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  1. Submarine Poll

    Reminds me of a space-faring game between Cylons and Colonials. They introduced a stealth ship that wouldn't show up on DRADIS unless you opened fire. It was a definite troll ship. Frakked up many fleet engagements. I had mine maxxed out with upgrades, and racked up the kills - unseen. It broke the game, and they eventually nerfed it. It's now a port ship, de-fanged, de-clawed, and worthless. Not saying subs will do the same, but it very well could.
  2. Does T8 deserve protecion?

    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^^ This is exactly how I approach being that T8 in a T10 match. Opportunity to step up my game play. More head-on-a-swivel. More situational awareness. More thoughtful moves. More caution. More cooperation with my teammates. By working on that game play, it provides not only insight to T10 play, but valuable experience on what not to do. And the reward in XP can be pretty good, if you can contribute. Even if I get deleted early, I look at these matches as an experience opportunity. Did I learn something?
  3. Agreed. I got 100 of the AA flags, 100 of the fire increase flags, and 100 of +20% credits. Not stellar. However, I run these flags often, so for free, I won't complain. Gratz to those that won ships, steel, etc.
  4. Musashi was my bane last night. Winning in everything else. Trying to load up flags and rack up the elite commander XP. 0-5. But, each of those games were good in regards to damage, positioning, etc. Sometimes, the greens will hang at a cap, and you hope the calvary eventually arrives. Then, they don't. But it comes with the territory. And bad enough to uninstall? Nope. Not that easily triggered.
  5. Can't remember if every type of battle counts. My counter is 6000+ when combining Random, Co-op, and Ranked. Not sure if all those count. We'll see.
  6. XVM Prevalence

    Seems the common denominator is the OP initiating the response. First stating he'd carry the team, and then in the second example, lambasting his team. Had he just sailed his bote, nobody would have brought up XVM. Not seeing a victim here...
  7. They were right (19pt Captains)

    Nice work! I got my first 19pt skipper in Nov last year. Set a goal for 10 19 pt skippers by end of year 2018. I'm at 9 now. You really hit the road aggressively! Nicely done. Got a bit side-tracked with all the stuff WG has thrown out in the last three months. It was an easy grind of Elite Commander XP, as I'd take my skippers, play their assigned botes, then put them in the premiums to gain the bonus. But, after awhile, you're playing 10-15 games with grinding elite XP prior to even starting the mission grinds (for Indy, US cruisers, camos, etc.). I played the skippers when I could, but focused on events for a bit. Needed to grind some T10 botes for CW. Been playing those in Ranked, so the elite XP grind starts again. Congrats!
  8. Lemming Trains Lose Games

    Or chase VGLance. Ran against him in a ranked match. We had two reds down early, with two caps. VGLance steered away... and proceeded to kite our A cap group (three or four of em). They chased, and he and his DD teammate finished them off. The red DD ran over to A and capped it, and then proceeded to chase me. With another red DD to my front, I was severely limited in where I could move. They surrounded my remaining teammate and me, and took us down. I plus one'd VGLance for taking half our team out of the match.
  9. Lemming Trains Lose Games

    Yeah.... I (sorta) like those games too. It's a good feeling when you rack up that much potential damage, and run up a good measure of damage yourself, along with a kill or two. And that hope that the calvary will soon be around the corner.... Then, the not-so-good feeling. At least you'll be on top of the leaderboard, knowing you did all you could single-handedly.
  10. Lemming Trains Lose Games

    What's worse is when you decide to take one for the team and defend the flank. And upon that flank comes 7 or 8 of the enemy. You hold valiantly, stalling, angling, dealing damage. Priority target stuck at 6, 7, 8. And the mini-map shows the lemming train stalled at D cap (or A cap). NOT EVEN IN THE CAP - just stalled there. You had 2/3rds of the team blistering your hull, and four from the reds held up the train.
  11. TIL from WoWs in game tips.

    Someone posted a thread a few months ago about including training or map tips within the game for new/inexperienced players. I mentioned there was already a tab in-game, but that it had ridiculous "well, duh..." "tips" Time to post those "tips" screenshots! Let's see all the "wisdom" WG can provide!
  12. Yep. Loaded up my T4 Hosho for the Supply Lines. Was good for the 25k damage requirement. Then, gave it a rest.
  13. How helpful is the forum for you

    I review the forums daily. My only gripe with the forums is that WG doesn't use it as their official communication channel, and sometimes post on Facebook and other social media channels. Fine that you have them, but post on the forums too! I use the forums to: check out any WG-sponsored or player contests get details on campaign requirements check the calendar for the month's events review "how to play" guides on new ships that I obtain grab those promo codes (player-posted from other social media sites) for flags, camo, doubloons respond, offer guidance, or joke with players on threads
  14. Daily Missions?

    The "daily" missions - the ones you do, are shown here on the right. There's two sets of three missions - Chain 1 and Chain 2. You start playing, and Chain 1 will activate. As you can see by the graphic, the goal is to earn a certain amount of base XP. Meet the objective, and it'll go to the second event of the chain. Once you complete a chain, it'll update the Daily Missions counter. These update automatcially, upon completion of chains 1 or 2. The Easy Daily Missions completes after three completions of the chains. Normal Daily Missions completes after 9. Hard Daily Missions completes after 20 completions of the chains. So, if you complete the three events for Chain 1 and Chain 2, that'll add two to your Daily Missions total. Do both each day, and you'll complete the Hard mission in 10 days.