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  1. Bought the $75 Mega Bundle of 20 Crates: Monaghan Texas KII De Grasse 140 New Years Streamer 60 Hydra Signals 60 Ouroboros Signals 60 Red Dragon Signals 30 Wyvern Signals 10 Spring Sky Camo


    Was trying to find my old post from last run of Santa Crates...couldn't find it. I do recall buying the $75 bundle which gave a ton of crates. From the little bit I can recall, I received: 300+ Frosty Fir Camos tons of signals Atago, Lo Yang, Giulio Cesare, Mutsu 1000+ Doubloons Looking forward to this years crates for more fun stuff.

    My honest view of RANKED SPRINT!

    As Commander of 1RD, I'd like to chime in.. In my opinion, Ranked play is a mix of skill and luck. I've played in every Ranked Season except for the first since I was new to the game and didn't have a ship at the required tier. Each of those seasons was filled with potato play, skilled play, Lady Luck, AFKs... you name it. Either way, Ranked Battles provide the chance to show your skills and learn a few, as well as earn some nice rewards. Many times I wished I had a button to "keep same team" due to awesome team play and communication.. Clan Battles on the other hand addressed coordinated team play. Let Ranked be as it is, it's not for everyone but is there for the taking. Kiwi1960 is a friend and good player, he's always had my wing and I'll have his, just as I do with the rest of the 1RD.
  4. Gonna hold on to my 158k coal and see what shows up in a few months.

    Go to Ships, OCT 2018 Edition

    Currently, it's T-61. In the past, Fletcher was my go to. Both DDs have 19pt Captains.

    Transaction Error

    Getting Transaction Errors this morning: 1.) When click for an order to use Ship again in Weekly Mission. 2.) When clicking "Try your Luck" for container. Have to end task the game to recover.

    Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Here's the link from 2016. Check and see if he's using a T6 and above ship. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/how-to-yarrr/
  8. Ran a few during lunch break with Sims. 5 Stars
  9. Guess my thought was if they implement limited oxygen and the player was running out and had to surface or sink. Anyway, I'm looking forward to tinkering with them during the Halloween Event. Almost lunch time, see you in game.
  10. Maybe game mechanics?? Just a thought.
  11. MCBURL

    Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Should be, but you have to change the language in Audio Settings to Pirate.
  12. Zoup, brings up a good point, the current maps would have to be "tweeked" to support underwater and 3D? mechanics. As for game play, take into consideration the max speed of a sub and the range of torps, the sub skipper is going to have to spend time deciding on a path to the battle and this make take some time. Lots of "what if" scenarios.
  13. On my first cup of coffee watching the video warheart1992 posted... Couple of quick thoughts.. Graphics/Detail look really good. Uboat speed? If these Uboats make it to regular game play, I'll need the depth charges activated on my DDs.
  14. MCBURL

    Best use of anniversary tokens

    Hired a few Dashas. Doesn't hurt to have a few 10pt captains waiting for an assignment.
  15. MCBURL

    Finally, the Dreadnought...

    So... maybe Ranked Battles with T3?