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  1. Naval fiction recommendations?

    Sharpe's was great, I'm about halfway through the series but can't read that many with the same character all in a row.
  2. Naval fiction recommendations?

    I've seen that series all over but don't know anyone who read it. Is it more of a realistic type fiction like Aubrey-Maturin where they take a real engagement and pretend it was the hero or the more fantasy type where one brave guy takes on 4 ships all by himself with no real fight to base it on?
  3. Naval fiction recommendations?

    Yeah, I actually referenced that in my bit about Ghost Fleet which is like Red Storm Rising but only the naval war. If you liked RSR I'd definitely check out Ghost Fleet.
  4. Remove map NORTH from ranked

    Sorry if it sounded snippy, I didn't mean it that way. I don't mind where some maps are long term strategy games and some have immediate good objectives that need to be secured that provide significant benefits early in the game. I like the mix personally. It lets itself be a torpedo ally which you're right about but I don't see why it's always a bad thing. Lets the strategy change a bit.
  5. Remove map NORTH from ranked

    Play better during the first two minutes.
  6. grinding for the missouri

    Buy it is the best way to grind. 750,000 free xp means you'll need 30,000 doubloons, figure $125. Maybe less if they discount doubloons and/or free xp but lets assume no. Get a job at Wal-Mart which has raised it's minimum pay to $11/hr. Lets assume you use some of that money for taxes, gas to get to work, whatever and keep $8/hr of it. You'll have enough to buy the Missouri in only two days of grinding. One day if you pull a double shift. On day 2 when you get done with your 8 hour shift just turn in your letter of resignation and let them know you already have enough free xp to buy the Missouri and make a scene as you quit.
  7. Naval fiction recommendations?

    Yeah, that one I've read too. Sorry. It wasn't an exhaustive list.
  8. Naval fiction recommendations?

    I need to find something to read, been in the mood for some nautical fiction. Whether it's speculative, fun fantasy adventure, or a real feeling novel I don't much care. I've always loved being on the water my whole life and stories aboard ship are quite an enjoyable setting to me. So if you've enjoyed something let me know. Bonus points for things free on Kindle Unlimited even if it's new authors because I kind of like reading people I'm unfamiliar with. Lengthy established series where I have to pay $10 per book or read on paper like some kind of primitive savage are kind of not my thing. But I do have a library card if I'm convinced it's worth it... :) A few notables of my own: I've read a big chunk of the Aubrey Maturin novels, at least until deep in the series when the quality went downhill. Also recently read a more modern "Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War " which I found to be excellent in a Red Storm Rising type situation. Read the whole Alexis Carew series. It's a sci-fiction sailing adventures in space where the author postulates interstellar travel with sailing type rules. It sounded silly but it was free through Kindle Unlimited and immediately hooked me so I read them all. Westerly Gales series - post apoc world where only a few people who were out on the waves survived and they banded together as the only humans left to form a maritime civilization. Story takes place a couple hundred years later when they're starting to plant colonies around the world and they bump into another maritime civilization. If a book where a sailing ship has 20mm cannon type stories it's kind of cool.
  9. British Aircraft Carrier lines

    I think the vtol F35 is designed to use some of them but not all will have decks that can withstand those temperatures.
  10. Like many complaints it's entirely situational. Many of the complaints are legitimate because the CV is doing nothing and many are the solo BB in C when the team said AB at the start and he got wrecked as was easily predicted.
  11. I don't know if I fully agree but I certainly enjoy playing my 9-10 cruisers more than the rest.
  12. Sort of but you're just as well off winning 5/10 games and 2/5 losses at top XP than you are winning 6/10 and not being top XP earner in any of the 4 losses. There is a point in every loss where you can pick between one of two options 1) Take a chance to try to salvage a win. 2) survive and farm damage for 5 more minutes but guaranteed loss. When I see someone pick #2 it really annoys me at a very basic level. The kind of annoyance that has gotten me to quit ranked every season since 2 (I also just simply prefer playing with friends in a division). I'd rather see less skilled players grinding wins using Season 2 mechanics where each rank had a free star than use the mechanic of saving stars at top XP. A middle ground where you no longer lose a star at a certain XP threshold is also something I'd try.
  13. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    Good group of people here. Thanks for having me.
  14. 133 battles is a pretty good sample size. Maybe the way of winning games vs tier 15 isn't the same as winning games at tier 6? I lost a lot in my Lo Yang and blamed luck until I had ~50 battles or so and realized it was my own fault actually.
  15. It's even worse in Warplanes with all the air defense bots.