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  1. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Battle starts without me

    That' an important clue.. something installed with or at the same time as fortnite and is apparently grabbing CPU cycles like a mad man, and I can think of only one class of software that does that these days.. Crypto currency generators.. ie: bit coin miners and the like. Off the bat I would make an educated guess that something installed cryptocoin mining software onto your computer.. it's the newest thing in the hacker community it seems.. why use a machine to spread spam and ransom ware when it's easier to just turn the victim's machine into a money generator... I've had to manually remove cryto currency mining software off my machine at least 4 times in the past two years. Some sneaky folk out there will do all types of crazy hoops to get you to install it without your knowing what it is. It's always a surreptitious install packaged with something else. I've developed the habit of looking at running processes on my computer when I get performance hits (if it uses CPU cycles it shows up in task manager!) and have gotten soemwhat adept at what I would guess could be called malware detective work. Installing it with games is typical modus operandi. Even more so with any sort of game enhancement software (which can be anything.. and often is!) Check to see whats been installed on your computer lately. May or may not show up on the add/remove programs list as that can be spoofed/bypassed entirely. Last bitcoin mining software I dug out hid the entire application in hidden user files (roaming low would ya believe that ran when the computer started. Most of the lazy blithering idiots foisting this stuff off on end users are stupid though, and greedy.. All they have to do in most cases is throttle the mining app speed back to 10% normal and most users would never even notice it. That's of course assuming they even know how..most of em are script kiddie wanna be hackers. If the pro's come after your machine you'll never even know it's happened!) If your running a windows-10 Machine down in the search box type in "msconfig" This will allow you to see (AND deselect) what applications start up when your machine boots or restarts. And get some help from someone locally. The computer bad guy types utterly depend on user ignorance to do their dirt. If you were anywhere near central california I tell you to bring yourself on over.. along with a 6 pack of beer to spit and we'd get it worked out. But I'll bet you got folks in your area that'll do much the same. And yes I do know abit about it.. My grey hair has grey hair from digging malware out of computers over the last 20 years. I'm always helping folks that didn't grow up with these beasties clean and remove "commercial" grade malware/adware etc off their systems. Most of it is pretty sloppily put together.. which may account for the amount of problems they tend to cause on.
  2. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Battle starts without me

    solutions suggestions: 1. Set graphics to absolute minimum. The issue with spawning late in a match is cause by load times of different elements use by the client side GUI (thats all it is is a GUI.. the GAME runs on the server..) Reduce the load and the files that need to be loaded and you'll speed up your load time. 2. Run as few mods as possible.. cosmetic mods increase the load time dramatically. Most mods are cosmetic but some add elements to the HUD and all of them can potentially slow you deck down dramatically. For the last 3 years I've run WOWS on a Lenova/IBM t510 laptop (business class) which is an I5 mobile@2.33 Mhz, 8 GB system ram and Intel integrated HD2000 video (video ram is allocated from system RAM) and only recently upgraded to a much more "modern" computer. I ran in supremacy league with that POS! (and did quite all right I might note) Most of the issues with older computer is going to be I/O and bus speed limitation. There is just not a lot you can do about it short of replacing the computer outright with a more modern up to date system. It's not the OS or settings, it's just the hardware but WOWS is very forgiving (please to remember that most of their customers are in the CIS and ex warsaw pact nations, not the EU, far east and US. Good high end computers are still in the process of filtering down to consumers as "Used" systems. Recall that even now, well over a decade after the fall of the USSR well, they got a ways to go yet, but theyare getting there fairly rapidly by "consumer" electronics are still lagging significantly behind the EU and US. But WG is all to aware of this which is WHY WOWS. WOTS,WOWPS will all run on what would NOT be considered gameing ready rigs in the here and now. And as a aside the game looks pretty doggone good even on low settings. Good luck to you.. but when setting up to game for multiplayer games always choose performance over pretty first!
  3. Go for it. No issues with 19 point commander on low tier ships... Those that have , have those issues BECAUSE they don't have 19 point captains to put on low tier ships. (whine whine whine.. It's not fair!") Commander skill still doesn't trump player skill. All a high point commander does is slide you some advantages but ONLY if you know how to use them. If your doing don't worry about it. Just do it and have fun. you are NOT responsible for other players experience.. well you are, but only to a point. Beyond that they can learn to be better players or not as THEY choose. Play this game for yourself FIRST. doing anything else is just foolish because there is no high moral ground here. Far to many players will take any advantage they perceive that they can get (up to and including mods in violation of the EULA) so unless you like coming out second best, do something about it because if you don't someone else WILL. It may be an utterly pragmatic fatalistic viewpoint but it doesn't make it any less truth
  4. so 1000 more battle were had by DD players in the 4th quarter as compared to the 3rd quarter.. Sounds like the DD players delt with it. Which does jibe with my own experiences with the game during the last year. If there is a problem here, its a made up one.
  5. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Dam this game, made me uninstall it again

    Stop uninstalling.. it just means it takes that much longer to re-install. It may prig ya off but the game is always a challenge, always a puzzle to be solved.. and will always be subject to the vicious variables of multiplayer at some level or another.
  6. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Something fun to consider.

    Is and isn't work.. *grin* As I said strong impression that there might be quite a bit done, or that could be finished. The dev folk really love what they do. And the 3D model makers and riggers really have fun pursuing their artistry. Promise you there is stuff that are hobby projects for the crew in various stages of completed perfection! Many ships of the pre era have very alike weaponry but with significant differences in the layout of the ships them selves, even the way the ships were put together. Some truly utterly amazingly ugly french battleships during the period, and a number of amazingly weird idea's that were tried. Some worked,, Most never really faced the test of combat as other advances rendered the the threat they were build to counter moot. It was the age of gunboat..and battleship diplomacy before advances in technology made it a much more expensive proposition. Note we have quite a few tier II, III, and IV premiums nows.. typically representing historically significant ships with amazing stories. At tiers II, III, we have a number of ships that were veterans of the Russo Japanese war. There were huge fleets and strong naval powers all over the world that the introduction of the HMS Dreadnought rendered entirely obsolete. All then modern navies were effected. Only the most wealthy industrialized and productive nations were in any position to modernize.. The United States literally built a brand new navy with ships and classes that complimented each other. We didn't even get cruisers properly figured out until the mid 1930's (fortunately, neither really did anyone else and everyone had their own take on what they wanted in a light capital ship capable of long range patrolling/peacekeeping while dealing with try to respect, or not, various naval treaty restrictions.) From a naval historical viewpoint it's just one of those things.
  7. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Something fun to consider.

    There are some fascinating ships that currently have very little in the way of "where to put them" especially in the pre-dreadnought and early dreadnaught era's. I'd like to see the training gun boats relegated to tier "0" and tier I, II, III, and IV restructured to make a place for early early ships. Play at the lowest tiers is all about guts and gunnery. There's little or no aircraft. Most torpedo's are not so good. The typical pre-dreadnought era ship that packed torpedo's typically had a range of not greater then 2000 yards/meters. I personally really enjoy lower tier play because its very simple and strait forward. It's where players should be learning the fine art of mutual support, teamwork, and finding where they need to go to decide the fight. A rework of the lower tiers could result in an over all improvement of new players skill development in the game. Great place to have inexpensive premiums left right and center, and a variety of ships and capabilities that has to be seen to be believed. Low tier does not mean low skill. If anything it just means less window dressing and options which means it more about strait up BASIC player skills. And of course if you all ready have those basic skills then it just all about the fun factor. Some of the best fun I've had in this game is down in LOW tier play with very highly skilled players all running about with 19 point commanders on their tier IV and below ships. Anyway, that's it.. That and I have it on good report that there's a whole bucket load and possibly then some of early and pre dread ships in various stages of completion done by the artists there in St. Pete that we have never seen. Those early ships had character by the "Boat" load and no small number of one off unique ships due to the fact that naval technology was moving at an accelerated pace where ships would literally be obsolete at launch yet would still serve for years anyway. It obvious the dev team loves what they do. I'd like to see them have an opportunity fairly soon to not have to worry about mid and high tier mechanics of play (CV rework etc) and just do something fun for the love of it. And the history and development of those earlier ships is historically important. Always remember that warships were THE s high tech of that era. It was their rocket science. Warlord sends
  8. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Is "average" PR and WTR really average?

    And the other issue with those who swear by WTR/PR is it's arrogantly assumptive. The formula for WTR/PR fits what the creators think is important, but the stats are all about the player not the team. This is first and foremost a team play game. You may play it "singly" but even crappy me has had matches where I performed outstandingly and still lost (go to you tube.. from years back, search for "Fortress Fuso"). Quite simply being good in this game is not just how good you are at dealing damage but how good you are at damaging the RIGHT target and stats, especially composite such as WTR and PR stats only barely hint at that. I've been wargaming over 50 years at this point. I do know what I'm talking about. But I'm not trying to sell anyone on a fundamentally flawed composite stat. Something I have seen time and again in gaming over the last decade. Honestly you younger ones think and act like this is all something you invented but it's not. Far from it. Stats have been tracked in competitive tabletop play for over 50 years to the best of my knowledge starting in the late 60's, early 70 at the Origins convention that was annually put on by Avalon Hill Games in Baltimore MD. What I will give you is both WTR and PR are "close" but I will NOT use them as a yardstick for a player level of skill. Nor should you. Only as a place to start. As a stated previously if you really want to know how good someone is or can be you have to go in match with them. Trust your eyes balls. Numbers can be manipulated, and are, especially when someone is trying to prove some particular point. Especially when they're numbers that are used to say. "I'm better then you are" .... and who knows, you might be better than I. But if you run into ME in a match and I'm "on" that particular day. you'll know you've been in a fight. Once the fight starts stats become meaningless. In "pro" play they mean less then nothing. They're there to give announcers something to chatter about when the game pace is slow and to fill dead air while players/teams sort them selves out for the next phase of a match. If you don't treat every single last player in a match as gods gift to gaming you'll be handed your shot up ship in a silver platter. The worlds best swordsman only truly fears the worlds worst swordsman because they will do the unexpected that no good swordsman would ever consider. The video I said go look up shows it very well. The game was still new and only the IJN and the USN had full lines, and I.. well I frankly in retrospect stunk as a player at the time, but the players that were in there with me stunk even worse. 6 kills and a lost fight. It's a rather entertaining fight as I did pull off a little trick that is very rarely seen even today years later. You'll recognize it when you see it (not that the reviewer doesn't point it out, he does) I adapted to the situation and that is the mark of a good player. Stats only hint, they do not tell in any other area then the extremes and outliers. For middle of the pack players such as myself stats just don't talk to you real well. You guys that seem to consider stats the end all be all need to learn this.
  9. Part of the, to me anyway, obvious choices the dev team made with this game is : A ship is a ship, is a ship, and all ships can sink all other ships. I didn't have any issues with how BB AP worked on DD's before, and totally thought that the concept of a round from a BB coring your ship lengthwise and leaving nothing floating behind made total sense. Punch sufficient metal and that shell is going to arm. They're supposed to do that ya know. Shells fuse and fire because the fusing mechanism detects the sudden counter acceleration of impact and fires the bursting charge. There's a timing mechanism involved that delays the actual firing to insure the shell bursts inside the ship. But th delay on BB AP rounds is set to deal with armor levels of capital ships (cruiser and larger) If the shell only fires it's bursting charge after passing through it is going to cause significantly less damage that would effect a ships ability to fight. Note UK "short fused" AP. Nasty stuff... mostly to ensure UK cruisers with their lack of main gun HE will be able to do real damage to superstructure and through light hull plating instead of overpenning and doing nothing but a mear fraction of their damage. Real life you don't want to be hit with BB rounds in a DD. They make a helluva mess. Just the shockwave as they pass through can kill crew and destroy equipment and god forbid they round hit something really solid.. bad doesn't even begin to quantify the results. Hang the fuzzy dice on the bridge binnacle. Your gonna need that charm! Either way, the dev's are not going to change it back or in any other way until they see justification to do so in the games collected numerics. Remember, they're not trying to make a naval combat simulator here but a naval combat game that captures the FEEL of naval combat. So for they're doing a pretty serious bang up job! Warlord sends
  10. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Is "average" PR and WTR really average?

    Win rate, yea, it counts.. WTR how ever is a composite stat. And I don't consider it a very trustworthy one. It rewards damage farming more the frags and winning a match.. You can have a high WTR and have a sub 50% WR . More importantly is a player WR in a specific ship. Also of particular importance is is that WR from solo play or divisioned play. Player that only play divisioned will tend to have a WR 55% or better. If you really want to know how good or bad a player is go spend 20 matches with them... NOT divisioned with them and see not only how they do, but what they do and when they do it. Stats are where you start with evaluating how well some one plays. The mark One eyeball is still the better tool.
  11. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Game thoughts for 2019

    *grin* yea.. I don't get the massive fear of DD's myself. Yea so they got big teeth. In this game all the ships have big teeth... DD's be fragile itty bitty ships.. doesn't take much to kill em. Difference tween BB and DD play BB: OWCH!... turn in, Angle the armor, hit the heal keep shooting. DD: OWCH!.. turn away, stop shooting, hit boost, pop smoke pray no stray shells hit you.
  12. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Game thoughts for 2019

    I've played the game since it NA launch, I was really really bad then. I'm also in my 60's.. my reflexes are crap, and until just recently I was playing the game on a several year old business laptop. (Lenova/IBM t510 thinkpad. Still got it, still work great but not really a gaming computer even for WOWS!) ) I am also a very aggressive player... I don't do passive for beans. I've played over 12k matches in this game not the test server, and not counting my secret squirrel account which has a few thousand of its own. So I end up only being as good as the team I am on. I'm only about 200-300 matches below a strait up 50% win rate I've no over arcing motivation to drive my WR into above 50%. I play this game purely for recreation. And don't get this wrong I love competitive play. I've played on a comp team (SL,2nd and 3rd season) and performed very credibly. I know how to comp play and win. But while we do have comp play (and it's all typical tourney ladder/elim... done to death) what we still don't have is competitive clan based WAR (ie: territorial) game play. I find clan battles... uninspiring.. and fairly boring and have delt once and never again with a clan leader that decided winning was so important that he stuffed the "lead" team with ringers (ya know high win rate, high WST rating types) and left the rest of the team to go hang. All while saying is was "all about the clan" The Old GUY calls [edited]. *grin* That was all about ego, and wanting to be on the winning team. And impatience, and a lack of working with the humit assets you have to make them better so that you not only have team, you have community which makes for even better teams. Pretty basic stuff really. If you want a higher win rate I know exactly what you need to do. First always fight divisioned. Divisioned players (that communicate with div mates.. voice comms external or built in, makes no difference, use yer voice comms). Strait up player in divisions will have a higher win rate just because they can act and react to support each other as apposed to lone dogging it in a match. Beyond that skill building, map knowledge, ship knowledge, ya know that stuff your all ready. working on. So there yer answer, and not the short fast one either, and with the whys and where fores! Happy New Year! Now go kick the ship out of someone! Warlord sends
  13. TL_Warlord_Roff

    So many do NOT want the CV rework.

    Prefer it for the console/handheld market. Also a need for fairly consistent game play and element across all platforms.. do try to remember that full blown PC play is the game with all the fancy bells and whistles... not Warships Lite! CV play has needed to be simplified and more accessible to more players (though players that develop their skill with them will always be better then players that are lazy about it. Sorry newbs, no free lunch there.) This has been an issue since launch. In the hands of a good player CV currently utterly dominate matches, and it's not the firepower they bring to the table that makes then so very nasty (Though at high tiers it is really nasty) it the ability to see whats where.. Can't shoot what ya cant see, and can't react to what you do not know is there. I am both looking forward to it and dreading the CV change, and have with intent stayed off the test server this particular round of open testing. I'll deal with them when the changes go live. Until then I am not going to worry about it. This sort of thing is part and parcel of any MMO. And this is a MMO. Warlord sends Currently a DD main. If a CV drivers want to do me in, I will be done in.. I honestly don't expect this to change one itty butty tiny weeny iota. High tier especially, a CV can take out a DD in one pass of the air group
  14. TL_Warlord_Roff

    Game thoughts for 2019

    Not structured. Sorry, but you might find some interesting tidbits that mirror your own thoughts and conceptions. Typically in most fights the game spawn points tend to break teams up into 3 distinct groups of ships. Typically the teams are more or less mirrored in how ships are set up, or they are flipped in relationship to each other. It's obvious which is why I assume no one seems to really notice it. The obvious isn't important right? WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! It's of critical importance because it tells you what is opposite you on your position on the map. Your flank has a DD, a CA, a BB. the opposing player opposite you on your 1/3 of the map also have a DD, a CA, and a BB. The more you know, the more you can anticipate and act upon so pay a little active attention to that sort of thing. Maybe even more than a little. Pay attention to the sector of the map you are in first. The ships you start next to need you where you are until more is know of the disposition of the red team. The ship that shifts to another portion of the map takes more then just the firepower and hulls available in that area with them. First off shifting take time and time is in limited supply. That time gets used when shifting. I's all about force balance. What does your team gain if you shift? More often then not they gain nothing. If to many ships shift (and sometime just one ship shifting is to many!) The ship that don't shift position are now potentially and likely outnumbered on that portion of the map. If they all shift then that part of the map is now wide open and the ships on the other side can punch through, backfield your team and take you under a cross fire. I tend to consider this umm, whats a nice word/phrase.. ah! "sub optimal". Yea, pretty much eh? This tends to result in a match that is LOST. One ship (especially if its a well handled DD) can possibly screen the open flank and slow them down or even stop them. If the opposition doesn't allow them selves to be stopped the DD will have to give ground or die. Sometimes a CA or BB can pull off the same thing but its easier for a DD because DD's can hide! (I've ended up at the top of the score board more times then not by being that lone ship trip wiring the red team). Still, it's always going to be easier to pull off if your not doing it alone. Always remember, you can do everything right and still get sunk. Winning or loosing is not dependent on the actions of any one ship but on the synergy that develops with all 12 possible ships on a side. To sum this up attack from where you ARE at the beginning of the match.. Don't shift. Shifting created weakness. Find the red ships and take them under fire ASAP. Attack, does not mean Yolo.. it means get the attention of those red ship over there and keep them busy so they are not going elsewhere. And who knows, you might catch them in a shift.. funny how shifting ships always seem to be broadside to your guns.. humm? HE users.. once you get a fire or two set WHY ARE YOU STILL SHOOTING HE? .oh your AP can't pen the targets bow plating?. So don't aim for the bow plating! Aim a little high. Put your rounds into gun turrets or casemate area's to reduce their firepower. Put it anywhere because it's AP damage and they can only repair 10% of that damage if they can repair unlike HE where they can recover 50% of the lost HP. (go watch a brit BB print themselves a new ship from recovering the HE damage) Aim above the belt!.. Aim below the belt! (IJN 8" and larger shells especially. You only need to get lucky with one shell to utterly ruin someones day.) What I've written here is only just touching on how much a thinking persons game this really is. Always remember the basics of victory in this game. It is to outscore the other team. Your survival in a match is in many ways immaterial as long as the team wins. And you can't actually die.. a tremendous luxury over real world war fighters. You CAN learn from your mistakes. Which is a good thing because you will make them ((CC's, Notzer and islands. And he's mighty doggone good at this game)) ...... always. Work on making your mistakes when you won't get caught out making them. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it still make the same noise? You betcha it does! But, in the words of Bart Simpson "I didn't do it. No one saw me and you can't prove it. So there!" Fight your area of the map first. And actually fight. If your firing your guns and torps as fast as they can reload and your causing real damage that sticks your doing what you need to do. Ships die from accumulated damage more then being dev struck. The vast majority of the time it's accumulated damage that does a ship in. Be out there causing accumulated damage as fast as you can reload. If you cannot get a good shot on your chosen target, is there another target you can shoot at that has a better chance of receiving damage from you that sticks? So shoot it! It's how you work your way into those confederate/ High Cal accolades. if you go for island cover to mask you from fire coming from direction X, will you still be able to put shells out in direction Y where they will do some real and useful damage? I've never quite figured out the good to be done by firing at target 20 Km or more off when you have perfectly good targets much much closer. (why by the by are a threat to you if something is not done about them.) While that island is protecting you from damage what about your teams DD out there knife fighting in the cap? They might be able to take the opposing DD or two out by them selves but are they going to survive it if a whole bunch of red team ships are shooting at them because you aren't out there being a pesky target in your own right? They went to fight, if they died for no gain that's as much on you in your heavily armored and armored capital ships that can even heal damage as it is on them and enemy fire. They are the burst damage "GLASS" cannon.. your the TANK. So what is it with so many of you NOT tanking? If you do not move and position to give that DD gun fire support (To shoot at what shoots at the DD!) you will have to deal with the loss of that DD and what the DD was unable to do later in the match. Be positioned where you can shoot effectively at the RIGHT targets, at the important targets. Same same applies to your teams cruisers, especially the more lightly armored ones. They're only a DPM monster for your team if they're floating AND shooting and if you run out of DD's guess who gets the DD's job and is no where near as good as a DD at doing it? World of Warships is a team play game like it or not. If you don't like team play games I've no clue why your playing this one! If your new the personal game skills you need to work on are gunnery gunnery gunnery first. If your not hitting what your shooting get closer until you can hit what your shooting at. Once you have that part down you can start working on hitting em from further out. Never drive in a strait line at a constant speed. Never ever. Safer to always be turning left or right, speeding up and slowing down. Generating misses. You will be shot at, you will be hit. Try to keep the hits received to a minimum while keeping the hits you cause at a maximum. The ship type matter as much as distance as far as level of threat. In most cases the closer a ship is the more dangerous it must be considered. So what if all you have is AP loaded. if that's a DD with torpedo's ready they're likely 21" and pack a helluva bang. Might wanna shoot the DD anyway. (if'n you don't I will think and maybe even say bad things about you, and even if I'm THAT DD!) Do remember there are a number of cruiser that also pack torpedo's. Note that being larger targets they are much easier to hit! I know for many of you this is all "the basics" but one should always remember the basics.. Anyway, may 2019 be a better for you then 2018. See you in match!
  15. TL_Warlord_Roff

    The CV change isn't just wrong, it's berserk.

    CV change, it's gonna change the way we play and I'm going to worry about it when it goes live. Quite simple NOW.. if a CV want you dead, your dead. Is this going to change? Short answer.. No! The changes to CV play and the why of them has been stated time and again most clearly.. To make CV player fun and approachable and not require the sort of focused attention to play that the multi tasking RTS style CV play has required up till now. It's so that MORE player will play CV's Don't like CV's? To bad. Naval air power was a major factor for ships to deal with in both world wars. In WW-I the primary use was observation. By WW-II the use of naval air power had grown significantly. It's part of the history and to NOT have it in the game would not be in the spirit of what world of warships is, so it's here and it's gonna stay. Better start figuring out you tactics to mitigate the effect of air power. Some of us all ready have and it's the exact same tactics we had before the CV rework. Go figure!