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  1. Skills - for randoms I'd get rid of RPF and get SE and PM instead. Extra HP and gun/torpedo tube/rudder/prop durability is much more valuable in randoms than getting to know where some enemy DD is once in a blue moon. Modules - you don't need the steering gears mod 2 at all. Reduction in turning rate is negligible. Get propulsion mod 2 instead, it will help you avoid torps when you're in smoke, speed juke, etc.
  2. [shrugs] Facts were in my post, but you certainly don't have to listen to good players.
  3. That's one opinion. My opinion is different. Benham torpedoes, namely their reload speed and quantity, do make Benham fairly special. It's easy to do double drops. Guns are bad, but not awful. All in all, Benham is borderline OP, at least she was when she was last available for testing (haven't played her since). That DD can single-handily stop an enemy push dead in its tracks. Disclaimer: I'm pretty partial to torpedo DDs.
  4. vak_

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    Which is fine, but then they don't get as much steel. This is by design. Solo players aren't entitled to the same rewards as people that do clan wars.
  5. It was loads of fun. If you want endorsements, you have mine (assuming they didnt change anything since the last test iteration).
  6. vak_

    YAY! First free xp destroyer!

    Don't forget the part about making carriers cry! The best way to play Frieslands is to queue with a carrier. For max evil put two Frieslands in a div with a Lexington. P.S. The current stats of the ship are not final and can be changed later, etc.
  7. vak_

    YAY! First free xp destroyer!

    It makes carriers cry and can cheese enemy DDs from time to time with hydro, but that's about it. DPM is above average, but nothing amazing. No torps mean that if a BB decides to rush you in smoke, there isn't much you can do.
  8. vak_

    Siegfried concerns

    Siegfried's accuracy seems to be significantly better, so the effective DPM is higher.
  9. vak_

    Adding Shinano to the game....

    So, not have Yamato's only flaw? That'll go well.
  10. vak_

    Smolensk What class Is She

    Russian WoWS wiki says they're called Project MLK: https://wiki.wargaming.net/ru/Navy:Легкие_крейсера_проекта_МЛК Smolensk in particular is pr. MLK 16х130
  11. vak_

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    That's plainly false. Any MOBA is much, much worse. Even tanks are worse, from what I remember.
  12. [shrugs] Mine was just a statement of fact. If you think it means that you've successfully trolled me, or whatever -- more power to you. Also, for someone who claims to not care about stats, you sure spend a lot of time discussing stats on the forum.
  13. When I see someone with hidden stats I just assume they're a below average player. At times I may be wrong, but most of the time it's an accurate assessment.
  14. For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.