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  1. Actually no. It was still considered the standard doctrine of the US Pacific Fleet until the attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent loss of the Philippines, Guam, the Marshall and Mariana Islands.
  2. All Battleships in the US tech tree below the North Carolina were built under Battleship Doctrine. They were limited to a speed of about 20-25 knots. This was done so that in theory you would always have your Capital Ships sailing together to maximize firepower. However this is a pre-WW I doctrine and with the power of aircraft carriers and torpedoes it is a doctrine that was quickly abandoned after Prearl Harbor.
  3. This thread in summary; And now...
  4. Nice choices Pigeon. Also congratulations @Doomlock and @_Fantomex_ way to go!!!
  5. O.K they weren't all that clear on that point.
  6. I have nothing against Flamu personally, I just don't like his videos. However you doing this all the time is really annoying, maybe if you stopped doing this every time he put up a video you wouldn't need to put this line in the description. Maybe change it to something like a monthly recap would cause less anger to rise to the surface. Now since i know that either yourself and/or others are going to be angry....
  7. Yah but I got the bundle during the fist post about the bundle so does that mean I'm not able to get the Alabama or am I misreading this? @Trevzor a little help here please?
  8. Not really much, just put on the target mod. Same effect. Plus it is usually put on BBs anyway so not really.
  9. It's a step in the right direction for the Tribal class and HMCS Haida.
  10. Another facepalm meme;
  11. How about this?
  12. So I should keep the tier II (because it is OP), tier VII (because it is the closest ship we have to Haida) and the teir X (because it is what the Shimakaze used to be). Love the preview LWM keep it up!
  13. When you have no idea. When two people you like on the forums are arguing. When you want to see a thread burn.
  14. When you are rapidly scrolling though the comments.
  15. Maybe a funny thing a moderator like @Mezurashi could post before locking a thread or someone else could find a use for it.