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  1. Bork.

    Obligatory Corgi memes from this thread. (And yes I know many of them were already posted).
  2. Bork.

    Niko be like;
  3. Warships gets its own anime?!

    Not too lazy to do this;
  4. Warships gets its own anime?!

    If I may? Why don't you make the opening with the Kancolle girls (with disclaimer) and put it on YouTube (with monetization turned off) and if there is no problem move the project forward from there. Also mind modding the opening you guys make so we can have it as our opening video, I would like that.
  5. Why did you pick your patch?

    Why did I pick my patch...... What? I'm a repair ship of simple pleasures.
  6. Warships gets its own anime?!

    If you aren't selling the anime for money, it is a non-issue. DMM or whoever can't claim copyright infringement if no money is being made. But don't quote me on that, copyright can be a very weird game.
  7. Warships gets its own anime?!

    That is true....What? Cats are lazy. I wonder who our villain will be?
  8. Warships gets its own anime?!

    Wouldn't want it any other way Lert.
  9. Warships gets its own anime?!

    Aww, you included me in this? Thanks man, but you forgot someone, the Forum Cat @Lert. After all @LittleWhiteMouse is always with her fluffy companion.
  10. If steven is going wg can you.....

    Show us your proof then, let us see the replay so we can laugh at your severe lack of situational awareness.
  11. If steven is going wg can you.....

    O.k. So what you are saying is that the Akizuki saw you in your Roma, and started shooting. At the same time she called her German allies and said; "Hello, could you please send another bomber to my location? Apparently that last Fritz X was a dud because I am being shot by a Roma." The Germans reply; "Ja, ve vill take care of dat." So the Germans scrambles a He.111, the 111 climbs to 3, 000 ft. Drops a Fritz X right into your ammunition storage. All in 8 seconds. Dam them Germans are quick. If you can't tell this is completely ludicrous, sarcastic and could never happen in-game. Just like your completely fabricated [edited] story.
  12. If steven is going wg can you.....

    Now you are saying [edited]. An Akizuki can only do that with a detonation. And hee shells even with IFHE can't pen the Roma's hull to cause one. So again you are speaking complete [edited].
  13. If steven is going wg can you.....

    Yah how much health did you have?
  14. If steven is going wg can you.....

    Yah....I call [edited]. The Akizuki's guns can't pen the hull armor of Roma, even with IFHE.