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  1. Catharsis III: Not Enough for Notser

    Notser is not alone in this but many youtubers seem to have taken it upon themselves to become amateur game developers in their spare time. Frankly I just skip 100% of those videos. Also "Part 177 of a 2 year continuing series on how awful the game I play every day is" type videos... ugh. WG is pretty good at fixing their problems. I think it's a better game now than it was ~3y ago and with 7000+ battles I guess I can't say they haven't kept my attention. +20k in WoT or so.... What I want from youtube is cool replay highlights shown to be by someone with a combination of charisma & skill who enjoys the game he's playing. Flamu is pretty good but I like watching NA highlights where I sometimes recognize the people on the teams. I have just become annoyed by this trend, the thread seemed topical. I like it when they do viewers replay reviews the best personally.
  2. Anyone help identify these medals?

    Thanks, sorry I missed that one.
  3. Anyone help identify these medals?

    What about the circular patches? And the triangle with the gear? I assume just for the branch of service and what his job was?
  4. Anyone help identify these medals?

    'Thanks so much everyone! He worked on P47s and P40s at Millville Army Air Field (after he was in TN training) where they trained people in ground attack and airborne targets too. One of the things they had was a big wooden ship out in the middle of a field to practice shooting at. I know he showed up before the airplanes did and built buildings and targets but I don't know if he built the ship.
  5. Anyone help identify these medals?

    My Grandfather, a mechanic in the Army Air Corp, died overnight peacefully in his sleep. Here is the frame of medals he's had on the wall for a while. I know he could tell us what they all meant himself but I never thought to write it all down while he was alive. Can anyone help identify them and what they mean? I'd like to put up a little sheet of paper to help anyone curious at the funeral.
  6. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    Dead time after the match has been decided is when WTR farming is at it's best.
  7. If you had about 1 million XP...

    Simply being able to continue using 19pt captains in that tier without grinding a new one makes it worth it in my opinion.
  8. Do you tier up immediately?

    I have a number of ships at every tier I like to play so I usually just keep going. But some ships are fun to play and I rebuy them because I end up missing them. Derpski, Orion, etc.
  9. CV noob question

    Bots are sometimes better at avoiding planes than players are. They don't get distracted like players do. But also just learn to watch how they start turning and where to drop to anticipate a good position.
  10. Pretty little thing with a gun

    Kim Rhode has been in 6 Olympics with 3 golds and is the first woman and individual of both genders (or all 50 genders?) to medal in 6 consecutive Olympics. If it was any sport other than trap shooting she'd be bombarded with attention in this country. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Rhode
  11. Not the 100-year anniversary you might think...

    My grandma's uncle or older cousin was training in Chicago for the Navy and died from it as well as lots of people in our Church. The cemetery by church still has one family in it where the Mom and two of her kids all died within 2 days of each other. They shared a casket... :(
  12. Pile of new Ships suddenly showed up?

    Yeah, Nicholas is where mine "stopped" but he'd won a supercontainer with free xp and then got all the way to Farragut so we could do operations.
  13. Pile of new Ships suddenly showed up?

    If you're going to doubt me look at his solo win rate. He's just being carried at seal clubbing tiers and getting good advice from me who sits shoulder to shoulder with him.
  14. Pile of new Ships suddenly showed up?

    My 14 year old son is no alt. He liked the game enough to drop $40 in Christmas money on crates for extra slots and such and even recruit a couple high school friends of his own. It's exactly what the new player system is supposed to do. Seems like he's doing fine too....
  15. Pile of new Ships suddenly showed up?

    This was the first 25 people to hit that milestone. The next batch will be people with the most recruits it looked like. Since a pile of my kids were sick over Christmas my son and I ground it out to tier VI quite quickly.