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  1. WG You Forgot to Give the Tirp Her Smoke!!

    All vessels can make smoke, just have to put oil on the boilers, Tirpitz smoke generators were for her "Lonely Queen of the North" phase. Since she was stuck in the fjords her engines were shut down so the smoke generators were added so she could be covered by smoke during RAF air raids. Also in-game it would be completely useless on a battleship.
  2. Anything more lethal than a CV in a battle?

    A Yamato? An Asashio with idiot BBs to feast on? A CV is a threat but only against individual targets, against a fleet they are severely limited. Lethality in this game is relative and situational, some ships are more lethal in some situations then others.
  3. You missed my edit, I reread it an saw your point. However that only says "available" not "only available" so there is a real possibility that the other commanders can be earned for free, that one paragraph just doesn't give enough details to say for sure. @Pigeon_of_War @Gneisenau013 any comments?
  4. Where does it say that? The first commander you earn with in-game missions. Edit; reread and see your point but it is just as likely that we could still get them for free.
  5. John Doe

    Biased poll is biased.
  6. Oooooooo! So much good stuff! American CLs, Azure Lane, and best of all (maybe not but it is a very good fix) for the pink system when the game fails you!
  7. Friendly fire damage penalty is too severe

    Looks at 7.5 patch notes......being done already.
  8. Would You Pay to Never See a Map Again?

    Dear god.....those broken hitboxes........wouldn't mind seeing it return with working hitboxes though.
  9. Premium Ship Review #100

    Laughs like an evil cat in his Musashi......
  10. How would submarines work in the game?

    They never will come in game so no reason to figure it out.
  11. Minas Gerase - Class

    Maybe with the Pan-American line.