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  1. vak_

    Cheats AKA "Codes"

    Type IDDQD in all chat
  2. vak_

    Should good players give advice?

    Sure, the level of competitiveness varies, but nobody likes to be sunk in the first minute of the game, to get zero hits on enemy ships, and so on. This isn't unique to games. Not everyone works the best they can either, for example. Rudeness has nothing to do with the objective value of the advice. It influences your willingness to follow that advice. These are different things. You can do what you like, of course, but treating people equally is detrimental to winning. I rarely run MM monitor because I'm lazy, but when I remember to do it, it can be quite useful to see who is likely to be good and who isn't. This influences one's decision making, e.g. if the enemy DDs are horrid then I will be a lot more aggressive with cap contesting than I would have been otherwise.
  3. vak_

    WG Launcher is GARBAGE

    I don't mind the WG Game Center that much, but I do wish it didn't automatically add itself to startup every time I run it. If I unchecked the frigging box in msconfig, I did it for a reason
  4. vak_

    Previous Premium Ships not on sale

    Because she's still stupidly broken. Powerful guns, decent torpedoes, decent concealement, turns on a dime. Gremmy's only held back by the turret traverse. Kamikaze clones were very powerful in baby ranked if you ran a division with a BB. Solo, I'd personally always go with a Gremmy.
  5. vak_

    Should good players give advice?

    Up to the player. If you want to give advice, go ahead. Just dont expect everyone to follow your advice or even be grateful for it. Recently I pointed out what mistakes some random player was making in a match I've just lost, in the private chat window. I was fuming a bit, but expressed my thoughts civilly regardless. He thanked me for it. It felt good.
  6. vak_

    Should good players give advice?

    I never got the "it's a game" argument. So what? Basketball is only a game too, unless you're a pro, that doesn't make refusing to learn the rules or throwing the ball over the fence "for fun" okay for most people that play it. Sure, some people may have different ability, different desire to learn, various handicaps (from medical to hardware). But this doesn't apply to just games, it's true for professional life as well.
  7. vak_

    Should good players give advice?

    100% truth. Win rate is all luck, everybody knows that
  8. vak_

    Vanguard and Drednaught

    Just wait then. I'm sure Dreadnought alone will be avalible for purchase sooner or later.
  9. BB fires last longer, don't they? I can only repeat: grind out an HE-spamming cruiser line. You'll understand just how fragile these cruisers can be (you're welcome to post forum rants about OP citadels), and will hopefully learn something about BBs' countermeasures to fires, and HE spam in general. And for reference, an old post on damage distribution by type for BBs: Fires back then dealt 12-15% of damage to battleships at mid- and high-tiers. Mind you, this does not include repair, so the actual impact was even less than that. The data are quite old, but I don't see why that percentage would be higher now. If anything, anti-fire builds have become more effective since then.
  10. Nobody is saying it can be. They're saying that you get a choice between two consumables, each of which is very powerful. YY's smoke is better than Gearing's, with everything considered. This nerf isn't the end of the world. It's not the first over-performing ship to get nerfed, nor is it the last. People will grumble a bit, and then continue playing YY and doing just fine.
  11. vak_

    IFHE on Massachusetts

    It's not "several" cruisers, an absolute majority of them at that MM spread have 25-27mm plating. And low tier BBs are both tiers 6 and 7 -- you know, just the kinds of BBs you should be bullying with your secondaries in the first place. IFHE is a must on Massachusetts, IMO. If you're not gonna spec her for secondaries, then buying Alabama or just keeping NC would have been better.
  12. How is the fact that cruisers will be permaspotted, and most DDs won't be able to get into torpedo range unseen while in open water an improvement to gameplay? Unless we only want to improve BB gameplay, that is.
  13. This isn't true, at least not always. You have the thickest armor, the most HP, heals, etc. You should be shot at. The key is to not get shot too much, is all. That's where skill comes into play. HE and fires are fine as is. So is the flow of the game. Perhaps IFHE should be looked at, but that isn't urgent.
  14. Yep. And everyone should remember about the fire debuff to concealement! Knowing what that is will sometimes make a difference between getting away to heal up and fight another day, or becoming a floating funeral pire.