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  1. I was asked to complete a survey in game. One of the questions was "Marital Status". I chose not to answer that question. When I clicked complete, the survey said I could not proceed without answering that question. I declined and aborted the survey. I fail to see why knowing my marital status is "critical" to create a better game. I don't appreciate WG or any other company attempting to gather gratuitous personal information. I can see data you might want to infer from asking that question, but it is still stepping over the line.
  2. Do non-clan members earn oil in the missions that give oil as a reward (such as the Earn Oil mission currently)? If so, where can I view how much oil I have earned? Also, if I join a clan will that oil be transferred to my new clan?
  3. The link to the youtube video "Naval Legends: Oerlikon" is marked on youtube as a "Private Video". Linked from the worldofwarships.com main page. Can't view it. Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7qExnBNWJk
  4. Thanks for the replys. I verified that I was logged in when I got the "item not available" the second time. It is possible the first occurrence was timed out. However, the second item was displayed when I came out of a match and not before. So, if it timed out, it was offered while I was in battle and then withdrawn before I got out.
  5. Twice now I have been offered a discount for a premium shop item that is denied when I click it. Here is the sequence: 1) Pop up displays in port view of the game client. The most recent one said (roughly) "Buy the Prince Eugen at a 15% discount. Click here to find out how." 2) I click it and my web browser launches. 3) The browser displays a web page (where my login is remembered, so I am logged in). The web page content says " ITEM UNAVAILABLE This item is not available for you. Please browse the shop's website to find other interesting offers." 4) While it is fine to not offer me a product discount, please stop trolling me :-) This same sequence has occurred twice over the last 2 weeks. I have only seen those 2 offers.
  6. It seems getting a 2000xp game is the only way to get collection containers and only allowed once per day (?). Note that playing the Gallant gives you a container, which I think will be a Dunkirk collection container, but not sure. WG doesn't specify the container type in the reward text I can see. Of course, you must get top xp for your side plus win to get the reward. I'm not spending the money to find out, but if someone does, let us know.
  7. I just got 'race to the bottom' and completing everything, got 'hoarder 2017'. However, I didn't get any rewards or containers for either. Why are rewards listed? Do they get awarded later? EDIT: I was wrong, I did get a reward, but no containers.
  8. As reported during Public Test and previous tests for the past 6 months. See here: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/107251-0516-interface-feature-bug-report/page__pid__2634425#entry2634425 *Some* remapped keys are not remembered when game exited. Must be remapped every time game client is loaded. In my case none of the keys in the "cruise control" section stay mapped. All the remapped keys outside of that group do remain mapped between game restarts. No mods installed. Here is link to a summary from 0.5.12 showing links to my and other posts prior to 0.5.12. http://forum.worldof...60#entry2374760
  9. As reported during Public Test: SETTINGS --> CONTROLS --> KEYBOARD CONTROLS. *Some* remapped keys are not remembered when game exited. Must be remapped every time game client is loaded. In my case none of the keys in the "cruise control" section stay mapped. All the remapped keys outside of that group do remain mapped between game restarts. Note that the problem occurs on a newly installed Windows 10 Pro onto a clean disk, followed by World of Warships install. No mods installed. This bug has been around for 6 months in every release. Really frustrating.
  10. I have exactly the same problem. The same two keys bound to the numeric keyboard in 0.5.7. Just to make your day, the 0.5.8 update is worse. The Speed up, Speed Down, Port, and Starboard bindings to the numeric keyboard don't hold for me.
  11. The guy that fixes the bug is a programmer. S/he fills out his bug resolution with text describing the change. Programmers are notoriously poor writers and, besides, filling out that form doesn't get him any extra work done, so he fills it out as quickly as he can and moves on. Somebody comes along later, not a programmer, doesn't understand the technical mumbo-jumbo, and has to interpret what was reluctantly and poorly written in order to condense it to a one liner for the web patch notes. Then it gets translated to English. Its a wonder we can understand anything when it is released. Add lack of coffee on top of that and we get what we got.
  12. I read this as they fixed a situation where guns *did* remain incapacitated for the whole battle and now they get fixed and the gun can fire again when the magazine is repaired. Could be wrong, but that's what it says to me.
  13. Pan Asian is already in testing. That line potentially brings both Chinese & Indian customers, which, much as I want the RN, will bring many more customers than the UK. It is already 'introduced' as a test 'nation', so WG could keep to their word and still fully build out the Pan Asian line before we ever see the RN.
  14. When you hover over a ship name in the ship carousel the ship information popup includes "Ships in a series". That text should be "Ships in the series", because you are referring to a specific series: the one that contains that ship. Obviously this is a minor non-play affecting issue..but it may annoy native english speakers.