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  1. DiddleDum

    Apparently the game can't "Math"

    Is this confirmed? I apologize in advance if this has been publicized, as I don't read every dev blog. Does the total HP pool remain the same, even if you've dropped? Is there a way you can even measure that? That said, it is a work-around for the CV players not to be de-planed. I know we'd like them to keep circling for all three attacks so that we could waste the whole squad and keep them in rebuild mode. Since the hotfixes, that's about as effective as the YOLO technique. So, the work-around is what we're left with. Which then circles around to surface ship play. I'm not sure how a surface ship thinks this is hurtful to their game play. The way I view it, the CV drops an attack squad straight off. If my AA is somewhat competent, that first attack on me will hurt his planes. That usually means he'll F-key or fly away to another target. I've been subject to A SINGLE CV ATTACK RUN. When cruiser HE does more damage in a single volley than these CVs do, I'm not really stressed out about the CVs. I've nullified two-thirds of their attack strength by virtue of them pre-dropping and F-keying away. Even with the crazy math (if confirmed), does it impact the way I play? Hardly.
  2. DiddleDum

    Low Tier Bashing

    Some of 'em do. And for some of them, playing video games is their "job" (just gotta hope they can monetize it for years... would hate to see a 40-something with zero work experience, 'cept for streaming games) Agreed. The CCs are influencers to some, coaches to others, and annoyances to yet another group. To the OP: Take them as you will. If they bug you, turn them off. If they teach you, learn something. If they're too wrapped up in the game, turn off the friggin' youtube and hit the Battle button.
  3. DiddleDum

    The Level of Detail in World of Warships

    Please WG.... can you modify the port camera to be free-flying? I'd love to go anywhere on the ship and zoom in on those interesting points. Would love to have a benchside view from one of the French ships, or the myriad of other interesting things you see on the ship from afar. It's damn good modeling. Can we haz a free-flying camera?
  4. DiddleDum

    Why does no one play Hakuryu anymore?

    It's more likely the nerfs. When 8.0 rolled around, you didn't see streams and youtube videos of the Midway. You saw Hak exclusively, because WG devs didn't think things through. Once they got rid of the stealth torp spam and instant f-key, the Hak lost it's one trick. That pony is hardly worth riding. Thus, the swing to Midway, and will likely stay Midway.
  5. DiddleDum

    Beautiful Models

    I agree with you on the model details of both the botes and planes. Would love to have a free-fly camera in port that you could zoom around any part of the ship. Always finding a widget or what-not on a bote, but can never get close enough to get a good look. C'mon WG.... You put so much work into the modeling - I'd love to see it up-close.
  6. DiddleDum

    Cool good , Nothing

    Yeah... it's a bit of RNGesus playing with the strings. Some folks will be blessed, get CVs every match, and finish the mission quickly. Sometimes, RNGesus puts you in the dog house, and you see a CV once every five matches. You then try to trick RNGesus by jumping in a DD. And even when you get the CV, the planes come nowhere near you. You even beg the CV to send planes. LOL. Your advice on taking a BB and isolating yourself seems to be good advice (for the mission - your team might not thank you for it, though). If RNGesus ain't playing, you may have to purposely expose yourself to get the CVs attention.
  7. DiddleDum

    literally does not know how to play DD

    Just did, and wow. Like the insight he presents, and why he chooses a particular direction, why he holds his fire, or lets 'em loose. Definitely will be watching the rest of his vids. +1
  8. DiddleDum

    literally does not know how to play DD

    I'm still a noob in a DD. That's on the agenda for 2019 - get decent in the DD. To start, I worked in co-op. Knowing that the red bots will always head to the DD, that's how I tailored my practice. First steps - concealment. Can I effectively spot and not be spotted myself? (luckily, the WG events will usually have something like "spot 10 ships"). I actually made it a bit harder, and used the Pan Asian DDs, with torps that only work on CA, BB, and CV. They won't hit DDs, so if I get in close to a DD, I'll only have guns. I'd try different games, such as seeing how long I could play in a match without firing weapons. Or spotting to get the red DD out of the way and then moving towards torping the cruisers and BBs. With Co-op, you can practice and even if you don't fire a shot, it won't hurt your team, as the others can usually carry. I started with my T3 Pan Asian DD. After a dozen games, I moved it into randoms and worked on the same efforts. Spotting, strategic capping, torping, knife fighting, etc. Fortunately, WG has provided a bunch of low tier DDs through their events and campaigns. I do the same effort across the other countries' DD. Get a feel for her in co-op, practice being aggressive (while not appearing aggressive), and then venture to randoms to put the practice into play. I've still a long way to go, but it's a relatively no-pressure means of getting better in the DD, without borking your team too much.
  9. DiddleDum

    New Version of WOW and the hacks are still on

    Just double-checking. Random or Co-op? Yep, those red bots do cheat. But seriously, it's ALL ABOUT PRESENTATION. Had you posted something like: "man... some of the reds are hitting me across the map. Are their aims that good, or am I allowing them easy hits?", you would have received an entirely-different set of answers. We're all about helping out folks that want to improve their game - myself included - I ask often. But having your first post consist of #FakeVictimization and accusations will get you nothing but grief.
  10. DiddleDum

    Musashi Missori returning for free xp 2019?

    Absolutely correct. And the nerfing of the MO was something that I've thought about since the first threads about the GC uptiering started. We polarized pretty quickly on the GC subject. The worst thing for me was the potential slippery slope that you open up by nerfing premiums. If they could do it to GC, could they also do it to other premiums? And what would be the outcry if the MO's ATM machine was permanently removed? I figure those that support the GC uptiering would suddenly become staunch opponents of nerfing the MO, even though the principle is the same - hacking away and giving us a different product than we bought.
  11. DiddleDum

    Oh my god i miss steven so much :( jesus.

    The Ovechkin skipper is much like Steven - drab, and sounds like he's got marbles in his mouth. Probably due to speaking non-native English. We've had calls for a Dasha skipper English voice-over. Why do I feel it would be like.....
  12. DiddleDum

    I cant get it to work...

    Give it some time. I'm in a similar situation. Started the day at 29% wr. I like her punch and her ability to take a pounding. However, I haven't yet figured out the playstyle that works best for me. I've dug in like a tick, bow-on, and hold the cap I've run her in open water, kiting away I've run her like a USN cruiser, hugging my island waifu. I tried playing her more in the ways suggested on this thread, and I've had a few more wins in her since. I like the potential of the ship. I just have to figure out a way to take her from good to great.
  13. DiddleDum

    initial deployment is important

    Had one like that. Poor red CV is the only guy left (with four of us), but with two red caps and C uncapped. Our guys finally capped, but it was a loss unless we killed the CV. CV running for that Solo Warrior. We finished him off with 20 seconds left on the clock, and still trailing. While you don't have to cap at the start of the match, it DOES HELP to cap something before the 5:00 warning.
  14. DiddleDum

    News: 8.2! WNN in the afternoon 1.

    There's a cure for detonations? Will never happen. "Big Gaming" will buy the solution and shelve it. We'll be stricken with detonations. Damn lobbyists....
  15. DiddleDum

    Game sucks now

    Are we in a time warp? I mean, this might have been valid a month ago (and even then, it applied to ONE T10 CV). T4, T6, and T8 CVs are barely an annoyance. Some care is needed for T10, but is still manageable. I'm still seeing strategies, hide and seek, etc. I've even begged CVs to send planes while in my DD (trying to get those plane kill missions done). While the forums still have posts claiming they hate the "all seeing eye", in my experience, CVs are far from it. Yes, the initial flight will get a mini-map fix on the initial red positioning. Then, like a T3 straight-lining in binocular view, the CV tends to pick a spot and stay there. I guess if you're in that particular spot, you may be spotted. The rest of the team is able to do what we did pre-8.0 - fight as normal.