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  1. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Occasionally streaming...

    streamlabs wont work for me for reason unknown. And If an app won't work out "of the box" well to bad. When Twitch Studio has a chat overlay I'll be much happier but I am not streaming to either be famous or make money. I'm doing for something to do. And Warships is not the only thing I'll stream :-)
  2. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Occasionally streaming...

    On twitch as deadeye_pete.. come find me at http://www.twitch.tv/deadeye_pete. It's my big chance to mess in front of an audience! Sorry no chat available with me. I use Twitch STudio for my streaming software and it doesn't have a built in chat overlay. I've tried a couple other external apps for overlay and been less then pleased with the result.. (ie complicated up, and neither one of the 2 that I tried worked. You can always tease me here! TL_Warlord_Roff sends
  3. TL_Warlord_Roff

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    THIS! At this point I have no interest in giving WOWS money for anything, even premium time. They want my money then they MUST give me a game that fair. And right now, it's not. If anything it's the most unfair it's ever been. I'm a DD main.. What do I get out of it? AIr is an issue but radar is more of an issue.. The only counter is to not be in range of it. There's no line of sight blocking for radar. Even in the here and now Radar cannot see through a land mass. period.. no acceptions. Concealment means nothing when radar is on. Yet I have seen a number of times where I am am getting shot at my some cruiser firing over an island And I cannot ID their position to shoot back. And no one else can see them either. So Cruisers and some DD's can have concealment firing but most DD's cannot unless your in smoke, and radar, and hydro counters smoke. When I'm NOT playing a DD I'm generally an unholy terror of the seas. Scharnhorst has been power crept they say. No longer useful some say. It's the rare game in my Scharn that I don't bag at least ships. I'm a pretty expert DD player at this point and I do know all of the BB and Cruiser tricks because I see them all the time! I get out there in a fast cruiser DO hide and snipe.. nope? I fight. You cannot win if you do not fight. It's really is that simple. Passive play looses fights. It's real consistent that way. When I go out in a battle ship do I hide in the back.. Nope. I take the fight to the bad guys. I MAKE then shoot at me. And I keep getting closer. Why? Because simple.. the closer you are the more of your shells will land on target. The easier it is to aim and hit, and keep hitting. The more shells that hit the target the more damage you will cause. I don't go out there to farm. I go out there to kill. The ship that is in front of me is rarely the ship I'm shooting at. I'm after the broad side target 15 or more Km away who's attention is else where. Doesn't matter if it's a BB, a CA or a DD. It's an easier target to hit and kill then a nose on BB or Cruiser. This is simple stuff. Execution? Meh! Sometimes not so simple. I got told this long before I ever played World of Warships. "Every opportunity to shoot not taken is a miss" I know I'm tired of going out there in a DD and being the first ship sunk because the ships behind me WILL NOT ENGAGE! If I played as passive as I see far too many cruiser and BB players do, I'd have a negative karma score from hell for all the "Plays Poorly" i would have received. Someone on the team has to take the fight to the bad guys. More often than not it's the DD's. If the DD's do not have CLOSE support, they die before they can be effective. And not doing it is NOT an option unless you want to loose the match. I barely play now. I want to play. I did enjoy the game at one point, but most of the joy has left the building. And those that do hand over money to the game are getting less, and less and less. I know where the studio responsible for World of Warships screwed up. They got greedy. They chose to cater to the monied minority instead of focusing on Best Game play first and foremost. And that is why the player retention numbers keep dropping. Because once the shine wears off it becomes another pay to win shooter with horridly unfair imbalanced mechanics, and very little to do to off set that. Hundred if not thousands of players I used to see don't play any more. Once upon a time I was part of one of the biggest clans in the game. But some got more interested in having THE winning team instead of having fun and community. Well, they killed their community and most of the clan and it turns out the responsible party never did get the winning team they wanted. Imagine that! I wonder if the studio thinks they are immune to the same effect? If they do, they are being unforgivably stupid. Studio and companies that do stupid things like this in this industry and keep doing stupid things always end up the same way unless they are HUGE. This aint EA, or Sony Interactive, or Take2, or Activision Blizzard, or Tencent. It's not that huge. Gamers have LONG memories. And underestimating the intelligence of your player base.. even the not so life experienced ones is a mistake of epic proportions. I really hope they wise up soon, because this garbage has got to change or this game will die. And that will be left is some archived video on you tube and memories.
  4. TL_Warlord_Roff

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    To much radar, to many farmer players, to many really poor decision effecting game play and NOT considering the long term ramifications on play. To many over priced cash grabs, and far far to much catering to stupid. This game no longer has balance. It's all bias of some sort or another and "whats the ship/tactic flavor of the month?". Such a shame. World of Warships was absolutely awesome for most of its first 2 years of play. In the third year it started going down hill and the cumulative effect is playing in any tier above VII is more often then not an exercise in futility for even the best DD players. It's devolved to the level of a pay to win mobile game. I haven't quite gotten to point of uninstalling yet but I don't even bother with the PTR any more. There's no "war" in the war game any more... just squabbling over what has the best numbers. Actual skill means little or nothing as RNG through the MM more often then not tosses a good player running solo on a teams that playing for their personals score and not playing to actually win. Happy Fathers Day Zoup. Feel bad that the ongoing trends in this game kinda shat on yer day. Happens a lot any more especially as a DD main.
  5. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Venezia-a ship for bad player

    all this is fine but I noticed your tag line and admittedly thought about all those russian paper Battleships, On second thought I'm having less issue with calling BB's [edited]! :-)
  6. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Hayate Ehhh

    The number one consideration is not the ship.. You have excellent Dewoo made hammer.. I have my reliable old Craftsman hammer. Both are very good hammers.. they do what hammers are supposed to do in a hammer sort of way. But the hammer is only as good as the hand that holds the hammer. If you always strike wrong and bend nails instead of driving them in.. it doesn't matter the brand of hammer you will strike wrong and bend nails. Hayate is a very nice hammer. Yes there are like 2 DD's that can out spot her. But that's only an advantage to those DD's if (1.) they have their guns pointed in the right directing, and (2.) can can hit what they shoot at. during those critical 1st 2nd and 3rd slavo's. The guns don't fire them selves nor do they aim them selves. That's all on you as a player. Stealth for DD's is only of use when there aren't other DD's about. Stealth allows to get up close to capital ships and fire torps and have them get to the target before they spread out to much that they miss with any real effort on the part of the target to dodge them. Stealth also will not hide you from radar or aircraft. Once upon a time about ohhhh 2 1/2 years ago DD concealment the be all end all of DD existence. That was then. The single most important trait for DD is "what is their killing power". IJN terp focused DD's have sufficient killing power to engage 2 separate targets with torpedo's and a 3rd target with guns. Hayate extra torpedo tube per launcher makes them that much deadlier. I remember when tirpitz was introduced. IJN DD player had a running joke about Tirpitz.. "What it take to get a Tirpitz? 4 Torpedo's!" It's still true. 4 IJN torps will kill Tirpitz if they hit together.. Some of the capital ships have gotten bigger (which BTW tends to make them easier to hit) have torpedo protection and significantly more HP. Which is why likely more than any other reason the Hayayte has 5 tube launchers because a G.Kurfurst take a little more to kill. Why do all my IJN DD builds have RPF? Because IJN DD's no longer have a significant concealment advantage over other DD's. There for I need to know there is another DD out there si I can get my guns pointed ahead of time and get that opening salvo out first and on target. In the time it takes hayate to make a 90 degree turn and start deploying smoke I can get 3 salvo's off, possibly 4. If there's a radar ship in range that I know of, I save the smoke as defensively its of more use defending against air attack or screening your teams capital ship then it is for you. In that situation I hit then engine boost, cease fire and see about getting the hell out of Dodge. If I have hammered the opposing DD sufficiently hard I may continue firing in the hopes of sinking them. I've this many time in DD where I am low tier not high tier, and against high tier DD's. Only the big French DD's give me any real issues because they are simply that tough. Yes, I fight with my brains.. the ship is just a tool. I forgotten more tricks playing IJN DD's then the vast majority of DD player have learned. I would personally love to take the Hayate out. I can look at the numbers and clearly see where it is stronger that it's other IJN tier X counterparts, and where it is weaker. The over all reality is how ever it is quite strong. And if I should choose to take IFHE.. even the big french DD's will find it very much a handful to deal with. The only thing holding me back is a lack of 2 million FXP. I could go spend doubloons to pay to convert XP to FXP. But that would mean kicking out right around $200 to $250 USD to do. I am not made of money. I can afford it but there are simply far more important things to spend my hard earned money on. For me the Hayate's only real downside it what it would cost to get it. If you play to it's strengths and not to the opposions strength it will do very well. If you don't go ahead and blame the hammer. I'll just look at you and shake my head and advise you to stay out of tier X fights because your clearly obviously not skilled sufficiently to be there. Hayate is a very nice hammer. If you cannot see that, then it's all on you. For the rest of you who don't go blaming the hammer, but aren't particularly skilled with the intricacies of operating an IJN DD. You'll get the hang of it eventually as long as you pay attention and let your self learn. I kick butt in a tier VIII Kagero in tier X fights all the time these days and being on the winning team about 20-30% more often than on the loosing team and fairly regularly finding myself in the top 5 for the match. Kagero is a pretty good hammer. Hayate is a better hammer. Better hope I never get myself to 2 mill FXP eh? If I ever get the ship I will dominate because I would drive just like like I drive my Kagero and Yugumo... only it's a better ship. It's faster, it hits harder and is more capable. I will be your nightmare. I am a Destroyerman
  7. TL_Warlord_Roff

    I am a Destroyerman

    and that video is 2 years old too. Before the Italians Cruisers, the Brit DD's and CA's, the Russian CA's, the PanEuro DD's, the full CV rework and more. A lot of experienced DD players have quit the game and moved on or seriously curtailed their play. According to wowsnumbers-na which I've been checking I've been running at unicum levels for several weeks now. Did I suddenly get better by an order of magnitude?. Maybe, but not likely. There are a lot of fairly novice DD players running around the higher tiers now that really just barely know what they're doing.. And of course the constant "whats the best DD?" at tier...what ever... Newbs who don't understand there is no best DD.. it's only best if you MASTER the playstyle it demands. My specialty is IJN DD's I am a master level player with them. I'm merely decent to pretty good in all other DD's. I don't even understand why I stay with the IJN DD's because they get harder and harder to play every year. They have over all the best concealment and the torps are hard hitting even if the can be spotted from low earth orbit and slower than most. The guns are hard hitting for the most part and very reliable damage dealers but tend to have poor turret mounts and not especially known for range though are quite accurate.. The ships are average for speed and maneuverability.. often slower than other DD's. The power creep has been very real. But I've played them since beta and even my tricks have tricks so I still do well in them. Being a good DD player is mind set. And utter confidence. DD players that doubt never do well. And the only way to learn to drive DD's is to take stupid risks and see what works! You have to take risks, and to do well frankly your team has to take risks with you. If they hang back, won't get stuck in, won't commit the match may very well all ready be lost and all your doing is going through the motions and possibly achieving a glorious death for no purpose. But your in the DD and it's all your fault. There are days I really want a special red key on my keyboard that when I push a virtual hand reaches out of the targeted "friendly" players screen and SLAPS them right across the face. It'll never happen, but I can wish. If there is one piece of advice I can give new DD players is stay in the mid tiers V, VI, VII for a couple months or so before moving up. Feel free to get the high tier ships but don't play them regular until you really learn what driving DD's is all about. Because your the DD, and if the team looses because your inexperienced.. it really is your fault! And don't play the blame game. If the DD your driving stinks it's because you don't know how to drive it yet. It's not the ship.... it's you. McCoy to Spock: When an earth girl says it all her, it all you. DD's are Earth Girls, and remember, Earth girls may be easy.. then they get expectations of you!
  8. TL_Warlord_Roff

    I am a Destroyerman

    Risk defines what I do, for everything has risk. Some things more that others. Determination guides my choices, experience marks my decisions. Where shall I go? How shall I approach? Nothing I do is easy, for my enemies are legion and are always increasing. The higher the tier of play the more difficult the task is. All tasks are simple but in a Destroyer even the simple is hideously complex and difficult. Sometimes even impossible. Yet still, they must be done if victory is to be achieved. In this game I must spot targets, take capture points, provide flank support, target critical enemies and remove them, defend myself against threats that continuously evolve as the game evolves. And always more and more is demanded and required. Above all else I must play selflessly if victory is to go to my team. Risk is my business. I am a Destroyerman
  9. TL_Warlord_Roff

    premium shop purchases

    Ok, I got money in my account, it's a master card debit. Contacted card issuer, they say there are no issues or problems with the card so why can't I do a transaction in the premium shops?.. It a debit card.. I can only spend the money if it is actually there, but your system keeps not permitting the transactions. Come clean please.
  10. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Whats everyone spending your tokens on?

    umm, in a word.. nothing..they'll convert to cash or not when the event is over...Up to the Studio.
  11. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Fire @San Francisco Pier 45 this AM..Of note:

    SFFD made sure of that. They tasked fire boat #3 specifically with keeping the O'Brian uninvolved. Report is a little paint on one side got scorched, but no reported damage to ship or it's fittings. Likely as not they're working on getting the working crew onboard and moving the ship away from the fire which is expected to be burning for several hours yet. Only a bare handful of Liberty Ships left in the world and only one that can move under it's own power and that's the O'Brian.
  12. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Fire @San Francisco Pier 45 this AM..Of note:

    Apparently this pier IS the home of the O' Brian, The J. O'Brian preservation society maintains offices, a museum, gift store etc on the pier..and those assets are likely lost.
  13. 4 alarm fire..nasty nasty blaze. Likely have to remove the pier afterwards as the fire works down onto those heavily creosoted and tarred piling. The Liberty ship Jeremiah O Brian is tied up next to this location. A Port of San Francisco Fire Boat was specifically detailed to protect the O'Brain and the ship is undamaged. No lives are reported lost or injured at this time, cause of fire is unknown but there are wooden buildings on wooden piers, on wooden pilings that have been in place for over 70 years, so no real surprise that they've gone up fast. SF Firefighters are only acting to contain the fire and not allow it to spread to adjacent structured. Figured some of the US shop crew might be interested. For some this was home before the move to Texas.
  14. TL_Warlord_Roff

    BBs suddenly afraid of scratching their paint

    High tier BB play.. yea.. as the OP says. Low and Mid tier up to tier VII can still be wild and wooly.. I dive in with my Fuso on a regular basis and push.. BB's that wait to long to push end up finding them selves is an utterly crap situation, out positioned and out numbered. Once your past tier VII play however the HE spam becomes impossible for BB's to counter. If you can be hit you just end up getting melted. It's not fun, and there's just no way to survive it. HE spam is just to powerful. A way need to found to limit it.. Maybe making HE a limited consumable, or a consumable on a timer.. ie: x charges that allow you to fire HE for 1 minute.
  15. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Losing karma, don't know why

    Karma down votes are usually from someone who's being a bad sport, and there are a LOT of them out there.