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  1. Agreed. And OP, understand that some of those responses won't be constructive criticism. Some will give help, some will be snarky, and some may be downright ugly. And in an environment such as this, you'll always have differences in perspective. We tend to argue everything on these boards: Game economy Events (ranked, clan wars) Best ship/worst ship/playstyles Best/worst community contributor TK penalties (going pink) Anime characters/ships As long as you don't go binary (only right or wrong), you should be fine. Demands don't typically work. If it bothers you, ignore it. Continue to read the forums and ask questions. Many of us are happy to help, and most aren't unicorns.
  2. DiddleDum

    DM legendary module

    I was wondering where those DMs got their turbos. Or the one I loathe - the DM going backwards, and the smokestack is showing them changing directions. Oh yeah!!!! Fire the rounds, and then they turbo boost away from the shells. Ugh. Can't wait until I get mine. Getting close to getting the DM.
  3. All of above, and I try to resist the temptation of turning salty. Just had a match on Two Brothers, and it's me in my Mass with four other ships streaming to D cap. Then they turn, I'm isolated (and focused) and it's gonna be awhile and a lot of hurt to turn around. Their DD got around and torped the hell out of me. The other four had gone back to the spawn point. It's about this time, I'm ready to go full broadside to get it over with. "What happened to D??? Why'd we run???" I asked. Fortunately, I was able to lick my wounds behind an island, heal a bit, and notice the team had pushed to D. I joined them, got a couple of kills, and ended up with a Dreadnought award as we cruised to victory. That was a change of goals, since my early salt wished me back to port. A couple of deep breaths, a little patience, and the goal changes back to winning.
  4. DiddleDum

    Containers - Are they Gambling? My thoughts...

    It's definitely a loose position. I was originally going to argue against the sports card argument, since you absolutely get what you pay for. You buy a 25-card pack, you get 25 cards. The value is determined outside those cards (collectors, owners, market). But, as I thought of the different programs throughout the years, I participated in many things that could be considered gambling. McDonald's Monopoly game, free stuff in cereal boxes, grocery store contests (buy this product, get a chance). Hell, I was indoctrinated at the movies with Wonka's golden ticket. So, even getting a tangible product in exchange for cash, if there's a chance element associated with it, I guess it could meet the definition of gambling. So, the definition seems loose, and tends to change on the social climate. I could probably compare the santa crates to the examples above - we get virtual goods (guaranteed) for our purchase. It's mostly camo, but also can contain other "more valuable" items. We buy a 20 pack of crates, we're going to get 20 items. So, what steers the social climate against loot boxes, but welcomes other types of similar-context contests? Is it because children could be involved? Dunno. That didn't stop me from demolishing that box of Capn Crunch so that I could get another box (and another chance).
  5. DiddleDum

    to who it may concern

  6. Conversely, I remember a red BB chatting "wth????" after I rounded the corner in my DD at 3km, and got detonated by a secondary round prior to dropping torps. So, I guess in that sense, why didn't he sink? His guns were even facing away. Sure fire sink. "cept it wasn't....
  7. DiddleDum

    Aiming at bow-on ships?

    Agreed on the dispersion. In my matches, I'll be firing six guns from Monty's front. I expect half of those rounds will go wonky due to dispersion. Last night, the Des Moines I was fighting got under 6km. I'm sure there wasn't any way to get those rounds to converge on a target that close. I was hoping the two middle barrels would hit the target. Well, they did hit, and I'd get 1350 or a bounce. Sounds like Lert's overpen description.
  8. DiddleDum

    Aiming at bow-on ships?

    You guys rock! Excellent guidance, and many thanks Lert for the illustrations! Time to go find some bow-on cruisers and work on my aim. Will head to the training rooms to recreate those situations.
  9. Been searching for Youtube videos on aiming at bow-on ships. Watched plenty on using the different reticles, leading, ammo selection, etc. What I haven't found are any guidelines on aiming at bow-on ships. Primary scenario is me in a BB (usually T8 - 10). Cruiser engages and is usually 12km or closer. And they stop, bow-on, or with a slight angle (looks less than 30 degrees). And volley after volley seems to do minimal damage. I understand that some cruisers have tanky armor. That's fine, but volley after volley? If I'm in a similar situation and bow-on to a BB in my cruiser, I usually lose 75% of my health or sink. So, apparently there's some key to aiming bow-on that I'm missing. Recent frustrations have been with Des Moines, Moskva, and Kronstadt. Does anyone know of any specific Youtube videos that deal with angled-in aiming? Or could provide pointers on aim points that seem to get results? Thanks in advance.
  10. DiddleDum

    Need help picking ships for CW

    Don't forget the rentals. Play a T8 match, and it should provide you with three free T10 rentals. Current loaners are the Yamato, Hindenburg, and Gearing. A good way to get your feet wet in a DD, cruiser, or BB. You can't mount camo on 'em, but hey.... if your clan is casual, who needs camo? Get out there, get some seat time in CW, and have fun.
  11. DiddleDum

    Current Tier X Cruiser Favorites?

    I only have the Henri and Mino, so those would be the two of my top 3 TX cruisers. But on the home-stretch for Des Moines. Mino's great fun for green DD support and red DD kills. I enjoy either smoke or radar modes. Henri - that shiny object for everyone to shoot and miss due to range and agility. Flanking good times. Sometimes hard to make an impact on the outcome. High damage but little impact if the reds don't chase the shiny object.
  12. DiddleDum

    banned from chat for a typo

  13. Had that happen to me and my Neptune. Several of my teammates had a laugh, as they sailed UNDER me. The floating, burning hulk. I stayed up in the air for awhile.
  14. DiddleDum


    I don't even mind that, unless it'd be my Kraken, or if it's a CV that drops torps, rather than targeting that full-health BB that I'm facing right after I dispatch the guy I'm fighting. Other than those two instances, it's ok with me to get that red player out of the match, regardless of shooter.
  15. DiddleDum

    How about some cover

    It happens. I'm usually in the same situation, as MM likes to put me on the outskirts, usually with a lone DD. Maybe a cruiser. And when I see the red lemming train approach, I usually take the "hold yer ground" stance. In the case of dual lemming trains, if I can hold them up, that gives my team time to flank and destroy. And it's hold.... hold... hold... hold... Um... hold. Priority target is at 5.... 6.... 7. And our lemming train is stalled at the first cap they went to. And continue to stay at said cap until they're finished off. Take such sage advice from these D cap huddlers with a grain of salt.... as salt is all they're offering.