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  1. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Here's what the Legendary Yamato upgrade looks like...

    *rolls eyes* Um after 3 years you guys haven't figured out that WG does not like giving/letting players earn OP gear? Even the few "OP" premium ships are only OP in the hands of a player that know what they're doing, AND that play them regularly to learn their quirks and fine points! And lets note that most of the OP'ness of premiums has always been not in combat capability but in earning potential in game? And the ones that are too good get pulled eventually. This wasn't always so but power creep has reduced many of the older OP Premiums to just Good ships, and no longer OP. So many players are declaring their disappointment that the Brit DD line doesn't have some super duper special thing that makes them OP (and don't get that a generalist DD with some unique traits can be op if you learn to use it right). And always the focus on the obvious (Harugumo, Kitakaze Dakka Dakka boom boom!).. and don't see just how easy it is to get your self in unrecoverable trouble with these ships. See a trend here? Yea, game balance is a real consideration. You are not going to get stuff that gives you an advantage with out that same something also giving you a disadvantage.. So guns slightly more accurate but fire slightly slower.. Even the GK's legendary module has to have a down side to using it.. The big advantage of these modules is very very few of you will have them. Like what, 2 thousand players potentially max and they can only fit them on tier X ships? Ya'll have at it! Pretty seriously limiting!
  2. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Aslains mod pack

    Humm, ok, so go to your mods folder for world of warships.. and rename your old mods to the current version.. You may not need to re-download the mods at all. Because most time its the same mods but most player cant seem to figure out how to rename a folder. However yes, it is a bother and the reason it's a bother is to mess up the cheat makers. Because the one thing you can absolutely count on from those who would cheat is they are LAZY, else they;d not be running cheats to begin with. And whats amazing is how conveniently simple it is to stop cheat mods by changing the label on a folder. I finally stopped running any mods at all about 3 or 4 patches back. It is more trouble then its worth and they all put an additional load on my machine and my game.. Generally a small load but its another thing that can go wrong. And the reality is while some are rather cool, if you cant figure how to rename a folder in windows to save yourself the effort of having to reinstall mods (especially purely cosmetic mods ship skins and the like) you needs to turn in your "leet" status pin and simply admit that thou is NOOB! There very few mods that actually require any real update from patch to patch. You don't have to runs mods at all, and complaining about how its such a bother..It's your choice to run them or not. If you make the choice to NOT run mods then the bother will be zero! And do be aware that wargaming could just as easily prevent any modding what so ever.
  3. got me but I'm pretty sure its 3. I am also pretty sure that 3 per day. I know for certain tomorrow. I grabbed the DD and did 2 runs of it today.. first run 4 stars lost 3 player ships.. 2nd run 5 stars lost no ships.. got 2 P-crates from the first run and one from the second. Instant clue there was a limit. Ya know you could just go read the patch notes/event copy...Betcha it all laid out there!
  4. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    the one real solution is to once again drastically reduce fire damage... In real life it was notoriously difficult to get a fire going on a large warships. Fires on large warships could quickly be isolated and even starved for fuel and oxygen. Id honestly like to see fire damage reduced hard core to significantly less then it is now.. And.. I AM NOT A BB MAIN!...the rock paper scissors meta has long been broken.. these days the best BB killers are cruisers firing HE. so yea even as a DD main which I am these days the most difficult thing to do do is to get the BB's to move up and push. Cruisers are more interested in spammong HE at BB's then shooting other cruisers and DD's
  5. TL_Warlord_Roff

    What's your impression of the early release RN DDs?

    Just remember.. any non standard build is going to have a learning wall. Just like me, your going to have to work it to make it work for you.
  6. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Update 0.7.10 - Feedback and General Performance

    I'm still trying to patch and it is taking forever..Patch is downloaded, but install has been sitting at 67% for several min. feeling frustrated here! I wanna play, I wanna play NOW!
  7. TL_Warlord_Roff

    What's your impression of the early release RN DDs?

    Ahh yes,thank you for the correction.
  8. TL_Warlord_Roff

    What's your impression of the early release RN DDs?

    Why thank you, that's the nicest complement I've gotten in months.. WG HAS created something special here but it's going to be a bit before folks figure it out. One of the reason I'm going with what I'm calling a "Sensors"build is Brit DD's are um.. They very offensively defensive DD's. It's really subtle but I'm seeing the difference in play strongly on the Acasta and Jervis (got the mission for the tier 6 yesterday so thats 3 of them for me so far) I'm especially looking hard at the commander skills that do stack effects.. ie TAM with Awareness comes to mind. Think about two DD is smoke about 6KM from each other.. I pop hydro but don't see him, but with TAM and awareness increasing the spotting distance V's torps.. I will see the torps the moment they hit the water even though I don't see the DD that fires them..and I'll know exactly where that DD is! At the moment it's theory craft until I get the Lightening to test it out on but I'm all ready seeing very STRONG synergies between certain skill and module combo's even in the tier V DD. And yea, it may very well be a nasty thing to run into if your not expecting it. I may have to be careful... I can see it now.. "Gee THANKS Warlord for getting our DD's Nerf'd!" Eeeeek!
  9. TL_Warlord_Roff

    The Acasta Doing Business - Poetic's Tier 5 RN DD Review

    The skill floor on the brit DD's is high.. Acasta in the hands of a good player in the ranked season just starting (today) is going to be a bit of a terror. She's no wonder destroyer, and for that matter neither is the Kamikaze sisters. I find her guns very useful but I also find I need to roll the mouse wheel back a notch or two to keep track of where my shells are falling so I can walk them on target. I gotta keep reminding myself of that too and I'll bet I'm not alone! She just doesn't play like the other tier V DD's at all. The main thing with Acasta and the other Brit DD's is you MUST learn to walk and chew gum at the same time. And procs to those that do learn it to a greater or lesser extent. Stick with it. If you master the Acasta the rest of the brit line will be easy. I've come with in a harsbredth on 4 different matchs in the past3 weeks of bagging a Kracken. I've nailed down first blood several times, Devastating strike 4 times, Hi Cal twice, and Conferderate believes it or not 3 times! They're not easy to drive, and setting them up right goes against conventional wisdom on DD Builds. I'm still figuring that out myself! But I've got a direction now..
  10. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Aiming Mods

    ...and don't call them Aiming mods! Dynamic cross hair the way to go and the one out of the semi official and aslans pack that shows both a 30 and a 20 knot mil scale is the best of them.
  11. TL_Warlord_Roff

    What's your impression of the early release RN DDs?

    I like 'em but then I've been playing DD's hard core on the IJN line for most of a year and a half. DD play isn't easy any more. Perhapes it never realy was. In high tier play is deadly. The IJN line got expanded with the finishing of the dedicated gun boat line and working with the IJN gun boats has set me up rather nicely to coming to terms with the Brit DD's. I find them to be very nimble ships. Their smoke is a "Tactical" smoke primarily for self defense with a short duration. You don't sit in brit DD smoke and spam shells for very long unless you have something against living. And on top of which parking in smoke is suicide at higher tiers. The combination of subtleties in the interaction between the ships capabilities open up the brit DD to consider a road less travelled. I will be less worried about stealth and concealment rating in the tier VIII, IX, and X DD's and will most likely run TAM instead of CE.. I will use the hydro extender module.. I will use RPF.. I will want to have as complete a picture of what is going on around me with in my gun range at all times, and that mean "Sensors". So many of you lock yourselves in a box when it comes to setting up a ship or a commander. Few of you ever figure out that you want to enhance what the ship does well, mitigate where it doesn't do well, and THEN learn to play those strengths and weaknesses. DD's... tiny HP pool, and unforgiving of errors. The Brit DD's job is to stay between the bad guys and the big boys. They're not the US "Cowboy" DD's, they're not sneaky Ninja IJN torp boats or Samurai gun boats. They're not German or French or Russian mini cruisers. They are Brit DD's and they have their requirements. Honestly gents if your doing that poorly in these ships then your doing something wrong! Warlord sends
  12. TL_Warlord_Roff

    RN Destroyers

    I need an option of "all of the above" I am enjoying the Brit DD's. They are fantastic ships for a team player as they do have a clear role which is stand between your team and the bad guys. It's not "glamorus" work but these are very "Pick and Shovel" working mans DD's. I will be using Acasta for Ranked starting tomorrow. And I do expect to kick the snot out of a few Kamikaze's.
  13. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Jervis — British Tier VII destroyer.

    I drive it just like the Acasta with the same set up for commander skills and 2nd slot module (Hydro extender).. works fine and it does have better guns. Very flexible ship I find.
  14. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Acasta — British Tier V destroyer.

    Ok, well seeing I'll be using the Acasta in ranked as I have figured out her strong point.. and they are strong but it's easy to over commit in the ship trying to get into torpedo range with those miserly 6k torps. So the trick is fire torps at closing ships well before your spotted and drive off, if the target eats a torp, count of 15 seconds and open fire with guns (HE) slow down to half speed and be ready pop smoke and turn away. bounce backup to full speed, reposition and start the cycle over again. Dont fire all your torps at once unless it a for sure kill or utter desperation Give yourself a little more lead with the guns then your used to as the shells are rather slow moving and floaty. Once you get the hang of them however you'll find the guns are quite accurate. Consider the smoke screen expert commander skill. It increases the sizeof your smoke radius giving you a little more wiggle room when you need it. Use your smoke OFTEN, you have plenty of charges and the cool down is short. Consider a hydro extender module for the number 2 slot. Action time +50%!! All Brit DD's accelerate very fast, and loose significantly less speed in a turn then other DD types much like their Brit cruiser cousins. Take advantage of this and always be jockying the WASD keys when engaged. You don't have engine boost so be aware. Your a smaller target then most DD's also. A ship is just a tool, how well it does depends on YOUR driving and understanding of what it can do when. I am personally having a great time with Acasta and expect it to perform well in the season of ranked.
  15. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Ok, I got the Acasta, now what?

    Icaraus is a tier higher to so, to be expected. Keep it. Acasta is a good solid all around DD. Put about 20-50 fights in with it make sure you get that hang of it. Also bear in mind Ranked season starts likely by the time read this on Wed. (once you have the patch downloaded and in that is) and it is a tier V ranked for this go round. Acasta's tier, and she's one of the better DD in the tier with only the Kamikaze sisters (special premiums) better, and even that's a near thing. Recommended module is the Hydro extender.. (Hydro run time+50%) might also recommend commander skill smoke screen expert (smoke covers a larger area..might be an [edited]saver) Remember Brit smoke VERY SHORT duration... so you use it to break LOS fire of a few quick shots and run away in the opposite direction! Brit DD's are run in, shoot, smoke, run away and re-position, repeat. Your ship has no speed boost but like the brit cruisers you accelerate fast and don't loose all that much speed in a turn.. use it to your advantage.