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  1. DiddleDum

    The game play is terrible

    That's how I've set up my Henri. Visual detection at around 20km. Let's just say I'm spotted nearly all game. Of course, I'm running the Top Grade Gunner and UU for decreased firing time. I also added the Incoming Fire Alert. Makes it really easy to see when those long range shots are coming in. I slightly WASD, and return fire with 23km range. It also exposes the red BBs and lets my DeadEye BBs fire at them. As far as the overall impact to cruisers, it's still early. It'd be a big meta adjustment if only DeadEye was added to the game. Combine that with a total rework of all skills, and the cruiser mains are still trying to figure out the best set up for their ship, AND try to address avoiding the DeadEye rounds. We're only a week in, and hopefully, there'll be some fleshing out of configs and tactics. We'll see.
  2. DiddleDum

    I got yer Dead Eye right here!

    Sadly, I've seen a few co-op games like this. Hopped into co-op to finish off my 200 start fires/citadel task, and since the bots charge forward, it was funny watching my BBs in full reverse, trying to keep the distance. In randoms, I haven't run into the constant CV attacks, as you mentioned. But when I've played Dead-Eye mode, the flanks collapse and all the Dead-Eye in the world won't save you when the reds completely surround you.
  3. DiddleDum

    PSA: Official survey is up!!

    I agree. For full disclosure, I did not reply with the "dead and buried" comment in the survey. That was for the forum readers. But I did state that nobody had asked for the commander skills program, and thus we cannot tell you about the future for a program we didn't ask for. It was a bit negative. However, which does more harm? If I answer vaguely and non-critical, they don't know that I am displeased. My criticism is there for them to understand. I know that they won't change their game based on my displeasure, so there's no reason to hold back. And as far as criticism goes, my statement wasn't too abrasive. But yes... more bees with honey than with vinegar.
  4. DiddleDum

    PSA: Official survey is up!!

    My favorite question was "What would you like to see to the future of the Commander Skills program?" I responded that NOBODY asked for the Commander Skills program, remember? So why ask us where we want it to go? The future of Commander Skills? Maybe dead and buried? Rolled back?
  5. DiddleDum

    Deadeye needs to go

    Interested to see if Deadeye stacks with other dispersion buff modules. For example, my Montana having the Artillery Plotting Room Mod 2, which gives -11% dispersion. Combined with the Deadeye of -10%, will that dispersion reduction stack?
  6. DiddleDum

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Yep. About to set sail with the "Drunken Sailor" WeeGee builds, just for laughs. I see they decided all my German BBs are assigned manual secondaries and pyrotechnician. Last stand, incoming fire alert and IFHE on my A Nevsky? Why not??? Can't wait to see what they think the DDs should have. Of course, to sail the Drunken Sailor mode, I need a few bottles of the good stuff.
  7. DiddleDum

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    You can always look at the bright side. Every red player is going to have the same crappy builds. Except for those with their 21 point captains, it's a pretty level playing field. There may be things that flesh out in the coming months as far as optimal builds. In the mean time, it's a level-set match - everyone will have substandard configurations. I'm not caring for rework myself. However, it doesn't feel so oppressive, given everyone now has sub-par setups.
  8. DiddleDum

    I'm just not feeling it

    I voted Pancetta (hoping that's Italian for bacon). My Dasha wears a beret and slings baugettes.
  9. If rank were actually for prestige, then offer no rewards. Virtual ego is reward enough, right? As long as WeeGee offers flags, coal, steel, and other goodies, people will play. Regardless of skill.
  10. DiddleDum

    It's December 23........

    Where do I start? Too much to mention. I'll just send everyone a Christmas Card....
  11. Well.... I'll probably take the "play for fun, don't spend anything" option. I have nearly 2.4 million EXP, so that'll get two skippers to 21. I'll try to build the FXP back up with the premium ships (separate class skills should be interesting) for first win bonus. The semi-good news is that for the rest of the skippers, they'll earn something, which is better than nothing. My current focus is grinding some of those neglected lines, with skippers ranging from 10 - 15 points. At least they'll earn 5% exp. Currently, they're earning nothing. But they won't get any dubs or credits from me on this silly adventure. Thanks for the write up, Fem!
  12. Currently grinding Kansas, and I'm trying to get her to work. While I've got a 67% win rate in her, I'm not getting a lot of damage. Frankly, with her speed and reload, I'm not sure exactly the best way to play her. Long range is meh. It's pretty safe, but as much as she's up-tiered, the player base is smart enough to avoid shots that take 14+ seconds to reach them. Cross-fire can work, as the players are usually focused on someone else. Mid to close range, and the cruiser HE burns the deck away. I've been watching some of Potato Quality's videos on positioning and terrain, and trying to employ those tactics (+1 and thanks for the excellent commentary, PQ!). That allows me to get in a bit closer and focus on the cap the game spawns me at. That at least keeps my Kansas in the game. But carry, it does not. Just hoping the Minnesota makes it a little more enjoyable, once I finish this grind.
  13. DiddleDum

    Go Navy! Beat Army!

    Touche! Nobody plays Army in WoWS WeeGee... we need one of these little Morgan Freeman emojis. Put 'em right next to the smiley captains.
  14. DiddleDum

    What the WG statement REALLY means

    Not only did they see the questions, but also the closely-followed "The moderator has deleted the comment". The ol' Sergeant Shultz defence "I KNOW KNOTHING!!!"