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  1. Well, lets see. WG owns the rights to "total Annihilation" so may be they do something with the property. But yea, until the war ends I'm going to assume the WOWS is frozen in development for now. I'm more concerned with the people than with the games and the various studio's. Or to put it in another way "good lord, what an unholy mess!"
  2. Warlord_Deadeye_Pete

    "Wait for me"..... take us back...please

    I've been a war gamer since I was 9 years old. You can if your willing to use that imagination that all people have. It's your choice. History is real.. the game is about real things.. or used to be.
  3. a reminder... Wait for me and I'll come back! Wait with all your might! Wait when dreary yellow rains Tell you nothing's right; Wait when snow is falling fast; Wait when summer's hot; When no one waits for other men And all the past's forgot! Wait when those that wait with you Are bored and tired and glum, And when it seems, from far away, No letters ever come! Wait for me and I'll come back! Wait in patience yet When they tell you off by heart That you should forget; And when my mother and my son Give up on me at last And friends sit sadly round the fire And talk about the past And drink a bitter glass of wine In memory of me – Wait! No rush to drink with them! Tell them to wait and see! Wait for me and I'll come back, Escaping every fate! ‘Just a lot of luck!’ they'll say, Those that didn't wait. They will never understand How, amidst the strife, By your waiting for me, dear, You had saved my life! Only you and I will know How you got me through! Simply – you knew how to wait! No one else but you! 1941 Жди меня Do you remember this from the wait for me video from 5 years ago? and just for the lighter side an award winning machinima I am..... displeased.. with the direction this game has taken. recent years have seen paper ship after paper ship. Over powered excuses to field new mechanics that have drastically altered game balance and play. And it seems to be just powered by greed alone. Not by a love and appreciation of history which was so much a part of the original premise of the game. Was it all bull crap? I'm an OLD guy. born in may May of 1957, just 3 months before my parents and grandparents generations ship'd their collective knickers when the then Soviet Union successfully launched the first satellite to orbit the earth.. Sputnik, and we knew then that soviet missiles could reach anywhere in North America. I learned "Duck and Cover" before I learned to ride a bicycle! (look it up if you don't know the phrase) and lived most of my young live near major military installations and cities with major defense industry's. Places that were going to be "First Strike" targets. Yea, it was not a happy fun time for in a lot of ways because I grew up in a military family and I knew. We got briefed because the US Air Force had and still has a standing policy to make sure dependent families know exactly would could happen and in the event we would very likely be the first to likely die. We took it very seriously. We're now entering the 3rd decade of the 21st Century. All of the "geo-political" situations we see around us today had their modern roots in the 20th century, from the rise of modern war mongering totalitarian states. In a some case going back centuries. One step proceeding the next step. This includes what happening in Ukraine this very moment. But this isn't about politics of any stripe. This is about HISTORY. That Wargaming and Lesta Studio's gets to earn a living for their people I've never had a problem with and never will even if I do think they charge way way way to much for what they provide. The message "These are warships and the men who worked and lived on them and this is what they did" is apparently no longer important. Instead of creating ships in the game that never existed, why has the studio not steped further into the past with the predreadnaught era? We have exactly one pre dred BB in game. a few armored, protected cruisers, Scout light cruisers some early destroyers which evolved from "torpedo boats" Come on World of Warships.. remember what you started with and get back there. lets get real history back into the game. Please.
  4. BB Satsuma.. egad what a monster that thing is.. seeing I was playing bots I went with a secondary build ...7 twin mounts of 100mm and 4 twin 203's per side..yep tore some stuff up pretty badly. And those 20 inch main guns are not to be sneezed at.. DD Yamagiri: first thing I noticed was its high speed for an IJN DD.. my samuri topnot became a ponytail and the all the wrinkles in forehead are gone..The change up torps are mighty nice and I was able to fairly easily get the torp reload time down to 2 min using normal modules and commander skills and being able to switch to harder hitting shorter ranged torps was a nice plus.. Guns are ok, not great but ok. Yep, they are super ships. And yep they are OP.. time to add tiers XI and XII WG..
  5. Warlord_Deadeye_Pete

    seems cheating is back

    *sigh* Yea um, the cheaters are back the hacks are back the exploits are back and wargaming will do NOTHING about it because the cheater and hacker spend money, and income streams are not to be interfered with.... period. I strongly doubt WG and the studio are doing anything ANY more about hacks. After all cheater spend money because if they'll do anything to win.. and they'll spend money if that's what it takes. they spend money for cheats and hacks so all WG has to do is price themselves competitively with the hack and cheat creators to double dip the idiots who cheat. Its all about the money not the quality of the game game, the quality of play. We're all milk cows or whales now. What a shame. This was even though not a naval sim wasn't half bad. It had the right feel. But that is gone. I could cry. I really could. They'll start shedding dev team members soon because MOST people are moral and honest and have something resembling integrity. Are their cheaters? You bet your [edited]their are. Is wargaming going to actually do anything about it? Is this a trick question? Money rules, moral integrity no longer controls the the WOWS studio management team. It's all about money and that means the honest gamer looses, even if we ARE the majority. Its right up there with the having to tell the web site not to sell your personal information every damn time you open the web site.
  6. Tier X ships have gotten more and more .. and more OP.. this includes many of the newer tech tree ships. I suggest to the game dev team that tier X be a tier unto it's self. They're no fun to play against... less then no fun with how often for myself at least I get stuck into a tier X fight when I'm in a tier 8. Toss in the constant rewarding of very selfish non team oriented play styles and ship designs that further push selfish play. But it something seen before. Divide your community and fan base. That is what is happening now in a big way. Not many of the old school CC's left. Jingles is out, Flamu is out, LWM is out, No Zoup for you is out. And so many more. And for good reason. It's also fairly obvious that the studio's employee's are starting to feel it. They're interactions with the CC community has been... bad.. just flat out bad. The studio is going to put it's self out of business at the rate it going. SO many other ways they could have gone. Instead of paper ships or even ships invented out of whole cloth the studio could have moved the tiering system around, made some room, and brought in pre-dreadnaught era ships and could have easily filled two tiers with them with more premium ships then you shake a stick at. The studio could have added a huge variety of early dreadnaughts and interwar ships as premiums. They could have added a "war" system. They could have added more maps and more variety of play options but none of this was done. Us old wargamers can be very patient... to a point. But that patience ends. I don't play much any more and for many years I was a WOWS partisan, but the emphasis has moved from making a great game to making great amounts of money. So much so that I'm pretty certain that players are starting to move on in noticeable numbers. Certainly the most r3ecent blatant sign is the loot box Missouri. I expect that WOWS is going to get banned in a number of EU member states in the near future. The hue and cry against loot boxes and gambling mechanics in on line gaming has not died down. It's just moved from the front page to the legislative and regulatory environment. Studio management and dev team; We. The Players. We have been telling you for years what we want to see and you have chosen to not listen. To ignore, and in some cases belittle beyond any pretense of courtesy. Your corporate attitude toward your source of income has become so negative that it is destroying the good will you created with documenting and aiding in and promoting the preserving of naval history and artifacts. You have chosen to follow the way of EA with loot box gambling, over priced virtual goods. And contempt.. Obvious blatant contempt for your player base and those that elected to be your spokespersons. Your CC's. Who are not paid employees. I expect that your studio will be shedding talent soon as computer artists and CAD technicians start looking for greener pastures assuming that the studio doesn't start dismissing them first. If your studio follows the expected course these very talented and capable people will not be replaced. This is your choice to make and it is a very short sighted view. World of Warships is not World of Tanks. A very much different player demographic. You cannot just do things the same way and expect it to work like some sort of magic formula. I know I am done with spending money on this game unless there are some pretty significant changes in both attitude toward we the customers, and the product it's self, and I've never spent all that much to begin with. Maybe $1500 USD since the game launched, and most of that last year. If I had spent that money on my favorite table top miniatures game "Battletech" I would have all of the rule books, and hundreds of miniatures. I wish I had. The games virtual goods will only last as long as the game exists. Once the game is gone, so are all the ships with nothing left but fading memories. Your studio is rapidly discovering I suspect an often ignored fact of the subject matter of your game. A limited pool of potential players. Just looking at tabletop naval miniatures games would make that obvious. It's a nitch market and always has been. The most money made in that market has been by miniatures makers. The 3D models in the game are amazing. The graphics effects have only gotten better since the game launched. But ships are not the only content. Nor are they the most important content. But then your studio has never been made of of historical gamers so obviously does NOT truly understand what keep gamers gaming. The real content is maps, multi player team scenarios. Not check boxes on a track. Not collecting ships which is something your studio has depended far far to much on. Once us old guys start leaving your game and your studio is doomed. Oh no doubt you could go into just hold mode and make money for several years to come off of what you have now. But you won't be growing. You'll just be existing. And then eventually someone will come along and make an offer for the product name.. not the studio. not the content that has been created.. Just the name "World of Warships". When they do, I suggest you take the offer quickly because their patience will be very very limited. Warlord Deadeye Pete sends.
  7. Today is May 13th 2021. On this day I was born in 1957. I've a friend who wants to e-gift me. I get choices.. something from WOWS or something from Steam. I'm going for steam. I'm asking him for Rome Total War remaster.. it run a whopping $30 USD plus tax... I could get it for myself but that's not the point. It's not the cost that impresses me. It's the quality of the gift. A 1000's of hours of game play await... so what can I get for $30 in WOWS.. lets see. Humm, not much. Consumables. a month of premium time. You know, ya'll are pretty stupidly over priced. That's likely the number one reason you have issues with retaining customers. And you trot out such inane excuses as to why "We want them to feel invested" yea, investors get a say, we rarely get a say.. You could make more money off of more players by simply permanently cutting prices for everything by 50% or more.. More people could consider spending money on the game, players would be happier with the game. Much more money potentially but you keep pricing yourselves into.. no sale.
  8. Warlord_Deadeye_Pete

    warships 4K res beauty shot(s)

    Oh a bagged a nice shot of the Fuso today.. enjoy!
  9. Warlord_Deadeye_Pete

    Why do IJN gunboats have torpedo reload booster?

    Leave my damn chosen ship line alone.. It's been nurfed to hell over the years. Why don't you go pick on DD;s that are 10-20 knots faster, turn tighter, reload torps in under 60 seconds, have heals...have fast firing hard hitting guns... have ARMOR. The real problem is players that have stuck with the IJN DD line since launch are expert players, and you cant nurf players kiddo. And ya can't buff stupid. The Dev's HAVE tried, none of it has taken! So it's on you to play play better, play smarter, and deal with it. And you may say it's not fair... to you ya selfish git. Your not the only person playing. A rather unhappy Warlord reacting BADLY to a forum post!
  10. Warlord_Deadeye_Pete

    warships 4K res beauty shot(s)

    Graphics at what screen resolution?. Screen resolution counts.. even running 9:6 on a television aspect monitor (I play/watch on a Sanyo 37" running at 1920x1080) the higher the DPS the better the image looks.. and part of why the opening screen shot of the thread looks so nice is 1: high res capture (4k), 2: absolutely maxed out graphics setting in game, and 3: Picking a good shot angle to get a bit of ray trace in there so we get sun shadowing, a little "lens flare" etc.. The best shots have to be composed. Replays with a free cam view and pausing at the right point to pick your angle for the shot counts.. It's almost as bad as Photography! Cept a photographer has to take shots by the roll, or memory limit of their camera in the hopes of finding "the" beauty shot Our advantage is we have is we can go find the shot we want.. isolate and compose the shot and BAMF! there yer beauty shot!
  11. Warlord_Deadeye_Pete

    warships 4K res beauty shot(s)

    What is this "sanity" you speak of? I went for the RTX 2060 Super because I was able to get it for $800 (which is still a stupidly huge amount of money) but yea, I hear ya!
  12. Warlord_Deadeye_Pete

    warships 4K res beauty shot(s)

    I grock that.. when running full honk my computers sounds like a 747 doing an engine run up before takeoff! Lets see Power supply fan, CPU fan, 2 GPU fans, front lower filtered air intake fan, 2 exhaust fans case top, 4 more on the left side for a total of 11.. As for why doesn't it look as good? Honestly I can't tell ya. Understand that if your running mods, a good many of them are about reducing game load, and visual clutter. Turn them mods off and see what it looks like. The only mod I run these days is a better dynamic sight and a target aspect gauge. Nether of those effect graphics.
  13. Warlord_Deadeye_Pete

    warships 4K res beauty shot(s)

    To the mighty Lert. Of course it's welcome. Having a high end vid card and/or PC is NOT required to play WOWS (A Good Thing) and I sure don't make the rules around here! (hell, like the rest of us I'm lucky if I can even get a suggestion taken seriously!) Warlord sends
  14. Warlord_Deadeye_Pete

    warships 4K res beauty shot(s)

    feel free to add a lovely capture... Harekaze in port, the cherry blossoms cover the city and hill, and the morning sun lights the way. (my current desk top wall paper too Video quality courtesy of a RTX 2060 Super at 1920x1080)
  15. Warlord_Deadeye_Pete

    New World of Warships Trailer

    Well I don't know about you lads but I have never ever had a torpedo skip off the hull as shown in the video. They touch me, they go boom. Doesn't matter what I'm driving. So unless that's a feature in an upcoming patch it's a bit of a lie.