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  1. Days I can't win for love nor money and days I could stagger around in a drunken haze and win most matches. The Rolf-stomps over in under 6 minutes are freaking annoying.
  2. ThunderChilde

    Anchors Away Tour 2020 - Master Thread

    Both as a Stop and as a Model for tier 2 I suggest the Olympia in Philadelphia, it isn't far from the USS New Jersey, upriver and opposite shore. https://www.phillyseaport.org/ Drachinifel did a video on her. A fund raiser for her preservation would be nice too. Ah I see Kalvothe also posted about the Olympia.
  3. ThunderChilde

    Soviet Era containers

    Not seen a Lazo in the wild yet, seem kind of mythical to me, and not a single ship mission yet, just flags a coal for my stocking, very early for Christmas.
  4. ThunderChilde

    This is why players are no longer playing CV

    At the end of it all, if you are focused by CV's life will be short and brutal. CV's are almost always the last units left on the board. Late game in a close match, CV's dominate the endgame phase. AA is weakened by damage, the squadrons keep coming, just a slow moving inevitable deathtrap.
  5. ThunderChilde

    Houston We Have a Problem

    Totally missed any notice of maintenance, usually a Wednesday thing. Server restarts and rollbacks are just a game thing, been there done that.
  6. ThunderChilde

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    Jean Bart is my preferred ride for BB's Musashi is second, Neptune and Buffalo favorite Cruisers. Fletcher, then Jutland. just my comfort zone.
  7. ThunderChilde

    Player base getting more caustic / abusive?

    WoW doesn't have a patch on the saltines of WoT. They had to shut off open chat, just your own side chat now and that can be a doozy. WoW approaches the friendliness of the community that was a draw in City of Heroes. You always have some asshats, or poor chaps that had a bad day and the game just isn't making it any better. Thank you RNG for that more often than not. I was tossing bitter recriminations at RNG the day I got my Flint, 7 battles, 1 CV. Otherwise fun learning gameplay. Fiji's do seem to be my kryptonite in the Flint though.
  8. Rofl, balance? Get real, KGB magic technology and Stalinium, railguns, etc. not ring a bell? Paper superships never touched to balance? Please.
  9. Both ears since 1990, Meniere's sucks.
  10. My only comment on nerfing or uptiering the Gulio Cesare is this, WG is really doing a bang up job of sucking all the joy out of WoW. They did the same in WoT, not getting another dime or my time for that title anymore. I like this game solely based on fun and a lifetime of study of surface warships. I had a short, well sort of short list of ships I hoped to be able to see and play. Conte Di Cavour and the GC were on that short list, I bought it and have had a fair bit of fun playing it. I had to sell my Carriers, never got into the Essex, researched but short of credits. The console gameplay remake of CVs is for me a vertigo inducing biotch. So now my sky is covered in a never ending flock of planes, my AA is nerfed, not touching my DDs now and a lot of the fun is gone. Do not give me more reasons to walk away, a simple and plaintive plea.
  11. ThunderChilde

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Does anyone else have my issue? My secondaries are awol on both my Alsace and Jean Bart. After the hot patch issue. Running in Ranked Battles. I have not taken them out in Random. 8 leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Had to sell my CVs, vertigo issues. Broken as all get out CVs. Weak sauce AA. Nothing to like at all.
  12. ThunderChilde

    Flamu must HATE CV Rework more than U!

    Rofl, the only thing I've laughed at since I woke up yesterday, well done Sir!
  13. ThunderChilde

    Goodbye World of Warships

    Can't play CVs for the same reason I can't play First Person Shooters, I'd be doing the technicolored yawn. I tried. Then I sold all my CV's. Now I am just a human squeak toy for CV operators. Played all day yesterday. I will be taking a breather. More than a little pissed that I bought a year of premium and I got bait and switched.
  14. ThunderChilde

    Post CV first impressions here.

    I haven't done any low tier play yet so I dunno how that is. Lots of [edited] about AA invulnerable ships low tier. So who knows, might log in tonight and see what gives.
  15. ThunderChilde

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Just an observation, it really feels to me like this would be a better fit to having a naval attack thing for World of Airplanes. I cannot play CVs now. I'd need a spew bucket if I tried, which I did. Flipside it feels like I logged in to be a squeak toy for CV operators in a surface ship. From any side, all the fun is gone. When shooting at ships is what happens when you have a breather from constant air attacks, something is wrong. Every game, my damage is about 1/3 of Tuesday. Tier 10, maybe I need to go seal clubbing to get something of my old fun back. Stealth torping invisa planes? Really?