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  1. Punching bag? No. But if I'm to follow the advice of all those Anime girls saying "Git Gud", I look as it as an opportunity to rise above my potato beginnings. I welcome the T10 uptiered matches. They are the predators and I am definitely outclassed prey if I make a mistake. I work on being productive while NOT making a sinkable mistake. Usually, it isn't too bad. Maybe a T10 or two per side. I'd still call that uptiered, as there's usually a mix of T9s in there too. Ridiculous is when you're the only T8 in the match. Just finished one a bit ago where I'm in my NC and there's one other T8 on the team, a Mogami. One T9 and everyone else is T10. Talk about being a big underdog! I got a kill, survived, and finished third on the team, although it was a loss. Granted, these aren't as fun as being top tier and steamrolling everything in your gun sights. But it is tremendously more challenging to be uptiered.
  2. Good advice all. RNGesus threw a group of us together last night that actually followed this advice. We stayed grouped, and me and the other two DDs on the team stayed up front and torp spammed everything floating. We gave Transylvania a healthy dose of smoke at the end. I beelined to England and the other two torp spammed Rasputin. My torps took out England, and Rasputin was deadly accurate, one-shotting me. Fortunately, with his focus on me, the other two DDs were ignored and their torps struck for massive damage. The rest of the team focused and finished off Rasputin, with only a tiny sliver of HP taken from Transylvania. I was the only casualty of the team, and five stars were awarded. It only looks easy on paper (or screen, in this case). That was the only match of the night where things clicked. I pulled a three star win earlier, but five other matches melted down in typical fashion.
  3. Pulled a five star match yesterday. Surprisingly had cooperating players. Not a lot of discussion in chat, but the few directives spelled out at the beginning were acknowledged and followed. We let the Jackals get into the ring so that they'd keep up with Transylvania. I was in a DD, with two fellow DDs. We were directed to the front. The path to the final showdown was pretty uneventful - DDs spammed out torps, while cruiser and BBs pummeled the catapults and ships. The entire team made it to the showdown with Rasputin. Smoke was laid for Transylvania, and I beelined to England, while the other two DDs beelined to Rasputin. England was dispatched with torps and Rasputin one-shotted me (but ignoring the other two DDs that torped him down to low HP). The rest of the team focused and killed Rasputin. Transylvania sailed through with just a nick taken from her HP. The write-up makes it seem easier that it was. I guess RNGesus put together a competent team for that match. My other matches previously pretty much looked the same - we all made it to the glowing gates, only to have things quickly melt down. Out of seven games, only two were for wins - a three star and five star match.
  4. I played about seven games yesterday. In all seven, the team was alive until Rasputin. Pulled out a three star and a five star. All the rest were losses, occurring right at the end. Action is fun, especially in a DD doing suicide torp runs (which aren't suicide with premium consumables loaded and the heal ring if you get too low on HP). A few pucker moments with the Zitkas spawning 2km away, and you're surrounded. But even through all of that, you make it through the long trek, only to have it melt down for a loss 2km from the final gate. Do I play it again? I've watched Flamu's video on part 2, and I could see doing that one multiple times, if only for racking up a million or more damage. But, if the rewards are "one and done", I dunno. I don't know if I'll play part 1 again. If XP, credits, or "treats" were made available for each run, I'd certainly do it again, regardless of win or lose. Waiting for part 2, I guess...
  5. Grats, and Happy Birthday. I'll throw some rounds from my Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya as a congratulations!
  6. Yes it does. Even worse is when you're dancing around, dodging shots, and that one stray shell that was poorly dispersed clips your tail end (or worse, hits the water at your tail end) and you lose half your HP. But hey, it's part of the game. Not sure what tier the OP was playing at. If it were at level 4, there's a whole world to learn. It takes time to learn how to juggle everything at one time: 1) firing/ target leads 2) reading the minimap for situational awareness 3) Mk I eyeball situational awareness of going broadside to anything your size or bigger 4) knowing when to bail out or withhold fire to lose detection and reposition 5) WASD hacks instead of sailing in straight lines 6) knowing probable avenues of enemy attacks, choke points, etc 7) communication with team or analyzing what team is doing 8) ammo selection I usually handle about half of the items with any regularity. Sometimes, things click, and you'll have a great set of games. Other times, it'll be one thing out of the eight - and you can't buy a win with doubloons...
  7. Out-friggin'-standing. o7 for your kindness, generosity, and service!
  8. That's a great approach, and one suited for your game play. I wasn't mocking or being sarcastic in my question. My particular game style is to have my ship more balanced all-around. Granted, my highest tier is 8 (although I have researched a few T9's and awaiting discounts), but even up-tiered with the T10s in a majority of matches, I don't see a lot of CVs. When I do see them, I'll work closer to the battle group, and try hard not to get caught alone. But I can appreciate special builds, and thank you for the response. o7
  9. Just a question Megrim... what would you choose in lieu of an AA spec build? Looking at the skills, what else would you choose that'd make any kind of impact in Clan play?
  10. Not only the respec, but demounting upgrades is free too. Time to fix noob mistakes!
  11. Which server? NA? My update is doing the finishing touches. It loaded pretty quickly, so I was wondering if there'd be anyone on, other than a few fast loaders. LOL at that match up, tho...
  12. And we're off! Client is downloading. See you on the high seas in a bit.
  13. And the award for "best actor (starring in a "hurt" role)" goes to.... There's a reason why soccer isn't really popular in America...
  14. This is the ultimate truth, and doesn't only apply to DDs, but with every bote class. And about the hardest truth to attain... I can play all classes semi-competently, and even have some kickass games. But it is hardest to always play "correctly". I try to learn, and improve next game. I do hear ya on the complaining. Whether it's potatoes, detonations, sky cancer, etc., someone's gotta complain. Wish they didn't, but it doesn't bother me that they do. The complainers are mostly ignored.
  15. True and funny. Just pull up a Twitch stream, and you'll see many of those "karma-doesn't-matter" folks. Repeatedly handing out neg-reps to those they think potatoed their match.