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  1. 1RD Clan - 1st Red Devils

    Done Deal. Welcome Aboard.
  2. 1RD Clan - 1st Red Devils

    * EL BUMPO *
  3. Vintage Aircraft and Ship Shirts

    Hey all, Spring and Summer are getting close. During the warm months I like wearing Hawaiian Shirts. I have a few, but my favorites have old ships and aircraft one them. Here's the web page where I purchase mine. They are very nice quality shirts. https://www.paradiseclothingco.com/products/Mens-Vintage-Aircraft-Military-Hawaiian-Shirts/?partner=emaillist
  4. The Good New and the Bad News....

    Good news from the medical front !!
  5. Old Warrior Looking For A New Home!

    No problem brother. I'm sure there are plenty of Clans like mine where you will enjoy game play with them. If you see my online, message me I'll be happy to division with you for whichever game you like ( Scenario/Co-Op/Random ).
  6. Old Warrior Looking For A New Home!

    Hey Kiwi, You are welcome to join the 1RD as well. No disrespect intended towards XILES, just want to make sure you get in a clan. Fair winds Sailor.
  7. Operation Hermes

    Agreed, I like this Operation. Ran the Lyon first ( 96 AA ) and shot down 90 aircraft and won with 3 stars. Second run got 5 Stars. Good times!
  8. Do any of your DD skippers have the CE perk?? I would focus with the Kamikaze R and Benson. Be sure to understand your detection range for ships and the range of your torps. Try and be stealthy and fire torps where you think the target will be. It took me a few days to get those 25, so I do feel your pain. However, patience and staying hidden should help.
  9. If I post at the beginning of a match: "Mrs BURL is making mixed drinks.." you may have a small concern.
  10. Scatter

    Welcome to WOWS..never know what you'll get from one day to another.