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  1. Milestones.

    I started playing warships soon after it's NA launch. It's been mostly great fun from the get go. A few months back badges and emblems were introduced and yesterday just before I went off to attend a memorial for a friend, and fellow player of World Of Warships I managed at long last to earn the Nihon Kaigun Seiei Butai emblem. Yep, That one. The Big One. scoring in the top 3 on the winning side in 100 battles. The badge is a Eastern Dragon in glory insealed with crane wings and 3 swords. It's a beautiful bit of artwork, and I think I want one for a cap badge.. I think I might just be able to recreate it as a silver casting.. going to have to give it a try.. I haven't done precious metal casting in over 20 years but I'll have to give it a go. It took me 1,121 battles to do this (I think.. I also qualified for the Destroyer I emblem same fight the destroyer II emblem is showing the number of battles at 1,121. best guess with out doing a lot more digging) Now as you know to qualify for the national badges you have to score in the top 3 on the winning team. Factor in my win rate during that period and I was on the winning team for 550-600 matches. During this time 2 new lines of ships have entered the game, the US cruiser line split happened and RADAR cruiser became a little too common for we DD player peace of mind. I'm well on my way now to eventually earning the DD badges, but to me the ship class badges are less impressive. They only require you to score X amount of average damage for so many matches, where as the national badge clearly mark that you are a contributor to your teams victory and to me, yea that marks a player as someone to pay attention to. I am an average player. High side of average, but still average. I also play IJN DD's pretty much exclusively and have developed a skill set with IJN DD's that's now obviously not to shabby. If I can do it, You can do it. They could develop some more emblems for the game. And I like ones that reflect a player skill and ability. Maybe some combination badges.. especially on the national badges where your achieving that 100 top 3 on the winning side for more then one nation. See ya'll in game.. Imma go polish my emblem now... that's it over to the left..
  2. DD's high tier game is bad

    (looks at the thread and sighs) Change the ship size scale.. They are ALL over sized. All of them. They're all about 1/ 1/2 to 2 x larger then they should be. Players would adjust but hit percentages would still drop. When the devs transitioned their project from a naval combat sim to a naval combat game they made a bunch of changes to improve play ability and fun factor. A lot of the issues in this thread and others have to do with those changes. It would work, and... you would all HATE IT. That's why the change was made was because it just wasn't much fun. But I'll make a bet that over in accounting the number, the demographics, the numeric's all show that the vast majority of players are fine with it as is. The game is fun for them, and those casuals make up most of the player base and income. We hard core types that have to be reminded to get off the forums and go play... we're not the majority. You gotta look at the game as a potato player. And the reason the game is PvP and not PvE is because no one has yet to make a bot/ai in a commercial combat game that'll kick player butt one on one. So to be competitive you have it be PvP and not all players are even remotely created equal. Some player stink bad and so need an OP ship just to break even. Other can go out in a row boat and a BB guns and leave you whimpering for mercy and a Nerf to their BB gun! NERF BB GUNS NOW... (also known as IJN 100mm guns.. and no, leave em alone. The ships that mount them have some pretty amazing weaknesses and those weaknesses are going to leave players using them pretty predictable and specialized. Of course if you unbuff the guns HE pen you gotta give something back..... are you sure that's a good idea?)
  3. New Love for Yugumo

    oh yea.. I love my Yugumo much more then I love my Shimi..And it's not any one thing but the whole package. 12K torp very usable, TRB VERY usable. Gun performance is solid, and only take a small bit of tweak to the set up to ensure you don't out turn your turret traverse allowing you to keep guns on target. Those IJN 127's are very accurate guns within their range and they hit pretty hard which is good because your usually at a rate of fire disadvantage. It not a gun boat but the guns do work. I highly recommend that you take either Concealment Expert or the Concealment module, but you don't need to take both. I've dropped CE to take RPF on mine and usually have plenty of warning there an opposing DD out there. It also handy for tracking down hiders.
  4. Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    she's a good boat, but very very unforgiving of errors in play.. mostly be cause she just a bit of a slug in the turns. Them's that shoot at her don't miss very often! Big Target. Looking forward to her big sister at tier IX the Kitakaze.. 2 1/2 knots faster, one more upgrade slot, and 2 extra torpedo tubes.. doesn't maneuver any better, but yea, you drive the Aki and her soon to be tier IX and X sisters like a small cruiser and you should be fine. A well handled Aki was not something you really wanted to catch in another DD before the change to HE pen.. less so now!
  5. DD Lesson of the Day.

    Far to many players don't understand what smoke does for them and against them. Most just do not realize that they are not "seeing" out of the smoke.. They don't really understand the spotting mechanics at all. and that someone else is spotting the targets they're blazing away at. So whats happens is you see ship going into your DD smoke and STOP. In high tier play that will get you torped! They're not using it to allow their movement to be masked. It's mind boggling at times watching the Battleships and cruisers do, umm, do...humm, um everything but the smart thing. Example: Torped a smoke cloud 5 days ago in my Yugumo having watch a DD lay it, and then abserved the dd leave say 3 cruisers drive into smoke, Saw gun flashes. sent torps at them and a yamato near by, hit TRB, gave it another 5 seconds send trailing spreads behind the other shots. 2 cruiser killed outright 1 cruiser and one Battle ship flooded out. Been doing a lot of this sort of killing lately. Being "Predictable" is bad! Turn that camping game play against them. I don't even run smoke on my IJN DD's that have the TRB option. It's so easy to set your self up using smoke, and of course its no defense against radar. Using smoke in high tier play very dicey so do be aware. Smoke is no longer the "oh crap" button. It's a tool, and if its used wrong its a death sentence. The art of the Torpedo Destroyer has evolved to "don't get seen, and don't get detected, don't do things that get you detected or noticed until you decide it's time for that to happen." But DD play is all about risk management, and sometimes you do it wrong and it's back to port. my new rule is I don't target ships with my torps any more unless it's a radar cruiser and I'm outside of his radar range, then I'll happily lock him up. He might just waste a charge of radar. I aim my torps where I know the opposing ships have to go because most player of Battleships and Cruisers tend to run for the best cover they can get as a soon as they can. And the maps are no surprise after a while. The terrain of the map will channel movement, and one of the most effective jobs a DD can do is herd the opposing team. It can be amazingly easy to do. The number of torpedo hit per match for me has more then doubled since I started aiming at ships less and areas of water more. And I never ever send more then a single rack of torps into an area. though I might have a set of torps trail the fist set my 8 to 12 seconds. Quite a few see the first set and go "oh I slowed you missed", and then they speed up. Wall of torps is still very viable but its not the only way to do things, and it tend to leave you with dry tubes for quite a bit. Spread the torpedo love! Yes must spread it far and wide for you are a Destroyerman!
  6. ..not that I'm not going to give it a try, because I utterly stink driving a Shimikaze.. I just cannot get the hang of that thing... But the tier XI Kitakaze I am seriously looking forward because it is an upgrade to Akizuki. Harugumo give up quite a bit for that 5th turret. (I'd rather they'd give'n her a second torpedo rack then an additional turret myself. Take Kitakaze, stretch it, add add a torp launcher, drop em both to 4 tube racks, leave all other stats (rudder, speed, turn radius, concealment, gun performance)the same. Give the option to trade smoke for TRB, give the option to trade Engine boost for an AA consumable. More fun, more options, and a true hybrid. I can think of a half dozen ways to set up the ship and spec out the commander, and all capable workable builds, some more suited to co-op, others to comp play, or randoms, solo or division-ed. Though I think Kitakaze may be the one I like best. It's simply a better Akizuki and had the distinction of the class at least being under construction by the end of the war. Harugumo? Total paper ship...
  7. Flamu is Unicum, not an average player.. not by any wild stretch of anyone's imagination.. He's likely better at this game having not slept for 3 days, starving, hungover, and having a flue or cold then the vast majority of us on a GOOD day. So yes, it performed well in his hands. Well see how well it does when it's goes live. A whole lot of players that are thinking it is THE shiznick, are going to undergo "disappointed" as a feeling. It may be, but it won't be for them! Drive it right, it rewards you. Err, and your a frag on someone else's kill board. Now I agree it appears a little strong. On the other hand the things a slug to drive. You think Akizuki is a slug drive? Hargumo is worse.Slow acceleration and deceleration. HUGE turn radius. Slow rudder response, and not that fast, and pretty horrible concealment. Oh, and BIG TARGET. pretty easy to hit. It is faster then the Akizuki, but all the other tier X DD are faster, which means it can stay spotted for cruiser guns, and it still very vulnerable to carrier aircraft. I've also run into supertesters with the ship and taken em out with Yugumo, Kagero, and Harekaze. She can't really risk gun fire in open water against an NOT distracted target. SO please gent to over react to it. It's a beast, but it's also has a some pretty huge vulnerabilities. SO If I can run no smoke IJN DD's in a radar heavy meta in my typical highly aggressive style and succeed. You guys can learn how to kill Harugumo before it kills you. If you wanted easy there's always Tiddly Winks
  8. DD Play is NOT dead.

    I'm doing what I can to make driving radar cruiser unpopular.. Got my first tier IX play Kraken (I think, could be wrong) in my Yugumo the other day for a 6 kill win.. 2 of my kills were 2 DesMoinies.. and a Mino that were all tucked into the mino smoke.. 1...2...3. Then I went and bagged a near dead shimmy, and a full health Yamato (he was NOT happy ..died trying to run away from where those 3 cruisers got bagged!) and 'Tana that had the choice of my torps or the rest of my teams guns.. so nose into the BB, broadside to me.. At least is was quick. The only other radar ship on the opposing teams was a Moskva that died right about the same time I took the 'moine's out.. It always upset em when you decide to go cruiser hunting. luck counted . Luck played a factor, bad decisions played a factor, and me learning how to shoot torps without ever locking my targets so as to not warn them counted.. DD play is far from dead, but it is more difficult from tier VII on up.
  9. Current Laptop GPU’s . . . Which One?

    Oh wow, a question i'm intimately familiar with as I play this game on a laptop.. specifically a Lenova T-510 this is a intel i5 (3.2Ghz) with 4GB and uses the intel 2000HD video. Word of note, playable ..lousy in the bucket frame rate and must be run on lowest video setting but playable. Typically 8 to 12 FPS. This did improve after upgrading to 8GB ram as video uses system memory on lap tops. Use your hardware setting and dedicate at least 1 GB if possible to video processing. I run the game with a second 28" screen using an extended desktop with the main display on the external monitor. I am typically able to run the game, have Team Speak open, have Discord open, browser open, and a few other odds and ends. Now I have a second laptop at this time I'm working with over the next couple months. a ASUS which is a somewhat better media machine with a quad core celeron running at 2.7GHz. The CPU isn't as good, but it has a much better GPU in it. able to handle Open GL 3.3 graphics which means it'll run just about anything out there these day. When it was new it would have been considered a gaming lap top. You can play this game on surprisingly low end systems but that mostly because the install is really just the front end GUI and game interface. It's just a client shell. The real guts of the game are over on the server. You can run the game with intel 2000 HD Graphic, so anything better then that and your golden! ANd to the not so technical minded out there, you do not upgrade the CPU and GPU on laptops and note books. All you can do is add more system RAM, and there are few laptop/notebooks that can mount more then 8 GB.. on lap top video the issues is video memory as much anything. On a 4 Gig system the integrated GPU will reserve 256 to 512K of system RAM automatically. The best thing a lap top user can do is upgrade the system ram from 4 GB to 8GB and the go into system setting and reserve a 1GB for Video processing. There may be some specific gaming laptops that have the capability to replace the CPU and GPU, but I wouldn't even consider it unless your so deep pocked that paying $4000 USD is nothing to you. (and of note: replacement/upgrade CPU/GPU's for those hobbiest laptops are not a simple thing, and stupid expensive.. easily twice what you would pay for the same for a typical desktop box. DO it wrong and you have a very expensive paper weight for your desk. ) Best of luck sir. And even on lowest video settings, she still a mighty pretty game. Warlord sends
  10. Not from today but last fight of the day yesterday. My first ever Kraken on the tier IX Yugumo. Ended the match with 6 kills of aggressive no smoke torpedo boating. (I also run RPF) The opposing team had a couple Des Moines's radar ships and My own team was not shooting them nearly sufficiently.. so... I took care of them myself, along with a potentially annoying Minotaur. A Yamato, and Montana followed after along with a snap shot to clean up on the fleeing Shimikaze. I ended with 6 kills, and new high damage record for my self. ALmost surprised I didn't bet ore achievements other then the Kraken single devestating strike (the poor Mino!) and a whitherer when the Yamato finally flooded out (staggered launched, 2 hits, he repaired and then ate two more torps. I know that feeling it was not a happy match for him). The last kill was really a bit of a gimmie. The poor Montana had to choose, nose on to the mass of BB in front of him and side ways to DD torps..either way, no good solutions for him. He ate 3 torps. (6 hit, but the first 3 killed him so the rest didn't count). The usual reasons for a Kraken, My team could have been better but they weren't. The other team could have been better, and a bit luckier. I was both good, and lucky.. oh and just to add insult to injury, and VERY unusual for me... (15% survival rate in DD's!) I took zero damage.. mostly by killing what ever could have damaged me long before they saw me. The Shimmy got hit with one shell for 197 points of damage. I didn't expect to hit em, but one wandered in and kill secured. Warlord sends
  11. Thanks to my random team for being a team!

    Ha! Karma system? It doesn't even make it to tasteless joke level any more! Ignore it. I checked yesterday my Karma was 110 in the morning, at the end of the day It had dropped down to 90! I am a polite player and a good sport. I always have been. Could be partially that my parents and society as a whole when I was growing up in the 1960's and 70's was a bit less indulgent of childish tantrums, and absolutly did not tolerate poor sportsmanships in game people play period. It's a different world, not always better. And I'll bet money the the biggest hit my Karma took was my last fight of the day in a Yugumo where I played very well and scored me a 6 kill Kraken (one opportunity shot possible KS on a fleeing Shimmy, one random torp missed everyone else and clipped a heavy cruiser coming out of someone else's smoke, the other 2 cruiser and 2 BB were intentional targets that would have died anyway. The "Plays Poorly" must have overwhelmed the plays well/worthy opponent by quite the large margin for me to be down 20 Karma point by the end of the day. These days I see Karma as a placebo system for players with low skill or a lack of emotional center to have a button they can mash to voice their displeasure that can otherwise be ignored. I do suppose it beats seeing them have a public temper tantrum because it's everyone else fault they getting their butts kicked and not learning the game. At one point WG was handing out flags once a month for maintaining a positive Karma,,, I think they quietly just stopped doing that months ago. It's been months since I got any "you been a nice guy!" emails. Likely because some players were exploiting for the rewards and really seriously hadn't earned them.. quite the opposite. Ah well. I don't even bother talk'n to em any more. My own rule is if ya can't be civil, keep your mouth shut. I apply it to my self first.
  12. Destroyers are really hard to play for me

    Dear OP... go watch you tube destroyer play commentary. They'll be a a lot you can pick up from it, also find the top DD games (for the current game version) at warship replays and watch them. DD Are likely the hardest class to play. You really do want to know what all the other ships in the game have or a least a good appreciation so study ships all ships. Know what they can do so you can take advantage of it when they are allies, and when they are enemies. Pay attention to everything going on around you. Pay attention to terrain. Know which island you can to get to fastest to get behind and shelter from the steel rain is a good thing. (never stay such places... you don't want to be there when the bus arrives!). Your armor for that ship is not being shot at if you can help it., yet as fragile as thay are, DD's and the sacrifices they make can be the difference between winning a match and loosing it. Just had my first 6 kill Kraken last night in a tier IX Yugumo. I watched my own replay a couple times over to self check (good DD players do this) and yep, I got lucky and half the opposing team got unlucky, and got lazy and that's why they got sunk. Ok course my own team left something to be desired or I wouldn't have bagged 6 kills!. One thing to always remember is to get a kraken both teams kinda have ta stink! It's one of those inconvenient truths you hear about that no one likes to really talk about. It's taken me all of two years of play to get this good. So be aware it may take awhile. BUt once you do get there, it'll be a nice feeling. Enjoy! Just remember that Destroyer drivers don't have lives, they have half lives so make the best of it while ya got it and go make some havoc and chaos!
  13. I like that thought. And I happen to think it would improve the game by forcing player to start thinking more tactically. It would be absolutely real world realistic by far. Getting rid of HE entirely... um yea I actually like the idea even if it means when I am driving my IJN gun boats that I may be doing little or nothing to a target until I get at a better range or a better aspect. I'd actually have to know my shell penetration values for range, angle, and armor type (Krupp or face hardened etc) if I want to get optimal use out of my guns. Something I do need to keep in mind when playing a full on naval sim such as "Jutland" or "Distant Guns" Now where was I? Ah yea, more coffee...
  14. *wanders in coffee in hand at 7am on the west coast* Well I managed what 4 down votes on the original post? OUT STANDING!. WHat.. I should be hanging my head on shame. You you think? You teach people how to think by challenging them and their preconceived notion.. their "prejudices" My old High School civics teacher from 45 years ago would be pleased to know I learned something from him after all. Odds are really good if your down voting you are actually reading it! And if you post, your thinking about it. And when you think about it, that's when you learn new things, find new thoughts, and find new ways! If this were a popularity contest to me my posts would be worded differently. And respect to all of you, but that is not a game I play. My real feeling on my "community standing" is. "oh, that's nice that is it positive over all." So subject at hand. Some good stuff here! Really is. And related issues, so I'm sure noticed the upcoming test patch.. and that it's part one, I seek consolation over the fact I am personally going to have to wait at least (part one, so assume part 2, 14 days, plus one day...mutter mutter mutter) 15 to 22 days before I get to play with the Kitakaze and Harugumo... Wargaming you dirty stinking miserable rotten um um.. running out of not naughty words here..I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED! Give Me My IJN Gun Boat Tier IX and X DD Now..! Don't make me go all South Park Cartman on yer butt! Honestly though I don't like it that the games mechanics are constantly changing.. It wears, Its get old, and it's a distraction. I want the dev making ships, making maps, making better AI. I want them NOT paying attention to post like I saw on the forums yesterday/day before where some person was pushing for fancy (ie:gold) ammo. As if we don't have sufficient issues now. I want shineys to play with and I want the differences between line to be subtle and small. and NOT have this game turn into a electronic clone of Wizards of the Coasts Victory At Sea collectable Naval Miniatures (umm really kinda cool if you've never seen them. Game it's self I believe is now out of print but distro have thousands of booster packs still warehoused, check around!) I note that we actually get charged for ammo consumption, but when you consider that we have an endless supply of ammo (or if we don't it'll be news to me because I've never run out of ammo even i AKizuki where I know I have fired more rounds in a match then that ship carried historically of all types Anti Air and Anti Surface. Which brings up another point.. Why are we even paying for ammo expenditure? And for that matter, why do we even have "silver" After 2 years going on 3 of live play it seem to be a quite unnecessary level of complication. If it gets in the way of getting ships that cannot be incorporated into the XP earning and spending system then get rid of it. For that matter why not have us spending XP for signals.. I got a Fuso with over 2 million XP accrued on it, I am never going to use that XP for anything, so give me something to use it on! I have threw money at the game to get doubloons there is not a single free XP ship I would not be able to get right now. OH NO coffee's empty off to kitchen with me.. see you next time! Warlord sends
  15. SO, it appears the UK 112's on the DD's have the same issue as the IJN 100's . It appears that they need that same 1/4 pen value for HE as the IJN ship are getting for the 100mm's. Several CC's have commented and while I'm not a ST, or a CC, I agree with them. They're looking uncomfortably difficult to play. I'm also starting to be of the opinion that it may be time to take a pass over DD guns and look at pen values for the HE to make sure they're actually usable across all lines and tiers. I don't know the numbers but I'd be unsurprised if the UK 112's did not have the same issues with shell shatters as the IJN Guns. I fully realize that finding the balance is difficult. If the ship requires a commander skill to make it's offensive systems have real utility in game and workable I consider that an issue. The thin the plating idea as a global change didn't work because it made the DD's even more vulnerable to gun fire from 5.9" to 9.2" rounds from cruisers. On the one hand this is not unrealistic. DD's depended on good engineering, good tactics and well trained crews to survive potential catastrophic damage, not armor. The important aspect of gun era DD's are speed and maneuverability for survival. Your "armor" is to not get hit. Of all the ships in the game the DD's come closest to the modern concept of a ships being a platform for weapons systems. One particular hull in the current US navy inventory if out fitted out in one way is considered a cruiser, and in another is considered a destroyer.. same hull, same power plant. We taxpayers back in the day scratched our heads at that one But the Navy was all, hey it works for us. It's really cost effective and helps keep maintenance and logistics cost down. Considering the rest of the world consider most modern US Navy DD's classes to be light cruiser by displacement.. well "Meh! It is what it is." The US Navy classifies ships by mission, not by hull displacement these days, and modern fleet destroyer are main combattants. Either way that last paragraph is "chrome" and background. We are not in the modern era in this game, and DD's have to be just as effective as Cruisers, and Battleships, and Carriers or no one will drive them, even if they do require a bit more circumspect handling and attention to detail for the player to wring the best out of them. DD's do not forgive you your errors. Even the handful that do pack a repair. This is especially true when your own team in matches will rarely provide you real support by being in a position where they have clear arcs of fire to shoot at anything that shoots at your DD. When they do it's a match winning strat. When they don't.. well, it may or may not cost the match. but it certainly irritates we DD drivers to have some player tell you that they will provide support and then they promptly drive behind an island where they cannot fire on targets that are firing on you much less targets you spot. If you cannot get shots off for whatever reason, then you cannot provide support. There's no wiggle room there. It's totally a binary solution set and should be obvious and simple. Driving DD's in this game... interesting and pretty seriously challenging. Gotta learn folks, battle is not fought on a time scale that convenient. Tactics are real, ships move because if you don't move you are just a target. Your either fighting or your not. As a DD main on your team, if your not shooting those Cruiser and Battleship guns at targets as fast as they can cycle your not useful to what I'm trying to accomplish out there, and that is win the match for both of us. There is only so much the Wargame can do to balance the game.. The rest is up to US. They will sort their end, it's up to us to sort our end out because they simply can't do it for us. I suspect far to many players consider Warships some sort of fancy ship based variant on first person shooters. If you think that it is, I'm sorry but you are wrong. This is a COMBAT game, not a game of who has the sniper rifle. WOT is more a FPS then this game is. Success in Worships play is a team effort. Watching kings of the sea, and clan battle fight videos on YouTube should make this obviously clear. The teams that wins, plays offensively. They never stop pushing, and they never entirely stop moving, and they are always shooting. How do you learn to that? You go out there and you do it, and fail, and eventually learn how to it right. There's no manual or how to vid's. To many possible variables, which by the way is why Bots do so utterly miserable against human players, because if it were easy Co-op play would be utter misery for you to play in and the bots would regularly kick human player butt. ANyway, that is it for me today.. Off to go find a fray! Warlord sends