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  1. If it were one, even two nights per week that would work, and that's the compromise I've reached in the past. But 4 nights per week, for 8 consecutive weeks, is not a viable option. And these aren't "tears", it's merely pointing out the issue that a lot of people face each and every CB season, and thus the dilemma facing most clans who don't necessarily have dozens of good options when it comes to filling out a competitive team. At no point in my post did I refer to myself singularly. You aren't playing Devil's Advocate, you're playing somebody with reading comprehension issues.
  2. Who on Earth downvotes this post? WarGaming basically has two options as far as Clan Battles go: either extend the windows to allow more people/clans to play, or give up on CBs altogether. Just pushing the time back an hour or three doesn't help, as many of us East Coasters have these annoying parasites beloved companions called "families" which kind of expect us to be around for dinner/quality time during the first part of the time frame, and these equally dastardly delightful things called "jobs" which we need to get at least some sleep before. And of course the same issue as the West Coast people when it comes to weekends. At some point they need to accept that they regrettably succeeded in creating a game that's ideal for middle-aged & older gamers, and that most of us have real-world obligations beyond homework and the occasional house party. It's the unfortunate side effect of having a core player base with regular, disposable income.
  3. Harv72b


    Anyone will tell you that you're bound to get some teammates who seem to do everything possible to lose a battle, but you have to try to divorce yourself from using that as a crutch for your own performance. While some games are indeed going to be unwinnable, you can still work on improving your map awareness, better utilizing angling & positioning to minimize the damage you take, identifying the biggest immediate threats & adjusting your play to mitigate them, and just making better decisions on a consistent basis. You'll still get saddled with the odd team that not even RNGesus himself could carry to victory, and you'll still have bad games, but in general you'll find yourself living far longer in these types of battles and making a much bigger mark on the final score (even it's still a roflstomp against your team). Keep in mind that those really high damage/frag games only tend to come when both teams are fairly weak--you need a good portion of your own team to struggle in order to have the opportunity to get in 7 kills or 200k damage, even at tier 10. Work is an unfortunate byproduct of the need for gaming rigs and high speed internet that we all share, so obviously that comes first. But particularly if you can get online nearly every day, you can use a few of those 1-hour downtimes to watch some of the above-mentioned videos rather than trying to get in 2-3 games of your own. Save the actual gameplay for the days when you have a bit more time to dedicate to it.
  4. Harv72b


    Big disclaimer up front: the quantity of damage that you do is far less important than the quality. For example, chunking a high tier battleship for 30k damage when he's perfectly content to sit in the back kiting all match is not going to affect the battle nearly as much as doing the same amount of damage to a cruiser that's actively supporting the enemy push, or doing 15k to a destroyer that's contesting the objectives, will do. That said, by far the easiest advice to give and to take would be to invest some time watching various Warships-related YouTube content and/or Twitch streams. There are a lot of very experienced, very good community contributors who create content specifically geared toward helping other players to improve at the game. I'll provide some links at the end of this post, but don't consider my list to be all-inclusive. Also, make some time to watch your own content--enable replays if you haven't already (available via Aslain's or the official WarGaming modpack, or with a quick Google search followed by some cut & paste), and re-watch games where you felt a little lost or just aren't sure what you could have done better. In almost every case, there was something you did which could have been improved upon, and playing the battle back while watching from a more detached view can really help in identifying those things. Looking at your clan (good move joining one, by the way), you have a couple of pretty good players there who can you try to div with or ask for pointers. Unfortunately it doesn't look like you have much in the way of experienced battleship mains, but somebody who excels in destroyer and/or cruiser play can at the very least give you some excellent advice on what not to do in a battleship. The promised links: Mejash's YouTube and Twitch links (he's actually live on Twitch right now). Great guy & excellent all-around player. Lord Zath on YouTube for detailed analysis of replays sent in by other players. You can send him some of your own if you want to! Flamu's YouTube channel. Not exactly the most chill guy when he's playing, but he seriously knows his stuff about the game. IChase was already mentioned above; here's a link to his YouTube as well. Again, not nearly all the quality options you have out there, but some of my favorites who have a knack for explaining things in ways that even I can understand.
  5. Harv72b

    How to Control your Win Rate

    Don't be these people: Seriously, the low tiers are there for a reason. Even if you can afford to jump straight to high tier premiums, don't. If you do anyway, then for the love of RNGebus don't be a toxic [redacted] in game chat when others don't make the same (mis)plays you do.
  6. Harv72b

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    Here's the top 5% on NA, sorted by average damage: As far as other ship types go, the lowest non-DD is again Minotaur, at 107,910. Once again, well ahead of any DD which isn't actually a cruiser (Harugumo, Khabarovsk). And to answer the cries of "damage isn't what matters" which I'm sure have filled the first 8 pages of this thread, if you're looking to avoid losing credits in your tier 10 battles, then yes--damage is what matters. Unless/until WarGaming decides to actually reward things like spotting and denying an axis of advance, nerfing the damage potential of a tier 10 ship which was already borderline in terms of credit earning has the effect of making it unplayable in randoms for all but the top 5%. As far as the argument that Yueyang was too good in clan battles/ranked, that is 100% tied to its ability to mount radar...not to its dpm. Combining radio location, excellent concealment, and radar in a competitive game mode where communication and focus fire are the rule rather than the exception makes for an extremely potent ship. Increasing the reload time on its weapons does absolutely nothing to diminish its biggest advantage in these battles.
  7. Harv72b


    I'm cursed in this ship: Not like I'm killing it in the other stats, but 23%???
  8. Harv72b

    How should I learn to play DDs

    Destroyer KuroshioKai has a lot of recent, DD-focused videos with a ton of excellent tips and insights throughout. The focus is more on competitive play vs. randoms, but you'll learn a lot that will come in handy in any game mode. Mejash has recent videos covering all sorts of Warships-related topics, including some excellent stuff on destroyer play. Lord Zath has a whole playlist dedicated to analysis of destroyer replays sent in by viewers of all skill levels. Scrolling down to the bottom of the list will get you the most recent ones. All three of these channels are somewhat under the radar, but all three also contain excellent insights into the minds of super-unicum destroyer players. As far as low tier DDs go, yeah...while it isn't always optimal to do so, they can all be played in pretty much the same fashion with just about the same results. You don't really get a sample of each national flavor until you progress to tier 5 and beyond. FWIW, I stick to what I said above: USN destroyers are probably the "easiest" to learn on due to their combination of excellent smoke and guns (plus great torpedoes at the high tiers), but the IJN tree is probably the best for a total DD noob to cut their teeth in. Playing the low tier Japanese destroyers will force you to learn how to use concealment to your advantage and will provide the most practice with torpedoes. Once you get to tier 6 you can switch over to another line if you want to, but the lessons you pick up with the low tier IJN boats will make you a better DD player in any line.
  9. Atago does well as bottom tier assuming you can avoid getting dev struck by [insert tier 10 battleship here]. Loyang is a strong choice as well, particularly for T8 competitive play. Barring either of those striking your fancy, yeah--you'd probably be best off using the coupon toward premium time or doubloons. It should work on anything in the shop which doesn't already have a discount attached.
  10. Harv72b

    T10 DD Lines Grinding Priority

    I haven't finished the grind to Harugumo & Daring yet (T9 in both lines), so I can't really comment on those. While the most important factor is which play style you enjoy the most, my own personal thoughts are: Khabarovsk: A lot of fun, but at least for me not as much fun as Kiev at T8 is. Really, the only things Khaba can do appreciably better than Kiev is physically tank damage (but Kiev does much better speed tanking) and run down enemy DDs (Kiev does better kiting away than chasing). Both Khab and Kiev are fairly selfish DDs, in that they can't really contest caps in the early game or spot for your teammates. That doesn't make it any less fun to play, it just hurts your win rate a bit. Grozovoi: I unlocked Groz shortly before Harugumo was introduced, so between that & grinding legendary modules I haven't really played it very much. My limited experience has been positive--it's a solid gunboat with equally solid torpedoes, equipped with a host of valuable consumables. One downside is that the limited number of said consumables pretty much requires you to run Superintendent, which is a skill I prefer to skip on destroyers. Gearing: It's been power crept to bejeebus, but it's still an excellent ship. It's not just well-rounded in terms of what it can do in random battles, it's also a solid choice for tier 10 Ranked and Clan Wars contests. With the 10.5km (Fletcher) torps it'll also produce a lot of high damage games for you. Still one of my favorite ships in the game. Shimakaze: Shima (and all IJN destroyers) gets a bad rap because so many people don't understand what it's still capable of. Even with torpedoes that can be spotted from (more than) a mile away, the sheer volume of fish you can send downrange at once makes for a lot of hits, each of which packs a ginormous punch. While she is by no means a gunboat, the guns are quite effective for finishing off a low-health target and are quite capable of putting down any DD if you begin the fight with a significant health edge. If you can keep track of enemy radar ships to minimize your exposure without giving up on your spotting role, Shima is still a very effective destroyer. Z-52: The draw is a combination of decent guns, fast-reloading torpedoes, and German hydro. The downside is the low damage & flooding potential those torps inflict and the inferiority of that hydro vs. all the radar you see in high tier battles nowadays. The Z can still be a fun ship to play, but she's probably the least powerful T10 destroyer overall. Yueyang: Gearing with shorter smoke, deep water torpedoes, and the option of equipping short-range radar instead of that smoke. In a nutshell, playing Yueyang is like playing a Gearing on hard mode--if you struggle with any aspect of her play you're going to get wrecked, but if you can master the myriad of "little" things that add up to her full potential, Yueyang is an extremely good destroyer. I don't think that my opinion (or anybody else's) will necessarily be a factor in which T10 DD is most effective for you, but since you did specifically ask I'd still go with Gearing as the most effective destroyer on the list, overall. Certainly as the least difficult tier 10 destroyer to consistently turn in decent results with.
  11. Harv72b

    WG Loot Box’s and Their Current State

    I've been very fortunate in the last two container runs: I was able to get all 4 RN destroyers just from the free containers in-game, and I've pulled two permanent camos out of the pumpkins (one from a premium container I won from a CC, the other via a regular container). That said...meh. The "grind" to tier 8 takes less than 100 games, total, for any halfway decent player with premium, so getting to skip to the Lightning was no big deal (and this is coming from a DD main, somebody who puts little if any time into destroyers would be even less impressed). As for the Halloween camouflages, even you don't already have them, look at the ships they're for: a few low tier ships that hardly anyone plays and absolutely no-one needs a permanent camo for, and a bunch of tier 8 ships for those who want to look unusual while playing bottom tier. Put another way, I absolutely love the Kiev--if you made me pick just one it'd be my favorite ship in the game. But I already have a premium camouflage for Kiev which I bought way back when it was a tier 7, so I have zero need for yet another which gives me the same bonuses. These are the reasons I haven't bought any premium crates from these series...as the OP said, the "prizes" are underwhelming and the normal rewards even more so. WarGaming needs to think outside the box for the next fund raiser premium crate series. How about some permanent camos which offer different bonuses? Nothing drastic, but say, instead of a 10% bonus to credits earned it gives a 100% bonus to free XP earned? Instead of +10% credits and +50% XP, how about one which just gives +20% credits? Give me a reason to even notice when I win yet another permanent camouflage for a ship I rarely play. Or maybe even try something entirely new to the game: how about an alternate permanent camo that, when equipped, gives only the concealment & dispersion bonuses but then after the game converts your credits earned in the battle into doubloons? Nothing crazy, let's say a 1000:1 ratio? Something like this would benefit just about every Warships player, including those people who have more credits than they could possibly spend, and even the most remote chance at finding one of those in a container would push sales. They could do another alternate which converts credits earned in battle into reasonable amounts of coal as well (not steel for obvious reasons). That's just off the top of my head, but they really need to do something to bring the excitement back into these sales & campaigns.
  12. Harv72b

    Number of kills? DDs

    Your most recent video pretty much sums up what I was trying to explain (it's so much easier with visuals), in regards to your engagement with the enemy Benson and Shimakaze starting around the 4:30 mark: by using the terrain and recognizing that several enemy ships are fully preoccupied with your teammates, you manage to spot, support the cap push, and do high-value damage while being lit up for nearly the entire exchange. You trade some hit points in the process, but giving up about a third of your health is well worth it when it takes two enemy DDs off the board and completely blunts their push on a whole side of the map. Obviously, everything in this game is situational; I was just responding above to what I saw as an absolute statement regarding DD play. Kuro-hype link to the video in question:
  13. Truth, but not everyone has the upgrade available (or has the desire to spend the coal on one). At any rate, I was just pointing out that both of you were right on the time frame.
  14. 24 seconds is with the upgraded module, 20 seconds is the base value.
  15. Harv72b

    Kitakaze - Rapid or Long range module? IFHE?

    I definitely prefer the reload buff vs. extending the range. Long-range guns make it more difficult to go/stay undetected, for one, and when you do get into a short-range gunfight with another DD you need to kill it as quickly as possible both to lessen the amount of damage you receive and to make it easier to avoid the likely torpedo salvo. Note that if you opt for Main Battery Mod 3, you will probably want to combine it with Main Battery Mod 2 in order to cancel out the reduction to turret traverse. IFHE isn't required since the buff to IJN 100mm HE rounds, but it's still very useful. You get 25mm of HE penetration without the skill, which is at least enough to take out other destroyers, but the buff to 33mm with IFHE makes it much easier to cause damage to cruisers and even battleships at these tiers.