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  1. Klaatu_Nicto

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    I found it very enjoyable and I love the Benham.
  2. Klaatu_Nicto

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I have over two hundred ships and all but one of the T10s. I have no interest in regrinding all those ship lines, spending credits to buy ships I currently own and spending gold or commanders free XP to retrain all my captains.
  3. Klaatu_Nicto

    The music thread

  4. Klaatu_Nicto

    These Company's Are Taking This Action

    Be careful what you wish for. The government stepping in left me and everyone in my state, along with everyone in several other states, unable to play pay-to-play fantasy sports.
  5. Klaatu_Nicto

    A few of my favorite covers. What are yours?

  6. Klaatu_Nicto

    Music ?

  7. Klaatu_Nicto

    Why Karen Carpenter needs to reach you.

    ^^^^^^I was cruising by your solar system when I picked up this song on my radio. Decided to stop by.
  8. Klaatu_Nicto

    A few of my favorite covers. What are yours?

  9. Klaatu_Nicto

    The music thread

  10. Klaatu_Nicto

    I've Been Colluding With Russians

    This is my favorite Tori Amos cover. This is also among my favorite Led Zeppelin songs.
  11. Klaatu_Nicto

    Music ?

    I posted Lady Gaga in the wrong topic but since it's here......My opinion of Lady Gaga changed for the better after I heard her sing the National Anthem. Give it a try. You might be surprised. Something different.
  12. Klaatu_Nicto

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    I have not played much in the last few ranked seasons. In the last ranked season I made it to rank 9 then got kicked back to 12 so I quit playing. I don't need that kind of frustration. I get enough frustration in random battles after your terrible CV rework.
  13. Klaatu_Nicto

    The music thread

  14. Klaatu_Nicto

    Music ?