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  1. PRNA is recruiting!

  2. How many battles is average

    Hmm I think I don't fit the pattern...
  3. PRNA is recruiting!

  4. PRNA is recruiting!

  5. I beat this game, for now

    "no useless low tiers in port" is that an Erie I see kek
  6. Who have you seen in game

    Since I cant remember many I'll just say Lert.
  7. PRNA is recruiting!

    Your semi-monthly bump
  8. Yours isn't bad either prophet but you do need to update it kek.
  9. Give someone a pass sometime.

    I know the feeling, been in smoke, guy pulls up behind me and puts a full salvo into my ship leaving me on 400 health then blames it on me, I wasn't even moving.
  10. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 20, 2018

    V-25 Jousting (charge eachother using only front 2 torp launchers)
  11. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Pigeon I regret to inform you that Iwaki has lost her special horn if you have not heard before. What are your thoughts on the change, was it necessary or just a sad loss?
  12. PRNA is recruiting!