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  1. Why the hell is the MM still F'ed 25 games in a row bottom tier every game tier 6,7,8. why is this?
  2. I know it takes a lot of work for a new line... but why not put out 2 at the same time in the future so as to not have EVERYONE trying to play a BB. for example release the next line (pan Asian) with whatever is next another cruiser line for example to reduce the wait times and increase enjoyment all around?
  3. The new ribbon system lets you see instantly what shells pen, ricochet, or overpen
  4. WOWS/Anime Crossover RP

    Go for the Kantai collection, its much easier for building a RPG you can have your players each with there own uses, and personal gear. each can be an individual, sorta combine with strike witches and maybe use BESM or GURPS as a rule base since you can make dang near anything you want with those systems.
  5. Adding Legendary Admirals?

    I would back this only if its a reward perk, something like you have reached tier 10 in at least 2 full trees hen you can unlock admiral such and such for your fleet to give you a (SMALL)!!!!!! passive boost to all captains something different for each countries fleet, or you can swap him out for one of your captains with 1 or 2 extra skill points maybe. But ONLY IF YOU EARNED IT THE HARD WAY GRINDING UP. no paying to get them.
  6. 15 stat point commanders

    I vote yes for this but only in very limited circumstances. For example, i just did a 2 month grind for an ARP ship or purchase a Warsprite, i have captains For BB and Cruisers with 10 plus skills but i cant put them in these premium or award ships due to different Fleet. so yes a one time only purchase for said Captain would be acceptable. Also account limited only a set number (VERY LOW) 1 or 2 max per account and only if you have at least 1 captain there already.