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  1. Thanks for the work on this good review, nice job
  2. Fiji is excellent - I had an 8 kill game with 208k damage. The heal and smoke help at key moments. What has been working is to dash N as fast as possible and take out the cleveland and atlanta, I tell my team I am doing this. Then across the map as fast as possible to heal if necessary, and wait for an opportunity to take out the CV. Then head back to the base and well just shoot as is necessary and obvious. BTW you CAN hit the cleveland before it 'enters' the map, just aim high and what feels like 'short' on lead, boom eat that....... poor clevie doesn't even start to rotate the turrets until it has entered the map. My remarkable luck with good teams has held up, in around 12 or 15 rounds all have been 4 or 5 stars with just one loss. And it is not just my remarkable play, although that has been pretty OK, you still need a good team. Since I am mucking around with the aa cruisers and later the CV it places some weight on the team as my guns are not in the forefront. Still a pretty good record, and lots and lots of credits..... 2400 base xp and 230k silver on a standard account is I think the best. If the round is not going ideal I abandon the raptor and concentrate on getting a win.
  3. I couldn't get to it in one game! I went north in my Myoko (alone, not the best strat) and with some bad shooting managed to almost get killed getting the clevie and atlanta. On my way to the heal island there was that pack of cls which focus the low hp target (me). Finally got there and healed halfway before the last wave. BTW you can get stuck if you take the 'slot' on the far north, I had to rudder and too and fro on the throttle to get out. Which you have to use that area as the main circle can receive a LOT of fire and was, the poor hood next to me was getting hit faster than he was healing with reds shooting over the island. Been very lucky with first class teams, first try was 4, the other 4 or 5 games have been 5s except another 4 in there somewhere. The Myoko is a sound ship especially ap on broadside cruisers. I run the prem damage and a speed flag is handy, thats it. Been finishing pretty well, 2nds and thirds mostly I think, good creds and xp.
  4. Excellent review, thks. A sidenote: several of us in the runup to the RN CL line speculated that an obvious tier 4 would be Arethusa. Then Leander 1 and leander 2 (achilles subclass eg) for tier 5 and six. Buff soft stats at tier 6, sort of a german tier 5/6 approach, more or less.... that was before smoke and ap only, early days. After smoke and ap only it still looked an OBVIOUS tier 5. Beautiful obvious progression from Arethusa to Leander, with an earlier break from ww1 designs. Now we see that the hull is modelled. So add the Leander turrets and you have your problem with Emerald fixed (emerald to tier 4, Danae to h*ll, Arethusa replaces E). I like the Emerald (honest) but wow have you checked out the 2 week numbers on Wtoday? I am not sure that any ship is so far behind in any tier or type, in the game. Just stunningly bad...... heres the fix boys! But tier six for this hybrid? I agree with the review, just a miss, thats all.
  5. You guys realize I was talking about the new op, the scenario, right? They used used to give a 10pt captain as the reward for 4 stars, it is now much less than that, a quarter or so. elite and free xp together are 27k, much much less than a 10pt captain.
  6. As a low volume player the 10 pt captains on previous ops was a wonderful incentive. A pan-asian ten pointer would have been obvious.... too bad!
  7. Well you shouild look yourself on the damage nums, I am pretty sure I never said anything like 'dramatically'. I scanned them, pretty quickly, and got what I put in the OP. So say 5-10% drop in damage for 5 6 8 9 and 10 tier RN cruisers. American cruisers show no change, my 'baseline' to check for some sort of systemic drop in damage across the board. I posted that because it suggests people were in fact playing in a way such that the nerf had a discernible impact, thats all. WG may have seen similar: they have already suggested a smoke buff might be incoming for RN CL. I jumped from the stats and my own personal experience with the Eddy to suggest what actually has happened is a nerf to a particular RN cruiser playstyle which was, while not optimal from the 'purple stats' viewpoint, at least adequate, and really a lot of fun, some of the most fun I have had in the game. Nerfed not to oblivion but nerfed pretty hard nonetheless. I wonder if that was the intent, or was it unintended consequences? They didn't have to change smoke mechanics at all for DDs or CL's, that was their choice and not a given.
  8. Well yes that was too far, agreed. I was irritated.... instead of responding to the question people just kept saying either "you shouldn't play like that anyways' OR 'git gud and adapt'. Missing the point entirely and obscuring it nicely at the same time. There is a sort of fatalistic 'deal with it' set here however, not exactly apologists but rather must see themselves as hard nosed realists..... makes it hard to vent when everyone just goes'deal with it'. Yes there is probably no real point in venting, WG (almost never) backs up at any point.
  9. With a win rate close to 100% in coop I fail to see how dumb coop players do anything other than make more xp available to those who are 'smarter' and 'better'..... eh? What skin off your nose? Gather up the extra xp provided by dumb play by others and carry on. The whole tone of (many) of the anti-PVE posters in this thread is just malignant, malignant..... bashing on others whether subtly or no to show what a contrast! to their skill and talent.... oooh Im impressed. There's always some thread or another talking about the potatoes, they mostly have the same elitist and self aggrandizing feel to them. And a common theme is a sort of sanctimonious 'well if you cant stand the facts....' line of 'reasoning - "its the truth.... you cant handle the truth". Brother. Many things are facts and yet dont need to be expressed at any point, there is no reason. Unless you need to parade your expertise and blaze of purple..... all in the name of 'exposing the truth', and 'telling it like it is'. Its just negative [edited], thats all.
  10. You're not making sense. When I pop around an island and surprise some sluggish BB at 4 k with his turrets pointed the wrong way, and pop smoke to protect myself from more distant teamates, that WAS the plan and it is the rule, not the exception to it. It is risky but on average yields better results than not if the Brit cruiser driver is fair at sussing out where the radar ships are and is this a german hydro? Work required, fun guaranteed. And is adequate.... You just keep saying there are better ways. So I guess your opinion is good on WG for getting rid of that way, which wasn't yours anyways? Or?
  11. The point of the thread. It did work, now it doesn't, was that a good thing? Seems the game meta at least in randoms may not change too much, but the effect on certain ships is more pronounced. My point... was it necessary? Was it good? For all ships? For to vent and maybe a touch of feedback to the devs, why I push back on everyone who says adjust and adapt, I get that duh, that response obscures the point and also we sound like a bunch of docile conformers, WG can do what they like.... everyone bleating adjust adapt and git gud! Not the point.
  12. I am a terrible DD player, however a while back I pushed a few 'not too bad' games in the the little OP Clemson. In that experience I tried to actively smoke for teammates, as much as possible. Down at tier 4 maybe one player in 5 takes advantage of a beautiful well laid smoke with a DD spotting outside... 1 in 5. In higher tiers smoke (in randoms) is not used that much except by the smoker himself, its the way of it. So in reply and to elaborate on what you post I haven't seen a change one way or another, yet. I play too few games and they are so individually different in say a 'passivity quotient' that any change is not (yet?) detectable. Ranked and I suspect Clan battles will be quite different though given the big nerf this is to BBs. I guess I just all around thought it was unneeded for DDs and cruisers entirely. Maybe right up at a high tier with a real gunboat cruiser some moderate nerf? But DDs not at all, RN Cls and most or all other light cruisers, and heavy cruisers to some level of alpha, just dont nerf their smoke. DDs still get to smoke teammates and that nice teamplay aspect, cruisers get a significant buff relative to BBs, and BBs deleting everyone from smoke and in competitive play is done. However that is in the rear view mirror, still I wanted to vent even though I know WG NEVER BACKS UP, its a motto of theirs
  13. Well not speaking for Ju87s but for me it IS I want very much to surprise them, yes indeedy. A very nasty surprise it is with lots of close range ap dropping 2 or 3 k a salvo and torps on the way, and the closer the better. People just play different. I dont maintain my playstyle is optimal but it has so far proven adequate and not detrimental to my team, and yes I LOVE those surprises..... the slow slow BB turrets easing round, and the rudder slowly starting to bite, the leviathan lizard BB under attack... glorious. And his compadres at a distance, why you are quite hard to hit in smoke, did you notice? So that scenario which can be executed say every third game (my experience) is crippled with the smoke change. You see?
  14. Yes it does make me feel better. I can see from the stats that the change had an impact. Which means people other than me were playing in your face in RN cruisers. But from the responses you would think I was a moron of one with a dumb uninformed playstyle which was rubbish and good riddance! So yes I appreciate your response mate
  15. Yes yes you are an excellent player, so this statement fits in with the optimal playstyle, reflects it if you will..... however I am perhaps less serious and less concerned with that (the 'optimal' playstyle) and perhaps a little more interested in raw fun. I dunno, it might not be so different, I may eventually end up as a pretty good player, and by then may have different views on fun..... sure could be. Right now, though, I just like the spills and thrills, torps in the water, turrets swivelling on every enemy in range. I do work hard to be a team player and its an observation that this sort of mix it up play can really create opportunities and shake things up. Maybe that is just wishful thinking. My winrate is OK and if I lost a lot playing that way I would have changed, however I did not. Could be luck, yes. And I really like the Emerald, I plan on returning to it sometime. I like how it looks, how it handles, the torps, and even the guns. This smoke change, at that tier, and with the poor short ranged (torps and guns) Emerald really hurts. I dunno I can probably adjust not too much and be more or less as effective.... just an incremental nerf to RN cruiser aggressive play. The new smoke change incoming (duration increase rumor) will be handy but will not restore the old school play. Its like DDs having no incentive or little incentive to smoke their compadres now, its incremental, can be dealt with, and is (IMO) negative.