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  1. Alaska class why?

    You would think the Stalingrad being introduced as a T10 cruiser with 12" guns would have ended this argument. Alaska is a cruiser. How can the Alaska be anything less that T9? She was built to handle ships that never came to pass. If a Myoko/Mogami or Hipper met her it would have been well you can guess. So lets put her at T7, under those ships she was way past in ablility? Not logical. Alaska and Des Moines were the two best all gun cruisers ever built with different roles, but cruisers. She was an unfair cruiser not a battleship. She was never meant to face battleships. When the US actually wanted to build Battlecruisers, they put 16" guns on them. 20 years later they want a BC and put a 12" guns on it? How does that make sense? If they wanted a true BC it would have had 16" guns. It doesnt have any other capital features other than the gun which was a capital feature 30+ years before? The 12" gun is not a capital ship weapon in the 40's. The Alaska was meant to bully other cruisers and large cruisers, a job it would have performed as designed.
  2. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    So at 8:56pm EST, 4 minutes to go she drops in a A victory. After so many late failures, this one worked out.
  3. Alaska

    If Alaska is a battleship, then so is Moskva. Alaska was designed to be at the top of the cruiser food chain. She was not designed to fight undergunned German BBs. If there were any enemy cruisers left when she entered service they would have been sorry to ever meet her. Being T7 means that Hipper, New Orleans and Baltimore would be above her?? Funny thought that is. Only the Des Moines might be her equal historically. T10 or not in the game.
  4. There are many examples of these "mass produced" ships lasting longer than anyone expected. How many Essex class carriers lasted into the 70's? Midway class carriers were in active duty into the 90's. How many Fletchers and Gearings lasted 40-50 years after commissioning, after finding new life with other countries? What other country can make this claim? What other countries WWII era ships lasted so long in active duty? It makes me laugh that people somehow think that just because we built so many ships that there must be some downside to it. The downside was that there was no one left to fight after our great stuff was ready. Quality and Quantity. American mass produced ships is not a term or idea that should bring any sort of negative to the finished product. One Essex class carrier would have been the pride and pinnacle of any other WWII power. The US just happened to make 24.
  5. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Between those two it has to be Maya, Best AA cruiser. Hopefully Iowa will be somewhere to be found this summer. RL interfered with my last day. Kept trying to finish, was on Last Dance on Hard, switched to Easy, was also on Last Dance when servers went down.
  6. They are too busy with paper ships and paper lines and made up refits to paper ships to bother with real refits to ships. Especially if those refits would benefit the USN line.
  7. I'm finished with Ranked

    I have a 49% wr in Random and a 63% wr in ranked. I went 15-5 yesterday. Two of the losses I was top of the team. So sub 50% wr in random doesn't mean squat.
  8. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Sparkling fleets is so mind numbing.. I'm almost ready for you E5H.. Thanks to everyone whose tips I have followed so far.. Have a cold one on me.
  9. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Did you somehow forget about the 104,366 American soldiers buried in Europe? Its still 5/8 here in NY. http://homeofheroes.com/gravesites/abmc/abmc_wwi2_europe.html
  10. The best cruiser built during WWII is the worst in the game, well at least T9. The ship that would cause immediate loss of bowel control in any cruisers unfortunate enough to run into her is no big deal here. Outclassed by ships that in real life didn't exist or really weren't even close to her true greatness. I know what a Baltimore really was, that is good enough for me I guess. I know the one is this game is a sham. But I'm working my way to her anyway, just got my New Orleans yesterday.
  11. ​ I remember reading that Yamato was designed to take on two 35k BBs such as NC or SD class, speculation I guess since most documents destroyed. I think the Iowa was larger than they anticipated since it was just about the largest BB we could make that could fit thru the Panama canal, and her Mk7 guns were not a known factor in Yamato's protection. I don't believe they anticipated that the US would build a ship that could not use the canal, such as the Montana, I'd love to hear otherwise. The Montana was way larger than what they were expecting from the US. Talking about this game, its funny because they acknowledge the Yamato to be overpowered since they say it was the "best" bb of its time, which really is not as clear cut as they claim. Since in this game they have removed or negated all of the US advantages such as target acquisition time, superior fire control, radar, damage control, unified combat command center, etc, of course it seems it is op. However, in this game its a problem if the best Aircraft Carrier of WWII era, the Midway and the best Heavy Cruiser of WWII era the Des Moines are the best ships in their categories. The distance between Midway and Des Moines to any other non us completed aircraft carrier or heavy cruiser in its time is much greater than the distance between Yamato and Iowa. Why? Anti US bias is real.
  12. Yamato was designed before they knew we had 16" super heavy shells and advanced fire control to deliver it. Japan didn't know about the Iowa or Montana when they built the Yamato. Just because the Montana wasn't designed specifically to beat the Yamato, with equivalent armor and superior fire control and just about every other stat in its favor, I think if they were built they would be able to get the job done.
  13. One way to help the T7 and up US cruiser line is to introduce torpedo launcher detonations on a direct hit. That would improve the US line due to less survivability of the other nations. Which has a historical precedent when a IJN heavy cruiser was mission killed by a secondary gun from a CVL struck its torpedo launcher. Any torpedo carrying ship should face a possible detonation if the launcher is hit.
  14. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Proud of my girls for finishing the event on hard without any LSC help. It can be done! E-3 Hard 1st Fleet Nagato Mutsu Italia Roma Jun'you Chioyda 2nd Fleet Abukuma Myoukou Shigure Ooi Yukikaze Kitakami Boss and Node support was needed. Guess I can try some LSC.. No Graf, Mizuho or Okanami of course.. I will try to farm after a break..
  15. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    No one is watching Schwarzes Marken? Unlike Strike Witches, (still waiting for USN big guys to show up..) Muv Luv is not afraid to show some love for US firepower.. This is from Ep 4, last week. USS Montana class (this is supposed to be 1983, no missiles or anything modern added seemingly..)