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  1. Hello Everybody!

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. Well the best way to counter something that is OP is by severely limiting their availability, so that if you meet one it will wipe out the other team all by itself. At least that is WG approach which lead to a lot of butt hurt because it is a terrible approach. I say release more so that we will have a few on each team to balance them out, even if it becomes a Nikolia slugfest in the end.
  3. Exactly just keep introducing new ships there is plenty of material out there, no need for the exclusivity [edited]. This game has never had the popularity of WoT, and WG is effectively competing with itself which is a bad business model especially if they don't go to the unified economic system they continue to falsely advertise.
  4. It will have zero value in the long run because the game will not be played by anyone anymore at some point. They should get off their high horse and let us buy these ships when we can so that we can maximize their use while this game remains active. The EU shop seems to better realize that this is a temporary cash cow for them only, so not only will they make more money by making items freely available but they will also have a happier customer base because people could get what they wanted when the wanted. The EU has added this ship in their regular premium shop but they also sell the Mikasa, Saipan and Arizona etc. there now, I wish we could have the same customer service they enjoy, instead of the NA exclusivity model of worthless pixels. (I own many worthless pixels, it annoys me to no end that people can't buy what they want, when they want, from our shop)
  5. $51 buys you either 12,000 gold (WoT) or 12,000 doubloons (WoWS) calling it vastly different economies would be a massive overstatement. Add the fact that you all advertised a unified economy between all three games weakens the argument even more.
  6. You aren't lying your drawing is sh!t, but you are 100% correct and it gets the message across. +1
  7. Battleship are they even fun ?

    Not having a DD, CL or CA in between you and a enemy DD sounds like a bad plan.
  8. A Historical Look At... ORP Błyskawica.

    What do we know about her crew? Who captained her from 1939-1945?
  9. $51 buys you either 12,000 gold in WoT or 12,000 doubloons in WoWs ... there is no reason for them not to let us use them across all their games!
  10. Is this possible

    Sure I just had a battle where a enemy Isokaze ran aground (he had his stern to me in this case) so I put two HE shells and did 10,300 damage (his full HP) to him ... I detonated his magazine and he got play a game in another ship while I finished three more of his teammates.
  11. I'm having trouble with PvP

    50 battles in take your time at Tier 2-3, learning the different roles of destroyers, cruisers and battleships. Your Winrate is not completely in your hands so worry more about what you are contributing to the the team rather than whether you win or lose. My biggest piece of advice it move up the tiers slowly, do not be in a hurry. You will have more fun and find more success if you take the time to learn all the mechanics of the game.
  12. Instead we pile thousands of free experience on these ships that I will never ever pay to convert ... such a waste.
  13. Stop playing premium ships, play all the ships at the same time to learn the mechanics of Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships. You are mostly playing premium ships and do not have the game familiarity to perform in them yet. I own quite a few myself but purposely limit my play in it, why? Because I will suck in most of them for now, check my Molotov stats for example. But when I play the ships that I should be playing because I've earned them by grinding them out the results are very different. There is no benefit to you or your team by you quickly getting up in tiers, take your time to learn to play and you will do better and enjoy it more as well.
  14. I've never even heard of club wargaming, what was it exactly?