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  1. Cabusha

    Please Learn to play German BB's

    In general, it's a symptom of the game. If your German BB is at 15k or under, guess what? You'll be the only ship there and be burned out in 2-5 minutes. The HE spam meta effectively ignores your armor, as your superstructure is so large you'll be burning in no time (tank build or otherwise.). And guess what, if you heal, you'll just heal the superstructure back for more HE love. I loved my German BBs, but they're obsolete in the current meta and have turned into dock queens.
  2. Cabusha

    I citadeled a Tirpitz

    Yup. At 15k meters or so, drop some shells bellow B turret. Tends to citadel them fairly easy. Same thing with the tier 7 twins.
  3. Cabusha

    Dear WG please stop this

    Tier IV CVs are absolutely Fixed that for you. Tier IV and V are absolutely [edited] since the CV and MM changes. 2-3 CVs are common. And at these low tiers, the majority of ships have absolutely crap AA. Was just in a match with the Tier III Konig, and grouped up with 2 other BBs and a CA, didn't matter. The three CVs just had a hay day. Between the HE spam at tierX and the CV cancer in IV/V, there's just the middle tiers for anything even close to balanced. GG WG.