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  1. HMS_Formidable

    British Heavy Cruiser Design Notes

    Very nice. Interesting stuff. Personally, I just can't hold out for HMS London (rebuild). But, I'm just one vote.
  2. HMS_Formidable

    The Turkey Shooting Complaints thread

    And the Turkey's suicide - ruining the chances of the team they spawn upon. Pathetic.
  3. HMS_Formidable


    I like her a lot. Play her like a cruiser. Keep moving. Shoot - angle - and when you have vanished because of your low visibility, manoeuvre. Vanguard isn't a mobile brick like most battleships. You don't move in a straight line shooting every time your guns reload in Vanguard. Nor do you hide behind islands. She's a dancer. She has a similar play style to RN DDs and ships like Leander and Fiji. So - use your invisibility to expose your firing arcs - shoot - and while visible angle to bounce return shells. When invisible, turn away. She's no Warspite. So brawling is not an option. You need to keep your range and escape options open - and keep moving. But so far I've had a hell of a lot of fun in this ship.
  4. HMS_Formidable

    Plans for upcoming premium Carriers?

    We know HMS Indomitable is in the pipe as a CV premium. Her details and camo have been released in dev posts.
  5. HMS_Formidable

    Queen Elizabeth — British Tier VI battleship.

    An excellent design. WIth a top-of-the line modernisation. I really, really want to play this ship. For me, I find her unplayable with old Warspite turret traverse, and worse ruddershift. Can't shoot. Can't dodge. Can't run.
  6. HMS_Formidable

    Vanguard with Warspite guns?

    I love Vanguard. She's similar to Warspite, but not... She's more of a Warspite/Hood love-child. Vanguard is not a brawler like Warspite. And Vanguard's secondaries are 'meh'. But play Vanguard like a RN cruiser or DD - constantly on the move, using your short visibility radius to slip out of enemy gunsights before you have to turn away... And select the right shell for the job. Also, do everything you can to maximise her tank: shorter cycle times, faster fire recovery etc. All Tier 8s uptier crap against T10s and their legendary gimmicks. So you can't blame Vanguard for that. But in a standard T7-9 spread, she feels very nice. For me, she's a keeper.
  7. HMS_Formidable

    [WIP] RN Battlecruiser Arc

    I'd love to see a battlecruiser line I think Wargaming has proven this can work: one only needs look at how well Scharnhorst plays, and those high-tier Russian 'cruisers'. Vanguard is probably the latest that would more suit a 'battlecruiser' title: I think the line would be defined by high manoeuvrability and either accurate or versatile guns - allowing the ships to play like cruisers. Give me the 1939 HMS Renown. Rebuilt as a carrier AA escort, perhaps she could get an AA boost as her 'gimmick'. Or, as she recorded a constant 35 knots while carrying Churchill to meet Roosevelt and Stalin, a speed boost module.
  8. HMS_Formidable


    If you like playing battleships by driving in a straight line - or hiding behind an island - and pressing the 'fire' button every time your main guns reload, Vanguard is not for you. It requires the dreaded WASD hax to be effective: constantly wiggling your nose up - threat, as that ship's guns reload again to shoot at you. It requires you to use concealment to 'break contact' in much the same way RN destroyers do. The guns are okay. Not brilliant. Not bad. It's no firestarter. But watching those tightly grouped AP shells slam into a ship's side is ... satisfying. But I think the ship requires a high skilled captain: it must have concealment. It must have all the tank bonuses you can lay your skillpoints on, and flags on. Otherwise you cannot recover from the hurt you will inevitably receive when you get outflanked. It doesn't get German secondaries. It doesn't get USN shell hitting power. Its AA is adequate to make a carrier think twice, but not scare them away. This ship must be always on the move, looking for opportunities to exploit and to keep escape routes open. It's no Warspite when it comes to turning circle, so the steering mod is necessary - as is maintaining range to give the ship time to enter its turns as shells approach. I guess that, at the price, players want another Bismark, or a T8 Scharnhorst. Vanguard doesn't appear to be that level of 'great'. But she's okay.
  9. HMS_Formidable

    Video: Farwell to HMS Vanguard.

    Not progresss. Rebuildings. It's easy to forget the UK was the front line of the war in Europe for quite a few years. Its cities, harbors, factories and infrastructure were heavily bombed. It had to rebuild. The 1950s and 60s aren't called the "austerity era" in the UK for nothing. It was simply a luxury they could not afford. A tragedy, yes. But then there were those hospitals, railyards and dockyards that needed reconstruction...
  10. HMS_Formidable

    I think the rework might be canceled?

    I can't see how you reach that specific conclusion about my views from my general comments. As I said: it's not ready. As I said: the potential for it to be both ready and effective is obvious. Potential. My feedback actually matches yours: I don't like how carriers are condemned to the role of passive floating bricks in the corner of current games either. (and in the playtest, those that took such a passive stance ate quite a few of my torps and bombs) But, then, carriers aren't exactly a front-line warship, either. For CVs to reach their 'full potential' - in my humble opinion - is for them to maintain the same basic ship operations and functionality they have. This way, yes, you can attempt to fight off a destroyer. Or make a suicide attempt to contest a cap. It's actually something I want to try out in HMS Illustrious, given her armoured hangar and flight deck, and 16 4.5in guns (which are capable of firing across-deck in a full broadside!) Now wouldn't that be a surprise to a destroyer that has broken through to the back lines! I agree: in the current playtest, the carrier itself feels too 'divorced' from the player. And that is a problem in a game about warships. But, at the moment, the test server is a test. Its main focus is on whether or not the air combat component works. As someone flying and controlling the different types of aircraft in different conditions and scenarios, using the different options available to me - I can say that it is obvious this new system offers much greater variety. It offers much more "space" to tweak balances and give different nations 'flavor'. I think Graf Zeppelin proved the existing mechanic was far too limited to cope with more than the IJN and USN lines. Even there, it was strained to the limit. But the mix of engine boost, flight formations, different weapons types, different aiming methods - combined with the standard aircraft statistics (speed, strength, armour etc) - now means we will see the RN line, as well as German, French and Italian one-offs, as both effective and interesting units. The last hurdle, IMHO, is how they integrate the carrier itself into game-play (and making AA feel more than just a button-press). But against the existing mechanic, these elements look relatively minor. And hopefully they will be the subject of future tests and changes. The air combat component itself, I'm confident, is now at the stage of refinement and balance.
  11. HMS_Formidable

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    I love how people who haven't even taken part in the process feel happy to cast judgement after only reading opinions and comments supporting their pre-conceived ideas. Makes me laugh so much. I have tested the new carriers. I also did so in the original closed beta and had a few games in the existing incarnation. I really didn't like the current system, not as a CV player or as a CV target. But I get that a few people do. The rework, to me, makes CVs feel much more integrated with the game. It feels like World of Warships. You fly through the same terrain. You have similar control systems, display controls, aiming reticules. But it is also a "step up" from playing a cruiser, destroyer or battleship as you have the choice of three different weapons systems to use each game: rocket fighter, torpedo bomber and dive bomber. It takes skill to master these different weapons systems such that you can use them in succession. Things such as speed boost overcome the fear of long flight times. And yes you can learn how to reduce the impact of flak through dodging. Or you can ignore it and get walloped, just as if you are in a warship and always sail in straight lines. The main thing is, the new aircraft and flight mechanics give Wargaming much more to work with when it comes to providing balance and variety between nations. I think it is obvious that Graf Zeppelin represented the point the old method 'broke': there simply was not enough space in the mechanics to add further "flavor" than the USN and IJN ships. And this was clearly a hurdle for releasing RN carriers, and the "unique" ships belonging to France, Germany and Italy. Yes: the new mechanic has problems. It's on a test server. It's being tested. Go figure. As someone who has played it I can say - it's not ready. But the potential for it to be both ready and effective are obvious to those who sit inside the mechanic and explore its 'fighting space'. And no, i'm not an employee. Not a supertester. Not a community contributor. Just a naval wafare fan who happens to have an interest in RN carriers, but was not attracted by the current CV gameplay.
  12. HMS_Formidable

    I think the rework might be canceled?

    I've done both tests I wouldnt call them bad either. They are test server experiments. Bugs happen. It's a test. Go figure. Changes are made. It's a test. Go figure. It's obvious the new system has a lot of work to go But I think it is also already obvious it is a far, far more playable a system than the current one. I for one can't wait to continue contributing to the testing, and hope the eventual outcome revives what is truly a terribly stagnant arena of the game.
  13. HMS_Formidable

    CV Rework Feedback

    So the test server is buggy. Go figure. It's a test server ... All up, though, I still like the new carrier game play. Yep, it's a work in progress. But it is challenging. It is fun. I like having a 'toolbox' of different aircraft types, to use to the circumstance and their strengths. The new fighter defence mechanic feels better. I like the way you can 'plant' it over a hex to cover that site for a time. Aiming is tough: I dunno if it was my ping, but my rockets were always shooting above the reticule I found ... But, again, as far as concept goes, I like it. It works. Different techniques for different weapons systems. Different strengths and weaknesses. Glad we can sort of take control of the carrier. Would prefer it to have the normal ship command console though, ability to control secondaries etc. Anyway: It's all there. Yes, it just all needs to be polished and refined.
  14. HMS_Formidable

    CV Rework Feedback

    AA still doesn't feel satisfactory. I won't comment on its effectiveness from a CV perspective: This is an unrealistic scenario where every ship opposing you has AA cooldown... From a warship perspective ... it's just single button-press. That's it. No target prioritisation to reward situational awareness. No sense of 'director fire control'. Just press the button, watch the fireworks. Yes, you still have to dodge aircraft just as you dodge destroyer torps and battleship shells ... But, unlike your secondary armament versus surface ships, you just press a button. Not at all rewarding or satisfying. If all it is going to be is a "press button" action, maybe abandon this 'supercharged gun' concept. Perhaps change the AA mechanic to 'fighter direction'. Lets face it, AA cooldown is only useful when carriers are in game. So why not assume that the carrier has a High Altitude Combat Air Patrol. Warships that activate their AA module can "pull down" a flight of fighters (not a full squadron perhaps if longer duration, if full squadron make it short duration) as the strike aircraft do? At least it feels it suits the "button press" concept better than having no director fire control over you rown guns.