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  1. WTFoxtrot

    Interested as to why players stick exclusively to Coop

    Yep, he's a personal hero of mine. Going to war in PT boats in the European theater and then staring as a PT commander in the Pacific during some of the most important operations of the early war. The photo is of him from his Naval files. Although it looks like a photo from a Hollywood publicity shot from "They Were Expendable."
  2. WTFoxtrot

    CO-OP only From now on

    Well, that certainly explains the CooP games of late. It seems half of the games all of the BB's are off hiding behind an island for most of the game. I guess these are the PvP players showing up in CooP. I wondered where these guys were coming from.
  3. WTFoxtrot

    Hellboy 2019

    Well, as much as I love Perlman, and I love his acting in everything, especially Hellboy. I will still see this movie because I love Hellboy. I hope it is at least as good as The Golden Army. That will keep me coming back. And we still have the Graphic Novels!
  4. WTFoxtrot

    Museum Ships in WoWS

    I'd love to have this list with the locations of each ship. I did get to visit the Constitution in Boston many years ago. Different times, but a great old ship. I toured the Midway a few years back. That was great. I really need to get down to see my home state ship, Texas, one of these days. Here in landlocked Colorado, we just don't have much Navy based relics. But I have a bunch to put on my Bucket List.
  5. WTFoxtrot

    Need help finding this wallpaper

    Ooh. Do you have a High-Resolution version of this?
  6. In other words, about half of the Randoms I play.
  7. WTFoxtrot

    Interested as to why players stick exclusively to Coop

    Toxicity, is that even at question? I can deal with good players taking the time to beat you with good play. The toxic environment in Randoms even from your own team is horrendous. BOREDOM. PVP takes 5+ minutes just to get a match. Then it's hurry off to a corner. If you try to look at the cap you get a dozen "GET BACCK NOOB!!1!" messages. Huddling around waiting for the enemy to make a move for 15 minutes is just not that much fun for me. Health concerns. My DD crews all suffer from radiation poisoning because of RADAR so powerful it can go right through an island. I have to call [edited]. Sorry, but I've rarely if ever had anyone speak to me in co-op let alone spew nonsense. In hundreds of games I've had maybe three times I saw someone say something negative to anyone. Mostly there is positive, "We can do this" stuff at best. Randoms, the percentage of rage is around 150% of games. Meaning more than one idiot spewing crap at their own team. And most of them are so good that they died in the first 3 minutes of the game. So you know how good their advice is.
  8. WTFoxtrot

    Alaska free exp vs coal

    I guess others have pretty much put the "punishment" argument to rest so I won't beat that poor expired equine again. Highlighted for clarity.
  9. WTFoxtrot

    War Movies

    Then you may recognize where my Avatar picture comes from. Although this is his actual Naval portrait during the war.
  10. I can't say I play more or less. I have noticed that the original two CV's per game has receded to where I now see only a few CV games per day. Most games have no CV now and I kinda don't like that either. However, I haven't been playing CV's as often since the change, as I really liked RTS interface much more.
  11. WTFoxtrot

    WOWs disappeared

    Sounds like the issues others are reporting with the Navigator Mod causing the game to hang.
  12. Looking for simulator quality physics in a Wargaming game is kinda adorable. As Raven114 said, it's an Arcade game.
  13. WTFoxtrot

    Russia Disconnecting From Internet? Wargaming Impact?

    I realize that game servers are on different continents, but I wonder if their login server connects back to the home systems in the RU? That would cause potential issues. I know I've seen other online games go down because they couldn't connect to their billing systems which is the ultimate arbiter of whether or not you have a valid account...
  14. WTFoxtrot

    What daily containers do you pick?

    I've spent so many Credits grinding, I've been picking those. But I'm thinking I should move to Resources and use Coal occasionally to buy Zulu flags for extra creds.
  15. WTFoxtrot

    Seriously?!? Operation Aegis... O_O

    That would properly be: "Bless yer heart" Or to really sell it as southern: "Well bless yer heart"