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  1. Koschka

    Can't load Armory.

    I checked and it is maxing my ram every time I try and access stuff like that. It won;t at first, I can log in and it is fine but each time I do anything it gets slower and slower and ram usage goes up and up. Until it finally maxes the ram and I have to force the program to shut down.
  2. I can get in but it is laggy as hell even in port. I checked and it is maxing my ram every time I try and I launch the game. It won;t at first, I can log in and it is fine but each time I do anything it gets slower and slower and ram usage goes up and up.
  3. In my personally opinion the main value of the crates is premium ships. Otherwise I just don't think the value is there, but spend 47 dollars on 20 big crates and get 2-3 premium ships and you get your monies worth if you are into premium ships. I didn't buy any this year, but last year I bought a few and a few people bought me some and I averaged a premium ship every 6 crates. Sadly last year you could also get steel which I felt added to the value of the crates. Sadly this year there is no steel in the crates.
  4. Koschka

    Ya Know What?

    It has nothing to do with how grindy the event is, it is that attitude they are giving about, what appears to be them intentionally misleading people about it. I could care less about how grindy the mission is, I do care how a company treats me and other customers and how they speak to us.
  5. Koschka

    Ya Know What?

    Right there with you, I have been playing since open beta and have been a fairly big supporter and defender of wows, saying. Give the time, let them adjust, etc. Mostly because early on they was good about that. They had a similar even for the Kamkaze R where even if you did everything in the hard grind you might not even get the ship. The community cried out and they said sorry and made it so if you did it all you got the ship. I respected them for that and have been defending them since and spending 50+ dollars a year at least often more over the whole year. This year I have mostly been disappointed with wows, I was disapointed and bothered by the PR directives and stuff. But the attitude of wows/wg's responces? That I am utterly disgusted by. So I am right there with you. Not spending money this holiday season like I normally do and I am giving very seriously thought to finding a new game. Just like you have no desire to even play right now. Debating if I am going to bother doing the snowflakes and I was really looking forward to it... Happy holidays and have a safe New Years.
  6. Normally I spend around 50 dollars on wows as a thank you for playing all year to support the game. But honestly this year, this events feels like a big middle finger from WG, so nah I will keep my money this year and spend it on something else where I feel like the company actually likes having me as a loyal customer.
  7. Normally I spend about 50 dollars around this time of the year on wows, because I play the game all year long. Not this year, this honestly feels like a big middle finger from WG, so I think I will pass on giving them money this year.
  8. I never considered you a shill lert and I get where you are coming from. But for me regrinding a line? no just no. I ground up to tier 10 once per line I won't do it again. I got to tier 10 so I would not longer have to fight a up hill battle against ships better than mine. If they add combat buffs then this is a no for me. If it requires reginding a line it is a no from me. I don't need a game that feels like a second job and grinding ships to get a combat bonus or always fighting against better ships of those willing to grind or open their wallets ... this is just a stupid idea. Make it non combat buffs, free premium consumables, free upgrades, free perma camo's, coal, steel etc those I would be fine with. Also instead of regrinding a line, just make it a mission where you have to play every ship in that line. Have to play x number of tier 1 say 10 games, then 20 games at tier 2 etc up to tier 9 where you have to play 90 games and then you get the reward. still gets people playing the lower tiers with out having to actually regrind the line. If they do this and it is even remotely close to how it is now, I am just done and will find a new game to play. This is the first time I have consider quieting due to a change, I did say I would stop buying premium ships if they changed them and didn't offer a refund, but I also said I would keep playing and spending money on the game just not premium ships. This change? This is the change that would drive me away.
  9. Koschka

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

    The basic idea of getting people to play more tiers I agree with, the detail I do not. What I would suggest is something like this. Play x amount of games at tier 1 in a line, then x amount at tier 2 etc all the way up to tier 10. Then that tier 10 ship gets a bonus, lets say 50% xp, 50% free xp, 20% credits, -20% upkeep and 100% cpt xp or something like that. Things that won't make the ship better but things the player would find useful. I would think that would be far better system that accomplishes more or less the same thing with out adding power creep to the game and if someone doesn't do it they don't feel gimped for missing out on the bonuses. Also don't make us regrind the line just replay the lower tier ships. and at each tier have to play x number of games or earn x amount of base xp. Something like that I could get behind, the current suggestion no, I think it would be terrible for the game.
  10. Yes that shhhwump is the sound I mean, it is absolutely driving me insane, it actually makes it so I can't play to many battles a day before it just gets to me and I have to stop playing.
  11. I like the changes but there is a new sound that is playing for me like 2-3 times just before the battle starts, kinda a whoosh thump sound kinda and it is driving me nuts.
  12. Koschka

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    I move my captains up and then put lower trained ones on ships I am keeping. Which is mostly some of the tech tree ones I have perma camo's for and no similar premium ship. No I just use what ever my best premium ships are that match, like trip for my 19pt tier 10 german BB captain to earn some extra elite captain xp. As for the original question in the thread I am up to 7 19pt I think with like 6 more 18pt that are not that far off. I will add once you get your first 19pt captain it gets much easier to get more, since all xp earned with them is elite you can use on others if needed.
  13. Don't worry give it a week a month at most and we will be asking where's the Azumo.
  14. Koschka

    Bounty hunt is back!

    I would also like to say to those saying they seen people throwing away their ships. Keep in mind sometimes we all make bad choices on what seemed like a good idea with what we knew at the time. It happens when I normally play it happened with I played the turkey account and I am sure it is the same for every other player. A example from me, is I was in a gun boat DD I forget which one now. I knew a enemy torp DD was on the other side of a island and had just fired his torps, so I went around after him. What I didn't know is just on the other side of a bigger island nearby was 2 DM's. when I went around and started hammering the enemy DD, the two DM's popped out and wrecked me. So people might have thought I threw my ship away, but I didn't least on purpose. I made a bad choice is all, I should have waited longer until I was more sure where all the enemy was. My point is the people that play the events are people like everyone else and they sometimes make bad decisions or just have a off day and don't play well, but most of them are trying to win that I seen and trying to make the community have a good experience.
  15. Koschka

    Bounty hunt is back!

    Well I enjoyed the turkey event and put a lot of time in it. I personally never threw my ship away. What I would do is try to win for my team and then when the game was over one team or the other was going to win, I would put myself in a position to let a enemy kill me a claim the reward. That is how we was suppose to play it as far as I understood it. Anyways I enjoy it last time and hope I get picked again, I signed up for it, guess we will see if I get in again.