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  1. HMS_Formidable

    Looking for Implacable tips.

    Yeah, I also will need some time before being able to give tips. The AA rework has completely changed the game. And yes, the "slow but stronger" Fleet Air Arm "flavour" doesn't seem to work anymore.
  2. HMS_Formidable

    (VIDEO) CVs are broken

    Tears ... in the rain.
  3. "working as intended"
  4. HMS_Formidable

    HMS Ark Royal premium ship

    So, Ark Royal is on the way. With Swordfish. Yay. And ... Skuas. A shame as the Skua was only really active for one year. The Fulmar was what Ark Royal was carrying during the Bismark hunt, and most of her service life. I wouldn't mind, if the USN T6 ships were given the Skua's contemporary - the F3F...
  5. I think that will work. Right alongside removing infinite-torpedo spams from destroyers.
  6. HMS_Formidable

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    I agree. I posted repeatedly during the original closed testing that the "reinforce starboard shield" AA mechanic gave no sense of player participation, skill or engagement.
  7. HMS_Formidable

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    An allegation levelled many many times against invisible 'wall of skill' DDs, smoked-up CAs and island camping BBs... Perhaps there is something different about CV griefers ... the AEGIS communications ability of their aircraft, perhaps?
  8. HMS_Formidable

    And also Ark Royal

    Not if she is given her historic Swordfish/Albacore / Fulmar loadout. Fulmars were as good as Hurricanes, so she can carry 1-1 ratio to Furious Swordfish / Albacores were not as good as Barracudas, and she's big enough to carry a 2-1 ratio of them to Furious.
  9. HMS_Formidable

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    Yup I bet it took a while. Can you also post the screen captures where you also get singled out by a BB, CA or DD? Or should CVs be the only ship in game that can't focus you? This thread is talking about the problem of perfect targeting solutions being provided to the rest of the fleet by WW2 era aircraft which then causes the entire fleet to focus on what they perceive to be the primary threat - often DDs - even when they are not within line-of-sight. It's not about battleships hiding up the back of the map away from their own fleet being discovered and correctly identified as an easy target.
  10. HMS_Formidable

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    The fact you can shoot is what I'm talking about. With magic instantaneous precision targeting data that didn't exist before the AEGIS data. Pre AEGIS, you would know there was a ship behind that island somewhere. But not its exact location, course and speed to provide a firing solution. And you're getting that from a single-seat fighter, or a bomber with all its crew engaged in a strike run / self defence, with no FLIR pod or active radar scan ... or datalink.
  11. HMS_Formidable

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    The difference is the target is moving. Unpredictability It's the difference of shooting a can on a fence, or a duck launching itself from among the reeds. The problem is that without computerised data networks, it takes time to plot, transmit and receive and apply analog targeting information across a whole fleet. As that time passes, the probability bubble of where the ship has gone and will increase. Pre AEGIS, that probability location bubble was far too large to bother shooting at - meaning you were wasting ammo on an almost certain miss. So ship / submarine spotting was almost exclusively to provide an intercept plot - so ships, submarines and aircraft could get their own line-of-sight targeting solutions, speeding up and improving the accuracy of the target plot process to a point where there was some chance of a hit. I think the application of this AEGIS quality instantaneous target plot designation from CV aircraft is the root cause of most complaints at the moment. From a lot of the complaints plus screenshots being posted, and my own experience, I see people blaming CVs for being 'focused down' - but receiving only chip damage from the CV. They're being sunk by a swarm of other ships. But they blame the CV. And that's a direct result of the spotting. Now, I don't know if AEGIS quality spotting should be removed from all vessels (can you imagine the DD whines?) But if you remove it from aircraft, but allow updates to the minimap, BBs can still run and hide and CAs can move into position to engage those DDs - which gives the DDs time to effectively disengage or break contact.
  12. HMS_Formidable

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    I'm not out there getting wrecked by CVs. I absolutely hate playing in CV games though because they suck the fun out of the game. This may come as a shock to you. I'm sure I'll be accused of treason by every specific ship-type main out there: I don't have a main. And if you actually read the post, you will see I was making a suggestion to alleviate your complaint.
  13. HMS_Formidable

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    Yes. But what does this have to do with transmitting instantaneous AEGIS quality air-to-fleet or ship-to-fleet ant-ship targeting solutions in WW2 scenarios?
  14. HMS_Formidable

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    The catch is ... by the nature of their speed and reach, CVs are getting a lot of abuse for simply doing what they have to do to shoot at a target - get within line-of-sight. This is a mechanics problem. It doesn't have to be ... If squadrons didn't automatically provide AEGIS quality targeting solutions to every friendly ship within range, then this may reduce the whining somewhat when the DD drivers realise the carrier isn't usually the one doing all the damage to them...
  15. HMS_Formidable

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    I'm afraid you are not correct for the era. You don't have to believe me. You can read up on it yourself. US naval historian Norman Friedman has some very good books that touch on the subject. And I'd happily retract my statement if you can find a handful of examples of targeting solutions on enemy vessels being relayed between aircraft or ships before or during World War II, or Korea for that matter... (the time frame this game purports to embrace) As for a spotter aircraft being networked to the entire fleet or its mother ship, I don't know. Usually they only had radio frequencies for their base ship. But this isn't a sim. If it was, destroyers wouldn't have infinite torpedo reloads... My suggestion was to mitigate the damage caused by CV aircraft finding DD that wanted to be invisible, and then that DD getting focused by all surrounding hostiles.