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  1. vak_

    people reporting because you play a cv

    Isn't it also a bit childish to make a fuss over imaginary points in a computer game?
  2. Money can still be moved to Russian bank accounts through Turkey/China/Central Asia, albeit at some cost and with some difficulty. And seems like at this point WG is just hoping that the Western WoWS player base moves on, and stops asking all these uncomfortable questions. It's been three months, and they still haven't told us much, other than making some rather vague promises.
  3. CV rework is one of the biggest blunders I’ve experienced as a gamer over the past two and a half decades. Then again, I guess they continue to make money, so it’s fine from the business standpoint. Still, what a shame.
  4. vak_

    People quitting the game

    Narrator: they didn’t
  5. 1) CVs 2) Subs
  6. vak_

    Actually effective AA?

    Does it do some nonzero amount of good? Sure, why not. Is it anywhere near effective? No, not since the carrier rebork.
  7. Lesta pays taxes to the Russian government. Which then uses this income for various purposes, affecting the current state of the world. Anyway, let’s wait for more information. What we got from WG so far isn’t enough.
  8. Would you rather have them rage in all chat, instead of taking away an imaginary point from your video game profile? CVs and subs are not exactly liked by many in the community, you can't fix that by just tweaking the karma system.
  9. Just the RU market is most definitely not big enough, especially given the steadily worsening economic situation in Russia.
  10. It will definitely affect the update schedule. Don’t know about prices, probably not.
  11. Well yeah, no denying that. My whole point was that things are no longer normal in Russia. I happened to be in Moscow on the night of the invasion (then managed to get the heck out literally a few hours before my airplane tickets would become worthless), and I still keep in touch with folks there. It’s a s-t show.
  12. Life is pretty f-ing far from being normal there at the moment, especially in the two capitals (ie Moscow and Petersburg). I won’t go into the details of what’s already changed, and where things are likely headed, because that’s “politics”. But I’ll tell you this: I personally know people that have already left St. Petersburg for a different country. My really good friend is planning of leaving this month. He’s very well off, has a better single family house than I do in US — and yet he’s leaving Russia with no clear job prospects and just a few tens of thousands dollars in cash.
  13. As others have mentioned, I’d really like to know: - Will any part of “Western WoWS” (for the lack of a better term) be continued to be developed in Russia? Anything at all — code, art, etc. - Will any of the money spent by Western consumers go to the Russian state in the form of corporate taxes? It would be good to have these answers sooner rather than later. I won’t play the game until I know this.
  14. Western IT outsourcing to Russia is pretty much dead. Whatever remains there will be gone soon enough. Also, just to point out the obvious: Western market has become a lot more important for the future of WG in the past month. Populations of Russian Federation and Belarus will get much poorer going forward, their access to consumer electronics will become much more restricted, and the ruble is no longer a freely convertible currency.