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  1. Ok ok I just want to play. I guess no server schedule? Maybe it's more useful to point me to something than re iterate my apparent idiocy which i don't even get... So the right forum is...? I Usually watch alpha announcements and I've looked in new content. hey hey i did find it later. Thanks! General alpha discussion is the right forum btw.
  2. I haven't seen any announcements, is the alpha testing over? Or am I dumb and there's a server schedule?
  3. In the launcher discussion, I would very much like to see torrent throttling controls on ALL WG launchers. The updates take over my whole connection and make the internet completely unusable for anything else. If I could throttle to 300 kb, I could use the internet while a client is downloading. No other torrent client does this to me, where are the settings or alternate download methods? Taking over the whole internet connection for a download is so 1998.
  4. Mentors Needed

    Hi, I got on the NGA teamspeak, what hours are usually most active?
  5. Mentors Needed

    Ok ok, what i most want to learn is how to lead my shots correctly like a boss. And uh, finding forums because apparently that's not my best thing either.
  6. Mentors Needed

    A new skipper here is looking for a mentor, thanks very much.