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    Who have you seen in game

    @LadyJess Took me out.... was in my Yueyang but still got a convoy transport. Good Game!

    PSA: New Prime Loot

    Just claimed.. find out when I get home later.. Update: 5 Days Premium, 30k Free XP
  3. Good observation my friend.
  4. I like the suggestion from LWM. I'd do those daily missions. As it stands, if I'm having a crappy day in the T8-T10 range, I'll jump into T4-T6 for a bit just for a change of pace.

    Ocean Map

    Personally, I want Ocean in the rotation more often like it was years ago.

    There should be an award for this

    Gyphon, I've faced you in battle with my GC in the past. You are an excellent foe and you have a great idea there. Salute
  7. Just thinking out loud here... My Asashio seems to be a good counter to super BBs currently. When they are made T11, I won't be up against them anymore. Would WOWS consider a change to Asashio and modify her for T9 ? Your thoughts and comments always appreciated. Happy Hunting!

    Who have you seen in game

    Hey Buddy: @Col_Nasty Next time give me a second salvo chance :) Good Game as well.
  9. Another 50 camos... don't think I"ll be running out anytime soon.
  10. Rather have Ocean in the rotation more...
  11. Cashed in tickets for 3 Mega Gifts. Hydra Flags Z-44 Borodino
  12. Hey all, One of my clan mates @subcpo suggested that a firefighting feature would be a nice option to have. Give DDs the ability to use a firefighting assist feature to hose down the fires on another ship. The DD could put aside a BB and deploy firefighting hose/water stream to assist with firefighting, maybe a short duration blast that reduces the BBs fire recovery time by 10-20sec ? DD fire assist limited to 2 charges ? Thoughts?
  13. Was thinking the same... after 6 years, something different might be in order..
  14. MCBURL

    very upset

    I do not recommend using a Bank Debit Card. Please use a Credit Card so if you ever have to dispute charges, it will be much easier. You are taking a chance with your bank account.