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  1. When you show up to a TEAM then yes there is.
  2. I have all the tolerance in the world for people trying to make an effort its deliberate self-imposed ignorance that I have no tolerance for. I've run into both kinds of players in this game. As for your examples. I'd assume a veteran isn't going to run off by himself to solo yolo a cap when they whole team is going the other way. I wouldn't meet the 10 year old because I don't play much low tiers nor do I expect much from people when I play that tier or even much from people who I see haven't played that many matches. Same situation for the "non-gamer" low tiers or sub 1k battles total and I won't expect much from you as your clearly still learning the game. If you have thousands of games played then you clearly have enough free time to also improve yourself. When you show up to a tier 10 fight with over 5 thousand games played and still haven't learned how to even switch shell types then I'm not gonna be nice.
  3. Sure not everyone needs to be unicum but if you show up drunk and half dressed to the ball game you can't expect people to be amused. It's a team game. Please make some level of effort even if its a small one.
  4. Am I suppose to be happy that people are making the choice to play an online co-op game without making any effort to improve? If they want to play it their way there is a game version for them. If your gonna show up for the team, however, you can at least make an effort or expect people not to be amused with your tomfoolery otherwise.
  5. They don't have to listen to me. One look at their statistics page should let any reasonable person know there is an issue and perhaps since doing themselves hasnt worked out maybe some research is required. Most won't ever take that step because they simply don't care.
  6. Yes automatically assume then every time I offer help I do it in the most assholish way possible because we know what assumptions are worth.
  7. These average players have all the forum guides and youtube videos at their disposal to get a better understanding of the game. The fact is most do not and will not take advantage of these tools. I don't want this game [edited] up because they were to [edited]lazy to do anything about their ignorance despite all the help available to them.
  8. Do you have any idea how many people effectively tell me to [edited] off when I trying to help them? How many people sail off to solo cap in a russian DD and die uselessly after being warned repeatedly? How many people give every damn ship on the other team their broadside continuously despite the entire team yelling at them to stop? A good portion of the player base actively refuses to make any attempt at getting better. They are much happier blaming MM, their ship, hacks, teammates, ect instead of spending 30 seconds thinking "am I the problem?" Anyone wants to offer up suggestions about the game then they can knock themselves out but if it's a [edited] idea then I am going to call it a [edited] idea. I've heard unicum players offer up [edited] ideas and I immediately tell them what it is and why.
  9. I'd say this picture better summarizes.
  10. Feel free to check my own stats. Im unicum level and Ive played more solo games then I have div matches and my solo WTR is better than my div WTR.
  11. Damage would prob go up with there being less competition.
  12. Honestly 8 out of 10 times its the below 50% WR guy talking the most trash in chat so far as I have seen.
  13. 60% of my games are solo. My WTR is a fraction higher as a solo player because I'm not fighting my div mates for damage and kills. Any more ideas?
  14. The best way is to actually dig through all the stats, win rates, avg damage, avg tier and see that stats on their top 10-15 most played ships. The Average player blows my mind. They are perfectly willing to play 5,000 battles but somehow can't find 30 min to watch a "how not to suck" video on youtube to get a better handle on the game.
  15. OP if you were consistently at the top of every team you would have better stats