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  1. ArmouredCarriers

    British Heavy Cruiser Design Notes

  2. ArmouredCarriers

    Where is the HMS Indomitable?

    I think they're struggling to decrease the performance of the DeHaviland Hornet to make it a Tier 4 aircraft on the Tier 8 ship.
  3. ArmouredCarriers

    Just played Ark Royal for the first time...

    Yeah, accepted. But I have played her during her extended testing. So I could quickly assess her in-game performance. Especially when played alongside Furious with Sea Hurricanes and Barracudas. I am expressing my opinion, based on my preferences and play style. That aside, I still think it is unforgivable that they gave her Skuas instead of the Fulmars she had during the Bismark op! So here is the historical progression: just as an indication of performance difference between the two T6 carriers. Fighters: Skua (withdrawal from June 1940), Fulmar (40-42), Wildcat/Sea Hurricane (42-43). Bombers: Swordfish (first attempt to withdraw 41), Albacore (41-42, though Swordfish more reliable), Barracuda (43-44) Skua/Swordfish are TWO GENERATIONS behind Sea Hurricane/Barracuda. Simply throwing more aircraft in the air is not suitable compensation when balancing against the combination of speed, accuracy, number of weapons dropped, accuracy of drop, resilience etc - especially when up against T8. At that level, Ark Royal's aircraft can be MORE than four tiers lower than the opposition (if the T8 carrier has uptiered aircraft - such as the upcoming Implacable).
  4. ArmouredCarriers

    Just played Ark Royal for the first time...

    Unfortunately, that's a quote that can apply to just about every underbalanced ship in the game.
  5. ArmouredCarriers

    Just played Ark Royal for the first time...

    Whow... in four years of playing, I've never regretted forking out money for a premium as much as I have this ship. They should have at least given her the Fulmar heavy fighters she carried when chasing Bismark. Skua's were phased out in the first nine months after the start of the September 1939 war. As she stands, she's a toothless, slab-sided target. At the very least, for such slow aircraft Ark shouldn't have such a bad detection radius PS: Two games in, and she's been stripped of flags and camo. After spending all that time flying to targets, only to watch perfect drops score one bomb or rocket effective hit and getting near bottom of the tree ... I went back and had a go in Furious. Conclusion: Ark Royal is a T4!
  6. ArmouredCarriers

    Ark Royal M.I.A. ?

    HMS Ark Royal is sailing somewhere over the event horizon, alongside HMS Implacable...
  7. ArmouredCarriers

    Looking for Implacable tips.

    Yeah, I also will need some time before being able to give tips. The AA rework has completely changed the game. And yes, the "slow but stronger" Fleet Air Arm "flavour" doesn't seem to work anymore.
  8. ArmouredCarriers

    (VIDEO) CVs are broken

    Tears ... in the rain.
  9. "working as intended"
  10. ArmouredCarriers

    HMS Ark Royal premium ship

    So, Ark Royal is on the way. With Swordfish. Yay. And ... Skuas. A shame as the Skua was only really active for one year. The Fulmar was what Ark Royal was carrying during the Bismark hunt, and most of her service life. I wouldn't mind, if the USN T6 ships were given the Skua's contemporary - the F3F...
  11. ArmouredCarriers

    My proposal for helping fix CVs - get rid of torpedo planes.

    I think that will work. Right alongside removing infinite-torpedo spams from destroyers.
  12. ArmouredCarriers

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    I agree. I posted repeatedly during the original closed testing that the "reinforce starboard shield" AA mechanic gave no sense of player participation, skill or engagement.
  13. ArmouredCarriers

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    An allegation levelled many many times against invisible 'wall of skill' DDs, smoked-up CAs and island camping BBs... Perhaps there is something different about CV griefers ... the AEGIS communications ability of their aircraft, perhaps?
  14. ArmouredCarriers

    And also Ark Royal

    Not if she is given her historic Swordfish/Albacore / Fulmar loadout. Fulmars were as good as Hurricanes, so she can carry 1-1 ratio to Furious Swordfish / Albacores were not as good as Barracudas, and she's big enough to carry a 2-1 ratio of them to Furious.
  15. ArmouredCarriers

    AEGIS targeting: Is this the root-cause of CV whines?

    Yup I bet it took a while. Can you also post the screen captures where you also get singled out by a BB, CA or DD? Or should CVs be the only ship in game that can't focus you? This thread is talking about the problem of perfect targeting solutions being provided to the rest of the fleet by WW2 era aircraft which then causes the entire fleet to focus on what they perceive to be the primary threat - often DDs - even when they are not within line-of-sight. It's not about battleships hiding up the back of the map away from their own fleet being discovered and correctly identified as an easy target.