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  1. Dutch_81

    Kitty Puurfürst

    But now I really want the captain ...
  2. Sea mines I am all for ... but, what is left? Nukes. So how do we implement them simple start the game one team drops the bomb this ends the game and we all get our XP and move to the next daily double, nuke and move on again ... it can all but replace co-op mode.
  3. Dutch_81

    Why add Le Terrible???

    I suggested this ship way back in Beta, Lert might remember that? I wish I had a chance to play her.
  4. Awesome we played together earlier!
  5. Dutch_81

    My best game yet. Sorry, I just have to tell someone...

    I know exactly what you mean!
  6. Dutch_81

    Should I sell the marblehead?

    I’d keep it, it is always nice to have a few ships to retrain officers in quickly.
  7. Okay I understand and agree that’s a possibility, thank you for the clarification,
  8. What do you mean? Throw the game on purpose?
  9. They are on opposite sides a chance they take, it would have been more unfair if they were on the same side especially if they were communicating as a big group.
  10. Dutch_81

    USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    I thought only Russian ships were supposed to be post 1945 while every other nation sport pre-1945?
  11. I thought you were insulting Texans, a bandwagon I was going to jump on as resident of this state. I will just move along.
  12. Dutch_81

    What is best T5 gunboat nation/build for a cruiser

    Thank you so much for this answer, the bad part is that you’ve convinced me I want both and so I must continue my grind with the Omaha. The next challenge will be to train a new US cruiser commander, but thanks to your advice my new one will go for the CA line and my current Omaha commander will continue the CL line.
  13. Dutch_81

    How to Iron Duke

    An alternative to your stopping tactic might be to run at 1/4 or 1/2 speed into the fight and when you think torpedoes have been launched your way to speed up to full ... thereby throwing off their aim and yet you retain full mobility. I do appreciate your contribution to the conversation and see it is one of your first posts so welcome to the forum.
  14. Dutch_81

    Playing for "Fun"

    You have to admit however that the game is more fun if you win, who wants to lose? With the scenario missions that I’ve just started to play certain things have to be done to complete it and even when you point this out you have players refuse to cooperate and so you the rest of the game you are playing knowing you are going to lose. In the latest scenario you need to chase down a few unarmed enemy transports and sure enough 3 of our ships will peel off and give chase as the our convoy chugs along to its now inevitable doom ... I love the new scenarios but it is a exercise in frustration.
  15. Dutch_81

    What is best T5 gunboat nation/build for a cruiser

    Agreed ... so a question for those lucky enough to have gone past Omaha already ... which line first the US heavy or light?