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  1. Forum Funnies

    I just discovered this thread, this is quality amusement.
  2. karma and winning

    Apparently I'm doing something right but I don't know what.
  3. karma and winning

    Personally I have the opposite effect, if I run top 3 I tend to gain Karma at a decent rate
  4. PRNA is recruiting!

  5. The Coo of Boom Flag

    I don't think that is how it works but good luck anyways xD
  6. Well this sounds fun, I gave it an application, if I dont make it in I look forward to hunting in the name of the law (and profit).
  7. SuperHUH?container

    In that case you get the gold value of the ship rolled for the drop.
  8. Sharks Suck

    Team Birb
  9. Super Container......disapointment

    all I have ever gotten from supercontainers are flags, special mods (only one radar which was nice), and camos, I cri
  10. PRNA is recruiting!

    Thank you, I forget who decided on it but probably Earle.
  11. I shall bump you because I am a potato and that is what I do :P
  12. Im personally saving up for salem
  13. depending on the ship it is more/less effective
  14. Server Issues

    half of the PRNA team is down.