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  1. This. Those who constantly go through their daily limit of reports without ever running out of compliments are probably part of the problem at hand.
  2. So BB's

    Since you've played a grand total of 11 games over the last month when you weren't in a division, I suggest finding a division-mate who can play his battleship "correctly". That should offset the others. Also, as a DD main myself who actually does play other ship types from time to time, it's much easier for an average player to rack up high XP totals in a destroyer than it is in a battleship. As a DD you're near the front, you're on objectives, and in most high tier games it only takes one really good torpedo salvo to vault into the top 5 (or higher). In a battleship you don't have the speed to get in on early cap attempts (and even if you did, you'd eat all the torpedoes), you are much more at the mercy of RNG when it comes to your shells' dispersion, and you are at a much bigger disadvantage when you get up-tiered, particularly in tier X matches. There are definitely high tier battleship players who don't seem aware of where their "W" key is, but there are also plenty of high tier cruiser players who haven't figured out that parking broadside-on to 3 battleships is a bad idea, and high tier destroyer players that are allergic to objectives and haven't figured out their ships have guns.
  3. The ones on the bottom tend to whine the loudest.
  4. french collection question

    Pro tip: In the future, don't trade duplicates in until you have enough to complete the whole collection. The fewer unique collection items you have, the lower the odds are of getting yet another duplicate (which is worth 1/3 of a unique item in this case).
  5. This was about a year ago and perhaps WG has changed this (along with so much else), but I received XP from a 0 damage game: That was a standard battle where I sailed down one side of the map, the red team completely ignored it, and just capped without even firing a shot, let alone hitting anything...unless the green-on-green bump affected it? It's just fairly confusing to me as none of the other images in this thread actually show the amount of XP (not) received..?
  6. A captain who fires a full spread of torpedoes into a teammate he doesn't think is playing "correctly" also thinks that decision was the right one. The OP is talking about destroyer players who smoke immediately upon entering a cap in the early game, and then sit in that smoke. That's incorrect by every possible definition: you hurt yourself by doing so, you hurt your team by doing so, and you hurt your chances of securing the cap by doing so. I understand the mentality of "you play your way, I'll play mine", but in this case any player doing it "their way" will improve their play by listening to the advice given in the initial post.
  7. The reason I suggest doing this in the Umikaze is because at tier II you're not going to be massively impacting the match result by experimenting with an unfamiliar play style.
  8. Except that in this case the advice is good for any person who actually wants to improve their play.
  9. If you are one of those destroyer captains who farts smoke the instant you enter a cap, spotted or not, here's how you break that habit: you (re)purchase the tier II Japanese destroyer Umikaze, and then you play a dozen or so games where you do not smoke. Ever. For any reason. You'll be amazed at how many times you survive scenarios where you'd normally have died and at how much more damage/XP you earn.
  10. To be fair, in most T10 matches I see at least one person do something that makes me question Darwin.
  11. How to fix this?

    When there's that much enemy radar and your team can't/won't work together to make any concerted pushes, there's not much you can do. It basically becomes a game of trying to get in as much damage as you can while you wait out the loss; it doesn't help that you drew one of the worst maps to face a heavy radar presence on in this one. There's a fairly popular push going on to try to goad WarGaming into factoring radar into the matchmaking system, so you don't get so many lopsided matches like the one Rouxi mentioned above, but who knows if that will ever come to anything...if it's even realistically possible given that so many ships have the option of fitting different consumables instead of radar (do you count T8+ PADDs as radar ships?). Until then us DD guys have to take our lumps every so often when the matchmaker decides to lump all the radar on the other team. Thankfully scenarios like these don't happen that often, at least not now that the novelty of the Missouri has worn off a bit.
  12. Opponent tier

    Once you get to tier IX you're guaranteed not to face ships 2 tiers higher. So there's that to look forward to. In all seriousness, I know the uptiering hurts most in battleships, which appears to be what you play most. My guess would be that you might be struggling a bit with positioning and with map awareness...your T4 & below numbers are solid, but the tiny mistakes you can generally get away with at those lower tiers tend to get punished at T5 & up, and it doesn't help that you're heavily outgunned by T7/8 battleships and don't have the speed to get away if you overextend. Some of the bigger community contributors have posted some very good YouTube videos regarding mid/high tier battleship play, in particular some of Flamu's replay analysis clips taken from his live streams...it couldn't hurt to check some of those out if you haven't already. You can also send a replay or two to Lord_Zath from here on the forums for some personal analysis. You could also give destroyers more of a shot. It's an entirely different play style which might be outside of your current comfort zone, but the change-up might help your play in BBs & cruisers as well. Plus DDs in general don't mind being up-tiered so much.
  13. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    Reacting to the unfolding battle instead of blindly continuing on whatever course you decided on at the 20:00 minute mark is not "carry harder"; It's sound tactical decision-making. The kind of stuff actual military forces do. I have no idea what you are even trying to say with the second sentence. Are you suggesting that you'll draw different maps or have better luck with RNG depending on what ship you choose...because that's also tin foil hat country. I agree that 50% is a good win rate in this game, and as I said that puts a player ahead of the majority in WoWs. That doesn't mean that the OP, you, or anybody should settle with just being "good"...every single player in this community has room for improvement. As far as the "things you cannot control", I spent 2 paragraphs in the reply you originally quoted explaining exactly how you can make up for less-skilled teammates. 1) By this logic, nobody will ever division up with you. 2) No ship is currently OP. Some players are. 3) You're still going to get schooled on the court if you dress up in Kobe Bryant's uniform. If you want to get better at basketball, you work on improving your skills. 4) Agree. 5) Disagree. 6) LOL! And yes...it's always a good idea to use signals which benefit the ship you're in.
  14. Stop Being Useless!

    At least once per night I get somebody in chat complaining that "our DDs didn't do anything" (I'm generally in a DD). Most times I'm too busy doing things to respond, so I just have to content myself with topping the leaderboard instead. I do make a mental note of who it is doing the complaining, and it's very rare when that player doesn't fall into the bottom third. BTW, I beat your damage total in GC. Thought I recognized that screenname.
  15. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    The difference between someone who wins 50% of their battles and someone else who wins 60% (or any other number) is their ability to compensate for the less skilled players around them. That does not necessarily mean that those players with higher WRs throw down 200k, 7 kill games every time out, nor that those with lower win rates never manage battles like that. It just means that those who can win more consistently given an equal playing field (i.e., everyone solo and not just seal clubbing) are better at reading the minimap in real time and projecting how the battle is likely to unfold given ship positions, health pools, etc. Looking at your stats, you are still a 50% player (or as close as makes no difference). That's better than the majority of WoWs captains. You might not be as good as someone else when it comes to reacting in the best way during an unfolding battle, but you're not holding your teams back either. Getting that number even higher doesn't mean getting lucky in the matchmaking, doing a ton of damage, capturing a lot of dom points, or averaging 4 kills per battle...it just means being able to deduce more often from the minimap that your team's eastern flank is about to collapse and you can help prevent that, or that the opposing team is weak in your area and an aggressive push will work, or that the B cap is going to fall no matter what you do & the best course of action is to fall back and try to recapture it later. Not all games are winnable no matter how well an individual plays, and not all games are definitive losses regardless of how poorly another does. You've worked hard to get your game up to this level. Now you just have to keep working to get to the next one, and stop allowing yourself to get hung up on tin foil hat stuff.