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    DD player returning and radar

    Being a DD main. I make sure I know the capabilities of the Radar Ships and DDs I'll be facing. You need to know your DD inside and out - Detection Range, Torp rand and speed. Once you do some research, you'll be a DD player. As a DD player, you are the hunter, the shark of the map. Smart play is the way. If you see me on, I'll division with you and give you some pointers. Fair Winds.
  2. Thought this was interesting:
  3. Had a nice run with my new Ostergotland this evening. One DD per team. Enemy CV tried his best but couldn't take me out. Splashed 57

    Who have you seen in game

    Just won a Ranked Battle with help from @LadyAnesjka

    Public apology, and I'm done for now.

    Been playing this game for almost 5 years now if my calculations are right. I take breaks every now and then and play something else. Just a take a WOWS break for a bit.
  6. Those who maintained the F14 Tomcat were called Tweakers. My specialty was Avionics.

    Kiwi1960 heading to the breakers yard.

    Hey @kiwi1960 No need to apologize. I wish you the best and pray for your recovery. I've recently lost two friends, one to pancreatic cancer and one to a stroke. I lost many loved ones and friends over the years and each time a part of me dies inside. Fair winds friend, Jeff
  8. Thanks for featuring me!
  9. Isoroku Yamamoto Flag WOWS First Year Anniversary Flag Halloween Pumpkin Flag
  10. Any T6 Operation, I take Leander. She's a favorite.
  11. MCBURL

    Solo Warrior

    Don't have screen shots, but have earned two. Once in ARP Kongo, being in the farthest cap as time ran out. Second was Fletcher, having a pucker moment watching timer go down, torp reload timer and a CA looking for me in my Fletcher.
  12. MCBURL

    Operation idea, "Random attack of a REAL KRAKEN"

    Could be an interesting event. Maybe WG will make something for next Halloween.
  13. MCBURL

    Good luck guys (Leaving WOWS)

    Take care brother.