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  1. What? it's true.
  2. Everyone loves to shoot at Omaha's.
  3. Then turn it off you fool.
  4. Sry, the quote seemed to imply otherwise.
  5. Balance my [edited]they were OP already and are now more so, And I'm a BB main and I say that buff was completely unneeded.
  6. I know right?
  7. No offense Lert your idea was sound for the time. In late 2016 the smoke meta and how important it was to some ships was no where near what it is today (Stealth-fire was there and no RN CL's) at the time your idea would of been fine but today? it would be game-breaking and require several other fixes to be introduced to the smokecreens. And think about competitive play smoke is the lifeblood of competitive teams (that and a good CV player) this change would send several team strategies out the window on all the servers. While yes at the time the opinion was positive Lert with the other changes that have occurred this idea could not work. @Herr_Reitz idea earlier in this thread of having a blurry outline maybe show up when you fire is a much more viable option in today's game. P.S; if this appears to be a dig at you that is not my intention, i'm just stating that with the changed game-scape this change will not work, had it occurred earlier then yah, the idea would of worked but now? It just can't.
  8. i have to agree with you here Reitz this is a much better idea and will not be anywhere near as game-breaking as Wargaming's idea. @NikoPower@Pigeon_of_War@Sub_OctavianTell Wargaming that this is a much better idea than what they have planned STOP THIS IDIOTIC SMOKE NERF!
  9. The hate is because everyone assumed that you have to buy him. But the post seems to say that you will get him for the collection reward like with Dunkirk Joe.
  10. This gif is not mine this belongs to @tcbaker777 the Official Meme Lord of HiNon Clan. but since he isn't here and the meme was to perfect to pass up i decided to do it.
  11. Don't give them ideas!!!!!!
  12. Too bad the poi will never be like that again thanks to Wargaming's continued nerfing to Japanese DD's. Wargaming- catering to the whims and wills of whiners since Open Beta!
  13. @Pigeon_of_War @NikoPower - Make this Happen! I want the Doctor to command my ships!!!! Also Where is our Torpillow!!!!
  14. I'm putting him on my Edinburgh.
  15. Anybody notice that we can get HMS Gallant in those event containers? Anthony and Cyclone are freely available for everyone to play in the Operation, while Gallant can be purchased in the Premium Shop starting July 19 or randomly dropped in an event Container. I'm curious about this statement is anybody going to hold off on buying this now that we know we can get it for free? @Pigeon_of_War @NikoPower is this correct or was this a typo? Also URL Guy on point again.