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  1. KommandantPerry

    The Grozovoi is now fun!

    This thing is just a very well rounded ship. I love her already. Still need to work on my personal play but the groz is great fun.
  2. The russian bbs can be bow tanked by other bbs and they have massive citadels, their citadels are larger than some ships in the game. Also CV AP divebombers will salivate with these guys in the game. That being said these guys make the IFHE henri even more wanted. Get a kiting cruiser past 15 KM they will farm these BBs all match long. Concerning DDs, these ships have no mobility and will be torpedo spunges. Its a line of ships that are actually punishable.
  3. KommandantPerry

    Countdown to 8.0 / CV rework release

    my AA specced Monty is ready for the Plane Swarm.
  4. KommandantPerry

    After 8.0, why take a Cruiser?

    Cruisers should be fine honestly. I do think mid tier cruisers kind of need something but well we'll sea. The Radar change and CE change were needed.
  5. KommandantPerry

    So what's the deal with Jean Bart?

    The gimmick should be removed and buff its soft stats more. Its AA is godtier. Make the guns a bit better (via dispersion/sigma/reload) and remove the stupid booster.
  6. This thread is going to end well.
  7. KommandantPerry

    Biggest OP thing in the game

    i came in expecting a thread on what people thought was the most OP thing in the game was. I was gonna say Erie :(
  8. KommandantPerry

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

    Right, due to the Hindy's ridiculous HE pen it is just as good at HE spamming as the Zao due to its faster fire rate, still decent shell velocity. Coupled with its higher HP, turtleback,super hydro and better brawling torps it kind of invalidated the Zao. The only thing the Zao really had on it was concealment and still better shell velocity. Now the torpedo buff gives the Zao something over the Hindy. Zao is in a fine place currently to me. The only real T10 cruiser changes i think really need to happen is a small armor bump on the Des Moines deck. Help enable it to play better in open water and make the legendary module more viable. And something to make the Henri special. It doesnt really influence the match much and just shoots HE at range.
  9. KommandantPerry

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

    Eh, a smart zao player will maul a Wooster. Stay out past 10 KM and melt him, also a smart zao player abuses his concealment and plants 20k+ AP salvos in unsuspecting broadsides. Range kiting is definitely fine in a zao but why only range kite when you can get an H4 which does it better. This torpedo buff gives the Zao flexibility and keeps it consistent with the rest of the IJN CAs. Also didn't help the Zao's HE monster role was taken over by the H4, oddly enough the Hindy and even the Conq. She needed something to make her unique and the torpedo buff was that.
  10. KommandantPerry

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    You get more money and credits shooting top tier. I get great games in my 8s in tier 10 games often. The only ships that really need love at tier 8 are the tier 8 cruisers, i feel they need the heal honestly but otherwise its doable. Its the same as being an omaha staring at a nagato. You just have to adjust your play and honestly it forces you to become a better player because you aren't the god of the match toptiered, you have to play more intelligently to contribute. I had a game earlier in an amagi where i was the only tier 8 on my team. We lost the game but i got top XP by a decent amount. Is it annoying be bottom tiered? Yes, yes it is but you can still compete easily, compare it to world of tanks where sometimes you literally cannot damage a higher tier vehicle. Also once more people get their legendary upgrades and the halsey campaign goes into the rear view mirror the amount of 10s queueing will decline.
  11. KommandantPerry

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

    Zao got powercrept by the Hindy and the torp buff was a great way to fix that without making the ship ridiculous or just reinforcing a role another ship has. The zao truly plays unique now
  12. KommandantPerry

    Server Issues

    GRRR UNACCEPTABLE WARGAMING, cus they want their servers to go down. I'd imagine its not easy maintaining or keeping servers upkept no matter how much money you throw around.
  13. KommandantPerry

    If you could only play one ship from now on...

    Zao. 1000 times folded Nippon HE shells. FOR THE EMPEROR
  14. KommandantPerry

    Dev Blog - ST Balanace changes IJN and German BBs

    Now give the kawachi a dispersion buff, bump the FDG and those two lines are in good state. Give the new York and New Mexico a reload buff too.
  15. KommandantPerry

    Concealment expert

    If nothing else nerf it's effects on battleships. It also is helped by not much competition in it's tier. CVs aren't that widespread, secondary builds while fun aren't optimal. IFHE is some competition but sporadically useful. Fire prevention is solid however.