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  1. British / UK Carriers Clases

    I don't think the Roc ever went to sea other than in trials... It saw a few months conducting air defence patrols over Scapa Flow before being retired to become target tugs.
  2. Thank you to Wargaming for my Vampire.

    Agree: A fine ship, aptly tiered - proving that when you put the ship in the tier it belongs, it doesn't need gimmicks.
  3. this game needs more ocean map

    It certainly needs more naval components ... Give me moving icebergs Give me night combat Give me fog banks, rain squalls - true heavy weather (wave motion). Give me convoys, give me minefields, give me beachheads, give me kamikazes, give me high-altitude bombers, give me AI submarines ... Give me something to stop thinking of this game as World of Tanks on a lake...
  4. British / UK Carriers Clases

    Albacore retained a biplane configuration for heavy weather and night operations - as per RN doctrine (to hit the enemy fleet at night or when its aircraft weren't in the air - see 'Britain's Midway' - the Battle of Ceylon). The problem was its engine proved very unreliable. This and the rapidly evolving nature of the air war due to radar and engine development war left it both outclassed and underperforming. This lack of reliability saw the Swordfish outlast its successor, though the Swordfish was just so generally all-round useful despite its vulnerability it can accurately be regarded (post 1942) as the RN's first 'helicopter'... Barracuda is a tale of woes. Design requirements imposed an often contradictory set of requirements on the one airframe. Dive bomber Torpedo bomber Reconnaisance Thus the ungainly high-wing configuration (so observers had a better view below the aircraft to spot enemy ships). This made the aircraft heavier due to the need for bigger and strong undercarriage gear... Then the Battle of Britain emergency (when work was suspended on all aircraft other than a few meant work on the Barracuda was delayed). This emergency also saw the engine the Barracuda was being designed for, the Exe Borialis, cancelled. So it had to make do with Merlins - which were underpowered for its weight. A series of fatal dive bombing failures (where the aircraft just went into the sea/ground) was a mystery, until a mechanic crawling over a wing noticed rivets had been popped along key panels.
  5. I have her. Yeah, she's pretty solid as she doesn't rely on gimmicks to lift her into a tier waaaay above her baseline ability. Unlike a new premium cruiser I could name...
  6. I created a multi-post thread detailing the studies a while back
  7. Huang He We must not BUY IT-BOYCOTT

    If Konigsberg can be T5, if Kirov can be T5, so can HMS Aurora / Huang He There is no way Aurora / Huang He can be compared to the other ships at T6 No matter what thick coating of gimmicks Wargaming give it. This is irreconcilable: - The ship has a small hull - The ship has just six 6in barrels, and a limited torp armament The only possible reason to make it T6 is to justify a marketing department imposed gold price.
  8. British / UK Carriers Clases

    I don't think Fulmar is T9 by any means. She was the RN fighter when the USN had the F3F biplane and the IJN introduced the first Zero. More in the tier league of Wildcat. Sea Hurricane was a slightly better dogfighter than Wildcat/Marlet, with less endurance. Seafire was much better dogfighter than Sea Hurricane/Marlet, with less baseline endurance (until US P40 drop tanks were adapted) T9 contenders would be Sea Hornet (which Wargaming didn't notice) or the Sea Fury. As for strike aircraft... I suspect Wargaming is going to follow the RN's evolution towards dual-purpose strike aircraft... So... - Swordfish - Albacoare - Barracuda - Firefly (strike fighter) - Firebrand (strike fighter) Other options include the Spearfish torpedo bomber (after Barracuda) and the Wyvern strike fighter after the Firebrand
  9. British Carriers finally! no wait..

    I seem to remember an airborne rocket was the equivalent to a 6in shell... Interesting (though terribly slow) way to deliver a single broadside. They also emphasised the importance the FAA placed in reconnaisance. Can't see how that would transfer into this arcade game environment, without adding new mechanics that affect line-of sight, visual range etc.
  10. Perth appreciation thread.

    Yeah, I spent six months solid choosing nothing but supercontainers. When I actually gone one ... Free XP or tins of paint. That's it. I guess I'll just keep rolling the infernal dice.
  11. Perth appreciation thread.

    Just give me the trick as to how to get them ... seems to be working for everyone else!
  12. Perth appreciation thread.

    And I STILL have not managed to get myself a smoke mod, sigh...
  13. Yeah, I've been finding it harder to stay alive and put myself in positions to do damage. But I guess that was the whole idea... For me the hardest hit ship is HMAS Perth. The range on her guns is ... limited. Combine that now with the need to maintain a minimum distance, and the 'envelope' of this ship's effectiveness has been utterly changed. Given how vulnerable Perth is, I used to have to rely on smoke to get into a position close enough to use torps against a BB. Now, I find I simply can't. So my torp use has dropped off beyond pumping a few hopeful volleys around corners and down channels. Overall the effect is similar for my Leander/Fiji/Edinburgh gameplay. Just with somewhat less noticeable impact than on Perth.
  14. Destroyer Escorts

    The end result? World of Tanks on a Lake Other game companies manage to do it. So the excuses coming from Wargaming sound rather ... thin. But there seems to be some serious issues at the moment Graf Zeppelin. Huang he. Both instances were ships are blindly being forced where they don't fit And the World of Tanks mechanics are so limited, no gimmick can fix them. But turning it into a naval game could just offer some kind of possibilities... The whole tank thing doesn't always apply on the sea.
  15. Life of a Cruiser...or a Battleship

    We cruisers have to be in front of the battleships There is no other option They hang back so far. (And my Perth's guns only go about 12km) Why? We need to capture those circly things to get numbery thingies called points You need points to win the game. There is no position on the map beyond A1 for me to get behind the BBs (nor any points on those back lines, either) Or I just haven't found the magic portal / point pool yet... (The BB players on my team certainly spend a lot of time seeking it) That said, it's also obvious not every battleship is a brawler. Those long range snipers need to be positioned where they can rapidly shift their guns to support changing situations across a large patch of the map... That would be nice. But I blame the structure of the game more than I do the players This is ... World of Tanks on a Lake And it shows.