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  1. I don't call people who put pineapples on pizza "players", there is a better word for those who engage in that type of activity.... "demons".
  2. Downloading all three titles would take ~5-7 days on my rural internet connection.
  3. My HDD is failing. I'm getting a new one. I know for Steam it's slightly more complex that just moving all the files over to the new location but what about Warships? Do I just move my folder with all the WG products over to the new PC and then run the game center application or what's the best way?
  4. We're just here to spitball ideas and wish. Even if it's a daunting task sometimes you just have to jump on top of something hard and give it a try.
  5. Yeah, I've seen that before when they have an angle on something and never turn and end up on the border but the team dies. Bad play + cirumstance, etc. Prob still shooting at that BB/cruiser whole game and will "cap after" or something?
  6. There used to be team battles a while back if you'd missed them.
  7. I stopped playing for ~9mos after team battles (they weren't the cause) and missed much of the wrap-up and such. Did WG ever say what they learned from them and what did or didn't work? Was just having a friendly discussion about what did and didn't work in team battles and we had differing enthusiasms for Clan Battles as a result so I was curious if they said anything publicly about why they didn't work out much.
  8. CV balance is terribly messed up right now plus a sizeable percent of the population doesn't even have a tier X CV. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in this clan with even a tier IX and it's Essex. While I do okay in it on average I still get owned by equal or better players in a Taiho. While no CVs in season 1 has very significant downsides it's probably the best of two options.
  9. I got a Dunkurque or however it's spelled in a SC. Played it once and never since.
  10. I miss it. If you can't check your stats how do you even know if you've been having fun?
  11. It's not clear on the homepage but it says I have to buy a bigger bundle in order to get that permanent camo. Does that mean the ship doesn't have one if you don't buy it or just that it doesn't have two? It wasn't clear.
  12. YES! Port slots rarely go on sale so if you plan to have a big port buy some.
  13. Try maybe a clear description of the problem more than focusing on gifs.
  14. Political talk-radio when I'm not in division.
  15. This whole thread is confirmation bias at it's finest. I tend to think the most toxic players are the below average ones who THINK they know what they're doing when really they don't. Yet they're vocal about their aggressive ignorance while contributing nothing to the match. The good players who say "Ignore C on this map, it's a dumb place to go." aren't being toxic, they're being helpful. Others apparently think the good players are toxic and thus those examples stand out more for them. Same with "after school hours" noticing people, etc etc. Also, I've yet to see any empirical evidence to suggest that bans are ever given out for swearing in chat.