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  1. I can't say I play more or less. I have noticed that the original two CV's per game has receded to where I now see only a few CV games per day. Most games have no CV now and I kinda don't like that either. However, I haven't been playing CV's as often since the change, as I really liked RTS interface much more.
  2. WTFoxtrot

    WOWs disappeared

    Sounds like the issues others are reporting with the Navigator Mod causing the game to hang.
  3. Looking for simulator quality physics in a Wargaming game is kinda adorable. As Raven114 said, it's an Arcade game.
  4. WTFoxtrot

    Russia Disconnecting From Internet? Wargaming Impact?

    I realize that game servers are on different continents, but I wonder if their login server connects back to the home systems in the RU? That would cause potential issues. I know I've seen other online games go down because they couldn't connect to their billing systems which is the ultimate arbiter of whether or not you have a valid account...
  5. WTFoxtrot

    Jump in requests

    Have they been relatively new players? I ask because my suspicion is that many people joined the game during the Holidays and are now looking to get into clans. Just a thought.
  6. WTFoxtrot

    What daily containers do you pick?

    I've spent so many Credits grinding, I've been picking those. But I'm thinking I should move to Resources and use Coal occasionally to buy Zulu flags for extra creds.
  7. WTFoxtrot

    Delaying game entry bug.

    I find people don't realize that there are multiple themes for the forums. If you use the light (default) theme, then people using white text will be hard to read. If you use the darker theme, people using a dark, or black font will be hard to read. I think the idea of colored text choices on a forum with such themes is a bad idea. If you use the default color, it will be changed to work on the proper color for anyone's theme choice.
  8. WTFoxtrot

    Potential detection bug

    Ok, didn't realize the relationship of the pictures or didn't see where it was stated. Guess this answered the question, as I believe this is true.
  9. WTFoxtrot

    Potential detection bug

    Why do you believe the Tirp is not spotting you? It's even hitting you with secondaries.
  10. WTFoxtrot

    Seriously?!? Operation Aegis... O_O

    That would properly be: "Bless yer heart" Or to really sell it as southern: "Well bless yer heart"
  11. WTFoxtrot

    This is why I hate playing ranked

    It's not the offence. It's the entitlement and toxicity. Someone can carry a team, all while others shred that person because s/he isn't playing the way they would. Making a suggestion, or offering ideas for strategy doesn't have to include toxic remarks and such. I never understood this childish behaviour or why people who claim to be mature believe it is necessary. There is nothing elite about shrieking negativism and profanity.
  12. WTFoxtrot

    How to avoid PTS failures

    Yep, pretty common. However, I have to say that thousands of games gathered over a few weeks provides a tremendous amount of data. Typed feedback can be very subjective. To be sure the issues would have been found much sooner if more people had just played on PTS. Sadly, few do that in any MMO. In fact most MMO's I've played offer no live game rewards for participating in PTS. So WG was better from my perspective. Bottom line, I do agree that doing this over the Holiday events was a mistake. Who is giving up 200%XP days and gathering Santa crates?
  13. WTFoxtrot

    One Million Free Experience Club

    Very nearly got there, then added the Musashi to my Fleet. About halfway back after a couple of weeks of grind. I actually need Credits more at this time than I do FXP, those seem so hard to keep :)
  14. You're on to the plan. Radar on CV's and get rid of all the other ships.
  15. WTFoxtrot

    My turn to whine.

    Welcome to F2P. This is the model. Add features, make changes, re-balance, test changes and move forward. Without enhancements and changing things up the games stagnate and die. CV won't go away, it will get better and the majority of players will adapt. However, the rights of customers to complain won't go away either so... Carry on.