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  1. Me and my boi Hellishyoda gonna hunt you my dude! Be ready!
  2. Doors_The_Dwarf

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    I would like to know where you got the pictures as they interest me and I could not find any. But again, all things considered, I would like it to happen and it would be neat if they did it. Historical inaccuracies of whether they had a nameplate or not aren't the same as this gun or secondary is wrong or in the wrong spot. And the developers have left historical accuracy before in other aspects of the game, in more drastic ways so I feel that its not that big of a deal to give her one but I also believe that it will probably not happen due to resources/time. So, either way I know it will probably not happen and I think it would be neat, but I am confused as to why you are so adamant for it not to happen.
  3. Doors_The_Dwarf

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Because almost all the other premiums have one and I just want to see that goofy Z again from the war footage of it being launched. As far as i can tell I have found no definitive examples of ships actually having names on them. I spent a couple of hours looking around on different navy sites and found that mostly they just used numbers as an identifier. So as far as I can tell other then maybe the US, none of the premiums are accurate because the names are on them. But, regardless of what is reality, in the game the high majority of premiums have a nameplate on them so why not give Tirpitz one. I see no real reason not to other then its a waste of time which I understand. It just would be neat though if they did.
  4. Doors_The_Dwarf

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    On a serious note it would be really cool to have some way to transmog camos so I can use the ugly prison looking camo because it's useful but have the sweet v day camo on my ship without using all 3 that I have lol. Maybe do the same for flags so they can get the benefits of the veterans day flag but it looks like the flag in question here for an example. Other then that it would be cool to spectate friends games. Like I try to teach my friends how to get better but I'm not good enough to continuously give them tips on positioning while trying to carry myself. And if I just yoloed to die it's putting our team at a disadvantage for me to give some pointers to a buddy.
  5. Doors_The_Dwarf

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Can the Tirpitz get a name plate....