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  1. One thing I see new BB drivers do, and experienced one is focus on one target.. usually not causing that much damage. for the amount of rounds they fire. This is from a person who primarily drives DD's.. mostly because DD are difficult ships to do well in.. high skill floor much less ceiling. Yes I am likely a glutton for punishment, especially in high tier play these days. So. While concentrating fire on the vulnerable (read exposed and damageable targets) is the best, most often BB players tend to get focused on other BB's (seems to be a "no your going to take this damage" thing happening there mentally). And it's not just BB drivers... it is any one driving a ship with 9.2" guns or larger. BIG guns. Always be looking about. whats the better target? the nose on german BB with the turtleback armor at 12Km or the DD broadside at 12 Km.. or the Cruiser side scraping around an island to sneak some shots off? If your shooting at a nose on BB your likely using HE so putting one salvo out at the DD might just remove him outright, you might miss but you only really need to hit with two shells of 13" or larger HE. The other thing you can do is pop shots off at everything you see. I've done this in a Fuso.. 6 turrets, 6 different targets... players "flinch" when the get hit. If your good shot.. pop a turret off at the target.. wait a few seconds pop another turret off at the target... people that keep getting hit get worried and tend to turn away... leaving the closer target(s) isolated, alone.. without support. Getting the picture here I hope? Shoot the cruiser, shoot the DD's keep shooting as fast the guns reload, spread the joy. The player that can over come the effects of this a far and few between.. someone always breaks off, and once one does another will follow. Of note tactically: do you pop the lead ships and try to get the entire ad hoc group to turn or do you pop the trailing ships so the move away from supporting range of other ships leaving the lead ships isolated.? You'll have to decide for your self and may even try to do both at the same time just to see which one works and reenforce success. You got a lotta time between per shot out to observe, deduce, and act. Especially if your only doing salvo fire instead of fire by turret. As a big gun ship you have several seconds between salvos.. so all ways be looking for a better target. And the better target is the one you can put effective damage on or possibly delete outright. Every ship sunk is one less ship shooting back. Another BB should almost never be your first target unless it's simply a harassing shot to see if they flinch. Getting cruisers to flinch is more effective over all as cruiser's should be helping the DD's who tend to be the most forward elements. If the cruisers turn away they leave the DD's unsupported, and the BB tend to back off when the cruisers pull back. Especially the light cruisers/anti DD ships. Unsurprisingly DD don't tend to flinch as often.. gotta have big brass ones anyway to drive DD's so they tend to only flinch sufficiently to drop back into concealment and re-engage from a different position. Unless they really close and figure they're going to die anyway.. better hope torps aren't ready. I drive DD's.. you have to learn to fight DD's. There is no option here. These are pick up groups in this game Not really teams, so the only person you can always depend on is your self. When you do get to fight on a real formed team the game can be much different, so learn to lone wolf, then learn how to team play and never ever forget that Clan battles, and clans running ops are the only real team based play we have... everything else is Pick Up Groups. Have that mental swinch well oiled or you will have your doctor [edited]'n you out about your high sodium diet! Hope you were both entertained and learned a little. If ya all ready know this stuff that is awesome. But I see the evidence every single day I play that most players do not think about how to get the best use out of their tools. So that's why this got posted! Good hunt'n out there Warlord sends.
  2. TL_Warlord_Roff

    ST: New ships - Hayate and Thunderer

    Addendum: Could there possibly be a Kyobashi Camo for this particular DD? She's basically a tier 10'd Yugumo, which I happen to like a great deal due to her flexibility only slightly better in a few critical ways. Just happens to be the high tier DD i'm best in. This is going to be a fairly serious and popular DD with the T-10 ranked crowd that are exclusive IJN. Shimmy suffers from that long torp reload though her guns are rather good these days, and Haru while an awesome gunboat is only awesome under specific conditions. You get caught out of zone and Haru just gets torn apart due to her rather striking lack of mobility. I see this super Yugumo as a good candidate for all conditions, and an easy transition for any IJN Fubuki pattern DD forward. The AA will be adequate. It'll be tempting to run TRB instead of smoke as over all there tends to be less CV's in high tier play and possibly none at all in ranked and giving you the ability to put 4 spreads of 5 torpedo's each in the water.. Ie: up to 4 torpedo targets which is something this salty sea dog like to pull off every once in a while. Higher torpedo density is going to generate ata guess slightly more then 10% more torpedo hits, and unclear but turn radius is noted @37 knots. This is an IJN DD.. is this the actual speed in the turn or her base top speed. Typically IJN DD's loose about 12% to 15 % off their speed in a full rudder turn. So clarification would be nice. She's on my to get list no matter what simply because she's a better Yugumo and at tier X. Anytime soon mates, any time soon.
  3. This may be a lengthy post.. if you hate reading go perouse something else.. I don't want to hear from you. I'm old, I get grouchy and I dislike listening to the uninformed assumptive and ignorant. You have been fairly warned. ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ I got kinda semi stat shamed on the forums yesterday/today. Wasn't anything egregious but It's needs a rebuttal. What stats tell you.. self explanatory go look at em. They got these great labels to describe what the numbers reflect and should be easily parsed. What stats do NOT tell you is what may be far more important. This has to do with the strait up fact that this is a TEAM game. I agree that paying attention to your stats in important.... to a point. For myself the most important stats are Hit percentage with main guns and torpedo's, and win rate... Most all the rest while interesting is mostly fluff. I cant sink and kill unless I can hit the target and I can't make wins happen unless ships get sunk... and they don't have to be sunk by me.. From a goal and perspective of game winning it doesn't matter who does the damage or who sinks a target as long as it GETS DONE. Every ship sunk is one less shooter. When the other team runs out of shooters, time or points they tend to loose. For you damage done, frags etc might be more important. That's bragging rights, but it's not necessarily an indicator of how well you actually play as a team member. This is a war game. In war there is an old saying among historians and military professionals. "Dilitants study tactics. Professionals study logistics" This is to say that in relation to this game dilitants study ships, angling armor, gun performance etc etc etc. and of course... stats. Just like fantasy football gamers study player stats. But fantasy football players follow the numbers.. the human factor is almost entirely discounted. Fantasy football is fun theory crafting and lovely to fiddle with but it's not football. Very little statistic information is provided to measure "How good is the player as a team member".. do they put the team first, or themselves first. It's very difficult to quantify and everyone who tries will have a differing opinion. Most gamers are dilitants.. this is simply a fact. And this includes most of the pro players in ESports too. It's not a put down. It's a recognition of what is. And I am no different. But the difference between myself and a good many of you is war gaming has been my primary hobby for over 50 years. SO by now I've finally gotten around to applying critical thought. Mostly because it's fun! Keeps the old brain in top form more or less.. Because what you don't use you tend to loose. But mostly what stats tell you is your PERSONAL performance... Your stats do not in anyway reflect how good a team player you are which is understandable. Sats are limited by what they can measure.This may be a team based play game but the teams are "pick up groups" with all the disadvantages that brings to the table. If your any sort of MMORPG's you know full well how often you actually win in an instance/dungeon/battleground with a PUG.. the odds are stacked totally against you. That's just the way it is especially when dealing any sort of scripted encounter/event. You cannot get good team play without communication and a screal boatload of practice practice practice.. and more practice AS A TEAM. And not talking about it, but actually doing it. And good team have leaders. And learning to be a good leaders is not something that come with your genetic heritage. It has to be learned, and it requires the learner to put their ego elsewhere because it will get in the way of learning how to be a leader. Anyone can be a "boss" damd few ever learn how to be leaders. Now, back to warcraft stats. As I stated stats don't measure team performance other then one stat and that is win rate. That is the only stat that measure your team performance and boy is that one subject to more variables then you even think of shaking a stick long pointy object or gun at. Let me clarify this further. You have 12 players on a team.. some may be divisioned which if they are good players can effect the match results.. If they are bad players that will also effect match results but generally it is accepted as a truth that divisions do make a difference in personal win rates in that in a division your likely to have support from your divisioned players which in tern will result in better performance in the match. So yes, want a better win rate.. division up, it can help. The next really factor is "how are your players feeling?" If they're feeling unfocused, distracted, angry.. any emotive state that they are unable or unwilling to compensate and allow for then that player performance in the match will be effected, and will therefore effect the results other player in the match get. This is really really important to grasp. You are one person on a team of 6/7 to 12 players depending on the type of match. Most of them you don't know from Adam. You have no idea how good they are at any giv'n moment. Stats will give you a feel for them but do you really have time in the middle of a match or at its start to go over the roster of players stats? If you do good for you. I want you to study my stats. Because I will do the unexpected and utterly ruin and stomp all over your arrogant assumptions. I can't even keep track of how many times I've busted someones bubble in this game, yet in spite of the evidence in front of their face they go back to stats instead of trusting their own two eyes. My own stats have very little meaning any more.. Just go look to the left and take a look at how many matches I've played.. My over all win rate sits at a 194 match delta of losses over wins. My win rate had a 400 match plus delta of losses over win 6 months ago. I'd have to say the number say that I have improved, but who looks at numbers over time? Certainly not the stat masters on these forums! Heaven forbid that they should... nawwww I leave that there... but yea.. tell's me just how "smart" they really are. And Stats get shuffled out as a way to discount someone intelligence and ability when the person has no other legitimate means of countering their argument or what they are posting about. A real mark of mental laziness to me. But that's just one mans opinion. An older man. An experienced man. A man who has seen the elephant. Experienced the elephant, and then gone and kicked the elephants sorry [edited]six ways to Sunday and once more on Monday just because he could. Back when warships launched a player initiative competitive play league was created called "Supremacy League" I played in SUpremacy league for two seasons. In the second season the team I was on was not the "first stringers" in my clans two fielded teams. I played with our bronze league team. In the second season we didn't win, but we won more matched then the first stringers and frankly did better then they did. Even beat the first string team a couple times in practice. We weren't as good as a the all unicum first string but we were competitive because we focused on team work and more importantly... Attitude. Were I able to grab the guys we had and put them in a match on the same side in a random battle we would eat the other team. Team work matters, and attitude matters. Anyone and I mean anyone can play beyond what their stats reflect under the right conditions. the fellow that kinda sorta stat shamed me I hope follow my posting because I want him to go look me up on the replay site and go find my last posting. My first run out in a shimmy and I set myself a new damage record. I'm doing ok in the shimmy but I'm also still coming to terms with what a shimmy can do, and what it can not do. 115 battle as of right now and only a 43% win rate.. frustrating, but I had a lot of help getting that crappy win rate both from the teams I was on and the opposing teams yet.. I have my best damage game in the shimmy. I'll even drop in the screen shot of my Shimmy stats so far.. Yea not the greatest but it'll get there. Getting 134k damage game in a shimmy is not difficult.. I had a 4 kill 225k match earlier today so I am certainly capable of putting in a very good game.. so stats.. yea they can be a usefull tool, but a tool is only as good as the hand that holds it. And I'll leave it at that. Warlord sends
  4. TL_Warlord_Roff

    How is this not loot boxing?

    Yea... most of them will never face the choice of work or starve. But this is way off topic so back on subject lads back on subject.
  5. TL_Warlord_Roff

    ST: New ships - Hayate and Thunderer

    Hurry Up Hayate, I want you.
  6. Ok, lets be clear here.. no blame no [edited] no whining no complaining.. This game is a business. they got rent, payroll, capital assets and a list of recurring monthly costs that's likely runs better then 50 pages of report per month (and they're all thanking god for the modern paperless office!) Peeps are not just going to open their wallets to you with a free to play game model. They do depend on the Whales.. (and whales do come through!...to a point) Starting at tier 8 the average player can break even.. but at tier IX and especially at tier X you better either be a god of gaming or you better be kicking in for premium time every month or you will loose money faster then you make it. That's the way the game is set up. The recently deep sixed by the player base NTC thing that happened was not because it would have blown any sort of MM balance out of the water though that was a factor, but because it was a blatant REACH FOR OUR WALLETS. My first thought on it were, "damd, they're going for some extra squeeze here!" But the player base everywhere shot that the hell down. Made it very clear it was over the top and not acceptable. The boys in finance and marketing haven't given up yet.. after all they do have to justify though princely paychecks and bonus's and incentive pay. It is a CORPORATION. And everyone is attending the school of Victor, and Victor very clever smart man. SO Eyes open. because they do have more "acceptable" systems in the works... ANd up if you would like to know a secret I will tell you one, and even telling you will make no difference. NTC is what our russian friends (and they are our russian friends) call a "Maskarova". It is a distraction, a false front.. you see.. they backed down on it SOOOO FAST that it red flagged me with thought it wasn't supposed to fly and they knew it wouldn't... I know you would like to say the CC's caught it and made their opinion known, but folks come on you have seen this sort of thing before. It was expected. The CC's kinda got manipulated and played. Easy to do with dedicated got a rep to maintain super fanboi's and gurls. All ya gotta do is punch the right buttons. SO while everyone is patting themselves on the back going "boy we taught them, they'll think twice before trying a blatant cash grab like that again" I've owned a business selling consumer luxury goods. Never did especially well, and never earned a living off the store but I did learn how thing really work. NTC was and is a red herring. SO keep your eyes open and remember that it is YOUR choice to open your wallet or not.. And all that I've said above will mostly go in one ear and out the other with dropping passengers or freight, but at least I tried! NOW about high tier play. Play at tiers IX and X is great fun but it's not free. And unsurprisingly there a lot of deep pocket low skill players up there so sometime matches just go south in a hurry on you. It's always been that way, and likely always will. This is not new news. But it keeps tending to get kinda swept under the carpet and ignored. I've recently gotten a go at the other WOW again.. the classic version (read hard version, nothing handed to you on a platter version, must depend on other players to progress meaningfully version. yea OLD SCHOOL World Of Warcraft). I remember now what attracted me so much to that game and kept me playing for most of 5 years (and then it turned into a gimmie game full of rewardian whiners and lost me entirely. you didn't have to work for anything, just put in the time EZ mode) Warships has been like that for the last several years but as the game has expanded it's lost some of that. It's starting to show the same sort of game play that modern WOW goes with and it's just catering to the whales NOT the gamers. If it keeps up Warships could potentially loose THIS player, and I'm not the only one... which is really bad timing on their part because I'll be able to be a least a mini whale soon and forever. Nothing stays the same.. WOWS in a month and a half is going to get some serious competition for this players seat time from WOW. I am rather hoping that WG net realizes just how big WOW classic could potentially be and its not the nostalgia thing... its good game play. And Blizzard had to go backward to go forward. Might be something to think about. See you in those tier X match
  7. TL_Warlord_Roff

    How is this not loot boxing?

    Umm, it is loot boxing, no argument there. The loot box based mini games such as collections etc (yes they are mini games) do not force you however to buys anything (though of course you can and the urge is there because you know, reasons!). NO ones is making you do anything. Other then you. If you want a ship get the ship direct. If it's ship and random goodies you can go the box route.. either way it's not exactly cheap. Figure out which feels to give you the best bang for your buck and go with it. But I've been working poor all my life and the thought of whipping out $30-$100 for a ship in the game. That money spent could be all my pocket cash for a month.. so no morning coffee at Starbucks or Pete's, no friday night pizza, and no view on demand movie to watch with my favorite nice smelling female person cuddled up on the couch. Actually going to improve a bit soon, but that my biz. You want advice on how to spend your luxury budget here? NIce middle class kid like you should figured that out by the time your were 12 years old! Bloody Millennials!
  8. TL_Warlord_Roff

    WG, neptune needs major buff seriously

    It doesn't need buffs. You just need to stop doing dumb thing driving it.
  9. Hitting a DD at range with BB guns is simply a matter of practice and experience.. oh and it helps a great deal for the BB player if you have HE loaded. Last month I picked off and unsuspecting Kiev at 23 Km in my Fuso as he was running to grab a cap and had the misfortune of getting spotted by carrier air. I hit him with exactly 3 14" HE shells.. one over overpenned, 2 went into the hull. He did not survive. I was expecting to face DD's first as I tend to play BB with an "IN YOUR FACE" playstyle. No shrinking violet BB player here! Mental and physical preparation is indicated. Your a BB.. your job is to shoot EVERYTHING, and be shot at by everything...That's why you got all that fancy armor, damage control, repair, Huge HP pool, and Guns guns guns. Shooting DD with a BB is no more difficult then shooting anything else and in certain situations is even easier. (especially if the DD is in full brown alert mode.. I am a DD player primarily so yea I know about that one...) It only take a couple rounds of 13" or larger HE to utterly ruin your day because DD have itty bitty tinnie weinnie HP pools and only marginal saturation mechanaics. And there is a very very very good reason to shoot at the DD's because if that sucker has you in his torp range he can kill you, so yea shoot eh freak'n DD... and if you don't see enemy DD's please shoot the cruiser especially radar and hydro equipped that are doing tier theoretical level best to sink YOUR sides DD's.. (Remember in world of warships be generous.. 'tis a far far better thing to give then to receive! Be a giver!) The sooner ships go down the sooner they're not shooting at you. kill the easiest to kill ships first.. if your fast at this as a team the heavy ships will end up out maneuvered, with out a screen, fired upon from multiple positions from and arc of over 180 degrees and there for unable to be angled against the incoming, and generally having a really bad day at that point. The most difficult if not impossible thing to teach players is you win or loose AS A TEAM. And all team roles are interchangeable. Yes they are, it just some ships are better at some roles then others. Anyone thinks BB's can't shout has obviously not survived yet in a a match where the CA's CV's and DD"s all died. that right when the little guys are gone, it's YOUR job now! Ships are a tool to do a job with. Honestly a really fancy hammer and that's all ships in the game. This game is arcade so any ship can sink any ship.. There is no immunity/get out of jail free card. The difficult you learn to do.. the impossible take a little longer and deeper thought on how to pull it off! Note: Though I will be the first to admit that BB are a really visible scout element...this isn't a bad thank because if they are shooting you then you know where they are! Isn't the job of a scout to find the bad guys! BB's make awesome scouts because everyone go's "Big slow dumb BB.. I will shoot at it!" Scouting is risky business, ask any DD or cruiser player stuck with the job. As a scouting BB you have armor and a heal and can survive the scouting experience if you get hit... So to answer that original question: IT'S NOT NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO HIT A SPEEDING DD AT RANGE. It's just merely difficult. And the more you make the effort, the more often you will succeed. But if you don't try your guaranteed to fail. And THAT could cost you later in the match.
  10. A Failure? No not at all. There are imbalances, they do need to be addressed. More then one CV per team is usually an issue especially once the tier VIII's come into play. This how ever can be fixed by a simple adjustment to the MM rules. I drive DD's. At the moment I DO NOT have an issue at all with CV's and CV play other then the aforementioned 2 CV in high tier matches. It's playable and NOT overpowered again with the single exception of 2 CV per side in high tier.
  11. PORTUGUESE YOU NITS THEY DON"T SPEAK SPANISH IN BRAZIL. The place wasn't colonized by the Spanish but by the Portuguese. A Pope had a bit to do with that but the utter ignorance of assumption of everything south of the Rio grand being spanish speaking really requires some education please And typically the wonderfully mixed blood women that have resulted tend to be amazingly good looking.. Apologies to anyone offended by that, but they are..
  12. Ummm I hate to break this to the OP.. but they don't speak spanish in Brazil. The place wasn't colonized by the Spanish but by the Portuguese. And typically the wonderfully mixed blood women that have resulted tend to be amazingly good looking.. Apologies to anyone offended by that, but they are..
  13. TL_Warlord_Roff

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    Outstanding.. Yea while it's true that some times you need to save gamer's from themselves (thank you Sid Meier, yea he said that.) this one kinda hit a bad spot. But assure your coworkers and the Dev's that what been happening in the computer gaming industry around loot boxes and pay to win mechanics is the real driver of the outrage. Not specifically anything that they've done (Blame EA, Activision, and Take 2. Everyone else is! And rightly so.). I know I was all ready looking at either buying the doubloons to convert a whole bunch of accrued XP to FXP or giving up on the game if it got pushed through. Neither option was especially pleasing. Warlord sends
  14. All right so lets take another look at this. Right now I don't like. Right off the bat I don't like the size/level of changes to basic stats for the ships.. they are far far far to potent against non enhanced ships same tier once you toss in upgrade modules captains One of my favorite ships is a one of a kind. HSF Harekaze.. there's no tech tree for this ship and it's very capable of standing in a current tier X battle now with careful handling (which I am on occasion capable of doing!) just looking at proposed "improvements" I see horrid potential problems.. The same one many of the CC's have seen of a even broader gap between the haves and have nots. And really what about premium ships? How are premiums delt with? How to you earn upgrades for them? where the cut off? Looking at some of the newest premiums at tier's IX and X.. some of these ships are real monsters. DO you really think its a good idea to buff them even further? I sure don't. Why not consider tuned improvements that allow ships to function more easily up to 2 tiers above their level. (1 tier in the case of tier IX's) The simplest way would be to allow the fitting of additional upgrade modules, and more consumable options. My Harekaze at a 1st tier upgrade would be adding an additional upgrade module, from 5 upgrade modules to 6 upgrade modules. A 2nd tier upgrade would be to allow it to now carry the AA consumable. a 3rd tier upgrade (which might be overkill), could be the ability to have a radar or hydroacoustic search consumable. so lets say I earn the full 3 level of upgrade with MY system. SO I get an additional upgrade slot which right there turns me into a tier IX. my second level of upgrade allows me to say add an additional consumable slot to the ship. For Harekaze that could be an AA consumable or hydroacoustic search or radar. the third level of upgrade could be a upgrade slot item that allows me to upgrade to torpedos from the current type 90 mod 1 to type 93 mod 3 (longer reload, bigger warhead, 12k range). with all 3 levels up improvement Harekaze is now a far more capable ship when facing tier X ships. Dropping down to a tier 6 such as BB Fuso .. again tier one get an additional upgrade slot...tier two maybe one more upgrade slot or different upgrades available. tier three additional consumables slot. Tier IX ships might only be able to get a tier one or tier two level of upgrade. and tier X ships would only receive a tier one upgrade because tier X needs to be left kinda alone.. it's your BASE LINE of high end performance. The above rough as it is, makes far more logical sense from a gaming standpoint of bringing lower tier ships up in capability to allow them to stand more equally with higher tier ships. The proposed adding to base stats for the ships just feels wrong and it lacks.... elegance. It's too broad. The ships loose "flavor". And I don't quite understand the process either. WHy should I have to surrender/give up techtree ships I all ready have? Let players keep their ships.. but they have to grind on those ships to "earn" the upgraded ship.. and it's not the same ship...it just looks like the same ship.. only say it's 2x the previous XP to earn it for just the first level of upgrade..you got that you want to unlock the second level of upgrade.. no problem go earn 4x the XP in the BASE ship (not the brand spanking new upgraded hull in your port. feel free to go play it but that ship earns only elite CXP and FXP) to unlock the next level up upgrade.. Go earn 8x base XP for the original hull to unlock the 3rd level of upgrade. Players would still have to earn their way to the upgrades. And then what about ships with bucket loads of XP earned on them that have never been converted to freeXP..? I have 3.6M XP on my Harekaze( clearly my favorite ship), 1.7m on my Yugumo, 2.2M on my dear old BB Fuso. I like the concept of being able to enhance ones existing lower tier ships to essentially put them a tier or two higher then where they started and I suggested (And likely wasn't the only one) such at least 2 years ago, but the game has changed significantly since then. I like the idea a great deal but it needs work. And some ships should be limited on just what sort of upgrade they get. Some ships could and should get upgraded stats, but others should not. Those ship need to take a different path.. more upgrade and or consumable slots, and perhaps more consumable types available. Tier IX ships should be perhapes limited to only 2 improvements, tier X only a single improvement. Players should have a choice of what improvement they want and allow the improvements to be unique to the player. Back to the previous examples My Harekaze.. my first improvment.. do I want an additional upgrade slot, or do I want an additional consumable slot? Either one turns it from a tier XIII to a tier XIII bis (consumable slot) or a Tier IX (upgrade slot) A little mix and match to stir the pot, make things spicy, and eliminate that for certain knowledge of knowing what you face because there are several possible variations on a theme. and the ability to tune your ship to a specific style of play. For example my Harekaze.. I'd like better torps. So for my first improvement I select the ability to run type 93 mod 3 torps that makes my ship a tier VIII bis. My second earned improvement adds an additional (6th) upgrade slot making Harekaze a tier XI. Third improvement would be takeing another consumable slot so I can have hydro so I can more easily challenge other DD's for caps..they smoke up, I pop hydro and charge them which also turns Harekaze into a tier X ship. The same sort of improvement could be applied to Kagero to move it from tier VIII all the way up to tier X. Still, it's a good start on something... I encourage the devs to push the envelope here. And I do like the limitations proposed on the MM so we have more single tier or only 2 tier fights. But the upgrading system really should have caps in place because it will essentially turn ships into higher tier ships which I think is pretty cool. More variety! The current proposed how ever is just.. it just doesn't feel right. Warlord sends
  15. TL_Warlord_Roff

    ST: New Type of Shells

    I couldn't help it, but if a ship is particularly susceptible to SAP rounds does that make it a SAP Sucker? *Rolls eyes innocently toward the ceiling*