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  1. Yep, lots of players play passively.. Afraid to make errors, but they are crippling themselves and their growth in the game by doing to so. The only way to learn how to play aggressively and win is to spend a whole lot of time going out there playing aggressively and getting yer butt kicked. There a lot of good advice but no one can teach you about when to move and when not to, when to push and when to stand fast. You only learn this from experience. And that getting that experience involves a lot of getting sunk, being on the loosing side, and just not doing well in matches. It's just a game. There are no real world consequences. Your not going to get ships perma sunk, your not going to have your account closed. I prefer to be around players that "Fear Not". Because the OP is right, Overly passive play looses matches. Hanging to far back until your the last ship left facing 3 or more and expecting to pull a win out is unrealistic. I want the other team when I'm in a match to know they've been in a fight win or loose.
  2. win percentage, should I care?

    I have found that most players that obsess over stats are not much fun to game with. They tend to be overbearing, and well, more often then not jerks, there are those that are the rare exception. I'm a life long gamer and I'm over 60. You make your own call. But when your in a match with 23 other players you only can have so much effect other then the rare "I am a GOD of WAR!" matches which can be as much luck as skill. Play to win but please this is supposed to be recreation, and if you stress over win rate..yea that's fun for some people, but most of us, not so much. Now go have some kicking the ship outta someone fun!
  3. Surivival in (any) DD by sBcNikita on reddit

    True nuff. On another note. in a couple weeks we're going to be dealing with even MORE radar equipped ships, specifically USN light cruisers and I have suggestion that we DD skippers might consider. One thing I've been doing in my Yugumo (tier IX) is experimenting with switching out the concealment module for the Target Acquisition module. This pushed essentially increases the surface detect range of enemy ships significantly. Beside adding 50% to assured detection range and increasing the distance you'll spot incoming torps at. It does effect the spotting ranges on Hydro also.. and I suspect RADAR is also effected. Where this come into play is dealing with US light Cruiser that go full concealment. When you do spot them in a conventional full concealment DD your well inside RADAR range and This Is A Problem. If your orientation is toward them and not already pointed away for a fast escape or have some hard cover VERY CLOSE you may not survive. Your DD being sunk only benefits the other team not yours! So anything that allows you to spot those radar cruisers before YOU are in their radar range is to be considered a good thing. Time to reconsider the use of the use of the Target Acquisition Module. While this will will hurt you dealing with other DD's... um.. let be nice here.. other DD's are not going to erase you in a single salvo with out a lot of RNG assist.. Most of those USN light Cruisers how ever CAN erase you in a single salvo and we will be seeing a lot of them in about 2 weeks. The idea here is they still wont see you visually until your much closer and you want to see them from either out side or at the very edge of their RADAR range. Get them to burn that radar when you target them from where they cannot light you up. How ever you set up your DD modules and commander skills your going to have to accept there's going to be trade offs. DO I give up some stealth so that I can out spot and be better at being able to avoid getting into positions I can't get out of? Do I stay full stealth? DO I want to go a hybrid build with a little bit of this and a little bit of that? The call is yours, but you do have options and there is no one single best way. Which configuration is better depend entirely on how you play YOUR ship, what map your on, what on your team, what's on the other team, your spawn location on the map. You know, Battleships players have it sooooo easy. They don't even have to think about any of this stuff. Cruisers are almost as bad. But DD's.. we're the ones that have to be flexible.... Battle Deciding DPS... Alpha Strike from hell.... itty bitty HP pool, and what is this armor you speak off? The days of playing a match and never once getting spotted are pretty much dead and gone especially in higher tier play. But there are other ways we can be sneaky. I used to play a tabletop game called "Star Fleet Battles" (now known as federation commander from ABD games.. inspired the star fleet command series of computer games. Worth checking out if you've never heard of em.. check GOG!). In the lore of the game there is a sign hanging over the door to the Star Fleet Academy simulator "Use your tractors dammit!". it's a reminder to use all of your ships systems in combat. These may not be starships but they're still ships. Warlord sends
  4. Kagero Problems and the sub 10k damage games

    fcone tactic I've pulled now and again with IJN boats is firing torps off the beam then hitting the speed boost to reposition. if you time it right you can get to a decent off angle and open up with guns.. be sure to switch to torpedos for a few seconds at some point and then resume with guns. if they're set up with it they will belive you put torps in the watar and turn to avoid with a good chance of the turning into the torps you fired earlier. It's a very situational trick but every once in a while it does work. I also rarely fire all my torps off at once. Aware players will notice and stay defensive which surprisingly or surprisingly will create opportunities. The most difficult skill to learn in IJN DD is to not fall into predictable attack patterns. Always be changing it up.
  5. Surivival in (any) DD by sBcNikita on reddit

    IJN specific tips and tricks with TRB: This can be quite handy early match on small maps or on maps with tight caps or caps with tight approach lanes. At the beginning of the match your torpedo's have to load but you know from experience the the cap is wide open and a DD will be in there before your IJN DD's can manage.. Consider popping TRB to fast load the tubes and get fish in the water ahead of you now! I prefer to throw a rack down the two likeliest approach lanes. I always fire off in two different direction because anyone dodges the first set is likely to be able to dodge the second set. But more importantly it puts who ever is in the cap on a mental back foot right at the start if the torps are even close. What players think is out there is every bit as important as what they actually see. They get cautious quickly and that can allow you to snatch the initiative from them. I pull this off all the time in the Yugumo at tier IX with the 12 k torps. I have bagged kills and damage on unwary DD's and cruisers and bagged a kill and then. It doesn't work all the time by any stretch, and it does burn a TRB charge, but on the other hand odds are you'll burn a TRB charge to no effect in a match more then once anyway. It works just as well with Kagero, Harekaze, and Shiratsuyu even though they've only 10 k torps. P.S. you will get accused of hacking! And reported! AH well, it's not like Karma is actually important or anything.
  6. Premium Ship Review #100

    A shame you couldn't have pulled this of on April 1st! Nice job Mouse, you rock! I am looking forward to your write up on the Tier IX Super Akizuki and it's tier x mash up of a super Aki plus on a shimmy hull. 'specially cuz I know that you know how to DD with the best of em.. I still owe you a death from one day you were out and about in Ohotnik!
  7. 0.7.5 Public Test Feedback

    Saw the mission conditions also seems a little off. 5000, or 50000 seems what it should be not 500 Also noticing spotting ribbons popping up before the ship actually draws to my creen.. not sure of this is how you want that to work.. Apparently still seems to be an issue with when ships are actually spotted.
  8. 0.7.5 Public Test Feedback

    All right, finished all of the Halsey campaign about oh half an hour ago or so give or take. Had fun and done with the PTS for this go round. Didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary but then again I'm on about the lowest spec computer you can play this game on so you guys with high end systems will run into issues that never ever affect me. I predict the US cruiser will be very popular at first, until folks figure out that they may have moved around a little bit but they're still pretty much the ships they were. Cleve seems to fit very comfortably at tier VIII neither overpowered nor underpowered. I'm not a cruiser driver though I can manage a passable job with them. Took a few of the US CA's out had a grand time, took the cleve out had a grand time.. still fun and still very competitive. SPent most of my time in IJN DD's with 6-8 fights driving a Gearing. Lovely little boat, I must get one on the main server... Much easier to drive then the Shimmy and much less demanding and more forgiving of any errors in play. I noticed on some maps that some caps seemed larger. Not sure if they actually were for certain. I don't know if this is simply older maps or some subtle changes were made. Making some of them larger would tend to make DD players a little more comfortable trying for them as the only defence against having your concealment voided by RADAR is to not be in RADAR range. WIth some of the caps around 10 to 12 Km across there's room to cap and not be seen. Net effect will be that winning teams will have cruisers pressing forward behind the DD's and the BB's close on their heels. The campaigns worked out just fine, and the collection was interesting even if I must have opened 150 to 200 crates or more! Click, click, click, click click........... Not much to say. the shuffled CA line is as far as I'm concerned good to go. The light cruiser no idea, and no clue as to if there will be a PTS round with them or if they're just going to appear when 0.7.5 .xxxx goes live on the main servers. Ya'll aren't saying. I'm not overly worried about it though, what'll happen will happen.. it's our job to observe, adjust and overcome! The game is what it is always. Note: got the survey but got it before even part 1 was finished. Might want to work on the timing for those survey requests on the live server though. Asking us for answers in a survey on content we have yet to see or test isn't going to tell you a lot! And that really is my only criticism of the process. So when we gonna get to play with the 2nd branch IJN DD's.. ya know, the Super Akizuki and it rather scary sounding tier X bastard child of an Akizuki and a Shimakaze? ijn dd main so you know I'm anticipating those ships with great fervor. After playing a bit in the Gearing I've got to say the buff that was done to the Shimmy Concealment helps but the ship is still has utility nowhere near as good as any of the other DD's out there. Gearing torps go further, faster, in a tighter spread, and still don't get spotted as far out.. and I'm talking the 12 K IJN torps not the 20 k's. I refuse to even bother with the 20k torps. The only person your going to hit with those is someone asleep at the keyboard or so badly distracted that they can do nothing to avoid getting hit, or just amazingly phenomenally unlucky. IJN DD's are supposed to be THE premier Torpedo DD's and they are right until you hit the Shimmy and then it all falls apart. Players in high tiers have learned how to counter the worst the shimmy can throw at them. Maybe giving the shimmy the ability to give up smoke and run TRB might help, but the issue is with the torpedo's not how many you can put in the water. As I've said before, the warheads might be bigger but if you cannot land hits on target you might as well be throwing pom poms in the air for all the good it'll do. Shimmy only does well in the hands of expert players and even then not all the time. very inconsistent! Please please PLEASE address this and soon. She so much NOT fun to play that .. well, go look at how often she got uses in Kings of the sea and how she performed. These are some of the best players in the game and to most of them the Shimmy is a joke in competitive play. Should be a big hint when even the expert players shy away from using the ship. She's a one trick pony and everyone knows her tricks and how to counter them. Pony needs better tricks! Cordially TL_Warlord_Roff (PS took the shimmy out for I think 2 rounds and then left it in port and went and got a Gearing...had much more fun!)
  9. PTS Halsey mission: I was wrong.

    It's rather easy to do on the test server. You get but loads of XP cammo, and dragon flags of all kinds.. I'm on stage 4 of the campaign and I expect to finish it today entirely. Pulling a 52% WR on the test server but that really immaterial. Just do ok, and you will grind it through. It's going to be a bit more difficult on the live server though so keep that in mind.
  10. When Exactly Are The US CLs Coming?

    2 to 3 weeks from yesterday. Once something hits the test server it usually 2 weeks away, a week on test, a week of eval and tweaking, a second week if needed, and the release.
  11. It's been an issues since before the game launched. You can encourage players to get out there and mix it up but you can't make them. If you try they just quit and go find a single player game they can cheat at. Please remember that PvP is scary! The vast majority of computer game players out there will never ever EVER play a PvP game of any sort. In the works of Admiral James T Kirk at the battle of the Mutara Nebula "you've got to know how things work" And half of these fights we're in in game is in the the players head. ANd, most of em are learning how things work. You can tell them but they still have to see it in action for themselves and even then they may not ever figure it out. Also keep in mind some could care less about doing that! (gasp!) Once you understand this what happening in game what players are doing, how they are doing it makes a lot more sense.. ummm, doesn't make it any better but at least you know a bit of the why of it. You don't have to believe me, but I've been gaming on the net since the net came to be. I've watched it happen for give or take the last 30 plus years. The dev teams can mitigate it somewhat with good map design and map objectives and conditions (some stuff incoming near future on that!) but it's not going away, and never will. Players are people and some are aggressive and some never will be. Hopefully the non aggressive or less aggressive will figure out a way to still be a contributing factor in a match. Some do, most don't. And that's just the way it is. Most players never get that it's not the ship it's the way it driven. See it all time on there forums.. "Whats the Best Ship?". And players actually debate about this!!! When the reality is the ship is only as good as the player driving it. I'm a IJN DD main these days, (I'm working toward a Gearing.. so much easier to play then the Shimakaze.. I get tired of working my butt off to no avail!) I tend to promote aggressive offensive builds and play styles. I've been the first ship down pretty often mostly because I keep expecting better from the teams I'm on and it never happens. I've also made it to the top of the scoreboard in spite of this. I play aggressively. Doesn't matter what I drive. Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship. I'll use cover, I'll target what I can do the most damage to or the ship posing the most threat to my team but I alway am looking for the opportunity to push, get in there and win the match. You can teach this, you can teach players how to read the situation or at least get them started on it, but the rest is up to them. And they have to be willing to make errors. People are scared of making mistakes, even in a game where there are no consequences anywhere but in the match your in at that moment. And yes, it is contradictory. This is a surprise to you how? Accept as part of your world in this game because it is never going to go away. Not the most positive of views on this subject, but I hope it points you to the one thing that important. You can't do squat about the other players, but you can do something about yourself. Stay the course, stand fast, keep fighting. Know when to gun, know when to run.
  12. Surivival in (any) DD by sBcNikita on reddit

    Some very telling points. (and now on my required reading list for players new to IJN DD's! Awesomely awesomely good advice!) Of course I am disappointed that he made no mention of the IJN lines two red headed step children, the Akizuki, and The Harekaze. Both can be amazing good ships, but they are still only as good as the player driving them. Everything that was mentioned around capping is even more critical in the Aki.. get it wrong and your getting sunk, and because your an Akizuki if they can see you and can shoot you, they will because your slow and have all the maneuverability of a bob tail hauling 3 trailers down the freeway (ie: Not!). Harekaze gets discounted by a lot of players and that's an error I've capitalized on. Same high rate of fire as the Aki just with 2 less gun tubes, doesn't have the AKi's gun range but can pack TRB. She is a vicious infighter but you absolutely must be a good shot both with guns and torps. She's got the smallest HP pool of any tier VIII DD so it's usually one good salvo and game over. And I do quite agree. IJN DD's do take a bit more of the skills that originate between one's ears than other DD's as a rule. I recently took a crawl up the US DD line and was shocked at how much easier the US DD's are to play. SImply more forgiving of errors. Maybe because it's just the terror many players have of IJN torpedo's (not justified, thay may hit harder but they're significantly harder to get hits with! And the only ships I'm ever seeming yo get one hit kills on with them are other IJN DD for some reason!) Thanks for passing this on to us. I hope more players read it.
  13. Why you heff to be mad!!

    Well, I'm not a big believer in the one way meta. And your making some assumptions on just how I drive the ship. I'm a bit more flexible then that. Part of that is wargaming has been hobby for the last 50 years. The game might be only a couple years old but the principles guiding tactics and movement predate Sargon the Great. The obvious is almost always a trap, and most often one of the players own making. I change up my tactics to counter the situation, map, force mix. If I want to be stealthy gun boat and out snapping caps up? That's what the Harekaze is for! She's a gem for that sort of task with a much better concealment rating, faster, better turning twice the torps, and the ability to give up smoke to take TRB. And she only gives up 8k HP for the ability over the Aki. But if I'm the AKi, then I have to drive to the Aki's strengths. The Aki however can be quite flexible, but being the first to rush the cap is not always one of them. And you might be surprised how often I manage to ambush opposing DD's with the build I have.. If your an Honor Harrington fan "Surprise is what happen when you don't notice what was in front of you all the time" makes a good touch stone for driving any IJN DD. But either way. To be pest in a match takes having a team that creates the opportunities for one to do so. The trick is recognizing those opportunities and jumping all over them because opportunities never last. Know when to gun, know when to run! And in Aki plan ahead because at 33 knots your not going to get away unless there's something to distract the other guys or the ones that can catch you are already sunk! I must say I am waiting with baited breath for the tier IX Super Aki, and the Aki concept on a Shimmy hull for tier X. Those ships could be quite nasty, (there will be salt!) and I do expect a nurf to Aki gun range when they appear because her current gun range with AFT is to allow her to be competitive against higher tier ships. Once that happen I'll be rethinking my current Aki build but until then I'm sticking with what I got because.. it works more often then it doesn't, and in the end that's the only result that really matters.
  14. What's your 'No Win Scenario' move?

    I keep fighting. I don't give up. And I do try to stay alive for as long as possible and cause some grief before I go.