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  1. kajewolfspirit

    This survey... uhh....

    Income? Yes I need more please Political- Eh it's just Russia way of trying to influence the next election Habits? No thanks- have enough of my own. Once it got past anything relating to Warships those would be the type of answers I would give- smart a$$ ones :)
  2. kajewolfspirit

    PSA Halloween event - Win a Jean Bart Dec 14-17th

    Yes but I dont want one lol. Not that I ever get super containers anyway.
  3. kajewolfspirit

    PSA Halloween event - Win a Jean Bart Dec 14-17th

    So in the Halloween premium container I got the magus-s Tripitz camo- I dont even have that ship so I basically got nothing in the premium container?
  4. I've been in Clans and clan wars before on WOT so I know the gist. I'm looking for a more relaxed clan, not so up in your face we got to win clan wars ect but one willing to hang out and help this pup learn to play better lol. I will do CW but T7 is the highest I've got right now. I'm mostly a Cruiser player, BB and CV sometimes but not so much DD ( still figuring those out). I've been in both the Beta test and former Supertester so I get the mechanics. Just really looking to run with people willing to help. Thank you all for your time and consideration. Kaje
  5. kajewolfspirit

    How do I start a clan in WOWS?

    thanks :)
  6. How do I start a clan in WOWS? I had one in tanks but don't play that very often so how would I create one here?