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  1. Any protection that is going to end is a detriment. It's like learning to play chess without the queen on the board. It might make the initial games easier but the moment you start playing real chess everything you learned no longer applies. That which might still apply, movement keys and aiming the reticle, didn't require the protection to begin with.
  2. _Caliph_

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Lert. I suppose technically he isn't a CC in the streamer sense but he makes good posts and points. Jingles, Flamu and the other one that constantly self promotes here on the forums are a waste of time. They are BB mains that entertain their audience e with citadel hits. Anything that inhibits them being able to do so is argued against. Eh, Jingles has his moments I suppose.
  3. Isn't it amazing how in just the other thread I highlighted how bad design protecting new players from CVs was and low and behold we have a new player demonstrating why.
  4. You won't have a protected status beyond the initial and frankly it's a detriment to you and your thread demonstrates it. You no longer have it and you are not prepared to deal with the challenges you face. My advice is to toughen up as if you think t4 is bad you haven't seen anything yet. You'll be instantly deleted with a single mistake as you move up the tiers.
  5. Those capital ships can't prepare for the torps though, they can only react. War is hell. You aren't entitled to circumstances that favor you. And no a CV can not magically do whatever it wants unless the target is inept and solo yolos. A DD can mask its presence in the detection range of a CA and the CV will never know its there unless it risks taking the damage from the CA to investigate.
  6. What nerf? I'm still putting up 80-120k a game if I want to. What's it affecting? IJN? The torps more than make up for it. KM? I suppose the Graf doesn't appreciate it but frankly most of the bombs miss anyway so it's hardly noticeable. I still pull 100k+ games on it.
  7. A CA or BB can kill a DD with 1 volley. What's your point? I mean aside from the fact you want to stealth torp all match unimpeded.
  8. You haven't been right yet. Anyway I'm content with watching things unfold. I guess we'll see in the end.
  9. C'est la vie. It's how it works for everyone. A CV whose reserves are whittled to the point what remains can not make an attack, a BB left to chase a stealthed DD, a CA whose left to deal with a BB bearing down on them, or a DD who is tasked with facing a CA. We all have our crosses to bear.
  10. I don't talk tough, I talk with better understanding. Feel free to point out all the times I was incorrect and then I'll point out all the times you were incorrect. The thing about you telling anyone anything is you aren't capable of doing so accurately. You have demonstrated it time and time again. You were literally in the CV rework beta with uniformed opinion when not only had you not played a single game in the beta you hadn't played a single CV game in your life. You are frankly a clueless newbie with a penchant for the forums. It's that simple. It is about money. And the money from BBs and CAs and too a large degree DDs has been bled dry. Not so with CVs and subs. Further, though I know you do not understand this, the competition of wargaming is unifying their game to where tanks, ships, and planes all fight in one game in one theatre. That has tremendous draw. What they do not offer is CVs and subs and that is why they are the games future. Like it not. And since no one is going to play gimped classes that have no real agency in the battle it is why you are not going to be given immunity to them functionally no matter how much you piss and moan. Since you will not be given immunity to them you will always be vulnerable to a CV spotting you or timing a fire or flood after you repair and that will always make you feel powerless. Deal with it. You don't speak for the player base, you haven't the knowledge or experience to know what will or won't fall out favor. What you do have is petulant determination to whine on the forums to get your way because it always worked for you in other parts of your life. But it won't here because the companies financial future is all that matters.
  11. No I won't because I can see unworkable changes long before they ever make it to live and this one is just another in the list of those that won't. Why would they ever make themselves vulnerable? You do realize DDs in tier 10 have torpedoes with 10-20km range correct? If you want to see a quick nerf to DD torpedoes put this on live. Once you hear the cry of BBs enmasse you'll wish you didn't, assuming DDs of course DDs are your preferred class.
  12. Incorrect. Making an attack against a DD with 1.6km detection is going to be an exercise in futility. The CV already has to start the attack before the DD is even spotted and now the radius of its detection is being reduced by three quarters. DDs want it because they salivate at the thought of air immunity so they can torp everything while those ships that can not ignore aircraft are distracted. But it simply is not going to work out. Everyone will play DDs and the torpedo soup will commence. The notion CVs are going to spend all match hunting these nigh impossible to find DDs is amusing to say the least. They will be given free reign to do as they wish as CVs will simply be farming BBs for damage while everyone not a DD or a CV cries in anguish. Swedish DDs will become absolutely immune to DDs as to find them requires the plane to be right on top of them, requiring an the plane to take a long turn around just to take a shot, while the AA can be flipped on to destroy them long before that attack ever gets a chance. That's not even considering any found can simply smoke and there is a good chance the DD will be able to stroll right out of the smoke completely undetected.
  13. This system isn't going to work. Brace yourself for disappointment. They are not going to give effective immunity to aircraft to DDs. Much like they found map only spotting didn't work nor will making spotting at all by aircraft impossible against them acceptable.
  14. Yes it does matter. Aircraft are meant to be a threat to all ships as they were in war. At 1.6km spotting distance they will not be. This will create many situations where the allied CV can do nothing to support the fleet being torped endlessly by an enemy DD.
  15. Dogma and nothing more. You don't speak for new players. You have no idea what they like or dislike. Nor do you have the slightest inkling as to whether anything kills the game. Low level premiums exist, bought mostly by veterans. Your logic is horribly broken.