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  1. Save the Battleship Texas

    LOL about Austin. It's still is a curse word! Damn blue city. As far as the school tax, it's a spending problem. When focus is on new football stadiums, high salaries for coaches and administration? Well, it isn't that they aren't getting enough tax dollars. They're just not allocating it wisely. I pay nearly $7k to the local ISD, and my kids are long out of school. The tax that doesn't matter whether you use the service or not. That said, my little town's ISD gets plenty of funds.... which went to the building of new campuses (10s of millions) and great big football stadium. My ISD says screw the kids and their supplies. BRING US FOOTBALL!!!
  2. Yeah.... the best you can do is encourage the train to keep moving. I'm usually the guy that gets placed on the far outskirts. I could join the train, but it'll leave the flank fully open for the reds. So, generally, me and another ship (or two) take up blocking duties. And the whole match is kiting, with priority target showing six. Lemming train rounds the corner on the other side..... and..... stops. I may work on anticipating the stop, and encouraging them to keep moving. Let them know I'm kiting half the team, and they're clear sailing to the next objective. Probably won't work... but it's worth trying.
  3. Pretty much^^ However, I like her, and sail her in Clan Battles. I use her for flanking, getting three or four ships to aim at me, and then kite away. She's got good range, and can tie folks up (and set fires to 'em). Bug out with speed if needed. But yeah - wrack up a ton of damage, but rarely get kills. Like a long range monkey throwing poo.
  4. Depends on the MM. If I'm that lone T8 BB, I tend to hold fire. But many times, I'll send rounds down range. Did a stint with using my concealment and opening fire at close range..... well, until my Duke of York ran into the red team's Missouri...
  5. I sorta agree with this, but not entirely. It's a game I play.... not my job. There are great resources for enthusiasts to look at for stats, ship configs, history, etc. That's all fine and good, if I'm so inclined. I probably shouldn't have to go hunting for extra content, unless I'm into that kind of thing. That said, I do frequent the main website and this forum. So, I half-review what's coming down the pike. I don't do the social media stuff, which I do have a gripe with. Some content is delivered via Twitter. Some via Facebook, others on the forums, and others on the main website. I know they've eventually put this campaign on the main website. But it was originally introduced via Facebook. Had not a fellow forumite not posted the code, it would have gone on deaf ears for many of us. In regards to opt-in? I'm ok with that, or whether they fit it naturally into the game. It makes more sense to do it with the anime stuff, but that's not really a gripe. Got about 700 main battery hits done. Time to jump back into the French cruisers. La Gal gets a lot of hits in Operations. Sit back and pew pew pew.
  6. Load yer "head on a swivel" and "more caution" flags. Buddy up with one of those T10 BBs. Consider withholding max range shots (where you become spotted and suddenly, a juicy target). Shoot at higher tier ships. Angle as best you can. Depend on those two flags you loaded.
  7. Yes another MM rant

    Hmmm.... so, you're at a 52% win rate, and most of those games likely didn't come as what would be considered a "great battle", with equal points going to the 0:00 buzzer. Maybe 5% of those wins are like that. So a majority of your win rate is likely due to your green team steam-rolling the reds. Are you dissatisfied with those wins as you are with the losses? There are some that say MM uses algorithms to purposely keep us at around a 50% win rate. There's a lot of folks above 50% WR that would disagree. My opinion is that MM may play a slight role in lopsidedness - it's exaggerated with placing divisions. But I can't blame MM too much when there's human nature at play. If it's a random mix of players, I can expect there's gonna be some good players and some potatoes on my team. My hope is that the team maker put more potatoes on the red team. I can also point to that human nature springing to life when the player positioner puts us on the map. Where I start usually determines my course of action. And.... I hate it when it puts me out in BFE, by myself, way on the edge. I assume the red train is coming. I can run to the main group to leave the flank unattended, or I can march forward, hold my ground, and pray to RNGesus that my team will push as I hold off the hounds. And, like in your example, you do just that. It sucks to have five people shooting at you. BUT, you are taking five ships' worth of guns off your teammates. Kiting and having half the red team targeting you is a noble effort. It just gets frustrating when your team cannot deliver. For me, thinking I'm stalling the reds usually gives the game some purpose..... well, at least until I see the team counter, and our fleet has already lost five ships... and my priority target still shows five ships aiming at my butt. It happens. I hope your experience gets better. Sail true, Skipper!
  8. Indianapolis Marthon Rethink!

    ^^^Truth^^^ Took me a 7 or 8 games to finally get it (won the Indy at set 21, but still playing the achievements to get the container (and maybe, maybe a ship)). I'd get five fires, ONE citadel and a win. Followed by three fires, three citadels and a loss. Finally, FINALLY got the right combination to get the achievement. Nose to grindstone - play as normal - eventually, it'll happen.
  9. Bad Advice: Horns (music special)

    WG, please provide download link for the MP3 of those horn beats. Could make that the start music on the game's splash screen.
  10. Agree. And it would possibly be different without all the green players covering the DD's rear. I've been in that Indy's position - the dreaded "uh oh" move. Just a little too much over-extension, and you're stuck (except for backwards). It was a good kill, but not indicative on how to beat radar. Unless that's the method - get half the team behind you and approach nose-forward radar ship - corner so they can't advance or turn.
  11. The common rule "to each, their own" applies here. Do the frak whatever you want. Personally, I rarely give a neg-rep. 99% of my karma is +1, to both green and red players. I determine what constitutes a +1, whether it be good play, kraken, teamwork, an o7, social message, whatever. My neg-reps are usually reserved from someone being abusive in chat. AFK's don't get one. CVs don't get one. Folks that potato don't get one. But for others, they could only wish for more neg-reps to give out. Don't need the Morality and Manners police dictating how we should play. Be the good saint if you'd like. Be the good sport if you'd like. Be the king of neg-reps if you'd like. Be sweet or salty - your choice (but not necessarily ours)
  12. Dunno.... I'd take three or four of those damage farmers over the entire team huddling at the C cap, behind mountains.
  13. Well, the simple word of mouth on these forums is what keeps my attitude up when I'm the sole T8 in a T9/T10 match. Hey... grab some extra XP for hitting those big fish. That's what's been said on these forums. But, is it true? That's a great point. If there is an up-tier multiplier, having that shown (or at least confirmed by WG) would be great. Careful what we wish for, though... there's also likely a lower percentage of XP when shooting lower tiered ships. Click the XP tab, and it shows you focused on the easy pickin's for only 75% XP
  14. Agree, and let's expand this a bit to address what the OP is saying. Yep, it completely sucks to be that lone T8. While you shouldn't go full bore avoidance like the NC in this example, be sure to load your "eyes on a swivel" and "more caution" flags. Where you might push hard, slow it down. Where you might take a hail mary shot at range (and thus, spotted), you might wish to hold off. Find a T10 BB and hug him/her. Shadow and support your side of the map. While it doesn't guarantee you'll make it through the match, it does allow you to be careful, yet still contribute.
  15. ^^^ THIS While MM sorts the roster, it doesn't dictate where you point your ship, or where your team points their ship. It isn't responsible for any team coordination or guidance in chat (or lack of). It isn't responsible for lemming trains, or the whole team hiding at the C cap.