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  1. Where's my "R" class? Perhaps their WW1 incarnation would squeeze into T5, instead of a 2.0 clone? My Resolution is, with a heart ofRoyal Oak, to take Revenge like Ramilles of old aganst those who disparage them! Though, for a Royal Sovereign or two, I could be encouraged to remain quiet... but seriously : this was a significant class whose history spanned two wars... Even the great Arkhangelsk himself would be outraged!
  2. She's hard, but one you get a feel for her ... she's fun. I don't use spotter. I use catapult fighters. These stay up forever. While they don't give you a range boost, it turns Perth into something akin to a Tier VI Belfast... (smokey smokey shoot shoot). And yes, there does seem to be a speed/smoke-size-time bug now: At 1/4th speed, you will 'pulse' into view with every smoke puff.
  3. She's hard, but one you get a feel for her ... she's fun. I don't use spotter. I use catapult fighters. These stay up forever. While they don't give you a range boost, it turns Perth into something akin to a Tier VI Belfast... (smokey smokey shoot shoot).
  4. I have to partially agree This game has so very much in common with World of Tanks. I think it is the greatest hurdle non-WoT players (such as myself) face when coming to this game. They expect something akin to naval combat. Instead they get reversing battleships and game-play that is often totally-reliant on terrain-hugging, or sitting stationary among obstacles and smoke. That's not naval - beyond patrol-torpedo boats. Once you "suspend your disbelief" of the WoT game play concept, though, it is fun enough to continue with.
  5. Not quite. From what I see, the actual "design" that produced KGV was a 12-in gun concept, that evolved up to the 14in. Other concepts in the same overall "project" produced 15in proposals, but they did not advance down the actual design process. These concepts were calculated according to simplified formulas which took into broad account weights, engine power etc. These were called "Legends of Particulars" The concepts from which KGV was selected included concepts for 15in ships. But the 15in "Legend" never entered even the initial design stage. The development of KGV is recorded in the British National Archive Admiralty folder ADM 1.9371 Below is the Legend of concept 12in and 14in ships, based on one proposed hullform and weight band.
  6. Obviously, I have a bias in this arena ... In concept, the armoured HMS Illustrious should be interesting in the Wargaming universe. They were intended to survive destroyer and cruiser sorties.... and sustained air attack. They were inspired by the 1936 Abyssinian Crisis in the Med. Britain suddenly had to contemplate carrier warfare in closed waters. A very different tactical scenario to the Pacific. - 16x 4.5in DP guns that could fire over the deck should scare DDs - Six octuple 40mm pom poms was a powerful aa armament for 1940, but not 1945 - Single low hangar gave the Batch One Illustrious ships an unusually low profile for a carrier, as well as about half the active aircraft. - 4.5in belt and hangar sides, and 3in deck, should offer a chance to bounce incoming dd and cruiser shells, and some 500lb/250kg bombs - Obviously WoWS limited physics will mean Illustrious truly would be 60pc citadel... but carriers are dead anyway when they are in range of big guns. But given what they have done to Taiho, I am not holding my breath.
  7. I tend to buff my rudder as much as I can as well as stealth. As has been pointed out, at long range you can often choose to disengage and vanish... but this tactic only goes so far as I find RN cruisers to be ideal destroyer shredders - at close range. Wiggling to throw and evade incoming fire is also only useful at range. So if you choose a knife fight, do it among the cover of islands, friendly smoke and yout own smoke. Here a boosted rudder helps you avoid running aground and into other ships ...
  8. If the R class were in there, and Vanguard, I'd be intersted in something more than just Queen Elizabeth...
  9. Part of the problem is World of Warships is, in large degree, counter-intuitive. This was my hurdle when I began playing. It's not really a naval combat game. It's actually much closer to being World of Tanks - on water. - You must exploit terrain for cover. - You must exploit smoke as cover and / or as a decoy. - Your ship will often need to sit stationary to exploit that cover. - Improbable physics engine side-effects include never-seen-at-sea anomalies such as battleships reversing It took me considerable effort to suspend my disbelief and add to my naval game repertoire of keeping my ship angled to maximise its armour, learning my ship's range 'bands' of armour strength and weakness, keeping outside the bands of maximum effectiveness of my enemy, and manouvre...
  10. The L&Ms were a 1930s design. AA experience for the RN and USN was limited to taking rare shots at radio-controlled drones of rather poor quality. So both felt that the anti-aircraft targeting equipment and artillery they possessed was adequate. When Britain went to war in September 1939, reality asserted itself. One of the biggest 'discoveries' was that the anticipated effective blast radius of exploding shells was much, much less than anticipated. Essentially, flak was just a deterrent - not an effective means of actually destroying aircraft. And early targeting computers - such as Britiain's HACS - simply could not compute fast enough for bombers doing 300+ mph, yet alone faster fighters. So the only option was the 'firehose' effect. So before better quality equipment could be evolved, manufactured and fitted - such as AHACS, 40mm guns and more modern 4.5in DP mounts in the case of the RN - the only solution was to increase the available weight of firepower. As the RN had a batch of old 4in HA guns laying around ... these were quickly added as a stopgap. Not all DD lost their second torp mount. Roughly half. It was deliberately 50-50. And the 4ins were changed to 20mm/40mm mounts as they became available. One other thing to remember in the case of the RN was that they were initially not all that concerned about dive-bombers. It was though that the biggest threat by far was the torpedo. So destroyers with low-to-mid angled guns were thought to be more than adequate contributors to the low-angle barrage air defence of a fleet or convoy. This was true - when attacked by torpedo bombers. But the Stuka really did exploit a hole in RN 1930s doctrine. The L&M's, along with the Dido cruisers and the 4.5in DP mounts, were a result of an increasing awareness of the threat of dive bombers, and the over-anticipated effectiveness of medium-altitude level bombers. Again, they added effective 'weight' of barrage deterrent fire 1939-42. After that there wasn't a lot of them left, but at a glance it seems a few of them did benefit from multiple radar targeting upgrades. Dunno about radar-proximity fused ammo for their guns tho. This did become available for the British Pacific Fleet, but it may have mainly been 4.5in and 5.25in ammo.
  11. HMS Arizona? HMS Nevada? HMS Oklahoma? HMS Tennessee?
  12. I alternate 'try your luck' with flag containers. I don't know why: utter waste of time. But there's nothing else to do with the 'reward' So far this year I have had about three supercontainers. - dragon flags - camo paint - more camo paint And all I want is a smoke mod 2...
  13. Once again, you need to look at timelines to see how these ships fit in the progression of things. With the RN, other navies tended to respond to their developments... so Hawkins was a new type of heavy cruiser, but the idea was quickly improved upon by next-generation follow-up builds.
  14. Both ships are remarkably capable. If you can avoid hits. If you get hit by BB-size shells, you will lose most of your hit points in a single volley. If you can use islands, smoke and wiggling to avoid incoming fire - you can grind any opponent down. But both Leander and Fiji are strongest fighting destroyers and other cruisers. Aim to do that, and avoid heavier ships where possible. And their torps can be a great last desperate weapon when cornered against BB. That being said, I expect to be sunk in Fiji and Leander in just about every battle. The key is to do as much damage as possible before that happens. For me, both ships are among my 'keepers'. I have them both active at all times - along with Perth and Blys - simply because I personally find their play style (and challenge) fun.
  15. Certainly seems to be whine mode.