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  1. No, but I can imagine not buying anymore ships released strong to lure me in for a con job. Works for me. I'll play free and they can do what they want in exchange because believe me I will not be buying any more.
  2. Your ships safety is your own responsibility. Pay attention to the warnings and where you are in relation to the DD and the enemy. The torpedo has the right of way, not you. The pink system is not a system implemented to validate your demand for others to cater to your safety but a stopgap to prevent wholesale teamkilling. There is not enough time nor manpower to investigate every single incident so it's the cheap alternative we have.
  3. Not going to happen. There is never going to be a point where WG hands control over to a player group for anything while funding its prizes. You simply are not going to be allowed to compete with their own tournaments beyond what you do privately.
  4. _Caliph_

    Where are all the CVs?

    I've been taking a break, playing theHunter Classic.
  5. _Caliph_

    Would you get the Missouri?

    The problem with MO and Enterprise are that they are the two most historic ships in the American fleet and they assume they can milk the American player base into gambling for them instead of just outright selling them. You'll have the proof of this in a year or two when loot box gambling is outlawed in the USA. Watch how fast they go for sale.
  6. _Caliph_

    No More Super Containers?

    I got one the last time I played with 2000 doubloons I think it was.
  7. _Caliph_

    Clan wars limits

    Six of one ship type and one of another class and your conclusion is the issue with the one is the gamebreaker. That right there is why you aren't given any credence in balance by the community or devs. You also didn't "prove" anything. People are losing to them because number one they are the best clan and number two most clans suck at CVs because they have spent the last year crying over them instead of learning to play as them. They hedged their bets that if they complained enough they'd be removed or banned from clan wars. A bad decision they are now paying for. You might as well come to grips with objective reality at some point. Subs and CVs are coming to clan wars and you can either adapt to the new meta or quit. You are not going to have any class discrimination in any game modes. It's as simple as that.
  8. _Caliph_

    Wows-numbers signatures not updating?

    Yep. Mine hasn't updated in a very long time. I just took it off and said to heck with it.
  9. You have a guarantee they were not designed with a choice by the community to decide if they are coming to the game.
  10. _Caliph_

    CVs are OP???

    Yes they would. If you don't like the piece you play then switch. CVs aren't going to be made gunboats because you personally feel aircraft offer an advantage you don't think is acceptable. The decisions have been made, CVs are in the game to stay. They aren't going to be made weak or insignificant to appease the ego of DDs who think they deserve to be on par with every ship while undervaluing their torpedoes and stealthy capabilities nor the reality the game tries to emulate. Frankly, you might as well accept it or migrate to a different game. The same is going to be stated when subs arrive. They will be absolutely devastating as the community will come to learn and they are not going to be gimped to appease the vocal who gravitated to the original classes.
  11. _Caliph_

    CVs are OP???

    Yes and the CV can't fire 45000 damage salvo's or more every 30 seconds and turns like a barge. These are called tradeoffs. Whether you choose to acknowledge them or not it will be the reason as has been the last year none of these arguments are entertained by the devs and these threads simply go no where. You lot are parroting inane rhetoric into the aether. I'm really not trying to be obnoxious here but if you can not see the bigger picture you are simply going to be left dumbfounded as to why what the game is does not line up to how you think it should be. A CV operates differently from all of other ships yet the numbers are comparable to the rest. That is balanced in asymmetrical pvp. You do not have to have mirrored capabilities in all situations for something to be balanced. Much as in chess each side has a queen and while it is completely overpowered to the rest the piece is still balanced for the game. You can't avoid all CV damage like you can others at times but the CV can not do the damage the others can. That's balanced while plausibly emulating the capabilities of the ships in the genre of game we all play.
  12. _Caliph_

    CVs are OP???

    Working as intended. No one is going to play a class that can be completely disarmed which is the reason destroyed turrets are quickly repaired and are fully destroyed as about as often as a detonation occurs. The left undamaged part of the argument is frankly inane. The ship itself is nigh useless. The aircraft are the only meaningful part. A BB that citadels ships from across the screen are often left unscathed too and even if you do scratch them they have 4-5 repairs. If CVs are so gosh darn OP why do so many not play them? There isn't a competitive online game on earth where the catatonic masses do not stick like glue to OP weapons.
  13. _Caliph_

    CVs are OP???

    Tell us all about how you feel entitled to completely negate all cv damage while no other ship has that happen. No one cares that you have to sail to the CV to attack it. That's balanced by the CV not having guns it can blast you every few seconds with for large quantities of damage. Instead it has planes that peck you and require time and care to be effective with. You have to sail to a BB to attack it if you are outside of your gun range and a DD left to face a BB can remain stealthed until the end of the game and that BB has zero chance of attacking it unless the DD chooses to let it. C'est la vie. All classes have their cross to bear. If you don't like one don't play it and if you think the other is stronger than play that.
  14. _Caliph_

    CC's about to be censored?

    This has nothing to do with free speech. This has to do with using exclusive access to game content and then using the prestige/elevation that brings to a platform to push an agenda. In America you have the right to free speech but you do not have the right to the government endorsing your opinion. More succinctly it would be like working for Walmart as a marketing director and then asserting that you have the right to free speech while publically being anti Walmart. You certainly have the right to do so but you do not have the right to do so while keeping your job as marketing director. While I will not assert WG is or has been a beacon of honesty one is delusional if you think CCs do things for the public good. That's complete horse feces. It comes down to money and agenda in almost every situation. Feel free to find me a CC that is actively involved with the public and hasn't tried to monetize their position and/or see changes made that they personally prefer. There is also the fact relationships evolve over time. If the relationship with CCs has become more of a burden than a blessing changes have to be made.
  15. _Caliph_

    CC's about to be censored?

    No, what it means is CCs are not going to be given access to things and then allowed to use their platform to push their agendas. If they don't like the rules they can choose not to be a CC. They aren't a CC out of altruistic intent but because they make a living streaming games and such. People can call out WG any time they wish but they won't be attempting to take control of the games development and essentially review bomb changes they disagree with while having WGs seal of approval. Being given access to subs as an example, deciding that regardless of the actual game play one doesn't like subs, then using the exclusive footage that elevates the platform to push that agenda before they are even released and given a fair shake by the public is not reasonable. Of course it's used that way as to create a theatre of discontent whenever a given CC doesn't like a change. The CCs do not speak on behalf of the community. They speak on behalf of themselves while claiming to speak on behalf of the community.