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  1. Fog_Carrier_Hornet

    Beautiful photo of HMCS Haida

  2. Fog_Carrier_Hornet

    What to do with YY?

    Personally I run her as a kiting torp boat with smoke, typically I will sit at the edge of radar range and flank if I can't take a cap.
  3. Fog_Carrier_Hornet

    To those who think Shima still has option to take TRB

    That's like a Lyon div, but more devastating and scary, 10/10 idea.
  4. Fog_Carrier_Hornet

    Statistics Players, I need some guidance.

    I can only really say two things atm 1. for the past 7 days you have a large amount of battles and are doing fairly well 2. its best not to worry about stats, just have fun and let it be a side that you dont think of too much
  5. Perhaps another friendly bump is in order, good luck
  6. Is Lolibote + Battleship?
  7. Fog_Carrier_Hornet

    Mission Completed Monday - Defeating the Pirate Threat

    I played 40 matches as a pirate and killed one on my main, I am happeh.
  8. I am so lost on this but that gif though.
  9. Fog_Carrier_Hornet

    Forum Funnies

    I just discovered this thread, this is quality amusement.
  10. Fog_Carrier_Hornet

    karma and winning

    Apparently I'm doing something right but I don't know what.
  11. Fog_Carrier_Hornet

    karma and winning

    Personally I have the opposite effect, if I run top 3 I tend to gain Karma at a decent rate
  12. Fog_Carrier_Hornet

    PRNA is recruiting!