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  1. _Caliph_

    Ship Drops from Supercontainers

    I have received three. The Alabama, the Asashio, and one other, IIRC.
  2. Most of that profit is from when the game(s) were new. When people reference a billion dollar company typically it means "has made" not necessarily making yearly. Microsoft may have made untold billions from Windows but if it begins to lose money yearly with it they will not keep that around. When people say these companies are billion dollar companies they also typically reference gross and not net. World of Warcraft is made by a billion dollar company but I bet with it's current active subscriber base it makes a small fraction of that. Look at the size of the WoWS dev team and what actual content they release in a year. If it was this mega firm doing so well it seems far fetched CVs would have taken a full year just to recode and having to use public tests to even release something partially functional or balanced. Hiring gamers to play the game in house is a minimum wage job. You could hire teens to do it. We aren't talking 100k a year tech grads to play test. Most of the content in the game is premium ships. That also says a lot about the financial state of the game. If the baseline was profitable you'd be able to enrich the game overall with maps and modes and not have such a ridiculous slant towards premium content. This isn't happening while holding a monopoly on the genre. They have a more successful competition that in the end game will be able to match point for point what all of WGs games can do plus have them unified in a theatre of war and able to play as simulator or arcade difficulty. One key difference in this company and their competition is that the competition will not allow the players to use the forums to hinder their adjustments. They will plainly state this is our game, we make those decisions, and because of that they do not have the constant need to appease the vocal. The CV rework at this point has been a complete and total waste of a years worth of time and resources. There is not going to be a CV player base. Even the most die hard lover of WG and CVs will tire of it's mediocrity and tedium. It is as such because of the forums.
  3. To a large degree they are. That isn't the main thrust of my comments but it plays in to it. People that spend money can deal with monetization of gameplay. People that don't can not. The issue comes with those who have spent money having a vested interest in WG doing what is necessary to keep the game online while free players have no financial risk and can spend all day lobbying to keep any monetization from occurring. The worst case scenario the game shuts down and they lose nothing. Those of us with hundreds or thousands of dollars into the game take a huge loss. BB being goofy levels of OP? No nerfs because the F2P cry is too much. Other classes grew frustrated and that cost us players. CV rework? Gut that because F2P hordes demand being immune to CVs. Premium CVs are no longer a viable sales option. Subs? You can bet it will be the same exact thing. Prestige for buffs? Here we are. Certainly the F2P players are not the only anti members of the community but they are a large portion and they contribute nothing financially to counter their objection to monetization. One major issue on the foreseeable horizon is people believing the game is safe as long as the population doesn't hit zero. That is completely false as the game will become insolvent long before that point. Companies are not gamers in so far as doing something out of nostalgia. They do not keep insolvent portions of their company around that lose money, they cut them out. How long it takes for that to occur is up in the air but sooner or later teams that do not generate enough revenue to justify their existence are done away with. The competition now has cruisers along with helicopters and a unified war game. We are still stuck on whether we are going to make CVs worth playing (and if we do not you might as well nix subs). You can bet the competition will have subs, cvs and bbs eventually. It's chess not checkers. They aren't looking to compete they are looking to run WG out of business. If you knew the history between the two you'd have a clear understanding of why it's personal.
  4. Most of the viewers aren't even players much less payers. Many people watch streamers and don't play the game the streamer plays. Or they could be past fans that just so happen to be subscribed. Streams are entirely overrated because there isn't any way to know if any income of note is coming from it. It's all hot air used by people with an agenda to give a theatre of importance. That said, it's also a format where sucking up to the streamer comes with prestige if they say your name. Most go along to get along. It's also detrimental because when the streamer has an axe to grind for whatever gripe du jour they use that stream to harm the game and the company if they can. The facts are self evident. If money were being generated then the need for new ways to generate cash wouldn't be there. So yeh, allowing streamers to dictate the course of the game to date has been an abysmal failure. The other company has had all the time in the world to innovate and make a better game thanks to those status quo streamers whose income relies on being able to take a Yamato and hit a citadel for lols. Each and every change to that same stagnant and dull meta has been met with upset viewers. Meanwhile WG is watching their games go down the tubes. WG just spent a year reworking CVs only to have the streamers suck every ounce of fun out of them and leave the same dying, tired, pile of crap the game was a year ago. Letting streamers direct the future of the game is as intelligent as letting celebrities dictate the political landscape.
  5. If most of you were spending the money you claim to spend they wouldn't need new revenue sources. You can have 100k viewers to your stream but if only 10 ever join and only 1 spends a buck how much do you think the stream is worth? The population has been in decline for a long time now. These streams aren't producing jack. There is nothing sillier than gamers who occasionally spend a few bucks while believing it entitles them to creative control of the game. Well, one thing sillier would be a dev team watching their ship sink acquiescing to them.
  6. God bless America! Happy 4th!
  7. There is nothing better than watching WG squirm based on forum cry. Not only do they not have any control of their game each and every attempt at putting themselves in a better financial light is met by the same people that through propaganda control the company's decisions. I take great delight in watching it thanks to their years of coddling the player base that has led to this. The CV rework is a miserable failure thanks to never ending nerfs. They can make minor adjustments until they are blue in the face, no one is bothering coming back to play them. The newest enterprise for revenue generation is already being gutted. Anyone that spent money with them for premium CVs had a hard lesson on why that is a bad idea and WG so richly deserve the consequences. This is what happens when you silence critical opinion in an attempt at pleasing the most vocal. You fall on their swords when you displease them. WG created an echo chamber and now they only hear that echo when they please or displease it. More notes for the dev team; no one is going to spend a cent for an insignificant upgrade. No significant upgrade is going to fly with the free players. Careful not to bump your head on the rock as you navigate the hard place. At some point you could just fortify your backbone and state affirmatively this is how it is going to be whether you individually like it or not. Deal with it or quit. It's called leadership and it's typically required for success. Let me sum up for you WG precisely what 90% of the players in this game want so you aren't confused in the future. They want to be on par or better than everyone else while contributing nothing or as minimal possible to the financial well being of the game. Anything that can be added to the game that may change their status within the game either through cost or significant risk to their given playstyle is unacceptable. In objective reality however this generates zero income because people that do spend don't pay to be equal. Come to understand this principle and you won't spend year after year struggling to make ends meet. Come to embrace it and you won't have every endeavor you put forth to keep the game afloat sunk before in leaves port.
  8. It will work in so far as generating no money. It won't work in terms of offering a new income source. Cosmetics are peanuts. This is all hogwash. No money will be found in offering a 1% upgrade. Money will be found in offering 10%. They'll find this out soon enough and change it right back.
  9. _Caliph_

    NTC The Evolution BEGINS!!

    Subs, CV buffs, now NTC. Enjoy. XD Betcha can't quit. WG knows it.
  10. _Caliph_

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    Lol. What people want and what is required to finance the game do not exist in the same dimension. People want a game constantly updated and made fresh while not changing their individual status within game and having it cost zero to play. Unfortunately, people do not spend salary meeting levels of income for jack squat to keep freejects on equal terms. Shocking.
  11. That moment when forum-goer's and the special people club find out that they really don't have any say in the games direction, priceless.
  12. _Caliph_

    Subs are coming

    Nope. They'll be in all match types just like all of the other ships will be. Stop living in denial.
  13. _Caliph_

    Subs are coming

    I told the community that years ago. At some point it will sink in. Good find.