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  1. DiddleDum

    Hot Spot Tactics 101

    Remember when everyone loathed Strait? Yeah.. Two Brothers is my Strait. Nothing like seeing the middle spawn creep slowly forward to "guard the gap". Yeah... my spawn to the left or right is guaranteed to catch the red lemming train barreling towards me, while the "guards" sit there. Who knows? They'll say "someone might storm the gap!!!11!"
  2. DiddleDum

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    But it goes both ways. A few posts yesterday on someone being miserable because of folks giving advice who weren't part of the meaningless purple club. Ultimately, it is a video game, with no relevance outside of the game. However, people put value in different things. For the OP, it's Karma. For some, it's purple WR or PR. For some, it's pew pewing at pixel ships, damn the score or result.
  3. DiddleDum

    Hot Spot Tactics 101

    I gave a +1. I think with the clutter, it became evident that too much information cannot be put into a map without some confusion. But I love the concept. Not that I expect any random team to run this play formation. HOWEVER, it's pretty valuable to review strong positions, whether spawned left, right, or center and compare them to how I normally play. Hot spot is a good map to compare to my play. And I realized I never follow the lines (or even get close). I don't need to follow the lines verbatum. Of course I'll need to see what my team is doing (or not doing) and adjust accordingly. But at least I should be heading towards the strong positions of the class I'm sailing. And I'm not. If I were to map my movements on this map, it'd pretty much be a straight-ahead sail until enemy shows up and then adjust. On Hot Spot, I sometimes get hammered at A or C cap for that very reason, I'm detected, out in the open, and no nearby cover. So the "sail here" lines can be very helpful in my next match. Not that it's guaranteed to work, but it'll lessen my chances of being caught out in the open. It can also allow me to plant myself and cover flank, or hold up/repel the red push (and not be stupidly broadside to a cross-firing BB). Thanks again. Even little pieces can sometimes help. I appreciate it!
  4. DiddleDum

    Why was this locked?

    Do you have to take a course for that qualification? Huh? It was probably shut down as responders were getting miffed on the implied elitism of the post - only purple or super-purples are allowed to comment, give advice, etc. Another case of binary thinking (on both sides of the argument) - only one right answer, with everything else wrong. I do listen to advice that unicums give out. I listen to less-than-unicums too. Since my play style may or may not align with the play style the advice giver is handing out, I tend to take it with a grain of salt. I may try a set up or strategy. If it works, I incorporate it. If it's above my pay grade in the skill dept, I'll keep it on file, but won't adopt it. But, if a non-unicum provides guidance that does fit my play style and makes the game a little more fun? Again, what "qualifications" are needed?
  5. DiddleDum

    Tears of the Desert Map tactics 101

    I would definitely like a sub-forum/bullet under Game Guides and Tutorials. Something like "Map Strategies", where this type of content can go (and be easily found). +1 op. Outstanding stuff. Can't wait to see more.
  6. A nice write-up +1 My initial thought on this statement was going to refer into the actual joining of steel ship with those islands. Some call it the "Notser".... some people call it Maurice... I definitely have my fair share of Notsers. Maybe a special award for 2+ groundings per match?
  7. DiddleDum

    I thought there was no politics in WoWs

    Wee Gee.... You've still got the Steven Segal animated character code, right? Can you adjust him into this guy? Keeping the USN line great! It'd be a hoot to seem him dancing on the decks while in port...
  8. I had the same dread. Of course, I went to Youtube to see if there were any guidance videos. Good news - there are several. I watched Flamu's video, applied his guidance, and actually enjoyed the grind. Even took her into the T9 Ranked that was going on at the time, and ground her to Yamato in relatively short order. From Flamu's video, he doesn't do the bow tanking in the video. I did the same. Give her a try - you may not be disappointed.
  9. DiddleDum

    Greatest dumpster fire in Wargaming's history

    Unfortunately, yes. Spreadsheet says this was good Rubles and look at all those players that ground all 7 directives, even when everyone said it was impossible. WG: Looks like a good plan! More vodka and let's prepare the next event!!
  10. DiddleDum

    How far I got on PR...

    The saddest thing about this picture is the camera's vantage point. That's about as close as it got. Really cool animations, but no free-flying camera. I wanted to look down into those turret holes, zoom around the ship and peek at the infrastructure. Maybe some day...
  11. DiddleDum

    The Dock Yard

    Why not both? Yep, I'm missing a good map (or three), or a few new scenarios. Would love to see something new come out on the playing field. But, I did like the visual candy of the ship building process. My only complaint was that the camera was fixed. It would have been great to have a free-flying camera that'd allow you to look closely at the areas being built.
  12. DiddleDum

    The worst day in WoWs I have ever experienced.

    While I have no idea whether MM sorts you into a group of sub-50% players as punishment for doing well, I do sometimes wonder on the placement on the map. I'm totally sucking with a poor losing streak today. In every match so far, MM has placed me out on the corner, in the little three man DD/CA/BB line up. I push up, support the group, and run into half the red fleet. DD sinks fast, cruiser either sinks fast or kites. That's ok... I'll hold the flank, tank damage, and hold their push. But the Calvary never comes. It's still stuck on the opposite side of the map, with the whole team in the cap. And there they stay for the remainder of the match. It's continual map placement like this that makes me want to speed boost over to the blob, and make like a lemming.
  13. DiddleDum

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    Once it's in inventory, it's good to go, no? Can't remember which event it was, since WG runs these back to back to back. There was one event where you could exchange the temp currency for UUs. I picked up one for the Zao. It's sitting in inventory, and I would assume it'll remain there. Would that be a correct assumption?
  14. DiddleDum

    Eliminate the Standard Game mode.

    It can be, IF you see the situation before it happens. A constructive chat might help. "Hey BBs, can you park and defend outside the cap, so that the reds won't reset it? If you rush into the cap, it'll keep resetting" It's definitely better than "WTH are you potatoes doing in the cap??!1!? You noobs lost us the match Go to co-op or uninstall"
  15. DiddleDum

    Eliminate the Standard Game mode.

    Nothing says "teamwork" like a BB rushing into the enemy cap to "support" the DD that's hidden and capping. Even better when three BBs charge in. "We'll tank for ya!", while getting the cap reset with every volley.