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  1. Just a general shout-out to your artists. I really like the new loading screen background with the tug hauling the presents and the Christmas tree. The penguin was an extra special touch. Compliments to the team.
  2. Thanks all. This context helps a landlubber greatly. I had no idea about the difference between the flag and pennant that wtfovr pointed out. So now the question that remains is whether or not WG is basing their remaining schemes ("Zulu" and "Equal-Speed Charlie London" excepted) on some historical code books or using "WG Fiction". If they are historic code books, I would like to hear more.
  3. Is there a purpose behind the naming of the signal flags? I know some of the naming conventions correlate to the alphabet, Alpha = A, Bravo = B, Charlie = C, etc. But when it gets to SetteSeven, does that represent "77" (Sette I think is 7 in Italian). But what about "SoxiSix" and "Juliet Yankee Bissotwo"? Is that supposed to be "JY22" or "JY2"? What does JY22 even mean? Is there a historic background to the name or does it have a specific meaning to those serving in the naval forces? We know the "Z" flag and "Equal Speed Charlie London" and why they are now famous, but why did Togo and Nelson select those specific flags? I'd love to see WG researchers offer this up as another historic series, similar to what this web author has done: http://tmg110.tripod.com/japan1.htm