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  1. video found with forbidden mods

    If you bothered to read it, I am providing proof they exist, I am NOT supporting the Aim Assist/Bot or Hack, I am wanting War Gaming to put a stop to it. Because I will in no way buy this hack or use it, I am a crappy p[layer as it is, but at least I am free in the knowledge that I don't cheat.
  2. video found with forbidden mods

    How have I violated the EULA
  3. video found with forbidden mods

    It seems that the naivety of people who say that there are no people using aim bots or hacks in this game is over whelming, yet people just refuse to believe they exists. Well here is proof that was posted on youtube on the 20th of Sept 2018 for the current game build I really hope that WarGaming does something about this, because as far as I am concerned this goes against their own EULA agreement. [edited]