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  1. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    So it begins... the build up to the holidays. Should be mostly bug free but that's the point of the PTS. To catch what the QC boys and girls did not. And of course to generate a little buzz. Looks like some funs stuff.. shot at two ships. A premium tier VIII Italian cruiser that does NOT have torpedo's, and an American Alaska class Large Heavy Cruiser. Plus the normal crate thing. The event copy kind of makes it sound like the player might be able to adjust some of the ship parameters during "construction". Will you trade armor for speed, speed for armor? Give up AA to free up mass to improve the ship in some other way? Will your take on the Porto Rico be unique to you? That would be daring and new and crazy cool. We'll find out now won't we? The Devs may have been looking at the Dreadnaught game going.. "We can do better then that!". What a thought. And a ranked sprint that is 1 v 1.... I'm laughing so hard at the thought my tummy hurts TL_Warlord Roff sends. P.S. Never say never.. or you be getting to stand by a museum ship in San Francisco eating a "sub" way sandwich. Just ask Mister Moran about that.
  2. TL_Warlord_Roff

    SO um yea.. Italian

    Win rate in Amalfi is now at 69.97% 24 fights 15 wins. Unicum in that ship. What I am finding with the Italian boats is it not the damage you cause that matters. It is WHAT you cause the damage to when. Yes DD's are the easiest to kill with italian ships, but with SAP there is nothing out there you can not at least cause damage to. The longer the fights lasts and the longer you last the more damage over time you cause. My last fight I was in I killed 2 ships having dished out 78k (personal best damage with guns in italian ships) of damage during the round and it was all guns.. and all SAP damage.. Killed one DD, and one CA. Would have had kills on 2 BB's and another CA but someone "kill secured" them on me. (*rats*) I may never see a kraken in one of these, and as far as PR goes I may likely never see unicum PR numbers due to the lack of HE spam damage/fire damage. So be it. It's not something I can help. Nor can you if your reading this. It just the way PR is calculated. How ever the damage counts like AP damage.. only 10% is ever going to be repaired by any BB. Thats a hard cap in the game engine. Not even the special British damage repair is going to change that. So yea.. In another thread there is one players who just flippen me crap constantly and playing stat shame and he's wrong because he doesn't understand what is actually happening with these ships, nor the mechanics of their damage. Or for that matter how WOW stats actually calculates the numbers they present. AT least that what it appears to me is the case. To be clear Italian cruisers are not easy ships to drive and they are beyond extremely unforgiving of errors in play and target selection. But being difficult to play well is not the same as being poor ships. I find them to be very good ships.... obviously or I wouldn't be doing well in them. And they have contributed to seeing less and less DD's in play at higher tier. As a DD main I quite understand this. Normal HE was sufficiently bad in and of itself from the many high ROF cruisers out there.. and even high volume AP fire will do a number on you (British cruisers) but SAP from the Italian cruisers with their outrageously good gun accuracy is nasty because they simply have a much higher alpha damage then normal HE. You can achieve one salvo kills on DD's. I'm not quite sure if I think the devs should address this or not but DD's in high tier play are really catching it in the shorts these days. The only thing saving DD's from utter uselessness is most CA players would rather HE spam BB's then shot DD's. Ahh well.. Leaves more of them for me to shoot when I'm doing the spicy Calzone! SAP may not pull the high damage number the HE spammers get but it's very consistent in its damage so the longer you last the higher your output. Your raw damage over time is going to be greater than the HE spammers when fire damage numbers are pulled from the calculation is my conclusion but rest assured this won't be done by the stat sites likely ever. Big numbers impress kids and there's a lot of kids out there, so yea it's likely not going to change. They're always going to play for their audience first. HE spam is such a thing that even BB's HE spam these days. Even when they shouldn't because fire damage is part of the PR even though it is just as much no skill as damage caused to aircraft (which is not part of the calculations because it takes "no skill" on the part of a player to shoot down aircraft. if you goggle "Wows stats and number personal rating calculation" you'll see the formula's used. No it's not quite fair, but then again what truly is. That's why I only consider WR, and main gun or torpedo hit percentage as the only stats that are truly important. Good Luck, and Good Hunting! TL_Warlord_roff sends
  3. TL_Warlord_Roff

    The Lemming Train Move Is A Fail Tactic

    You know it's really insanity and apparently infectious! And it is worse on the weekends! And the number one reason lemming trains fail is.. they stop moving... When the train keep rolling, hooks around and hits the rest of the map it works.. when it doesn't then they've conveniently parked them selves in a concentrated mass ready for harvesting, getting crossfired, and running into each other and island in mass as the torpedo's start coming... I see a lemming train form.. I go opposite direction almost every time now.. I hate loosing to other people mistakes.. My own are bad nuff!
  4. TL_Warlord_Roff

    What is a Jingles?

    WG Didn't pick Jingles.. We did. He's this guys and the guiding light of the over 40 crowd in world of warships. He gave such greats line such as." "I play world of warships because I'm old, I'm slow, and my reflexes are crap." "That's a Paddl'n" And more...Besides being a smart educated fellow with a penchant for gaming.. he's also honest and has been known to politely call WG on when they mess up. Unless they keep doing.. then he can get just a little more pointed about it. And when you have several hundred thousand subscribers on your tube channel, and millions upon millions of views, there's a reason. The other reason is he genuinely cares.
  5. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Jingles has arrived~! And he's very confused!

    Noo, whong CC.. that's Notsers special skill!
  6. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Italian Cruisers - Serious Discussion

    I saw this great video yesterday on you tube. I didn't have a thing to do with world of warships, but it did have a lot to do with why some people succeed, become wealthy and have the world as their oyster, and most don't. It concerned money. Who has it, who doesn't. In a nut shell this rather successful fellow said those that succeed are always asking themselves how they can do better. Poor mans attitude: "I can't afford it" Rich mans attitude: "How can I afford it? How do I make it happen?" Same thing applies to this game... I noted I got likes on posts on this thread just now when I logged in so I came and checked it out and what I saw was players making excuses for failure. "It's the ships fault, the ship is trash" or "it's the fault of the guns, they don't pen 'nuff" etc.. lots of what amounts to giving ones self permission to fail. To those of you saying this, this is why you fail with the Italian ships. When J.F.K. committed United States of America to landing a man on the moon by the end of the 1960's he said "We will do this, that, and the other thing not because they are easy, but because they are hard!". In 1969 we landed on the moon after most of a decade of often times frustrating heartbreaking effort and lost lives. No one else other then us has been to the moon since. It's been 50 years since we landed there. Now. The Italian ships are not easy mode to play. They take thought, they take consideration of their strengths and their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Italian ships are not about big damage numbers. They are about getting the right damage on the right ships. I've all ready seen 100k damage plus games in italian ships on you tube. Haven't quite gotten there my self yet, but I've gone in and eliminated or helped eliminate all of another teams DD's in a match while doing quite a number on any cruiser or battleship or carrier that showed me a broadside because they're still 8" guns and are not to be taken lightly! It's not about what the other player has or doesn't have. It's about what YOU have. The ship is just a tool to do a job with. That job is ultimately winning the match. Match after match. If she's not a big damage dealer then leave the big damage dealing to the ships that can do that. Your a precise damage dealer. Your a scalpel, not a bludgeon. Italian ships are not about who has the biggest what ever. They are about how you use what you have. If you can't figure this out despite what I and others have to say. What Flambas and other CC's have shown you on you tube. If you are committed to failing with this line of ships then then there's no help for you with them. You just keep believing they are trash and can be ignored as inconsequential in a match. And I'll continue to maintain a 60% WR in them because to many players are doing the same thing. When handled correctly these are dangerous and effective ships but mastery is neither easy achieved nor handed to you. If you want to get good with them, then you will. It wont be easy, and it won't be simple but you will. Italian ship strengths and how they are used: 1. Fast and quite agile. Use the Agility.. never ever drive in a strait line more than 3 seconds.. always be maneuvering. 2. Travelling smoke combined with potential low concealment for getting out of trouble. When running, STOP SHOOTING! Vary your speed. Stop getting hit by blind fire. They can't see you so how is it your still taking shell hits. what are YOU doing wrong? 3. Highly accurate guns with a high damage round (SAP) with the same fixed penetration value at all ranges. 4. Surprisingly good long and mid range AA that can be improved. Launch the damd fighter! Only use a spotter plane if your all ready extending your gun range with modules. Otherwise pack float fighters instead and take the appropriate 1 point commander skill to give you an extra fighter in the group. 5. Fight with your brain. If the ship your shooting at becomes to difficult a target shoot at something that isn't to difficult a target. If needed cease fire and maneuver to advantage before opening up again. Your ship is FAST. you can do this easier then any other cruiser line. 6. Italian cruiser reward those willing to take risks. If your not willing to take risks and accept the consequences of those risks, then don't drive Italian cruisers. 7. You have TORPEDO'S with firing arcs range and reload times to make DD's jealous. If your not using them constantly your not using the ship correctly. If this come across as harsh to some of you, I'm sorry you feel that way. If your doing poorly in Italian cruisers, it's because your operating the ship wrong or have very unrealistic expectations of what the ships can do. This is not a line for the novice player looking for easy fun. Fast and aggressive. In and out. You sabre dance.. in out fast strikes and recovers.. think like a swordsman. Think like a fencer. Be precise. The tool you have is designed to be used that way. It's not a DPM boat. It's not an HE spammer. My deceased friend who played cruisers in World of Warships Severian Swordmaster would have utterly loved these ships. He would have gotten them right away. TL_Warlord_Roff sends
  7. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Penalty system is a joke...

    If you do something stupid, you pay the price for it. Instead of whining about how unfair it is.. especially when it's a penalty system that been in place and evolving over the last 4 years you to step back and re-evaluate your opinion. Penalty systems in shooter game are always a compromise, and this is a shooter that gives a strong nod to full on simulations of naval combat. Point of fact is that the initial development of this game was to make a naval sim, not an arcade shooter. And I'll bet real money you didn't know that. But it was too difficult for the average player which would have meant less players, and less revenue. SO changes were made. The game got significantly dumbed down. That's why the ships are NOT to scale with the maps. They twice the size they should be just to make it easier for players to hit them while still retaining some aspects of realism in the games gun and shell mechanics. So the penalty system is not going to change. How ever your play style, and attitude needs to or your going to get penalized. A lot. Learn!
  8. TL_Warlord_Roff

    PSA: Cruiser Torpedoes Are Colorblind

    SOme of you are not going to like this but reality doesn't care if we like it, it is what it is. I AM responsible if my torps I fire hit a friendly ship. Players who sail into them how ever are often time equally to blame if not more so at time. It depends on the situation. I have seen players so greedy for kills that they will crowd my DD and purposely move to block my shots just to keep me from getting a kill. It's not common but it does happen. And yes, a replay and a complaint go in ASAP. I'm zero tolerance on poor sportsmanship. I've seen players who despite warning ("CA Cleve, friendly torps your right evade!" (repeat twice!)) as they are closing on a torp swarm that was fired minutes ago. Players who are so locked into their gun sight view that nothing else around them gets seen ever. They'll run into islands, they'll shoot through friendly ships, they'll ram friendly ships, and it's no surprise to me at all that they end up eating friendly torps. Players that have poor awareness of their surrounding are just as much to blame as the person firing if not more so. And very nearly every single time I've gotten pinked from just that situation my torps would have hit the enemy ship and likely sunk them if the clueless had not driven into them and absorbed them. Oh and as a caveat generally the third torpedo that hits them kills ME. So not only did they save an enemy ship, they caused the loss of one of their own teams DD's, and usually sink moments later because the ship I was trying to torp sinks them.. and just to add insult to injury.. they likely were not tunnel visioned locked on that ship at all, if they even realized it was there. Yes, sometime you have to take a high risk shot. skim them past a friendly to get at the enemy ship because your torps are the ONLY thing that can take them down before they take you and your team mates out. I've done it, had one strike a friendly and taken out the bad guys.. I never apologise to em when that happen, because more often then not they'll survive one friendly torpedo hit.. they will not survive 9 18" round from a Yamato at point blank! which was the situation when it last happened. And yea, I got pinked.. and tow penalty matches later the pink was gone. So, it is what it is. The solutions the WOWS devs have in place is the best compromise they can make overall. Perfection is not going to happen unless this game is turned into a total childrens game, if it ever happens I'm so outta here, and so will the vast majority of the current player base. There is a point where a game can be so dumbed down as to make it no longer a games of any skill. The hue and cry over the Italian Cruisers is an excellent case in point. I've not less then a 60% WR on my italian tech tree ships.. Not any of them. And I am an aggressive player. Landing Skipper who started this thread knows me and can vouch for that! (Very aggressive, insanely aggressive at times, but I alway always have a plan, and it doesn't always involve my ship surviving. Survival is secondary to victory. This is not a realistic simulation. there is no death penalty.) Yet some player say they're trash, not worth playing etc. The problem isn't the ships. It's the player who refuse to adjust their playstyle to the particularities of the ship. So of course they perform poorly to very poorly in them. It's alway going to be something or someone else's fault to players like this. SO yea, if you shoot torps and they hit a friendly be ready to offer a full apology and accept that your going to be wearing pink for a bit. If you eat friendly torps how ever, think before you blame. Could you have avoided them? How much lead time did you have before you got hit? The more lead the less blame to the shooted because friendly torps are ALWAYS seen. You may just owe them an apology for blocking their shot, especially if you suck up friendly torps that would have hit an OPFOR ship. As my Daddy once told me decades ago.. "It take two to Tango!" As I said at the beginning of this post, you might not like this but the other side of the coin needs to be noted!
  9. TL_Warlord_Roff

    SO um yea.. Italian

    All right.. I started this thread time to add some more to it. Got the tier VII Zara, played the crap out of it.. not bad.. but sh'es gone and I've got the tier VIII Amalfi now.. In the words of a certain famous hollywood actor who played a helmsman on a certain starship on a certain TV series... "Ohhh My!" She's that good. I suspect a good reason why the rof increases as you go up the tiers.. Tier 7 4x2 gun tubes, 15 second reload. Tier 8- 3x3 gun tubes 16 sec reload. Tier 9- 4x3 guns tubes, and tier X 5x3 gun tubes (though the B turret has a wanky firing arc due to placement on the tier X) 20 second reload both ships I suspect that it was done to keep the ships from becoming OP. Only real explanation that makes any sense.. and umm yea I kinda agree with it. And the Italian guns are VERY accurate if your a good shot. I am a good shot. On Amalfi I don't even bother with the aiming system mod 1 in the third slot. Doesn't need it. My main gun hit percentage is comfortably over 20% My upgrades are Magazine mod one slot 1, Steering gear mod 1 in slot 2, AA guns mod 1 in slot 3, propulsion mod 2 in slot 4 (get to speed faster!) and last steering gear mod 3 in the 5th slot. Gets her rudder shift down to 6.6 seconds with the hull upgrade and you really do need the agility. Running a speed flag to get her to a top speed of 38.9 knots.. fast and agile.. and gent you got 12k torps.. use them! Your going to have to be turning constantly anyway to avoid incoming shells so take advantage! I may drop the Magazine mod for improved survivability of either main armament and torps or secondaries and AA. I have yet to have an italian ship detonate on me. They usually don't last long nuff to detonate if your being focused. Of more of a puzzlement to me is why the Italian cruisers cannot use the smoke upgrade. Now admittedly the action time is 40 seconds stock but I really wouldn't mind having an extra 12 seconds on it from time to time. when yer running its always nice to be able to run just a little but further and like at best I only get 3 charges anyway. But that's just me. And for the record not a single on of my Italian cruisers has a WR of less then 55%. Amalfi is at 67% 11 fights as of right now, only 3 losses (Yes I did get lucky with the teams but be aware most of these fights I was low tier in a 3 tier spread) So the Italian ships are good, but they're not OP. they're not underpower either but they do require a different play style.
  10. there is this cake flag and as all portal player learned long ago... "The cake is a lie" yet still I went and googled up the lyrics to the portal song ("Still alive") and rewrote a couple lines or so for you my fellow world of warships players.. so here you go, enjoy! This was a triumph I'm making a note here: Huge success It's hard to overstate My satisfaction Naval Combat Science We do what we must Because we can For the good of all of us Except the ones who are dead But there's no sense crying Over every mistake You just keep on trying Till you run out of cake And the battle gets done And you make a neat pun For the people who are Still alive I'm not even angry I'm being so sincere right now Even though you broke my heart And killed me And tore me to pieces And set my ship on fire As they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you! Now these blind fired shots Make a beautiful line And we're out of beta We're releasing on time So I'm glad. I got burned Think of all the things we learned For the people who are Still alive
  11. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Invisible ships?

    On very rare occasion I have had situations where I am being fired upon by opposing ships yet cannot see them. No smoke between them and I, no islands no nothing yet They are shooting me and hitting me and I cannot see them. Now could be some sort of cheat, but more likely it's a graphics glitch. It's especially aggravating when I look at the replay going "Yea I got me a hacker, lets see proof so I get them kicked out the door so hard they bounce!" ... only to see in the replay.. there they are...clearly visible... So what is the cause? Obviously a hardware/software issue on MY end, not a hack. But that's not what happened here.. ohhhhhh no.. not at all. As for what the OP described... You IDIOTS! No one was where they could spot ships approaching you and you were all in smoke. You CAN NOT see anything beyond 2 Km, 3km if you have the Target Acquisition module installed (high tier only!). Someone OUTSIDE the smoke would have needed to see that DD approaching you for you to even know about it. Or you would have need active radar or Hydroacoustic search to detect them. Apparently no one was! As it was the DD that came in after took a helluva risk.. I would have just put torps into the smoke and sailed away unless my torps were on cooldown reloading. One of the reason I take the option or Torpedo reload booster on my IJN DD's that have the option to take it over smoke is Radar and Hydro and positional spotting. Smoke locks you into position if you use it to hide. And anyone with brain knows someone is likely in the smoke especially if there is gunfire coming from the smoke! The only smart uses of smoke any more for DD's is to BLOCK line of sight for your self and your team so they reposition.. and that only works if they STOP FIRING!. IT CAN ALSO PROTECT YOU KINDA SORTA FROM AIRCRAFT... while it lasts.. A patient smart CV player will just send his air after another ship and fly another group out at you when you smoke dissipates. You better learn the limitations of smoke in the current meta fast... And let me give you an additional hint to improve your longevity.. If you see a fast moving smoke.. there's an Italian Cruiser under it. Because they have smoke that can hide them even at flank speed.. as long as they're not shooting their guns but even then you gotta be under 8.5 Km of them to see them firing in the smoke. This may change as more italian ships get introduced.. like oh.. Italian DD's. You gotta lot to learn about this games mechanics and systems yet and that's very very obvious. There are subtleties that if you don't know about can get you rapidly sunk. You got a lesson, but you didn't know what the lesson was when you got it. You do now.. Don't make the same mistake twice.
  12. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Why is Queue Time so long after this lat update?

    Dear original Poster.. Some adjustments to MM have been made over the last couple patches now. Because of the new parameters I suspect you might end up with some wait time now and again. I don't particularly mind if it results in more balanced matches... And I have been seeing more balanced matches by tier. Seeing less 3 tier spreads and more 2 tier or even all same tier. Time will tell if this trend holds, but I hope it does, and I don't mind waiting a bit longer if needed. When the wait screen says "players in your range" I have no real clue what that means honestly. Does it mean ships waiting in your tier, or in 2 tiers above and below you? WE DON"T KNOW! The numbers are deceptive without DETAILS.. which they're not going to tell up because you know reasons..prime reason being is some our fellow player are going to take those number OUT OF CONTEXT and make stupid noises about the sky falling here on the forums, and I am with the devs and the CM's on this one.. I really don't want to hear stupid unfounded conspiracy theories over a GAME. Play the game, and enjoy it while it lasts because nothing but nothing lasts forever especially in THIS industry. What information we are given is a courtesy, not a requirement. There are no rules, regulations laws etc anywhere that says to WG or the WOWS dev's that they have to tell us how many player are in game or waiting in que. As far as I'm concerned the numbers are so inconsistent as to have no meaning. I've seen days where the game says there are only 36 player in y range yet I get drops in under one minute and other days where there have been several hundred yet I end up with a 3 minute or more wait. What this CONSISTENT result tells me when applying a principle of deductive reasoning known as "Occam's Razor" is the numbers presented have no consistent meaning. They are there to give your eyes something to look at while you wait. Kinda like one of the principal rules of the successful pirate.. "The enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy. Nothing more, nothing less." . What that saying is trying to tell you is don't assume. Or you'll end up assuming your enemies enemy is an ally right up to the point he rakes your ship from astern and blow your sorry self into the afterlife. Same principle applies. Making conclusions based on bad data will result in an incorrect conclusion every single time.
  13. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Not a Shabby Supercontainer

    On this topic,over the last 3 weeks I've had 2 super containers show up when rolling for a regular container... After months.. and months.. and a whole lot more months of this NOT happening.. so yea.. I is suspecting a tweak/fix under the hood has happened. Thank you dev team, and I sure wish you had done this months back what ever it was you adjusted. It's nice to be surprised by getting a nice surprise! I've gotten a pack of 100 AA flags (oh thank thank you thank you!) and 25 ouroboros pennants (I'll use em with my Italian cruiser line!)
  14. 1. If ya don't have it and can afford it, do it.. you'll never regret it. 2. If Harekaze can get the drop on an enemy DD.. ANY DD, she can take it down.. this very much includes the tier X DD's and all other premium DD's. 3. Repeat the previous line, loudly! 4. Repeat line 2 and this time scream it out! 5. The collection stuff in nice two.. cute anime girls to crew your IJN ships.. that's right.. shelve those staid dour derious unsmiling samurai types and replace them with bouncy teenage females! (It's a game. Why you haf to be mad?) 6. Last of all don't worry overly much about survivability. with 13,300 HP just give up on it.. go out and be the most dangerous thing in the battlespace while your still floating.. trust me, it'll be fun! 7. If there is a downside to Harekaze it's that the torpedo's only have a 10k range... so yea ya gotta takes risks.. see line 6.