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  1. Conqueror

    I love them in my Des memes, i can get some bruuuuutal AP salvos on their broadside. i still think they promote terrible gameplay but they're fun to farm.
  2. Possible Eugen and Hipper Buffs INC!

    I think a buff to 10 ROF wouldn't be bad, that or they get a healer a tier early to emphasize them being sturdier(granted all tier 8 cruisers need heals. The power bump from tier 8 to 9 needs to be smoothed out. Cruisers get modules and healers at 9. One needs to come a tier earlier)
  3. Possible Eugen and Hipper Buffs INC!

    I might push past the yorck now.....interesting.
  4. France is having her name changed.

    As far off topic as i'll go but a Very well run dictatorship led by competent dictator is the best form of government. Stuff gets done. Problem is after said dictator perishes.
  5. Des Moine needs some serious rebalancing

    id say just buff the conceal to baltimore levels and leave everything else alone.
  6. Concerning Cruiser survivability

    Omaha Pensacola and Mogami are.
  7. Montana Over-buffed?

    i think the Monty is still squishy enough. Heck today on a bismarck...a bismarck of all things, i landed a 40k salvo on a Monty that was starting to turn at 19 KM. I know there is a ridiculous amount of luck there but you can still punish monty's and iowa's pretty hard
  8. Next line should be RN DDs Afterwards i feel it should go Italian Cruisers French DDs Russian BBs. Then next year the other two italian lines, IJN CL line, Pan-Europe Line.
  9. Concerning Cruiser survivability

    *points at RN and German BBs* IJN and USN still have hittable citadels atleast and the french appear that way too.
  10. Concerning Cruiser survivability

    tier 5 to 8 are the biggest problem areas. The moment a pensacola or omaha appear. Its like free xp unless the player is reaaaaaaaaally good which is pretty rare.
  11. Concerning Cruiser survivability

    The skill floor on cruisers at higher tiers is pretty brutal. Which is one of the main problems with them. You can make mistakes in other lines, you cannot in a cruiser. They need a small survability bump especially if it gets more cruisers at higher tiers. turning games into more balanced ship types instead of hte constant 5/2/5 would do wonders for the game. edit:im not proposing a full citadel removal. Only at the magazines the engines would still be a large citadel
  12. Concerning Cruiser survivability

    Still the BB would have to be massively outplayed to have a cruiser out trade it. Unless torpedos are involved. Even then they usually have to show some broadside to launch them and the engine area is still a citadel with my propsoal
  13. Concerning Cruiser survivability

    And thats the problem with my proposal. The Tier 10s. The cruisers not named moskva and hindenburg would still be fairly squishy but those two become....very durable. Granted rather tweak all cruisers then go back and handle the small handful of outliers.
  14. Concerning Cruiser survivability

    I'll admit when i play my BBs i usually go for cruisers first. My favorites being Pensacola,Mogami,Omahas oh i love omahas and any of the RN CL. Also @Fog_Battleship_NCarolina i didn't propose a complete removal only on the magazines. Still far easier to citadel than the Germans, RN BBs and the Iowa/Monty. (i dont have to many issues with Iowa and Monty. i landed a 40k salvo with my bismarck on a monty at 19 KM today.) Also the magazines would still remain normal pen areas and until tier 9 they can't be repaired away.
  15. Concerning Cruiser survivability

    Battleships are fine below tier 8. The Cruiser BB population is more inline at those tiers. If anything i notice a lack of DDs at tier 6 and 7 but i think thats due to the ships being average and no conceal module. Tier 3 and 4 is more a problem of certain individual ships being bad. Miyogi Kawachi etc.