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  1. vak_

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Finding late game CV-DD interaction enjoyable seems masochistic to me, but to each its own, I guess. I meant when the friendly ships are 6km away, that's the range you set. Simply slowing down won't bring you into middle AA aura most of the time.
  2. vak_

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Do you find the late-game DD experience enjoyable, when there often aren't any ships with functioning AA in your vicinity, and trying to cap or launching torpedoes immediately gives away your location and brings the airplanes? If you're 6km away, and see incoming airplanes that are heading towards you, slowing down isn't going to give enough time for your ships to come up and put you into their bring effective AA range - unless it's some fast cruiser at full speed that's racing straight towards those airplanes. Most of the time you'd have to adjust your course and start heading back, towards your ships.
  3. vak_

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Keeping your AA off doesn't help if the CV decides to fly right over you. Sure, he might not do that. But he might. And there is literally nothing you can do to avoid this, unless you go somewhere where your DD is totally useless and nobody would look for it, like the map's edge. That nagging worry makes playing DDs much less fun. Again and again average players tend to underestimate just how un-fun CV vision alone makes DD games. And even really bad CVs will still fly towards your team and provide vision along the way.
  4. vak_

    How would you "counter play" me?

    The opinion that average and even bad CV players have an undue impact on great DD players is widely shared by the latter. You don't believe our word and ask for some "proof"? But the thing is, to an average player eating AP salvo while broadside, dying to HE spam, being ROFL stomped by a radar cruiser, losing half HP to torpedoes, dying to a CV is all about the same. You might look at some of my replays, but you still won't get what exactly makes the CV-DD interaction so repugnant, since you don't fully appreciate the counter-plays in the other scenarios I mentioned.
  5. vak_

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Get into literally any DD that can stealth torp. Get into a CV Burn with HE if Nikolai is bow-on The fact that your average T4 potato doesn't know how to deal with Niki and shoots AP at its bow doesn't mean there are no counters. lolwut? Old RTS CVs could actually fight the other CV, yeah. But after rework they just compete in damage farming. Fighter consumable is a joke, and more often than not it just serves to give away DDs location (CVs that do this -- please stop, you aren't helping)
  6. vak_

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Ez. Balling up into a single mega unit, and giving up all caps but one. Except even then you'll be able to nibble on the ships that are on the perimeter of the deathball.
  7. vak_

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    [shrugs] I don't find reviving old threads to be a bad thing, and don't usually bother looking at post dates. This thread was linked elsewhere, I looked at the first few messages and replied to them. And glad to see you have no counter arguments other than "OmG a NeCrO ThReAd!!!"
  8. vak_

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    Yes, before the reword playing a DD was much more comfortable. CVs were less accessible, and there were less of them in queue. If a CV player was bad, he/she was much more useless than now -- and this was a good thing. CVs had fighters that actually did something, as opposed to being a joke of a consumable. It's long to describe why that was hugely beneficial, but if you want I can expand a bit. If your DD could grab DFAA, carriers tended not to mess with you after the first unsuccessful strike. It was hard to hit you, and painful to lose TBs and DBs that could be used elsewhere. CVs could get (and often got) deplaned. This made late game more comfortable.
  9. vak_

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    And even then potato CVs will provide vision in a portion of the map where they send airplanes. They could miss every strike, but just by the virtue of constantly spanning these all-seeing Eyes of Sauron they make life for DDs in that map sector uncomfortable in a way that's impossible for an enemy potato in any other ship class. It is annoying and it is not fun.
  10. vak_


    Strikes aren't. Spotting is.
  11. > What would you like Wargaming to do for the community Delete carriers
  12. vak_

    What is ur fav ship?

    Before CV rework it would've been Shimakaze. But now it's Massachusetts, I guess. Good guns and armor, decent AA, and secondary spec combined with great turning makes for fun fights against DDs. Plus the actual ship is only an hour away from where I live, been there three or four times already.
  13. If they did that, the forum servers would literally catch on fire from the ire of all the people that paid insane money to get Belfast through new years containers. Doubt WG would ever do this to themselves, but my popcorn is always ready
  14. Hide stats, get SE on Yamato, then pwn people that will write you off as a baddie and show you broadside. Big brain plays!
  15. vak_

    CVs have ruined DDs

    "Fighters"? I'll assume you meant attack airplanes. And okay, so your wonderful strategy for dealing with CVs as a DD is "wait until they start running out of airplanes, then, and only then do you cap". I hope you understand that this is a horridly inefficient, and unfun strategy. I was never one of them, and always maintained that radar is fine: DDs have counterplay options against it. Well, actually, there was one radar gimmick that didn't have a great counterplay: when cruiser concealment was much lower than the radar range. And guess what, WG ended up removing it, because having no counterplay sucks.