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  1. The only one I have so far is Acasta. At least so far I really, really like this ship--the guns are great providing you have them pointing the right way, and while the lack of speed boost feels weird & tends to hurt in the late game, she's fast enough for most scenarios (and accelerates like nothing else). The torps are meh...having 8 is nice and it's a reasonable reload for the tier, but my experience is that they're a bit lacking in stopping power and of course the 6km range (combined with max 6km concealment) makes them tricky to use. The smoke, combined with the acceleration, is good enough to escape a hairy situation just so long as you don't try to use it to shoot from. One big drawback is that she doesn't uptier well--the guns are just fine against T5 ships, but you're going to get hammered going up against a T7 gunboat. All that being said, she's fun to play! Acasta excels as a second destroyer on the scene, pouring in fire while the enemy is already focused on your decoy teammate. Her small size & good maneuverability make open water firing doable as well, although the small hit point pool means you won't want to be openly firing with multiple enemy ships targeting you. One (probably temporary) bonus to the short-lived smoke is that you tend to get a fair number of people who try to charge it, and right about the time they get there (and you've put some distance between it and yourself), the smoke runs out...makes for a great way to get relatively easy torpedo hits without getting mauled in the process. If anybody's interested, I did upload a pretty good game I had in Acasta (actually the second game I'd ever played in her) to WoWs replays.
  2. Found your problem! Nah, I know that's not literal. My WR isn't a whole lot higher than yours, but for what it's worth I'll echo the point above about patience. Study the team lineups before each battle & adjust your strategies accordingly...the ideal opening route in a battle with 1 enemy radar ship is very much different than when you're up against 5. Ditto for opposing DDs; depending on your setup you can bully a lot of destroyers, but against a Grozovoi or Harugumo you'll want to proceed far more cautiously. That said, in most scenarios it is going to be possible to at least attempt an early cap. Just be prepared to bail when necessary, and have a good escape route planned before you even get near the cap. Try to pay attention to your teammates as well. It's often possible to tell just from the first minute or two whether a random on your team is going to be someone you can count on to at least try to help, vs. one who might as well be afk. Look at opening routes, how their ship is equipped (camo or no? ranked flag? etc), which ship(s) they are divisioned with, and even which clan they represent...that's all worthwhile information. When you find a solid teammate nearby, help them!!! Spot threats for them (including torpedoes), smoke them if you're carrying smoke (my 2 cents: if you're running Yueyang with smoke why not just use Gearing?), communicate with them. Keeping one or two good teammates alive & contributing can be the difference between a win and a loss. Biggest tip I can possibly give on this topic: Don't play angry! When you feel yourself getting frustrated with the game or changing the way you play because your teammates don't seem to be pulling their share, just stop. Do something else, play something else, change game modes, whatever...just don't allow yourself to tilt your way to an even longer losing streak.
  3. There you have it! Having carefully considered all aspects of this mission before implementing it in-game, WarGaming has literally found a way to reward people for throwing ranked battles!
  4. Anniversary Supercontainers

    Only have 6 tier 10's, I'll play the rest after dinner: 7 days premium. 25 Red Dragon. 100 November Foxtrot. 25 Hydra. 50 Halloween camo. 100 Sierra Mike. No complaints here about free stuff!
  5. Add Mejash to that list, both on YouTube and on Twitch. He's actually just now doing a full breakdown of everything the new Warships player needs to know, and his Twitch streams are informative and not at all salty. @Lord_Zath is another YouTuber to look up; he's done hundreds of analysis videos on replays submitted by viewers, from pure beginners to unicum-level players. Positioning will come with time. As a general rule of thumb, expect your teammates to turn away at the first sign of contact nearly always, and play your own ship with that in mind. When you are approaching the enemy in the beginning of a battle, look ahead and try to find some islands which can shield you should you need to turn around while spotted. Also keep an eye on what the rest of your team is doing, and on the composition of the friendly forces near you--you should be getting a decent idea by now of how tanky the different mid-tier ships are, and if you find yourself with nothing but Nurnbergs and Omahas ahead of you then you should probably plan to be alone pretty quickly. Battleships can be really tricky to learn the game in, as their low speed and lackluster turning means that you need to anticipate what your team (and the enemy team) are going to do well before it happens, or else you're going to end up overextended with half the opposing team focusing on you. As you're seeing, though, it's pretty difficult to predict what's going to happen 2 minutes later in a battle without the experience of having seen it hundreds of times already...in that light, focusing more on cruiser player is generally a better way to knock out your first few hundred PvP battles. You still run the risk of being deleted by an enemy battleship you didn't notice was there, but at least that way it's quick & relatively painless (unlike watching your health tick away as 6 different ships pour fire onto your decks). Welcome aboard!
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    Look, I'm not a big believer in using a player's stats to prove or refute their statements. That said, I can see from yours that you are a very solid mid-tier destroyer player. A very solid player overall, for that matter. The disconnect appears to be a combination of lack of experience at the high tiers combined with an inability or unwillingness to adjust your play to the realities of the game. You simply don't have that many high tier destroyer battles under your belt, and a decent chunk of the ones you have played are in ships that couldn't care less about radar (Tashkent & Khabarovsk). Radar is not nearly the be-all, end-all you appear to think it is; it's a consumable which requires intelligent use to get real results from it (or poor play from one's opponents). Popping a radar to spot an enemy destroyer does you no good if you aren't in a position to fire at it, or if it's already at or near the limit of your radar coverage, or if getting into a position to fire on it exposes your cruiser to heavy fire as well. In a scenario where multiple players are working together, coordinating their radar usage, and focusing fire it's extremely potent....but the same is true of any scenario where multiple players are working effectively together, from tier 1 up through tier 10. Fortunately, that's an extremely rare occurrence in random (or ranked) play. I'm not sure if you're speaking out of personal frustration over a couple of bad games or if you're just regurgitating things you've seen other people say, but it is very much possible to do well in a high tier destroyer, even against multiple enemy radars. It only requires a bit of knowledge regarding radar ranges & duration, a bit of attention to the minimap, good use of terrain where available, and some patience. There are many excellent YouTube videos demonstrating in great detail how to DD in a radar-rich environment, along with countless posts in this thread (and far too many others). Look at them, try them out yourself, allow for a few battles before you've really gotten these techniques down, and then see if radar still seems like god mode to you. Or if you'd rather just stick to your opinions regardless of contrary evidence, fine. You're only cheating yourself by doing so. (PS: You tell me what percentage of random players you believe actually pay attention to the minimap and focus down high value targets when they're spotted. My own experience tells me that's maybe 15%, and I'm probably being generous.)
  7. Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar's reload is 4x slower than the average battleship gun's (assuming premium consumable usage). Use of radar then requires the enemy team to actually shoot at a detected destroyer with their guns; even lots of guns firing on one target is no guarantee they'll cause significant damage. Smaller, agile targets are difficult to hit. Shells don't go through terrain, so why would it matter that radar does...
  8. Possible Solution to Radar

    What is the actual weakness to battleship guns?
  9. Question about Captain Skills

    This. To go a step further, it's generally best not to keep a specific captain for any of your premium ships, at least not until you get to the point where you're loaded with more 19-point commanders than you know what to do with. Instead, rotate whatever captain you're currently grinding up between your top ship in the standard line and whatever premium ship(s) you have from that nation. This allows you to double (or triple, etc) up on the daily win bonus each day, and thus get your captain up to 19 points faster.
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    My turn--do you even have these ships? Perhaps I should have clearly stated that I'm assuming competent play by the radar ship. It's not about counter-detection, it's about detection. A Worcester holed up behind an island with radar coverage over a cap doesn't need to wait to be detected before it lights up a target--it knows a target is in range when the cap starts flipping. Assuming it's also set up behind an island which allows it firing angles without offering a direct line of sight, it's going to deny that cap until something forces it to move. Yueyang does not have that option--islands it can fire over without revealing itself are extremely scarce, and if it does fire and reveal itself then it's often going to find itself in bigger trouble than were it to just turn and run. Yes, you can coordinate with your team and have them do the shooting for you, but you've got enough battles under your belt to know how often that actually happens. Removing coordinated team play from the equation, destroyers which can counter a radar Yueyang in a 1v1, both full health scenario: Khabarovsk Groznovoi Harugumo Another Yueyang Additionally, radar Yueyang can be very effectively countered by Worcester. "Negated" is more like it, given a halfway competent player in the Worcester. I ran radar YY almost exclusively during last clan wars season, and even given the relatively easy competition I faced as part of a Gale clan, there were numerous battles where I had to tip-toe for much of the fight. And that's in clan wars, where team play most definitely does exist. All of which is completely beside the point. Which was ironically enough begun by my pointing out that if you attempt to balance the number of radars on each team via the matchmaker, that can give away your setup before the round begins. If you did do it on a ship-for-ship basis (which I agree is completely impractical), that wouldn't give away any more information than you could get by asking your Minotaur (for example) if he's smoke or radar; i.e., would give both teams the same "additional" info.
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    Modern fleets are networked together, so yes--a modern radar can relay real-time spotting information to other ships in the formation. Also, the longest duration for any radar in the game is 48 seconds (on Des Moines and Worcester), and that's assuming use of the special upgrade module. I suspect that radar was implemented into the game the way it was as an effort to foster more active team play during battle. Whether that's worked at all is extremely debatable--as a fellow DD main I'm sure you can relate to the number of times you'll spot a key target, spam the F3 key, and still see your team completely ignore it. Countering a radar cruiser is as simple as knowing where they generally set up on a given map/game mode (until they're spotted) and being careful not to stray inside the range of their radar unless you have hard cover to protect you. It's even easier to do once the radar ship(s) has been spotted. When circumstances require you to get inside its radar range anyway (cap contesting, for example), bait the radar, escape (using hard cover or pure speed and maneuverability), then use their 2-minute cooldown to take care of business. Really, the only time radar can create an insurmountable obstacle for a solid DD player is when two or more enemy radar ships are working together to string their consumables...but even two or more non-radar cruisers working together can thwart a solo destroyer.
  12. Possible Solution to Radar

    That's the thing, though--it isn't. A 48-second, 9.9km radar from a Worcester, which can send 120 152mm shells downrange during that duration, can have far more influence on the battle than a 24-second, 7.5km radar on a Yueyang, which maxes out at 48 127mm rounds before its radar is up. Yueyang radar can mean bad news for a single isolated DD. Worcester radar can mean bad news for an entire push. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating for matchmaking to balance radars at all, let alone on a type-for-type basis. But these are things which need to be considered by anybody who would like to see the matchmaker take radars into account when balancing teams.
  13. Possible Solution to Radar

    One of the issues with implementing radar balancing in matchmaking is that most (all?) radar ships have the option of mounting a different consumable in that slot, and so matchmaking could give additional information which would make some "sleeper" builds less enticing. Also, do you treat all radars the same? I.e., is a Des Moines with radar mod 1 upgrade the same as a Moskva without? Does a Worcester balance out with a Yueyang?
  14. Premium Shop Just for You

    Yeah, they wised up after that other deal. I didn't look at all of them, but for the Texas anyway you get 2,220 doubloons if you already have her. Which is technically a savings of $1.36 over just buying that amount of doubloons, but not really reason enough to run to the store.
  15. This (or a similar mod) is incorporated into Aslain's as well. This varies by map and team composition. In a game with only 1 DD per side, the key is getting the most out of your destroyer; tying it up for 5+ minutes contesting a cap is not necessarily the best move, particularly in a cruiser-heavy battle where coordinated radars can achieve the same thing without placing your key spotter/map control ship into unnecessary danger. On a map like Mountain Range, for example, the best play in this scenario is often to send the destroyer after the uncontested A or B cap while providing spotting throughout the center of the map, and using the main force to contest C by their mere presence. This is especially true if your team's destroyer holds a speed advantage over the one on the other team (Shimakaze vs. Yueyang, for example). Keep in mind that in a static scenario such as near a contested cap, radar can provide more accurate spotting over a greater range and while exposing the spotting ship to less enemy fire than a destroyer would be able to. Also, 11) Communicate, communicate, communicate! Let your teammates know your intentions, tell your team when you're using a consumable such as radar or hydro, ask your teammate to use their consumable if you feel it would help, tell everybody when you need a kill or when you just need to defend, let the team know when your radio location reveals the location of an unspotted ship, etc. Yeah, you're going to have some teammates who don't even look at chat, but these things only take a few seconds and can help immensely when they are noticed.