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  1. DiddleDum

    <Bleep> Your AA Support!

    I don't even care about the fighter. I just want your squadron to keep that DD lit up as my gun counter counts down to zero. Alas, the planes fly to a different sector, and the DD disappears with one second until the guns load. I want a "turn the plane around!" F-key button
  2. DiddleDum

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    Reminds me of the Colonial golf tourney I went to several years back. This golfer's approach shot hit the green, but barely. His "putt" was about 80 feet, with a bunker situated along the path. He did one of those shots, where he had to putt away from the hole and let the contour of the green bring the ball back to the hole. He took his shot, got it to within a foot of the hole. As he approached the hole, I said "nice shot". And he took it as an insult. "NO IT WASN'T!!", he replied, angrily. He fully expected to hole that shot, and this golf plebe is telling him well done for a miss. Transfer that situation over to WOWS. Unless the game is close and evenly matched with skill, "GG" is the last some unicum teams want to hear. If it's close, but you're in a plebe clan, it wasn't a GG for them. A blowout is the same thing.
  3. Well, while it may be more reasonable, unfortunately WG has stated it'll be +/-2. Yep - you'll get some games as lowest tier. Put the head on extra-swivel and let those T8s and T9s do a lot of the heavy lifting. And you'll get some games as the lone T9. Enjoy the good. As a T7, try to mitigate the bad.
  4. DiddleDum

    PSA: Opt In Mission - Battle for Savo Island

    Gonna keep my losing streak going on these types of events. My election to EAGLES crashed No honor in me selecting GLORY Might as well keep the goose egg going - IJN it is!
  5. I'm Texan, so the pronunciation is hopeless. However, I petition WG to make this model the French Spokesperson. She can pronounce the French ships for me.
  6. Seconded. While I see the dub to credits conversion, I'm not seeing it the other way around. The graphic Ender posted does imply that it costs 2100 credits for 1 doubloon. Not sure if it was a Russian translation issue (meaning we get 2100 credits for the cost of one doubloon), or if you can truly buy dubs for credits (and I'm just missing the spot where you can make that transaction).
  7. DiddleDum

    Ramming in Savage Battle for Directive

    Yeah.... that's why I haven't all-chatted for ramming party at E6. I'm sure I'd have some takers, but it leaves my teammates high and dry. Or, the rest of the reds know where I am and focus-torp me with zero damage.
  8. DiddleDum

    WG i'm NOT spanish

  9. DiddleDum

    WG i'm NOT spanish

    One question remains: Is Magui Sunshine hot????
  10. DiddleDum

    NTC should award Steel not level 10 Buffs

    Agreed. Don't want to dilute the economy with cheap steel. It doesn't have to be steel either. I'd be just as happy grinding for a space camo, or some doubloons, or a unique horn. Not really caring what the rewards might be, as long as they don't easily contribute to power creep.
  11. DiddleDum

    NTC should award Steel not level 10 Buffs

    Well, the format could be tweaked a bit. Grind the entire line - 5000 steel. Play 100 games in a single bote at T5, 100 steel. They could tweak the grind to get folks into a particular tier, or bote. But alas, not their intention at all....
  12. DiddleDum

    WNN 52: Naval Training Center!

    Man.... if our actual media presented themselves the way you did. Just the facts. No one-sided conclusion in the presentation. No "panel of talking heads" to reinforce the media's position. Unfortunately, every media outlet in the US has devolved from just stating the news to offering their "one, true" opinion. Whether CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, or NBC, it's devolved into the same opinion formula. I like the WNN! Keep it up good sir.... even when the news is bad.
  13. It'll be interesting, since currently, you get a +1 to a consumable for going premium consumable. That'll go away. Not that I needed the +1 every match, but many times, it saved my bacon.
  14. DiddleDum

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Glad I'm still at T4 on CVs. Waiting for kamikaze programming.
  15. DiddleDum

    Savage Battle opinions.

    For most of the time in this game, I've always had some issue with judging the trajectory of the torps. The space battles and savage battles have helped tremendously. Although the torp speeds in these modes are crazy fast, it's translated into much better torp avoidance in randoms. But I seem to be going for a Notser record in savage battles. I tend to ground myself at least once per round.