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  1. _Caliph_

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    Nothing say "fun" like flying around spotting so everyone else can shoot and blow up ships. Between this community and the devs it really is no wonder the game with a billion dollar company behind it can't muster more than a stadium full of people worldwide. And when I say stadium I don't mean major league, more AAA baseball size.
  2. _Caliph_

    10-15% drop in players since update?

    A good chunk of them are CV players who walked away after the CV nerfs from 8.01.
  3. _Caliph_

    The aircraft carrier must be deleted.

    With the dull tedium they made them with the last patch you need not worry. You'll be down to a few bored players that periodically try them soon enough.
  4. _Caliph_

    Rockets planes are TOO accurate

    Now try it with IJN AP bombs. Good luck.
  5. _Caliph_

    Wichita is finally on sale

    I've driven coast to coast about half a dozen times and I can relate. I've taken the northern and southern routes too. Nothing is worse than the trip across Texas from east to west or west to east though. The last time I drove through Kansas was kind of scary as a thunderstorm popped up and I just knew I'd be dodging a tornado. It was a bad one.
  6. _Caliph_

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    Yeah, you're right. That was a bug.
  7. _Caliph_

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    They released the torps with the arming distance right at the hull of your ship.
  8. IJN has torpedoes that come in 2s with a 600 arming distance and 4s with a 1200 arming distance. The bombs they drop are AP. Outside of rockets, unless you want the cv to try and chase the CV down with secondary's, there are no viable means to kill a DD.
  9. _Caliph_

    Regarding the Hakuryu torpedo spam strategy

    Just because you have to only scale a mountain as opposed to jumping a bottomless chasm does not mean things are fine nor worth bothering with. It went from fun to dull overnight. A CV is no more powerful than either of the others, requires more credits to operate and has to work 2-3 times as hard to match performance. I don't know if you are trying to appear as highly skilled by stating something is "easy or better" when it isn't but its pointless as there will not be a CV population with things as they are outside of people such as yourself that will endure anything for whatever scraps you are given.
  10. read end developer agreement--Consumer can spend their money with the competition and you go to the unemployment line!
  11. _Caliph_

    Last stand needs to be changed

    2 posts, 2 fails. I await the third to seal the deal and place you permanently on ignore.
  12. Because toning down AA never means anything other than you make an attack and I still punitively inflict losses on your CV. I'm not bitter about my Hakuryu. Hakuryu means jack as I can always switch CVs. I have plenty of money in real life, plenty of time, and plenty of FreeXP. What I am "bitter" about, if you want to use that word as mind numbingly frustrated is much more accurate, is watching one class in the game completely immune to any change that requires more skill while each and every other class except maybe for its "prey" be told they need to jump through hoops for a fraction of said classes performance and if you do jump through those hoops they'll still cry about it and demand it be made even worse. I'm unapologetically fed up with the level of bias this dev team shows to one portion of the community while ignoring everyone else. Only one sides fun matters and it's everyone else.
  13. The point appears to complex for you to understand. I stated players are hellbent on killing the game off by demanding the game stay in their comfort zone even as they watch the population dwindle for years on end. There are advertisements for WoWS everywhere and it doesn't grow. It is aging and offers nothing but the same meta, sail around burning down the BBs, and anyone that tries it looking for something like real WW2 quickly leaves. Battles without CVs have ZERO excitement and anyone with an honest bone in their body knows the AA guns and aircraft attacks are cinematically enthralling. Most of the ships in game are balanced by their AA and they have nothing to shoot down. There will be no CV population with the current build. That's a fact. WG knows this. They're hoping they can keep CV enthusiasts around by offering just enough. Unfortunately, they are so far off the mark on just enough it's pathetic. I literally played over 200 games in the last week or so and played 1 today. That is do to the hotfix and the sheer tedium it brought.