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  1. TL_Warlord_Roff

    A touch of trek, The game, history, us.

    "It is possible to make no mistakes and still lose. That is not weakness that is life." Picard to Data I was playing yesterday and mixed it up.. Started the day in co-op play for some low pressure grinding and to warm up for the serious stuff. I had some utterly awe some PvP games .. I also had a couple when I was sunk at the 5 min mark. I really hate those, but some time that's going to happen because you got to get with winning the match the moment you drop in and can move and effect the battle. It's not fun, but this is a war game and in the end you, and the ship you drive is expendable. It you job to make it's not expended for free. Those two time I died the very quick death I did accomplish something. In both cases had more then half the enemy team shooting at me (Ie: a number greater then 50% of the opposing force..no exaggerating.) but my team know knew where those ship were now and were able to react. In one match they reacted properly and pulled a win, in the other... ummm... not so much. SO.. you can make "mistakes" and still win, but its rare. You can make no mistakes and lose. You simply cannot control everything around you. And that's not a negotiable. It's life. You got to move with it. Same thing in the game. You control your ship, you have strong input when divisioned, weak input to the team your on. And that's it. Input, not control, not ever. Most, not all of the old guys we get this. Some of the young guys, they get this too. Kinda depend on the real life things they've experienced, observed, or learned of. It's different for everyone. This is a good thing "homogenous cultures, belief systems and social theories and practices" that remain static eventually fail. A situation happens that these systems simply do not the tools to deal with. They adapt, or they cease. Historical examples. Japan, post american contact, the Menji restoration and the rebirth of imperial government and the end of the Shogunate. Yet the war makers were still held in high regard. Japan the had a naval war with China. They won it rather resoundingly and overwhelmingly. A few years after that was with Russia. Again they win only this time a major western power is involved. During WW-1 Japan fought against the Germans beating their rather technologically over matched colonial forces in the Pacific again rather easily, and ended up acquiring a few island possessions out side of the Japanese "Home" Islands and waters as a permanent award. These along with their mainland holding in Korea, Manchuria and northern China now turned Japan into what could be termed The power in the western Pacific. The western powers rather because they were the western powers were indeed somewhat (massive understatement) arrogant in their regard and respect of japan with 2 naval disarmament treaties and the US's own rather high handed handling of Japan trade with the US. All unavoidable given the attitudes of the time but recognize the errors. America and Japan were going to fight. There was no avoiding this. The military influence over a subsequent weak, insulated, and effectively controlled post Menji emperor was the last factor that made war unavoidable. Japan had been on a winning streak since the fall of the shogunate armies and supporters and subsequently made one of the worst errors in the history of man. The picked a fight with enemy that could survive everything they could have possibly done and was guaranteed to come back from the ashes and exact a terrible vengeance. Fortunately for Japan we were wiser then that. Though resolution came from an unlooked for source. . We won the war, and the use of 2 Fission Bombs convinced the emperor to order a suspension of hostilities and the unconditional surrender of Japan before an invasion of the home islands actually happened. That emperor recognized that japan as a people and as a culture would not survive an invasion. And he was right. It would have been one of the very worst most horrific atrocities the world had ever seen. Projected American casualties for the invasion were expected to very possibly exceeded 1 million personnel , all services. Japan would have no longer existed other then a place name on a map, and racism would taken hold in the United States of America in a way it never had before in such an aftermath. Our world today would be a very different place. I also don't think the war would have had an end before likely 1947 possibly 48 and there would have been a russia v. western power fight because Stalin would have smelled an opportunity with a distracted in Japan United States with oput the threat of the bomb.. Any one notice that Stalin pretty much never passed on an opportunity? In a way you could say we got lucky. The other thing that happened post Hiroshima and Nagasaki is everyone noticed that A Bomb's were the gift that kept on giving. Instead of World War III and the atomic apocalypse we got decades of cold war. I'm personally kind of great full because everywhere I have ever lived up to the here and now has always been first strike targets. Though quite possibly that would be more blessing then a curse had it happened. "I wonder if the Russians love their children to?" the song writer asked. Apparently they did. And now moving toward the 3'rd decade of the 21st century we've have a fellow on the Korean peninsula who lording it over an utterly enslaved, cowed and passive population waving nuc tipped missiles under everyone's noses and is apparently unconcerned with loss of life. He is apparently reality challenged and the rest of us are not quite real to him or something. I wanna look at the fool and say.."'scuse.. me, but scared of you, I ain't.. you can hurt us but you won't survive it. Oh, and the war lord's "friends" in China. Please to note; Bejing is much closer to him then say even Ancorage Alaska...He mouth paints us as the target.. but don't be fooled about where the missiles are really aimed. It's to ensure his allies remain his allies. China has been slowly rethinking its relationship with North Korea for some time. I'm about ready to go dive into game this AM.. It's not even 9 am and my 62 year old self is all ready munching down a bag ( of out of courtesy to Jingles) potato crisps, and a good old fashioned Clamato juice and beer. Going to be a warm day here in the east S.F. bay from the feel of it. Got noth'n else to do and done in my life with doing "important" things for other people that I don't have a choice in and being entirely too unappreciated for it. Really honestly Un-**** the rich.. let em be celibate, in fact don't let 'em breed unless their willing to surrender the education of their kids to we the people because history has shown that multi generational concentration of wealth leads to eventual economic stagnation. Every Single Time. And this is because eventually "Greed" overcomes what should be common good sense. Gotta get it programmed in.. Your the steward of the wealth.. not the owner. The owners are those that generated it. Your privilege is dependent on your service to the common good. The old "Noble Obligation.". Deal with it. The rest of us do. It ain't free. The bill always comes due, payable immediately. We're wait'n but I suspect the bill is about to come due very very soon.. we've been operating on entirely to much unsustained credit again and the signs of it are obvious. They look just like the signs we saw in the 1920's.. DIfferent order for some of the specifics but don't be fooled. Different names... same attitudes. As information becomes more readily available, and the line between news and propaganda ceases to have any meaning. WIth fake news.. character assassination both privately and politically becoming the norm what do you believe? Who's lying? Who's telling the truth. How can you know for sure. WHo do you tell those that believe what they say vs those that are simply trying to manipulate you. Here's an answer.. You can't. So do what you CAN do.. How do you chose? What should guide you? Find your moral center and ask it. Is this right? Is this wrong? Does this feel worthy of my trust and my support? Am I choosing to sell freedom and liberty either my own or others for security? Do those who it effects get any say in the matter? If your going to talk the talk you gotta walk the walk and really that's how you tell. Less talk more do... less ell job. SHOW US it'll work, don't tell us. Show proof or get off the stage! Warlord sends. P.S. "Whats your name cowboy? "Tex Maam" "Well, 'Tex' maam, you in show business?" "Why, No maam." "Then get yer friggin boots off my stage!"
  2. TL_Warlord_Roff

    RN heavy cruisers least popular line?

    Here ya go, the "Sherman Tank" line of ships.. If you use 'em right they get the job done. Use 'em wrong and you find why the Sherman had big hatches! (which for the unenlightened is so you survive your error and take the lesson learned with you to your next Sherman..Just ask the Germans.. there is always another Sherman.)
  3. No we don't need skill based MM.. all that would do is shrink the number of folks your playing. Skill based MM has never ever worked.. not in over 20 years of online gaming.. and I mean it... NOT EVER.. it's been tried and its a game killer every single time.. it chases players away..and if there not nuff players to support a game a game dies... that simple.. . It the difference between theory and reality. It sound awesome but for some reason it doesn't work out. Experts in human psychology and motivational sciences and study can explain it better then I ever could but the reality is it never ever works for "general" play.. competition play is a different kettle of fish, and for that it is "da Kine" but for general population play it divides and chops up the player base and creates an illusion of less available players.. and that means "no one plays any one more.. time to find a new game!".... And then the game falls below a sustainable number of players and they shut it down. Great theory but it has yet to survive contact with reality. Maybe if we had 10x to 20x the number ACTIVE players it could be made to work but we don't so that's that. Doesn't matter if you agree with me or or not.. the numbers don't lie. The folk in St Pete are here to make a living and they are NOT going to take a stupid risk like this.
  4. TL_Warlord_Roff

    RN heavy cruisers least popular line?

    The Brit heavy's are kinda... well... ordinary, common, base line, that which all other cruisers are judged by. They definitely are not "bad" ships, but they're not "great" ships. And honestly that's just fine. they do the job with out a lot of flash or fancy.. Be a good shot, avoid showing your sides. Get out there and fight!
  5. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    ok,, that looks to much like me trying to do something when I've forgotten I have hit enter and and am in chat when I want to be doing something in game ( someone blowing their entire horn cool down in one go) it broken it's not working... ohh... it's the beer.. right tap the ESC key and try again.... (We the easily amused salute you!)
  6. In answer to the OP question we'd like get even MORE HE spam.
  7. TL_Warlord_Roff

    DDs are NOT larger than they should be.

    historical hit rates with guns larger then 8" was 5% at best with radar fire control, calm seas, and slow speed. I get my best BB gunnery with Scharnhorst at a whopping 28% and Fuso at 20% and Kongo at 22%. I manage a 40% hit rate with Harekaze but that all gunnery at under 11km range so not overly surprising. If the ships were correctly scaled it would drop most of those number the 1/4 of what they are. Torpedo hit rates would also drop somewhat but not as much. So technically we're all running around with big butts!
  8. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    Don't forget to account for "economy of scale" Even a small container ship of a mear 30-50,000 tons displacement tosses out less pollution then the same tonnage of cargo carried by train and trucks. The technology that goes into modern maritime vessels is rather amazing. Go check you tube for "worlds largest ships" to get the skinny. And as for ship horns (back on subject) The basic horn signals i listed in the opening post are not that complicated to remember and are just about all we would need in this game. Hitting the N key a few times is way faster then typing out a message. It not so much "rules of the road" to be remembered, but use of the horn as a courtesy to signal your intent, or give warning.. Pretty simple really. And since this post/thread went up.. I've been seeing/hearing a lot of players using their horns in a nautical way so to speak. It's really kinda cool! Just adds to the immersion. And generally you can get by with much shorter short and long horns then would be typical out there real world. It's like everything else in this game just a little practice and it becomes second nature. And it is useful if you let it be useful.. Whoda Thunk! Warlord sends (and of course if your doing it, and you understand it serious cool factor.. may have to start issuing Oakly's to those that make use!)
  9. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    Wall of text.. you were warned.. gotta bit to say. Am I trying to change the world? Are you telling me your not? Don't worry it'll make sense.. .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. The reply comments on this thread have been interesting. More interesting is there doesn't seem to be any middle of the road . It's either "Booring! who cares, not important, doesn't matter, no one pays attention to that stuff." etc.. -or- "Cool to know. Didn't know that. Hot damd, it is useful!" etc... (or better.. sharing story.. which is best!) And the latter rather substantially outnumber the former.. I really glad it's been well received. The poopoo'ers.. Meh.. Don't get it and from my experience, likely never will.. the sort of players that kill fun, run hacks and cheats and basically do all they can to kill YOUR joy because as long as they do that, they win... What they win is beyond me.. but hey ya know They Win.. that's the important part right? *shrug* I kinda feel bad for 'em.. Not so bad I'm willing to put up with 'em and their fun killing ways but still I feel bad for 'em. They don't get it, and their lives are smaller for it. Let interesting, less full filling. And they don't even know it. And that is the sad part. They have utterly no clue what they are missing. But the rest of ya.. Yo Dudettes, Dudes.. Ya rock. Love gam'n with ya. You make this fun. The history, the lore.. the depth of knowledge, the interest, the history. (yea I said history twice.. I like history.. nod to Mel Brook's) And you get why it's important to remember this stuff. I don't know who came up with the idea of World of Warships. but to me it was a stroke of utter genius. It's not a twitch shooter. It doesn't require reflexes of near super human ability. It does how ever require thinking, some time rather fast thinking.. overwhelmingly fast thinking. And then ya sink because ya know... reasons.. But, you come back, dust yer self off, sqeeze the salty tears out of your shirts, and try again. A little story. I know a lot of folk, and I know specifically of 3 guys who returned to the game last month.. they quit playing over a year ago because.. ahh well, because of, ya know it doesn't matter why. But they came back.. and they changed their user names. Likely to avoid the people they had gotten out of sorts with and to make a fresh start of it socially. They are having a good time, and having learned their lessons they are all three stay FAR AWAY from the forums.. They just play and this is good. What they discovered is they love the pace of the game. It's subject matter, it's challenge. There are some upcoming games that may equal the game in feel and subject matter (Age of Sail! and that ultimate admiral ship building sim thing) but they're still in early access or open beta.. And even here here were getting closer and closer and closer to version 1.0 (gasp!). Really, where do marketting dept's get this stuff?. I mean it works but once one company/studio does it then every body else jumps on and then everyone is doing it and it doesn't mean anything any more. Still what ever the origin story is of world of warships is (and I'd like to know it someday) I suspect the game will be around for a long time to come. Might even see an asset flip down the road as all the lessons that have been learned in this game get quantified and condensed and instead of trying to fix this, they just go and make a newer version that incorporates whats been learned.. Good reason for doing it that way to is it doesn't disrupt the current player base. And more importantly from a corporate POV, the income stream.. Oh you suits and ties don't you ever change... because really honestly we'd prefer you stay predictable. No we don't like you very much.. Always you have your hands out, and you guys.. you don't actually create anything. You enable at best but you don't do. So when you decide to get involved we get things like the PR ship yard.. yea..And that's why you should not be allowed near the actual game. ZInga is always hiring ya know. Yea that was nasty on my part...but it is true...softpeddling doesn't fix thing things. One of the last comments before this opus of mine was from CaptAndy (psst you rock dude) I suspect he would understand the above.... *looks with angelic innocence at the overhead* seeing that he's had Captains papers. It's a different world when you've had the real responsibility. Glad your playing sir.. Glad your playing. Anyway.. My coffee has gotten cold while I slowly type this out and this qualifies as "A Bad Thing" The game awaits.. so off to fresh'n my coffee, launch the game and cause some folks fits with any luck at all. See you all out there. Warlord sends.
  10. TL_Warlord_Roff

    legacy upgrade are a real disapointment

    I may have to try playing it like that. Over all however I find the Shimmy legendary to be of very poor utility. Aiming your torps with that glacial traverse is frustrating. STill waiting for the "legendaries" for the newer tier X's which have been promised but no time frame..
  11. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    Torps away call is not a bad idea at all. Not sure if it'll get peeps to pay attention though and not drive into torps launched by friendlies. Bad nuff those who don't pay attention to friendly ship position and movement when using torps. Got the crap torped outta me yesterday by a shimmy player that obviously lacked experience with using massed torps and insisted in firing when a friendly DD was placed between him and his chosen target. Likely cost the match. He was pretty much a non contributor that match as the only thing he sank was me. I sometime die right away when I get uptiered. But when I don't I usually have a strong effect on the battle even when I'm low tier. It's a DD thang ya know..
  12. TL_Warlord_Roff

    BASIC team and ship tactics: where to start..

    not talking Rugby.. Talking Ozzie Arena football... it's hurry up play the borrows heavily from rugby and is a rather brutal game! I love watching it when it was the hot thing.. May have faded into obscurity by now but 20-30 years ago it was hot stuff to watch
  13. TL_Warlord_Roff

    BASIC team and ship tactics: where to start..

    And your correct.. But if you do not try, you cannot succeed. And the best way to teach is by example. there for you must try. The one overriding reason why I try things like this is if it succeeds it bring up the level of competition. If it bring up the level of competition it means I have to improve my game to keep my "position". The game does not end until you quit. Been here since launch. Lotsa people better then me.. A far greater number way worse then me. I want every fight to be a long drawn out battering fray.. I want ever victory to be worked for, and every loss to be not a clear cut thing. SO.. I don't know about you.. but to achieve those goasl... I gotta make the effort. I gotta teach. Which I can do. Coaching however.... UHG! Coaching would drive me nuts in this game environment. To many prima donna's who want to argue the point instead of listening and doing.
  14. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    The devs limited the amount of time you can use the ships horn to keep folks from being annoying with them. so yea, sorry no concerto's!
  15. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    Wrong.. some of us do care.. else there would not be a post about it.. It just that YOU don't care.