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  1. What line of cruisers are good for what?

    USN-ultimate support cruisers, good to great AA the whole way up, floaty arcs and amazing AP. Radar IJN-their HE spam has been somewhat powercrept but they're the stealthiest heavy cruisers who can stealth blap at will. Great torpedos awkward arcs. Their guns are solid but fire fairly slow. Each ship at myoko and higher till the zao is similar. German-Great AP, alright torps. Fairly armored at tier 8 and higher compared to other cruisers. Their HE deals less damage but pins more. AA is alright, also have amazing hydro Russian-Long range sniper cruisers. great guns all around with flat arcs but horrible torps/mobility/AA for the most part. Longer range but shorter duration radar than the USN line. French- Great guns all around, built for kiting and farming damage. Also have black hole spaced armor, however due to their poor consumable choice their influence on a map is less than most other lines. British- AP only, great ROF and great at killing DDs, solid single firing torps. Also the squishiest ships in the game.
  2. The Cruiser Manifesto

    This video is so damn true. Especially in my Des Memes. Atleast i can AP or HE spam those pesky reds to death.
  3. Idea for a French premium CV

    france had bearn, italians had Aquila.
  4. Opinions on French BB Alsace

    Such a fun ship to play. Survivable enough and her flanking capacity is amazing, you just appear where ships don't expect you to be even if you aren't full conceal. I personally run secondary because its fun. Maybe its not the most optimal but meh w/e I can run stealth/survival on any of my other battleships. She can kite well, AA well even in full secondaries her AA is nice. The main battery is the only part of the ship that annoys me and its not even in the accuracy. Only have 15 inch guns means certain cruisers HINDENBUUUUUUUUUUUURG, are a paaaaaaaaaaaain to deal with but meh oh well. I am going to try the republique because i like making quirky ships work but the Alsace is a definite keeper. Also for you history nuts atleast this ship was proposed and not a complete fabrication.
  5. I've seen videos where it would appear water drag was reduced because people were starting to consistently citadel RN and german Battleships if they were perfectly broadside. I've landed quite a few odd citadels on german BBs and earlier i citadeled a KGV. something definitely changed.
  6. All this talk and i'm still sad at how anemic the marblehead torpedos are.
  7. Thanks for the info on the pens. I try to stick to 10 to 14KM especially when it comes to cruisers, I almost always overpen cruisers within 10. Nearing the Alsace which is moderately exciting. About the side armor comment So long as you angle slightly you can break and bounce shells like its no one's business.
  8. I've played down most lines since i started this game and no ship has guns that leave me as flabbergasted as the Richelieu. I can fairly consistently land citadels on German battleships and even earlier today got a rare citadel on a KGV then you just straight up miss from within 10 km on a broadside. What exactly is the pen value on its 15 inch guns? Unreal the citadels this ship can acquire when dispersion gives it permission to. The reviews on it were pretty meh but the Richelieu is solid to me(averaging86k in her atm ). Only thing I'd really tweak would either be a small reload bump to 28 seconds or a slight dispersion tweaking. The side armor when its rarely tested holds up well as well, i can count on my hands the amount of citadels i've ate over the 28 battles in it thus far. The ship as a whole is a tank.(i've had a 3.7 mil potential game and survived a 113k damage one.) What are your thoughts on her?
  9. Republique and the Belt Armor Hole

    i think WG said they're collecting data on the issue. No way they allow this to keep occuring. Tbh republique can use a few other changes too.
  10. French missions

    secondary build french battleship. I just did like....5 or 6 co-op richelieu battles to bag mine. If you want to do the ribbons quickest justfarm bots in co-op with either the aigle french CLS or french bbs. There are alot of options to complete that req fairly quickly.
  11. Does the Yamato need some tweaks?

    Did you read my post o.O Also any BB can do that to another one.
  12. Bad Streaks

    just have to take a break. what im doing atm. Working towards the Alsace, two wins in the rich then three losses i did well in those games (including a 155k damage one) but a break helps alot.
  13. Does the Yamato need some tweaks?

    note I'm not asking for it to be OP. looks around the thread. for the most part i like the discussion :D Side note, loving the Richileiu thus far(Im probably just going to use the Alsace as my high tier BB regardless, fits my more aggressive playstyle better)
  14. Does the Yamato need some tweaks?

    I'd imagine this question will trigger some thought, or salt. The Yamato, has the easiest to hit citadel and the worst mobility. You're a floating fortress but the moment someone gets your side or even gets a good angle on your odd citadel. Its.....painful. You can position yourself as best you can but if you get caught on the side or if your team collapses you're near helpless. Then there is the odd Octagon citadel,the Monty Citadel is at the waterline, still hit able but there and we all know about the GK/Conqueror which can derp around broadside and for the most part get away with it. The yamato is forced into a bow tank playstyle and thats really all it can do. It can't push unless its flanks are covered(When you're able to its fairly fun but hard to do in the current meta). I wish the playstyle was more flexible. Problem is, how would you fix it and does it even need to be fixed When I played my Yammy i enjoyed the ship just annoyed at the playstyle of it. But how do you make it more survivable/mobile without making it OP or making other ships obsolete in their roles? (Looking at Monty and Kurfurst. Due to the meta Kurfurst is outclassed by the Monty . Then look at clanwars, only Monty's as well) I don't want the Yamato to be OP(i remember beta and the "lol montana") but perhaps tweak some things? The more I think about it the more i feel the game as a whole would need a sweeping change than a simple tweak to one ship.
  15. *queues up for a game*

    i'm curious to see the day when the supposed Shima buff comes down the pipeline. yeah only gonna get in the DM that day