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  1. How's the US Cruiser Split Grind Going?

    I have all the tech tree US Cruisers active (and the entire rest of the US tech tree. I collect US Navy ships) so I think I'm ready lol.
  2. Friday night down?

    Just wrapping up a battle in my Montana we won and it never loaded the results screen it went to the login screen and I couldn't get back in. I gave up and went to play other things.
  3. Friday night down?

    Funny that this happened on the same day Russians were indicted by the Justice Department......... Just saying.
  4. Friday night down?

    Not often enough to be accurate when the server hamster dies
  5. Friday night down?

    Yeah it died for me as well.
  6. POLL: Community Feedback on Roma

    Got it without the beer can topper. I like her so far. And she is a beautiful ship.
  7. Just turn off team damage.
  8. Any knowledge about Kidd?

    Best news I've heard it a while. At least its coming. I love USN ships.
  9. Oh noes, Texas!

    Unlike Mikasa she won't be encased in concrete its more of a permanent drydocking with her sitting on keel blocks. The goal is to have people able to walk around her hull which would be quite cool.
  10. Oh noes, Texas!

    When you bring politics into this you do nothing but cause a problem for many. Also the State of Texas owns the Battleship Texas these days not the Federal Government. So regardless if the Federal Government were to spend 10 Trillion Dollars to paint a picture of Mickey Mouse on the Moon that could be seen clearly on Earth it would have ZERO effect on the maintenance of the Texas. The State is totally in control of her she was sold by the Navy to the State in 1948. And they are funding work on her. They have structural work going on inside her to make her strong enough to support her own weight when they build her dry berth. Building the dry berth before shoring her up and letting her collapse under her own weight would be foolish. There is a Facebook group called Save the Battleship Texas that has a lot of info about the ongoing preservation work aboard the ship
  11. WG Plz Read Permanent Camo Proposal

    I'm sure I am not alone with buying a permanent camo for a ship on a whim when you first unlock a ship then looking back thinking "I wasted my freaking money on that I wish I hadn't got it" My idea is allow us to sell our permanent camo through the Inventory system for Silver. Add a nice are you sure you wish to to sell this its non refundable if you do sorta prompt and give us say half the doubloon value in silver. Wargaming made its money we don't feel as bad about having bought something we ended up not liking or not using. Seems like it would make enough people happy to be worth the relatively small amount of effort since the camo already shows up in the inventory its just not able to be sold.
  12. WG, let me queue for non-CV games!

    So your goal then is to kill of the the cv class because everyone would Queue for CV free games. You wanna kill a game start having a million and one special queue's for snowflakes who can't handle players in different types of ships or of different skill levels. Honestly you point out a guy with no relevant experience buying a Kaga and sucking well lets be real here the same things happens with a guy with no relevant experience buys a Tirpitz and sucks or a Blyskawica or Mikhail Kutuzov. It happens evenly across all classes that people buy ships they have no reasonable experience to prep them for and they come into the match and suck. Just hope that they learn after a few battles and do better next time they are on your team. But this specialized queue idea would kill the game. Because if you start limiting it in one way why not do it in others too. I know I for one don't wanna sit in a queue for an hour trying to use a ship. I doubt you do either. Edit for comments posted while I was typing ----- AFK players should be reported as such if they are habitual offenders WG will take action against them. Beyond that sometimes folks have computer problems or power outages or net outages who knows. I doubt most people are AFK in a match on purpose.
  13. USS Kidd ???

    Well his exact words were "No she hasn't been shelved...patience"
  14. USS Kidd ???

    Asked on the Warships Live broadcast about USS Kidd. Trevzor said it is NOT true that she has been shelved indefinitely. So who knows whats going on.
  15. USS Kidd ???

    Well the current final hull of Colorado is not the class in its final state. It is currently in its pre-war state. So doubtful but maybe just maybe.