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  1. It's not about running into a CV It's about turning Perth into a T6 Belfast. The fighters become your radar while you are in smoke. And as fighters are longer duration and more resilient, your radar is longer duration and more resilient. Spotter planes may let you shoot a bit further, but the short duration and fragility negate 75pc of the benefit.
  2. I changed from spotter to fighter on my Perth. Never looked back. Far greater duration in the air. Not much less actual 'spotting' ability. Much more resilient aircraft. And as I find Perth to be a very efficient destroyer killer, the fighter helps you find them while warning you of any attempt by heavier ships to sneak up on you. Doubly effective with the two-aircraft level one captain skill. Spotters give you a minimal window of opportunity for extended range. This is often pointless after the first volley or two anyway if the enemy is attempting to close the range (you're not that fast). Then you have to wait forever for the next short duration burst. It may work for battleships. But not for nimble, rapid reaction cruisers.
  3. Leander was a Tier 5 forced into Tier 6. I have to concede they got the gimmick balance correct to enable her to stand against much bigger, much heavier gunned cruisers at that tier (Cleveland) I don't think any mix of gimmicks will make the Arethusa class of very light cruisers work at Tier 6. She has six main guns. She is dramatically smaller than the others - as is reflected in her hit point pool. So half the gun power of Cleveland (damage potential) at considerably less displacement (survival potential). Ok, so she's a post-war "AA refit". To balance with Cleveland, it would have to be significantly better than Cleveland (tho her few torps are a mitigating factor) I don't think giving her a damage control / repair ability beyond the already boosted abilities for the type is sustainable... Put Huang He and her Amphion sisters Tier 5. Balancing her will still be a problem, even there.
  4. 1) Play World of Tanks 2) Use similar terrain-hugging gameplay techniques Edinburgh can be a very effective ship. She's just one of those that proves World of Warships is really just World of Tanks on a Lake, however.
  5. Oh, I see So my 19 point captain being effectively just a 12 point captain (because of useless AA skills) in a CLAN scenario where everyone wants the best possible setups in their teams isn't going to be a problem to clan-mates? What a wonderful world you must live in.
  6. But it does punish those who weren't psychic to realise that some styles of game play are more equal than others? Right. So no freebies. Just being compelled into paying gold to respec your suitable Captains because your choice of ship/skill tree isn't flavour of the month...
  7. So do I get a free respec on my AA Captains? It's not a cost non Carrier driver / AA driver types have to incur. But we do. And when I get sick of Clan Wars and want to fight high tiers in Random, can I get another free respec then please? Seriously Rock. Paper. Scissors. Taking carriers away is like removing "Paper" from the above The chain is broken
  8. As I understand it, the min-max crunchers suggest Moskva will be the only cruiser choice for Clan Battles
  9. Yeah, i get it you're all right jack. Why cannot I build a captain and ship to counter AA? Why can't you build a max alpha battleship to blat cruisers? I thought such choices were part of this rock-paper-scissors game? Apparently, now, only some game play choices are more part of the game than others. And we're not being told which ones are the "approved" choices in advance. a) This problem isolates a certain group of players, it does not affect all. It even affects some battleship whiners (Drive a Montana, anyone?) b) I had no warning my skillset was going to be excluded. And my choices - based on Wargaming's mechanics - have guided two years of game play for my most advanced captains. b) My game-time investment will be severely negated (Captain skills minus all AA skills means my 19 point captain would now be a 10 point captain) c) If I want my play my best captain to the best of my abilities in both Random and Clan Wars, I would have to constantly switch skill 'modes' for my Captain d) Why should my captain be penalised in skill points, if other players' captains arent? d) To remove this penalty, I am being punished financially as doing so will quickly shift out of bonus stuff into gold The cascade of consequences coming from Wargaming's "decision" to remove carriers and limit the teams to one battleship are clearly beyond Wargaming's comprehension. I think a small set of players will enjoy the same set of four or five ship types fighting each other over and over again for the first week. Then not.
  10. It is a bit boring at the moment with the almost-insta-detonation mechanic. It should detect the points on the hull you strike and do torpedo-style damage with guaranteed flooding (perhaps with a random roll on the bow to give the ramming ship some hope of a bonus)
  11. The critical difference between the old Warspite and the the Queen Elisabeth... You used to be able to use Warspite's good steering to "aim the ship" to compensate for its pathetic turret traverse. Queen Elisabeth has the pathetic turret traverse now, and much poorer rudder shift. Warspite gets the turret buff. Go figure.
  12. I'm simply not impressed with the prospect of locking captains into Clan Wars only Or being forced to pay gold (lets face it, all that so called freeXP won't last long) every time I want to switch back to Random. If you think this is all my fault because I chose lines that benefit from AA in Random before ever being told Clan Wars would exclude CVs, then go back to your unicorns. Personally I think this dropping CVs from clan wars to be a massive f*&^#p just because of a few whiny battleship drivers
  13. So you don't take any AA skills? I guess that could work. For some. If you don't use ships that are strong in AA. My problem is this 'split' removes choice. I choose not to take an AA spec into Clan Wars (seriously, why would anyone?) I choose to take an AA spec into Random (those high tier CV commanders are good at what they do) In order to do so under this scenario, every time I switch between "games" I have to pay gold to do so. So choice in this instance = cash.
  14. It just seems we are being asked to play two different games And captains suited to one game don't suit the other. So I'm being penalised if I want to play both games.
  15. Given carrier play is being excluded... Many of my captains have anti-air skills These skills are redundant in Clan Wars But they're not in Random Changing captain skill configurations costs gold. As an AA spec captain will be useless in Clan Wars, can I expect free captain reskilling when entering these games? And as AA is useful in Random, can I expect free captain reskilling when returning? Otherwise, this is going to be some colossal gold grab!