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  1. Political talk-radio when I'm not in division.
  2. This whole thread is confirmation bias at it's finest. I tend to think the most toxic players are the below average ones who THINK they know what they're doing when really they don't. Yet they're vocal about their aggressive ignorance while contributing nothing to the match. The good players who say "Ignore C on this map, it's a dumb place to go." aren't being toxic, they're being helpful. Others apparently think the good players are toxic and thus those examples stand out more for them. Same with "after school hours" noticing people, etc etc. Also, I've yet to see any empirical evidence to suggest that bans are ever given out for swearing in chat.
  3. The extra bit I'd put in there would be to spend a few seconds at the start of a match looking at the map and thinking of the DD situation. Will there be a lot of stealth torps? If there are... stay on your toes. You don't want to wait until torps are detected to notice there is a division of Kamikaze R's in the match. My rough steps. 1. Learn how to drive. (not broadside in a straight line) 2. Aim & Shoot 3. Situational awareness between Aiming & Shooting 4. Pre-planning your game at the start, where do you want to go? Egress method if it's a bad idea? 5. Coordination with buddies.
  4. No, it's because the sample size isn't big enough at 12 games with an 8% win rate and it takes time to even out.
  5. There are two situations in which stealth firing happens without smoke/LOS being the cause. 1) it really didn't happen. 2) it did happen but there aren't screen shots or replays showing that it happened. There is zero times stealth firing exists where replays are turned on. This is also true of the "firing through islands" bug and the "I was spotted while in smoke without radar or hydro and nobody was within 5km of me" bug.
  6. This thread is still here?! It's like a year and a half long rehash of the same points! Still interesting though. I will say that I had a discussion with my accountant friend on the "psychology of randomness" (we didn't use these words, I think we were more along the lines of "dumb donkey-holes who think they're clever!). Basically people are super bad at identifying actual randomness vs what they think of as a "more random" number. Like people who fake accounting numbers will almost never submit a fake bill for some landscaping that comes out to 1250.00 or something. It's always $1213.62" or whatever because one number looks "rounded" and the other "random" in our brains. So they can detect accounting fraud by analyzing the numbers and noticing a pattern of them being "random" and nothing is "randomly rounded" looking. Having fewer round numbers in the books than their should be it's one of the biggest signs of fraud. So anyway, it's an interesting bit of psychology/accounting that was brought to the forefront of my mind reading this. The first week I bought my Fletcher I played one day and went 1-11 on it while doing quite well. If I wasn't aware that non-random numbers exist in true randomness it'd be simple to just blame "weekends" or say that the player skill has no influence or whatever. I think my win rate in the Fletcher was still <50% at 120 battles because of a single crappy day and now it's 347 battles in and that early streak has entirely disappeared.
  7. Because we're in discord coordinating things with each other and the other 9 people aren't. If you go to a place you shouldn't be at but you think it'll be okay because a DD ahead of you will hopefully smoke or a BB will hopefully push up behind you then you're just setting yourself up for a stress test of your sanity.
  8. I always see these excuses for losing during the following times 1) After school 2) Late nights 3) Weekends 4) Holidays I'd like to know when this perfect storm happens when all the "good" players are online and there aren't lame excuses.
  9. Didn't know it was an option, thanks. I'll do that.
  10. Started last night where I can log into the game and get into a queue but instead of loading into a battle the screen just keeps waiting. If I cancel out of the game and log back in it just sits at the logon screen indefinitely playing the intro video. It only lets me back into the game after the game I failed to get into has finished. It does the same thing when I boot into the game without mods. It does the same thing in co-op mode. Had two games last night in my Montanna where I did 0 of everything (sorry team). Quit and read a book for the night instead. This morning testing it out in coop mode does the same thing. Rebooted the PC, etc. Same thing.
  11. Nothing works 100% of the time but one of the two methods will result in a win more times than than the other over the long run. And that's splitting up between the two caps. If you're on the outnumbered side conserve health and buy time. If you're on the one with numerical superiority be aggressive and take out the enemy ships without getting bogged down.
  12. Now use the forum to find a good clan/community and run some divisions! The teamwork dynamics in this game are quite excellent!
  13. And people who wish to inject the historicity of a person named Jesus who religious beliefs developed around into a discussion of botes is more or less daft than those who put too much faith in anecdotal evidence?
  14. But if you're going to analyze the numbers you have to also look at other possible causes of those numbers being what they are. Like Aug2015 was everyone's first taste of open beta. Aug2016 was the German BB line introduction. Aug2017 so far hasn't had a whole lot.
  15. So you'd like to compare the month that the German Battleship line was released with this month in which nothing special happened so far? Sounds fair but then I'd like to counter in a couple weeks when the British line is out and compare that month with it's 2016 month as proof that the game has found fresh new legs and is super popular now, etc etc and it's found a bold new upward direction, etc. If you compare the month preceding the BB line release it's less average people for that month than the equivalent dates this year.