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  1. DiddleDum

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    My signature hits the mark. Not a bash on unicums, but they tend to "use" the mechanics in ways the designers didn't envision. If I were on the development team, I'd certainly put their input on the payroll. But it doesn't have to be just unicums. Make it a hefty reward to find bugs and exploits. And then incorporate the fixes before they go live.
  2. DiddleDum

    Edge of the Map should be a penalty

    Can't tell you how many games I've seen lost by a kiter hitting the border, with three (or four) of my teammates chasing. I usually give that border-humper a +1 karma for effectively taking a third of my team out of the match.
  3. DiddleDum

    This video explains all...

    It was an interesting watch. Interesting in that I saw how the concepts parallel real life, and what's going on in our society today. The hardcore GRIND (work, advancement) versus CASUAL (no effort, assists). That kind of mirrors our state of affairs, where a particular generation is demanding the end of the grind, for "equality's" sake. Equal outcome, regardless of effort. What I found amusing was that the video author's audience was primarily in that generation. They're outraged all of their effort in their grind is being diluted by the games dumbing down the system - for "equality's" sake. Screw the hard work and effort. Man, if they'd only apply that outrage to real life and the effort to get ahead.
  4. DiddleDum


    I think we've all seen those scenarios. As an interesting experiment, why not get some seat time in a DD? I mean, you're halfway there to figuring it out, as you constantly see the errors your DDs are making. Not saying this to be snarky. I neglected DD play for several years. And I was seeing the same thing - DDs sinking early, and trying to continue the fight against the reds, while their DDs remained hidden and serving up ample amounts of torp soup. After a few years of armchair quarterbacking, I figured I could do better than what I was seeing. So, mid-2019 I hopped back into DDs, and focused on not making the same mistakes that I observed others doing. They had the Ranked Sprints going on at the time, with T6, T7, and T8 botes, and I decided to get my seat time in there. I just played DD exclusively. By focusing on not making the mistakes that DDs are accused of, it tremendously helped situational awareness, and easily exposed the red DDs to make those common mistakes. Not only did it make a difference in the outcome of the matches, it boosted my confidence in my DD play, and was actually a fun change of pace. Give it a try.
  5. DiddleDum

    So whats your opinion

    It can be frustrating, but I won't berate the team. We potato'd, we lost, and I start a new match. If it's directed at me, I almost always ignore it. Three of us in a match were called cowards, since we weren't taking the A cap on Greece. Our DD had died, and the red Shima is spamming torps undetected. Half of the red team was lemming into A. We weren't running, but falling back slightly - not abandoning defense of the flank. We got a few, and kept the reds tied up at A, letting our B/C group swing around and easily get the win. No need to explain in chat, and no need to respond. We three did what we were supposed to do - stay alive, keep the reds at bay, and provide the finishing cross-fire once the main body arrived.
  6. DiddleDum

    WG: please add punctuation to requirements

    Me, trying to count all the zeros. Sadly, I do this with my 32" monitor.
  7. Good point. Since the Bots are programmed to head first to the DD, they're headed your way, whether you're in the open or in hiding. While it's not comprehensive enough in Co-op, and the play style is completely different, you can hone certain skills there. Spotting, concealment, and evasion practice can translate over to randoms. Then, go to randoms and work on the same approach. As far as other skills, consider what you see when you're in other ships in randoms. What are your DDs doing? Are they marching in and sinking? Are they not spotting? Are they doing an end-run to get to the CV (and not helping the team)? That's what I saw, and I thought I should jump in DDs to see if I could do better. And knowing common mistakes, and then trying not to repeat them will go far in learning to DD better. Fortunately, they ran the T6, T7, and T8 ranked sprints during that period, and I did the full run in DDs. I learned quite a lot, and had a lot of fun doing it.
  8. Same. I was wondering what I'd do with five copies of the Kongo (including Kongo herself). Figured I could use a few extra port slots.
  9. DiddleDum


    So.... best course of action when you spawn on the edge, and the lemming train comes to you? Join the train, or re-position? Just came off Okinawa map. Spawned on A cap with a DD and BB (I'm in my shiny new Yoshino). The DD caps, with me and the Republique keeping the reds at bay. I guess my teammates wanted some of the action, and all but three ships have sped to A cap. I see the three on the right flank trying to hold the red push. So, I decided to swing over towards C cap and hold the push. And we did. Unfortunately, the A cap train ran off the rails and sunk. Review of the mini-map showed weakness at C cap, and since we were overloaded at A, I felt it a logical move. OR, should you just push at A if the train comes to you?
  10. DiddleDum

    BB Lessons. Projecting Power featuring Montana

    Thank you for the video, Kuro. It's great when you can glean some helpful tips. I especially like your comment at 6:40, where you're happy that the Kurfurst is turning to support your push, but not in an optimal angle. Had I been in the Kurfurst, I would have likely done the same thing. Great tip on spreading the angle out to increase the cross-fire. That's a great tip. I often try to set up cross-fires, but they're usually a bit more extreme - like cross-map Nice pointer that I'll surely implement. Subtle, yet effective. Thanks again!
  11. Please do. Would love to have you on the green team.
  12. DiddleDum

    How to guarantee a loss...

    Looking for E cap? Sometimes they do... even in Epicenter. God love 'em...
  13. You do realize two of those CVs are on your team, right? Just say a little prayer to RNGesus that your CV skippers are better than theirs. Second, you sound like you're hounded by planes in every match. That's far from the truth. While an annoyance, they're certainly not game-breakers. But something's got you 'riled up...
  14. DiddleDum

    How to guarantee a loss...

    That's MM for me. I'm usually spawned to a far edge, and when I see the lemming train on the opposite end, I usually end up holding my flank for as long as I can, hoping the lemming cavalry will push through and swing around. Yeah.... that's wishful thinking. Looking at the map, at least they're not all bunched behind an island. Brave little lemmings to group up in open water. There may be hope.... Nah, I'm kidding myself.
  15. DiddleDum

    Fire and brimstone. Is this considered fun?

    I play golf. I've started writing down results for the past month or so while playing. I've noticed that the ball goes into trees 22 times per game. Sometimes more. Sometimes way more. So my question is, with all of the trees they put on a golf course, is it even possible to NOT be in the woods for most of a game anymore and is this considered fun and engaging game play? I personally don't find it all that engaging and it generally is making me lose interest in the game. Please nerf the trees in golf. I took your statement and applied it to another game I frequent. I exaggerated a bit, and don't quite hit that many times into the woods, but I thought it illustrates a good point. Trees, like HE are a fixed part of the game. It's up to me, the player, to avoid that obstacle. If I continually hit into the trees, there's something incorrect with my swing. The first step of action is to address the swing, to make better contact with the ball, and keep it in the fairway. Sure, there'll be the occasional shank into the woods, but that even happens to the pros. The point is to identify the problem, make a slight swing correction, and work back to consistently hitting the ball. Let's translate that to HE spam. Knowing that the HE spammers will either be behind cover or in open water, kiting you from a distance is a helpful start. Being on fire throughout the game likely means that you're pushing tight into firing lanes or islands (which is where they hide). Or, you may be chasing that cruiser in open water - him being about 16 - 18km away, craftfully dodging every shot. As in golf, you can reduce the number of fires by "changing the swing". For islands, try a bit wider berth around. And similar to the advice we have for DDs, consider having an exit strategy if you find yourself focused (or on fire). For the kiting cruiser, understand they are trying to pull your focus from the match. Are they fleeing to the map edge, or a corner? Are you (and perhaps others on your team) focused on getting this guy? Give him a +1 karma, since he's reducing your force, and keeping several folks away from the true match. A good option is to recognize the diversion, stop shooting, go undetected, and re-position yourself. Not only does it get you back into the game, you're not on fire as much.