is turning out to be the Clan with the bigest wallet ( most Premium ships) wins. IMO worst season so far and were thinking of just taking a pass on this season.
  13. BarronRichthofen

    Remove CV's from Co-Op UNLESS a Player CV is present.

    TBH I'd rather not see them unless a player CV is there. The bot's are not all that hard they are kinda single minded ( close and kill) but when you add the CV element into a co-op match with both CV's as bot's it changes the dynamic of the game. If I had been in a DD or a CA it might have been different, I could have counter capped. But with a CV (and lets be honest bot CV's suck just as bad as Bot BB,CA,DD) it makes a situation where you don't necessarily know even where to head to find it. I'm not worried about he bot CV capping or TBH even killing me, it's the exact situation I ran into that needs a fix. The only realistic fix I can see is to ban bot CV's from a match unless there is a player CV present.
  14. Title says it all. Let me explain, Just had a co-op match with only 2 real players. Me in an Amagi, and another in a Mino. The enemy bot's wrecked our bot's save the CV. So me and the mino had an uphill battle. the Mino died about 1/4 of the way into the match, so I solo'ed the bots, Killed all but the CV, and of course it was sitting in the back out of gun range. Enemy bot's capped 2 points and being in a BB I could not cap in time to prevent loss, or kill the CV because it was well out of range. So battle was lost. If no CV may have won, bot (save CV) close and engage. If the bot CV had this behaviour i could have killed it in time to win. I do not think giving CV bot's the behaviour is a good Ideal. so alternative is no CV Bot's unless a Player CV is present.
  15. BarronRichthofen

    Is DD in Coop more powerful than other classes?

    DD IMO is the easiest, but the AI CHEATS OUTRAGEOUSLY in Co-op. We all know you cant fire torps at range thanks to the AI insta detection of torps (yes this does happen) But The AI Also cheats in other ways as well. like a match earlier today. In My Leberecht Maass, in smoke 2.3km from an enemy DD thats grounded, NO radar, NO hydro, still spotted by the bots. I know it's easy mode in co-op, (the AI just charges and die's) but seriously, at least keep the basic game mechanics unaltered.