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  1. Well, it doesn't make sense to spam it in game chat. I'm friggin' driving and shooting! Not going to stop the game, switch to Youtube and click "like". If you want to advertise your Twitch streams or Youtube videos, do what everyone else around here does - make a post on the forums, stating you're streaming, to join in, and watch the shenanigans. If you do get saturation to a point where people follow, you'll see other players asking if it's being streamed (like I may do when I see a regular streamer). Not that I'm going to watch the stream, but I tend to be more cautious and not derp too hard (hate to make the highlight reel as Potato of the Day)
  2. Watch for potatoes

    Can you turn pink from Space Battles? Well, if you can, I apologize for turning two different players pink today, due to my potato-ness, including the last match with a Grand_Admiral_Thrawn (not sure if that's the same Thrawn posting here). First match, was pelted, and turning to flee with low HP, when I ran into a friendly BB and exploded. Last match, similar situation, running from a BB at 7k away. Behind the huge space rock, a friendly DD fired his torps. Which I ate all of, but two. Sorry about that guys. Stupid Diddle, being stupid.
  3. Gave you a +1, but for the Hee Haw reference tags. Got the damn song in my head! Haven't tried the ops since the upgrade. May have to give them a try and see what's changed.
  4. Sometimes, we gotta be careful what we wish for. We see post after post, lamenting the poor play, accusing others of exiting early. In reality, was that really ever a problem? In my 5200+ games, I don't ever recall seeing someone actively leaving the game. Folks get on here, cry "Injustice!", and I guess in this case, WG was reading. And I guess they interpreted a bigger problem than it really is. And any changes WG makes, and we get the opposite discussions - how it'll help and how people will exploit.
  5. Open season on Orange-colored players? Yep - don't shoot the pink players, but orange is ok to fire at. Frankly, I think we're over-thinking this. You're not going to be banished for a poorly-fired torp. You turn pink, you do your penance, and go back to standard. They've probably got a threshold of pinkness, and once you cross enough times, then you'll turn orange. Anytime I've been in Co-op, the pink players are usually there to work off their penalty. Don't recall ever seeing a pink player TK a live player in co-op. So, I really don't expect co-op to be too different from what it is today. Which brings me back to the thought of when you do see an orange-colored player. At that point, it'd be fun to open up on the guy, penalty free.
  6. The crucifixion kinda comes with the context of the post. We all have launched torps poorly, or in tight situations. We know the drill. Warn if you can (and hope they dodge). If you turn pink, put on the pink leggings and work it off. Resume life as normal, and try to remember to avoid poorly-launching or tightly-launching torps in future matches. But please don't jump on the forums with a #ImAVictim post. Those that do generally get the responses we see. OP's ordinance, OP's fault - no questions. #NotAVictim
  7. Protect the J line at all costs! BBs - head there, and defend!!! And the markings on the mini-map example are confusing - what's "objectives"???
  8. I agree. And to expand it further, why do so many threads (or responses within threads) have players stopping at Rank 15? The rewards diminish around that point, and the aggravation of "randomly-competitive" play increases. And I'm ok with the Ranked approach - I can choose to grind or resign at Rank 10 (which is where I usually stop). If they offered a more-enticing reward, I might stay longer. A bigger reward certainly wouldn't differ from the weekly/monthly mission approach we currently get. And those grinds are way much easier to finish.
  9. We do both, actually. Which is why Ducky posted. When we look at "content" from a WG perspective, what do we see? Missions, and more missions - all with some sort of reward. And free ships are definitely in that mission meta. See the recent events for the French BBs, Duke of York, Aigle, etc., etc. They introduce a grinding mission. They reward with high quality flags or ships. Given that Ranked is probably the granddaddy of all grinding slogs, the associated awards seem a bit meek, compared to the much-easier missions that award a ship. The incentive to play doesn't seem equivalent to what's seen on other missions.
  10. Flags, what are they good for?

    Same - only run the 'murica flag, since it gives a bonus. If the bonus flag were to go away, I'd probably fly different flags, giving different ships their own "flag identity". But since they have a single flag that gives a bonus, that's what flies on every bote. Probably not what WG intended with their flag program.
  11. Best Tier 8 for ranked

    Agreed. Play what you like playing. While there might be preferred ships for strategy discussions, sailing those preferred ships won't guarantee a win. I have some of the ships that might make the "best ship" list, and I have a few others (French cruisers at T8 and T10), which wouldn't make any list, but I happen to like sailing, and am comfortable with. And, until the Ranked battle starts, I have no idea if the French cruiser meta will work. I'll give it a go. It may work, or I may sink.
  12. Ranked season = tier X! yay!

    Got the Montana and the Henri One standard bote, and one odd-ball bote. Will give Henri a run... Why not?
  13. Now, let's not forget the opposite. While some may scream at folks going up the middle, I'm just as frustrated with half the team hanging in the cap, close to the opening "just in case they come up the middle". Flanked on both sides, and half the team is still guarding the gap.
  14. Admirals view Web based mini game

    Keep it designated to clans, and that'd be a nice feature. Being able to spectate clan members in battle (random or clan battles) - I'd go for that. I'm on the fence about directly interacting with them.
  15. Apology

    Sorry for your loss. Having recently lost a parent, I understand the disruption and emptiness that comes. I cannot imagine that magnified, as you are now experiencing, and you have my sincere condolences. +1 on the humility and apology given. Fair seas, sir