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  1. KommandantPerry

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    This nerf was to hard of one for the Henri it shouldn't accelerate WORSE than a BB. It needed a nerf I won't argue with that but this harsh of one while the kremlin barely gets touched.... I almost bought the perma camo for the Henri, glad I didn't. My second tier 10 was the Yueyang. Second ship of mine at tier 10 I've seen gutted.
  2. KommandantPerry

    My "ranking" of best 1v1 ships.

    I had a 70% winrate in my atago. Only lost two games to non German bbs. Mass was easily to beat honestly. I lost most tirp games. Against hipper/Eugen I baited them in then kited them. Never lost to a DD , 2-1 Against CVs
  3. KommandantPerry

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    Does the Georgia have the innate increased secondary accuracy like the mass? If so then you don't need IFHE or manual. Could easily get FP CE and even AFT for secondary range .
  4. KommandantPerry

    Italians are coming!

    The Milano will be interesting that's for sure.
  5. KommandantPerry

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    I secondary spec for fun but it's not the most optimal
  6. KommandantPerry

    Italian tier X cruiser

    The Italians and Russians shared alot of design similarities(in part due to many spaghetti ships making their way to the soviets after the war) im expecting an italian super cruiser
  7. I'm enjoying her but man the squishiness is....something else. I can somewhat reliable bounce shells but its just painful to see how much damage she eats when the other player knows what they're doing. Even 27 MM plating would make me happy. I'd love a slightly smaller citadel too but meh. Otherwise i love the ship
  8. KommandantPerry

    What is the Point of the Yoshino?

    Thus far i really like her barring her armor. Her squishiness to BBs is infuriating. Zao/Henri can handle BB AP better which....is just odd. The only real knock i have on the ship is the armor. Atleast let her tank 15 Inch AP She'd be fine if she could atleast net 27 MM armor.
  9. KommandantPerry

    The Grozovoi is now fun!

    This thing is just a very well rounded ship. I love her already. Still need to work on my personal play but the groz is great fun.
  10. The russian bbs can be bow tanked by other bbs and they have massive citadels, their citadels are larger than some ships in the game. Also CV AP divebombers will salivate with these guys in the game. That being said these guys make the IFHE henri even more wanted. Get a kiting cruiser past 15 KM they will farm these BBs all match long. Concerning DDs, these ships have no mobility and will be torpedo spunges. Its a line of ships that are actually punishable.
  11. KommandantPerry

    Countdown to 8.0 / CV rework release

    my AA specced Monty is ready for the Plane Swarm.
  12. KommandantPerry

    After 8.0, why take a Cruiser?

    Cruisers should be fine honestly. I do think mid tier cruisers kind of need something but well we'll sea. The Radar change and CE change were needed.
  13. KommandantPerry

    So what's the deal with Jean Bart?

    The gimmick should be removed and buff its soft stats more. Its AA is godtier. Make the guns a bit better (via dispersion/sigma/reload) and remove the stupid booster.
  14. This thread is going to end well.
  15. KommandantPerry

    Biggest OP thing in the game

    i came in expecting a thread on what people thought was the most OP thing in the game was. I was gonna say Erie :(