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  1. Koschka

    Update 0.8.1 - Feedback and Performance

    Yes that shhhwump is the sound I mean, it is absolutely driving me insane, it actually makes it so I can't play to many battles a day before it just gets to me and I have to stop playing.
  2. Koschka

    Update 0.8.1 - Feedback and Performance

    I like the changes but there is a new sound that is playing for me like 2-3 times just before the battle starts, kinda a whoosh thump sound kinda and it is driving me nuts.
  3. Koschka

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    I move my captains up and then put lower trained ones on ships I am keeping. Which is mostly some of the tech tree ones I have perma camo's for and no similar premium ship. No I just use what ever my best premium ships are that match, like trip for my 19pt tier 10 german BB captain to earn some extra elite captain xp. As for the original question in the thread I am up to 7 19pt I think with like 6 more 18pt that are not that far off. I will add once you get your first 19pt captain it gets much easier to get more, since all xp earned with them is elite you can use on others if needed.
  4. Don't worry give it a week a month at most and we will be asking where's the Azumo.
  5. Koschka

    Bounty hunt is back!

    I would also like to say to those saying they seen people throwing away their ships. Keep in mind sometimes we all make bad choices on what seemed like a good idea with what we knew at the time. It happens when I normally play it happened with I played the turkey account and I am sure it is the same for every other player. A example from me, is I was in a gun boat DD I forget which one now. I knew a enemy torp DD was on the other side of a island and had just fired his torps, so I went around after him. What I didn't know is just on the other side of a bigger island nearby was 2 DM's. when I went around and started hammering the enemy DD, the two DM's popped out and wrecked me. So people might have thought I threw my ship away, but I didn't least on purpose. I made a bad choice is all, I should have waited longer until I was more sure where all the enemy was. My point is the people that play the events are people like everyone else and they sometimes make bad decisions or just have a off day and don't play well, but most of them are trying to win that I seen and trying to make the community have a good experience.
  6. Koschka

    Bounty hunt is back!

    Well I enjoyed the turkey event and put a lot of time in it. I personally never threw my ship away. What I would do is try to win for my team and then when the game was over one team or the other was going to win, I would put myself in a position to let a enemy kill me a claim the reward. That is how we was suppose to play it as far as I understood it. Anyways I enjoy it last time and hope I get picked again, I signed up for it, guess we will see if I get in again.
  7. I will have to echo what some of the others have said. That is not much in the way of rewards for a veteran player to talk others into it. The old rewards where much better honestly, credits are far harder to come by and used up faster than coal. 1k coal is meaningless. 3 days of premium time, For some people that might mean something, for me it means less than the coal. I would still use it only to help out new players if I knew anyone that was not already playing that had the slightest interest in it.
  8. You get play test rewards a couple of days after the patch goes live, not after playtest ends. So you should get a email early next week, as the patch should go live Thursday most likely.
  9. Koschka

    What is Your Favorite Sports Team?

    Favorite NFL team is LA Rams favorite college team is Mizzo Tiggers
  10. worked fine for me after it showed up.
  11. I can confirm the missions have appeared for me in game now. So thanks for the quick fix.
  12. Ok I sent it, I wasn't sure which mission tab you wanted to see so I sent all of them, with several of my personal mission as I have 12 of the tier 10 legendary missions going on in that one.
  13. huh, I guess it is a bug on NA then or they made it harder on NA?
  14. I was wondering the same thing, I am guessing they don't open until you do the base xp one, which means no way I am getting that done in the time we have.
  15. I found it mildly amusing, good job.