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  1. I don't think that's true anymore, but there's a greater than zero chance that I'm wrong. Keep in mind that in Standard battles (and a couple of Dom maps) each team starts with a base under their control.
  2. Take BFT before SI, every single time. This is based on the simple "how often will it help me?" premise--having guns which reload faster, even a fraction of a second faster, will benefit you dozens of times in every game you play. Having an extra smoke & speed boost (and shorter cooldowns for both) will benefit you maybe a couple of times in some of the games you play. My Clemson captain is still specced from the days of open water stealth firing, but given the strength of the ship & the normal level of competition at T4 I haven't bothered resetting. I run PM, LS (both requirements on any DD), BFT, AFT, and CE. I completely agree with @DingBat--if you can only get one 4-point skill on the Clemson, AFT is the one to get. I haven't played the Nicholas in ages & wouldn't even know where to begin on advice for that one, although if I remember correctly that's where the rainbow arcs start showing up. If so, CE would make more sense than AFT for Nicholas (and for the USN destroyers further down the line). I can tell you from recent experience that the high tier USN DDs really benefit from BFT and CE, so those would be my first 3 & 4 point skills on that captain as well. Beyond those I'd shoot for SE, as you should be at a high enough tier for it to provide real benefits by the time you get to your 13th skill point.
  3. To get a Defense ribbon, you have to land a damaging hit on an enemy ship which is actively capturing a base that your team currently holds. If the base is neutral, as in the beginning of a Domination or Epicenter match, you cannot earn Defense ribbons (I think you could at some point in the past); if the ship you hit has not accumulated any current capture points, this will not count as a Defense either. If you're trying to rack up the maximum number of defense ribbons in the least amount of time, the ideal scenario comes late in a game when a lone enemy battleship is trying to capture one of your bases and no other friendly ships are in range. Shoot it once, which resets the cap counter (and nets you a Defense), wait 5 seconds, shoot it again, wash, rinse, repeat.
  4. The speed flags are awarded for Double Strike achievements, and can also be pulled out of daily containers or as rewards for various challenges; they're called "Sierra Mike" under your signals tab in port. Premium consumables can be purchased in port...if you go to the Modules tab in your port view and click on the speed boost symbol, it will offer you the option of purchasing the premium version. Clicking on the doubloon symbol allows you to change the cost to regular credits...right now they're on sale for 4,500 credits/game, which is well worth it. I'm not going to individually quote all of your replies, but when played correctly the mid-high tier Soviet DDs are some of the most powerful ships in the game, and also some of the most enjoyable to play. If shooting people up from range and laughing at their feeble attempts to shoot you back isn't what you're looking for in a destroyer game that's fine...different tastes. But don't misconstrue the difference in ideal play style to be inferior or more difficult...if anything, a Kiev is far easier to play than other T8 destroyers. If you think CV play requires no skill, I would highly encourage you to hop into a Langley and see how you do. I've put a few dozen games into carriers, and it is by far the most difficult ship type to play well in this game (and to my tastes, the least interesting as well). There are a lot of people in this thread trying to help make you a better player. If you're not interested in taking their advice, the end result then lies with you.
  5. A lot of people on here seem to mistake a well thought-out and written post which just happens to have missed the mark with a lame rant from someone incapable of rational thought. As others said, Russian gunboat DDs are best used from maximum range. You want to pour every possible upgrade into extending that range, increasing your speed, and maxing out your fire starting chance...any remaining captain skill points go into survivability stuff (priority target, last stand, survival expert, etc). They play completely opposite from more traditional destroyers in this game...you want to stay spotted and attract as much attention as possible, because so few people can hit you consistently when you're doing 45+ knots from 14km away. The torpedoes are very much situational--occasionally you'll run into a scenario where an enemy ship is about to clear an island or you're kiting away from somebody who closed to 10km or so, but other than that you ignore them. Always aim your HE shots for the superstructure of enemy ships (except DDs, of course); if a red ship gives you broadside, you switch to AP and keep shooting the superstructure (battleships) or armor belt (cruisers). You live & die by your guns. Always use premium speed boosts, and always mount the speed flag on your Soviet DDs. You can use traditional concealed firing from smoke or behind terrain, but most of the time you're going to be seeking open water and daring the enemy to hit you. There are some very good (and more detailed) posts on the Russian DD sub-forum if you want to read more.
  6. Can't say I've ever had this happen on a weekend before:
  7. Selfish DDs

    I see your dreadnought and raise you:
  8. Selfish DDs

    Capping used to net 1k XP per capture. This was lowered at least in part due to complaints about destroyers which did "nothing" in a game (i.e., 0 kills) but still topped the leaderboard. Increasing the rewards for spotting damage has been discussed and is not without merit, the issue is that you have to figure out a system which adequately rewards DDs (and cruisers & battleships) for spotting without all but guaranteeing high tier carriers 4k base XP per game. The problem is that any adjustments you make to the base earnings in this game will create even more imbalance and/or simply be ignored by a huge chunk of the player base. The prime example being that the current system rewards damage based on what percentage of HP you removed from a target, yet a significant portion of players (even at the highest tiers) continue to do nothing but lob HE rounds at distant battleships even while enemy destroyers are spotted at much closer range. Because either they don't realize that doing 10k damage to a destroyer is worth more to their bottom line than doing 30k to a battleship, or because they just don't care.
  9. Did one of the troubleshooting steps involve resetting your router, if you use one? Before I went to a high-end gaming router I'd periodically get connection issues whenever I did anything involving lengthy periods of high-intensity data transfer, and simply unplugging & then plugging the router back in fixed it every time.
  10. Killed the software & re-opened from the desktop and everything was back to normal. Still have no idea what caused this to happen, but I can deal with one catastrophic failure per 3,000 games or so.
  11. Ranked: Help Please

    I've been meaning to say that I really appreciate you taking the time to email me when the update made using my replay impossible. I hope that in the very near future your channel will be far too big for such courtesies, but in the meantime that was a very classy and considerate thing to do. One more addition to the YT channels linked above: Flamu has some really great replay analysis videos on his channel, revolving around Random battles as well as Ranked, and covering a wide variety of ships. Definitely worth checking out. Try not to get too discouraged--when you hit those upper ranks you really are up against some of the best WoWs players on the server. Like with anything else, admitting that you have a "problem" is the first step toward fixing it...a bit of study, a bit of analysis, and a lot of practice will get you to where you want to be .
  12. Kiev players

    I can only comment second-hand on the Khaba, but the Kiev can do things which no other destroyer can do at that tier. No other ship, really. And those things are very supportive of the team, even more so when that support is mutual. While a traditional "capping" destroyer is creeping around the periphery of the map and lobbing long range torpedoes in the general direction of the enemy, a (good) Kiev player is staying visible, pumping rounds into enemy ships at range, and drawing fire away from your ship. When the team needs the unguarded cap on the other side of the map during the end stage of a close game, a Kiev can get there in time and hold her own 1v1 pretty much any ship at that stage. She doesn't rely on her smoke to do her gun damage, so the Kiev can provide more smoke screens for the other ships on the team. I'll put it another way...a while back when there was some task which required you to cap 3 points in a single Domination game, I used the Kiev to do it...fairly easily. Anybody who tells you a Kiev cannot cap is not a good destroyer player, and wouldn't have helped your team any more were they in a more stealthy DD. A Kiev cannot take a contested cap early in a game without massive support, no, but at those tiers very few DDs can. What a Kiev can do when the cap gets hot is get out of there without taking as much damage as a Benson or Kagero so that it can still contribute later in the match. The higher visibility range actually helps in this regard, as enemy DDs are usually going to spot a Kiev before their cruisers are within radar range, and no other DD can chase her down. So you go in & give it a shot, and when you get spotted you get out of there intact so you can come back for the cap later...in the early stages of a Domination match, keeping your ships afloat is much more important than grabbing a quick cap.
  13. A Saipan with two Atlantas. Our carrier driver just said he'd do what he could but we were pretty much on our own.
  14. Kiev players

    I'm still looking for the elusive 2 million potential damage game. My record is 1.4 something.
  15. Not sure how this one happened as I've played at least 50 games since the latest update without seeing it before, but... I mean, I'm all for a clean interface but some controls would be nice. I just exited out of a battle immediately after it ended, as I normally do. EDIT: Disconnected from the server via the ESC key, and upon trying to reconnect got a fatal error from the game software. I have encountered a similar issue before when re-watching replay files, but this is the first time it happened in the game itself: