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    As a Roma owner and having done will with it, I am going to come to the defense of it. For those of us that own it and do well with it, there is a particular nitch that she fills and we know what it is. It's one that the other ships on the list can do but are not well equipped to do it and it hinges on the ability for it to take damage like no other. It's not about bad ships, it's about not being able to drive it to use their full advantage. If you are use to one particular play style then there are ships that fit that need and the others you won't do well with.
  2. French Battleship Section Petition!

    When I put up the question about adding the sub forum, it was to help make it easier to find stuff on said ships. There wasn't really a need for a "petition" to make a new sub forum for them.
  3. French BB Sub Forum

    Would it be possible to have a French BB sub forum? Seems like every time that a new line for a nation is released that it takes ages for one to be created. Thanks!
  4. Is the Roma worth it?

    I will have to disagree on this with you. Weak? Hardly. Sure, it has a high citadel, meh secondaries, what some call inadequent AA. Shots land here, there, far side of the map. This ship tanks like there is no tomorrow. Play and position it right the citadel is a non-issue. Tanking over 2 million in damage in a rough match is easy. The guns...I understand why they dialed back the sigma. When you connect on another ship, you get no where near the amount of bounces or shatters like other BB's in her tier range. You get over pens, or you get full penetration shots. When was the last time you saw another BB get a citadel on something like a Monarch or a Lion? At distance? What you get in the horrible dispersion and the "sigma issue" you make up for in raw damage output when you hit. Secondaries can be called laughable, but they chase off lower tier DD's and cruisers. Got a few close quarters experts with them. The 152's set more than their fair share of fires. AA is existent. I have chased off more than my fair share of dive bombers and torp drops. If a good CV wants you dead, you're dead regardless of what ship you're in. The concealment is just the sprinkles on top of all of this. Nothing like ambushing a high tier BB and holding your own. At about 13km the guns come into their own and are on par damage wise to the American 16 inchers on the Iowa and Missouri, just now add the dispersion and remove the issue with the bounces and shatters that you would commonly see. That is about the time you get spotted. But hey, why spend money on this "turd".......
  5. Question about buying the Roma

    I make as much, if not more money with the Roma and the sillyflage than I do with the Missouri. When you look at it from that point of view, your stomach would have been just fine.
  6. A Criticism of WG's handling of Roma

    I remember when I started to play WoWs, you had to learn the gimmicks and tricks to making certain ships and classes and nations to work to get the most out of them. Right now, when you tally up all the stats, all the numbers, the Roma is different. She has a very different play style from all the other tier 8 battleships. Each one of them has their traits. Keeping in mind that this is a premium ship and premiums aren't suppose to be too overpowered, I feel that it is fine as it is. Needing some tweaks? Sure. Nothing ground breaking or earth shattering. But then again, find a ship where someone hasn't complained about this or that. Get 100k in damage? Not a problem. Kill a ship......somewhat frustrating when the guns decide to misbehave but no harder than doing the same task in any other BB at that tier. Might take an extra salvo but makes up for it when you devstrike a cruiser that turned broadside to you at 16km. Or get that rare hard to get citadel on a Royal Navy battleship at distance. Kill planes? It can be done with the right captain skills and the right amount of time. It can move, it can hide, tanking 2 million in damage requires some understanding of how the ship works and it's pros and cons. Secondaries are meh, but they sure have scared off lower tier DD's trying to do a drive-by. It has other traits that make it different than the other lines and ships at that tier group and I'm happy with it as it sits right now.
  7. Come on guys, make sure we Kiip it clean. So, does Lego make a model of the ship or do we need to go to IKiia and do it ourselves?
  8. Psssst. Perth is REALLY. REALLY Good.

    Have you ever watched any of the videos of the fights that break out in WalMart? You have one person that starts something with someone else then "PLAYER 3" enters the fight and goes to town? Be like player 3.
  9. Help me with Yorck

    Shooting the gun at range is horrible in the Yorck. You have to be patient in it. Sometimes wait a bit for things to get in closer then light it up. It is a solid platform, you just have to get to know the quirky guns it has.
  10. Psssst. Perth is REALLY. REALLY Good.

    Unfortunately, I have to disagree with your assessment here. This is from out of the box, reading no reviews and watching zero videos on or about the Perth when I purchased it. I have gone 1 vs 2 with a Perth against an Aoba and Nurnberg and came out on top. I paid dearly, but I came out winning that engagement, alive.... I have not came up against a Molotov that really put up much of a fight until the AP started coming my way and I still had an upper hand but took a beating. Twice I have gone toe to toe with a Cleveland. In one instance, he bugged out once I found out I had torpedoes and hit him with one and set him on fire. The second I was shown a broadside and opened up with AP and got a couple of citadels in but paid for it because I got greedy and got popped by long range fire but he was going down. The Perth has a different play style. It's like when the Scharnhorst came out. If you played it traditionally like a battleship, you payed for it, but you couldn't play it like a cruiser. With the Perth if you can not adapt to the situation and use the tools that she has the outcome is going to be pretty poor.
  11. Comparison...Hipper vs New Orleans

    Ton for ton, the Hipper is more well rounded and a better ship, but it requires a different mindset going into a match and an ability to adapt to the situation. Sometimes you have to sit back and snipe away and then the next minute you have to brawl it out with a BB and put torps down range. It has a better ability to put out huge numbers for damage where the reload time and damage amount for the shells on the NO gimps it right from the start. The New Orleans in my opinion has better armor protection and has the ability to take a bit more of a bashing in a brawl cruiser on cruiser, but against a BB it doesn't seem to last too long so most of them tend to stay back quite a bit more than you would expect. Maneuverability is a bit better but it depends on the situation. The radar makes it a better DD killer. The lack of decent secondaries with range and torps at tier 8 pushes it a bit down the high light reel for the wrong set of reasons.
  12. The Perth is in show

    The Perth has become my favorite ship, premium or otherwise. For a tier 6, she has the ability to take a fight to tier 7's and with a bit of help to the 8's. HE isn't too over powered, it could be dialed down a hair. AP is just ridiculous if you get a broadside shot in on someone. Watching a Cleveland having to turn and run after getting opened up on is just amazing. My only issue with it is that I wish that the player base that doesn't realize how its smoke works would figure it out quickly. Too many times I've had to use smoke to cover my retreat from a fight that I was outgunned and had other players complain about why my smoke wasn't working for them while I was maneuvering.
  13. My opinion on the Black Friday sales Bundles

    I wouldn't go so far as to say disappointment is what I felt when i saw the bundle. I'm go more for confused. I'm confused as to how something like that would go on sale. If a bit more thought was put into it, and it was bundled up differently, the amount of "outrage" would be limited to a handful of people that would complain just because. It strikes me as a bit of a disconnect where it comes to what the marketing department thinks to where reality actually lies.
  14. Loading Into Matches

    Good morning, This isn't so much of a complaint but a general observation that I hope the World Of Warships developers can fix in the next patch. Since the deployment of 0.5.11, I have had issues with long load times getting into a match. Last night I uninstalled, deleted pretty much anything I could find related to WG or WoWs that wasn't covered by the uninstall, and reinstalled it. Still having issues. Most of the matches (about 3 out of 5) are launching about the time the timer ends and it is getting pretty lagging for the first about 30 to 45 seconds of the match. I'm noticing that with the match loading screen it seems that some others may be having it as well. In previous patches, I didn't have that issue unless it was a map that I hadn't seen in a while and then I still had about 20 seconds left until the start of the match.
  15. Same here. I thought it was something on my end but it is regardless of what browser or device I use.