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  1. so, whats next?

    Previously of [STW] Citadel nation (bronze league) I played in season 3,4 and 5.. skipped KOS because no tiers X at the time. I want more! (clan battles? Pffft! To few players per team, poor ship selection!) So season 6? 6.5? 7? whats next? And when does it start.. I do have tier X's now but I much prefer the tier 8 as there are simply more viable ships in greater variety within the previous season limitations forcing a better mix. And any one forming a team want a solid tier 8 IJN DD player for a comp team, message me.. I love doing this stuff!
  2. Kagero Still Has it

    No smoke Kagero is THE way to go these days. And If you can sqeeze it in I might suggest running RPF too. My two tier VIII no smoke/TRB packing DD's the Kagero and Harekaze have only a single difference tween the way the two commanders are set up. On Harekaze I've taken a calculated risk of dropping concealment expert so I can run IFHE, and RPF... On the Kagero I keep the CE and still take RPF so I still have minimum detection numbers while still always knowing when someone is trying to sneak up on me. Don't run AFC..yes it improves your gun range, but it also dramatically increases the range you can be shot at once you void concealment. That 20 second wait to go unspotted can be very fatal! I learned this from the Movie "The Outlaw Josie Wales" where Chief Dan George comments to Clint Eastwood character "White Man always sneaking up on the Indian".. Always stuck with me.. and here I am in an IJN DD which is all about the sneaking...and in an IJN do you want to be the one sneaking...RPF gives you the lead time if your paying attention to give them a very very warm reception... That and the fact that in a Kagero on certain maps you pick up a target on RPF in closed water and put all 16 fish out on the bearing.. you will bag the DD sneaking up on you 30-50% of the time.. And sometime more then just the DD. My best record on doing that is a double double strike where I bagged 2 DD and a Cruiser with my opening torpedo salvo... Beware being predictable.. Know your maps and know the area's where you can sucker yourself into getting sunk! (I've done it a few times *sigh*) But yea, Kagero definitely still has it's MOJO.. And Yugumo the next tier up is even a little bit nastier with guns that rotate much much faster and are more use able... I've taken cruisers out with guns alone from the Yugumo. Not often mind you, but it can be done! Shimikaze how ever has been more then a bit left behind.. the guns are worse then the Yugumo (slower traverse! everything else is the same) gawd aweful long reload times for the torps (can be mitigated some what with commander skills and a module as long as you can deal with torp tubes being more fragile) I finally got my Shimmy at long last and I do very much understand while a lot of IJN DD players don't really care for the ship.. Maybe we ask em to make a tier X Kagero/Yugumo... Game changes since launch have left SHimmy in a not so good state. The thought of taking a Shimmy into any high tier competitive play gives me nightmares. On a short 7 man team she just can't hang. To vulnerable. To easily spotted in the RADAR and HYDRO intensive high tier play and far to easily caught out during a torpedo reload cycle. On a 12 player team the rest of the team can cover her deficiencies just by being there. On a 7 player comp team there is no slack. And thats why your not seeing very many Shimmies in clan battles unless that the only thing they've got! But Kagero, she rocks! Still! I drove her in the last season of Supremacy League and she definitely did the job and did it well!
  3. New Player, Bunch of Questions

    Slow down, learn the game. There is subtlety and great depth to the game and its systems. There are also a lot of ships and more coming. Everyone has a differing opinion on which ship line etc is best. There may be answers there, but always bear in mind that it's not the ship that makes a player good. It's the player that makes the ship good. Welcome to warships, hopefully we won't scare you off. always be working on improving your ability to hit targets. Carriers are difficult to play and are currently not quite in a good way. CV players seem to come in two flavors only right now.. really really good, and really really not. If you have any skill with CV play it will be frustrating because your going to hit a skill wall built in as you transition out of the first two tiers of CV and a bigger skill wall at tier 8 and up where the competition is going to get much much tougher. See you around!
  4. Grab bag of advanced IJN DD tactics.

    Dear KonigstigerVII: I am so glad I provided you with opportunity to crap on someones day. I know that your posting above is crucial to your sense of well being, and I can hope it made feel better. You have anything to contribute to the discussion or or you just trolling for your ego?
  5. This is going to be scatter shot posting. As the more experienced DD drivers know DD's do everything, they just have to do it a tad more carefully then everyone else. and just to cover the "are you qualified" see the badge under my name, 2 swords.. as of today 25 won battles where I scored in the top 3 for the team.. yep badge as accolade I think it's cool! If I kill ya ya know ya got killed by someone good! I've almost a few tier X of my own but my goto's are Harekaze, Kagero, and Akizuki and they all have 19 point commanders, are tuned to the nth degree to my play style. I drove my Harekaze to rank 5 last ranked season. I'm also within spitting distance of 10,000 life time matches. oh and my Harekaze, just a hair ball away 2 million life time XP on that ship alone in now over 1200 matches. Yea it brag'n a little, but then I'm not a natural.. I've had to work hard to get to this point. Doing well in this game, in IJN DD's requires a bit more care then other types. Speaking of careful, lets get to it! First off, your in a DD and there are more less then stellar BB and CA players by far then there are bad DD players. This is just the way it is so try not to gripe to much about it. Never expect support from your team. Be glad for what you do get because most of warships players have the situational awareness of a garden snail. And your only going to get support when someone has the situational awareness to see YOUR situation and provide that support before you even think to ask for it. Of course if you do get support that good well, honestly your not going to notice it other then "wow, this fight is going really well!" *GRIN!* You drive into a cap and pop smoke... bad idea, the bad guys now know right where you are, expect torps. Smoke is a mixed bag. I don't run it on Kagero, Yagumo, Harekaze and Shiratsuyu. I'd rather have the extra torps! But I do use it on my Akizuki which is set up for long range fire and AA. I just drop smoke outside of radar range where there is someone else who can be my eyes and proceed to out Atlanta an Atlanta with the raw volume of fire and the fantastic accuracy of the 100mm guns. To Smoke or Not to Smoke this is the question which will decide our fate. Consider your options because smoke works in both directions. Unless someone is spotting for you you can only see targets at assured detection range. I'll go after DD's in smoke because everything is equal, but I tend to pack RPF and extra hit points so everything is NOT equal. Never fight on equal terms. You want to have an advantage and you want to use that advantage in the way that grants you the best benefit. You may have to set it up, and some time you will fail.. usually fatally.. that'll encourage you get it wrong less often! It's OK. You drive into a cap uncontested.. do you bomb across out the other side or do you take a moment to look at where everyone is? Always be taking a look, always think of where you need to go next and how long it will take. Large empty areas on the map can be good or bad.. are they empty because no one is there, or because no one has looked? If your not sure you may want to go sneak and peek. Just don't lightly bomb through or you might find yourself eyeballed absolutely and broadside to a cruiser at 8 KM... that you didn't see. I hate this game when that happens. Yes, yes I do.. Check distance to friendlies Anything beyond gun range.. your gun range, and they are not in range to support you with accurate fire. If they're not advancing in more or less the same direction (of your advance, not your current tactical course) then you are most likely out of the possible support bubble, adjust your maneuvers accordingly. Sometimes flank speed is not the best speed. Sometimes 3/4 speed is the best speed. Why? Well first off lower speed means your ship turns faster and if needed reduces your turn radius by as much as 2/3 the full radius. Sometime the distance that matters is not measured in Kilometers but in Meters! Lower speed also allows your rudder to "bite" faster so you do react faster to rudder input, and you fishtail less..how many times has the stern of your ship swung out in a full speed turn and caught a torpedo? Dropping to half speed or lower you do for specific reasons usually having to do with not needing to move closer or radically change position. and when your in a gun fight, jockey your throttle, it may save yer ship. The only reason not to is to get to cover in a hurry. Watch the friendlies behind you.. if they peel off to left,right, or both, it may be wise to break off of your intended action. If nothing else simply slow down. If there is empty opposition territory ocean in front of you someone unfriendly is bound to show up. Be sure to provide them a very warm welcome! And empty areas of the map should pull you into them with your low detection rating. But higher tiers be aware... RADAR..if they get even a hint of your presence expect to get lit up and hosed with fire! On the other hand, also consider every now and again spreading some chaos and confusion. If you have a exit plotted open up, let them see you.. let them react to you. Be the juicy little bunny. Let your team know if you manage to get a trailer. you can lock em on course with a single rack of torps so they keep aspect. And the threat of the next rack will keep them there. trust me, they wont even realize they are doing that. Invite some friendly to give them a welcoming volley. Getting kills and damage is wonderful. Generating victory is better. Use your guns. I don't care if its a Kagero, or a Shiratsuyu, or even a Umikaze! Use your guns. Get good with those guns.. if for no other reason then to give you something to do while you wait for the torps to come back up while in a saber dance or a knife fight! Always remember your ship is an asset. a "Military" asset. And military assets are there to be spent. The ferryman always charges a toll anyway so why not decide the when, where, and how yourself eh? Dealing with the KIDD? Take advantage of em, switch to AP.. first off they notice the rounds less. second off its damage they cannot heal...AP remember? Kinda learned this the hard way during ranked season. Keep it in mind, and keep it in mind v. all DD's because you can take a chunk of 'ealth off a DD with AP rounds.. your typical DD AP rounds are not going to over pen another DD if aimed correctly. AIm AP v DD's at the waterline. IJN AP shell tend to be deflected by a water strike less then other nations shell types. Such hits will be below the water line for maximum AP damage. As long as they hit close. Your IJN DD's have amazing ballistic qualities, use 'em! Always be aware in a IJN DD that perception is more important then reality. Your the Ninja of DD's in this game and while none of your weapons systems are the best, they are sufficient to the job. The power is in the package, the full monty, all of what your DD can do together. When you do learn (and you will if you haven't all ready) to use all that you have at once you can have a very great say in how a battle progresses. Always try to keep your distance from radar ships, and if you can't try to be where no one can shoot you when they light you up (often times not that difficult to do, plan ahead!) and because of the way RADAR ships will typically operate watch for opportunities to turn the tables on them especially when close. Always try to make sure they see you running away, and as soon as the radar fades you have the opportunity to turn back to them and possibly remove them from the fight. It's a very satisfying kill when you can pull it off for some reason. Sometimes the best place to be is not out front but right with the big boys tucked in close... encouraging them to continue in motion against the enemy force because how many times have we seen the team that gives up the initiative looses? "I'm right here boss, that big bad DD gotta deal with me first yes sir! You can be risking getting TKO'd by a lucky miss, or sometimes even shot by a friendly..Usually friendly main battery fire will be clean over your head... usually. But it does seem to encourage the big boys to keep moving and I've rarely if ever seen that to be a bad thing. Add in the fact that.. "you want'ta target to shoot? Then get yer big..battleship out there and go find one.. I aint die'n for ya today!" Which brings to mind one last and I'm typed out for the night There are far to many naval warfare "genius's" out there who will happily help you die in a match because the only thing that matter to them is how much damage "they" cause and how many targets "they" sink.. and you are competition! They are not thinkers, and they most definitely are not team players and they cost matches. Do Not Get Caught Up In Their Ship. Sometimes its pretty obvious who they are and thank all there is that they just simply do not last in competition play. You will have to deal with their presence when you stumble upon them in random though. Don't go somewhere on a match map unless YOU think its a good idea. It's your ship. You are it's captain. you call the ball for you. if you follow someones suggestion and it gets you killed without a win, then it was a bad suggestion. Move on and don't fall for it again! All right.. G'night!
  6. DD Players-Time to Strike!

    He may be a troll, but there is wisdom in what he's posting...( at least this time!) I am a DD main these days, IJN DD specifically ( <<< see badge, I just earned my two swords! <<<) His suggestions are not bad suggestions at all. I've been finding that waiting a bit before grabbing the cap IS wise... And I'm seeing far to many fights where I'm one of two DD's or the only DD! BB and CA drivers, you have to carry your part of the load. You have to get and stay a lot closer to the action, and if needed SPEND YOUR SHIP if that what it takes to bag a win. When you only have one or two DD's those DD's become the most valuable ships on the team because they are the only ones who can move and not be seen from orbit! You gotta put the man pants on and go take your lumps (that is why you've got armor, that big HP pool, and a heal!) and run interference for the DD so they can do their part of the job of securing victory. And I'll add as usual, the closer you are to your target the more accurate and damaging your gun fire can be.. And if your a crappy shot anyway, why are you hanging back? Get so doggone close that you shove the ends of the barrels against their hull and FIRE! And just the threat of that can cause player to give ground and position..if your are supported. and if your not and your in position to do that anyway DO IT because your gonna die, try to take someone with ya.. honor guard in hell and all that! I like having a nice BIG NUMEROUS honor guard myself. I see far to many BB and CA players oh so willing to ask another, especially DD's, to spend their ship but seem to have a selfish bit of a disconnect when it comes to spending their ship. You want victory.. it's not free. It must be paid for. There will be ships sunk. Make a point of learning to die well! If I can learn it as a DD driver you can learn it as a Battleship or Cruiser driver.
  7. DD invincability cloaks

    invincability cloak, boy I wish I had one of those..! (big block of text editted away) ahh old ancient necro thread.. so what genius decided to resurrect this considering just how much the spotting mechanics have changed over the last 2 years? Were they trying to contribute something or are they just looking for a post count to get forum rank? (some folks easily entertained by the non consequential!)
  8. Clan wars, and new ship line..
  9. another one of my Aion avatars.. Bittena the Aethertech  (mecha pilot!)

  10. How many of you have 19pt captains?

    humm lets see.. Kagero, AKizuki, Amagi, Kii. And should have 3 more any day now....of course I have been playing since launch.. Harekaze at 18 point (Isoroku Yamamoto)and a several 16, and 17 point commanders besides mostly on premium ships. The First 19 point commander is the most difficult to get, but after that it gets much easier. That first 19 you put in your highest tier premium and put him to work (all premiums have a commander XP bonus intrinsic without cammo).. all commander XP he(she) generates (and use the commander XP bonus cammo and flags!) becomes elite commander XP that any of your ship commander can use. What that means is your 19 point captian is working to earn commander XP for the ones that are not 19 point commanders. The ships listed are the one I play most. It takes a bit to get the first one but they all come much easier after that.
  11. Bad CV player - or two PC sync drop?

    This is definitely turning into a meem here! Lets make it clear for those who are going "Huh? that doesn't make sense?" so here the scenario.. player want to get good stats in his CV play so said player makes a SECOND account..(or buys an account with a appropriate high tier CV. IMHO a stupid amount of time or money spend but some will literally do ANYTHING to reach a goal whether they deserve to reach that goal or not) Now I don't doubt there there are players so unimaginably brain dead as to think this is an efficient, productive way to play the game and have the you know, awesome scores, high WTR (stupid [edited]composit stat..half of it purely damage dealt, 30% is kills, only 20% is actuall wins! All it really measures is ones ability to cause damage.. but there are people who will "game" the game to have a high WTR.. it's surprisingly common and it had badly effected game play and impacts very negatvely teamwork. As for the CV players that go to the effort to do this.. They're flying false colors and no matter what they're still going to be utterly lousy CV players. They don't have the actual experience playing. And have not made the effort to play well. They're also going to be a very very tiny group of players.. and there just no way any of em will ever really be any good at this game. Not really. You want to be good at this game? You don't get that way by playing against bots, or AFK players or exploiting the game in any way. You get good by playing.. you get better by seeking out the nastiest most unfair, unwinnable fights you can find... and winning them. You get good by developing match awareness, ship knowledge, ship skill, tactics, map stratagies, understanding the depth and subtleties of ship up grades, and commander skills, and the synergies that happen between all of the games subsystems. and functions. You don't get good by cheating or doing things the "easy" way. I'm no where near a great player.. I'm certainly no "natural". I'm in my 60's , I've bad vision, hand eye co-ordination that so bad you have to see it to believe it (wanted to be a pilot as a kid...even I wouldn't have ever let me anywhere near an airplane cockpit!). I got a good brain, the rest not so much.. and it has taken me all of the last 2 years to get good, and today, now, I am good. There isn't another player out there that makes toss my hands up and say "we're gonna loose". Once upon a time... not any more... But hows this relate to the subject at hand you say? Pity them. They do this kinda stuff and they'll never ever EVER be any good at this game. They spend so much time, energy and effort to "Game" the game, to cheat, for false stats that they're not learning the game. All their attention and energy is on cheating and not getting caught. They most certainly are not learning how to fight another carriers which is something they need to learn if they're going to play carriers! The only possible other explanation for such efforts is monetized accounts..ie: creating account with high tier ships with ok stars to sell outright to other players (been going on in this industry for years.. the providers really don't care. Either way they make money. There's even been a few online game where the maker has listed most used cheats because EVERYONE cheated at their game. SO lets be clear, its a player community issue, not a game issue.) If you think that's happened in your match.. save the replay, screen cap the results screens, do a little player record look up..and be aware when researching your "suspects" that blocked player stats can be seen as a red letter. Follow through. You may not be able to see their stats, by WG can see their stats.. do let them know that the stats views are blocked. If its an account seller then with any luck they get the account locked before they get to sell it.. No Money For Them! He're a thing about internet gaming that seems to be a disconnect in folk brains.. especially the younger one. This industry really started in the very early 1990's. Computer gaming came into existence during the 1970's and 80's. (you haven't payed HACK// intil you've played HACK on a green or amber screen Mono monitor!) it's now 2018.. almost 40 YEARS of computer gaming. So anyone who really thinks that anyone is coming up with NEW ways to cheat or game the games.. raise a hand.. yep, I see those hands.. your sure about that are ya? Cheat Engine has been around for 25 years.. your really sure about that? Yea, it's been done. And it's been done so often that there nothing original.. its all variations on the same old stuff. Emphasis on OLD. Anyway please bear in mind.. this may be annoying as all git to you when you run into it, but it's NOT going to be common... (to damd much work!) put a report together, submit it and move on. And if you ARE NOT reporting it, but simply coming to the forums to gripe about it, your wasting EVERYONE'S time. It's a community problem. If you want if fixed get involved. Warlord sends
  12. how does one have 24% WR?

    I don't have a problem against poor players... Even I like to have someone to shoot at once in a while when I'm not torpedoing the ship out of them! The only type of player that should be considered for banning from the game should be players the run hacks and cheats, that engage in harassment and bullying of other players. (it's not the issue here that it would be in a MMORPG..But it does need to be monitored.. It's not what I want WG to do, just something they really kinda have to do.)
  13. *waves* yea yea ya'll seen me about! SO here I am, in "Hero's of Sparta" (ie: [HEROS]) and it's a pretty good bunch of guys (and a gal or two that visit once in a bit.. female gamers are RARE in this game..very very rare!) Mostly we're an older crowd..but we won't hold it against you because we're here to game and play world of warships. We have a good many members that have very deep game knowledge and some others.... not so much (yep normal right!). We're more or less pretty casual. And we also have a good many players that are experienced in team competitive play (Supremacy League.. working on clan battle but it's a bit frustrating.. not EVERYONE has tier X ships and the rentals great idea but not to carry you through the competition! Really needs to be a lower tier so more people can take part!). We have a very solid core of players in the clan that are here to keep stuff running, and we do have a team speak. And as far as I know, there's only a couple of us with bad forum addictions that might cause embarrassment (Your in the same clan as HIM? Looser!) Either way, looks us up give it a go.. you may need to be a little pro active to get our attention because were as LAZY as any of ya so do a bit more then just "Apply to the clan".. find our members in game, open a chat, introduce yourself. Show us your for real and yea we will grab ya up. We're not looking for a body count we're looking for a few good men and women who play World of Warships and and are serious about always improving their game and like being around players of like mind! We do have a couple hard and fast rules.. 1. Ya got hurt full things to say keep it to your self. That's directed against anyone. Not here to solve the world problems, or create any new ones. Here to play warships. 2. Treat those around you in the clan and in the greater community with courtesy and respect (we recognize human, so they'll be times...make the effort to work it out) 3. Be EXCELLENT to each other! (Bill and Ted were very very wise!) Warlord Sends
  14. How do you counter radar in a DD?

    How? *sigh* the real answer.. Carefully! Know the ship that carry radar.. what their range is, and how long it lasts with normal or premium radar consumable, and how much a radar upgrade module extends its run time to. Be ready to sabre dance at in the 8-12 Km from likely targets torps at closing targets (and you'll fire and aweful lotta torps for no real effect other them keeping a players attention on the other side) Watch your team mates.. if no friendlies are inside YOUR surface detect range they are to far away to effectivly provide support.., either pull back to 'em.. or (some folks are not gonna like the tone of this!) or go find some friendlies that are showing some sense and fighting spirit. Your still going to run into Battleships and Cruiser drivers that are going to be so clueless on the team work concept as to leave the DD hung out to dry in the very high threat, high tier meta. Seems to still be pretty common situation so keep your situation awareness up. The overly cautious BB's have been an issue, yet you may need to be an overly cautious DD especially with the high tier meta vs. DD's. I know this is NOT easy to do. be more cautious in your approach. Try to spot the radar ships and the long range hydro ships. where they are going, what they are doing. Being a DD driver is NOT simple or easy any more. And it's NOT getting any easier. Hopefully you'll learn it faster then I have
  15. Shimakaze: What does it bring to a match

    Gun Buff Gun Buff Bun Buff Gun Buff *line of ship captains in grass skirts and aloha shirts wave arms and chant in unison while performing a moko*