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  1. zoombang

    Where's my T-61 ?

    ...and mine has arrived in port!
  2. zoombang

    Where's my T-61 ?

    Another clause may override your midnight deadline. It says on the website that the ship will be available a full week before its official release in the premium shop. Assuming it is available next Friday, then they have until that clock time that it is made available in the premium shop (whatever time that is). If it is not available until Saturday the 18th or later, then the clause you mention applies and they must deliver it by midnight tonight. Regardless, we get at least a full week before it goes in the prem shop. Of course, in reality, we'll get it when we get it, and we'll hopefully wait patiently until then.
  3. zoombang

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    When I play a wargaming youtube video in the News section and I click the youtube logo in the video, instead of loading my browser to youtube it opens to a wargaming 403 page.