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  1. jeffreywalker74656

    Killed an event_marauder, how do I know...

    Guess i am sad out of luck then since I don't have a replay folder and didn't see the thing about screenshots till after the I had closed the game. Another event I get screwed over on. Sad !
  2. jeffreywalker74656

    Need Lenin feedback

    I have found her to be very enjoyable. She is essentially a better Nelson.
  3. jeffreywalker74656

    USS Wichita now going to be promo ?

    I think you nailed it. Thank you.
  4. According to the wiki http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Wichita USS Wichita is now a promo ship. Kinda sad as I was really looking forward to buying her. Is this actually the case ? She really going to be strictly a promo ?
  5. jeffreywalker74656

    Arizona camo change

    Took some getting use to
  6. jeffreywalker74656

    New Code

    Doesn't work. Boooooo
  7. jeffreywalker74656

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Lovely 7 non counting battles. Now that I've pretty much exhausted my play time for today I should have easily gotten my final container for the day instead I guess Ill miss out. Thanks for the screw up Wargaming. Really its totally great to screw us over like this. Maybe think about compensating us.
  8. jeffreywalker74656

    Massachusetts is for sale

    Yeah me too. That's how I bought mine.
  9. jeffreywalker74656

    This is really hard!

    That kinda thing is part of why I don't play my carriers much at all.
  10. jeffreywalker74656

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    Just got the offer in the game and got my Massachusetts. Excited to have her.