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  1. Poll about Badges

    Yep yep. Had WG devs put out a poll, asking "would you rather have...." A) patches and insignia B) Maps I wonder what the answer would be?
  2. Now, if they'd come out with a thin replay-only client, or replay viewer, that'd be awesome. Or perhaps some way to export to AVI, MPEG, etc. Hate turning off the game, then restarting the game to view a video. But currently, it is what it is...
  3. Badge Requests

    My requests: Potato patch Salt Shaker patch
  4. I did that today. Islands of Fire (or whatever it's called) It was a standard mode, just me and a cruiser spawned in front of where C cap is located. Did that slow retreat as enemy came down the C side. Our team is wholly at A side, with absolutely no firing angles. Got down to a quarter health, and then turned to YOLO. They encircled the team, still at A. And they died at A. It wasn't smart play, but with six shooting at me, might as well get it over with. Had the calvary been charging from their flank, yeah - no YOLO.
  5. The 100 Club

    Isokaze - 192 Emile Bertin - 131 ARP Kirishima - 104 Fuso - 206 Budyonny - 105 Arizona - 203 North Carolina - 141 Close: Charles Martel - 98 ARP Haruna - 93 Murmansk - 90 Colorado - 92 Interesting way to look at things. May work on getting some more of those low-kill ships back into the rotation. Only three posters with French 100+ kills listed. Maybe a rare lot...
  6. Never have had an infuriating or rage-inducing MM match. I don't analyze too deep. I may tighten the sphincter a bit when I see good players on the opfor, or see a strong division or two. But that's about it. I load in, load my ammo type, pick a direction and fight to the death.
  7. Disappearing Ships

    And island cover will make them disappear. For example, take some of the short islands on Haven. I can certainly fire over them. But tuck behind one, and while you can still see the enemy and shoot the enemy, they lose sight. And it's frustrating being on the opposite end, when that short cover takes them out of visibility 0.5 seconds before your guns reload. I'll try firing anyway, but after losing target, it's a prayer if they hit anything.
  8. umm what?

    And WG crumpled like a wet paper towel. PUT MY BURNING MAN BACK ON THE FLAG!!!
  9. Premium Elitism

    Four simple words to live by: TO EACH HIS OWN Don't care if you have 1 premium or every premium. You play how you want to play, in the ships you want to play with. I'll do the same.
  10. Badge request

    Also request a Salt Shaker Badge and Potato Badge
  11. You were like "BRING EM!!! Afraid of NO TORPEDOES!!!" Nice, NICE meat shield - Missouri-sized!
  12. Maps and strategy?

    You could post to the Tactics and Strategies section. Maybe a post series called "SHOULD I BE DOING THIS?" Display a map, with course of action. Not sure if it'd help, but you might get some different opinions. Example: When I'm in a DD on the Fault map, I always run to this point, and I always encounter heavy resistance. Where do you typically go in a DD. SHOULD I BE DOING THIS???
  13. Maps and strategy?

    I always have that hope when I'm covering the weak flank - my Priority Target shows 8, as I'm back-peddling. That means everyone EXCEPT four ships is aiming at me. Surely the rest of my team can walk through those four and cross-fire on those aiming at me. I'm stalling 3/4 of the reds! NOPE. Rest of my team is behind an island at C, opposite side of the map. Frak.
  14. Maps and strategy?

    I have the same issue. Positioning is my biggest challenge. In lieu of any documented guides, I try to watch a good portion of Twitch, and armchair-quarterback their matches. I also recommend Zath's video series. He provides commentary and critiques, which I can then try to remember and incorporate into my future games. But in the meantime, where to go???? MM has recently been spawning me on the very edge of the team. And, the spawn is light (meaning one other ship with me). The RobotCHICKEN in me wants to run and huddle with the masses. But... I've got to protect the flank and take one for the team, right? That's what I usually end up doing, and usually get focused quickly.
  15. The New Badges

    That is one grumpymunky! Works well for your nick!