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    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    I admittedly don't post on the forums very often, but being the submarine enthusiast I am (and knowing how important feedback is for the future of submarines in WoWS)... well, I simply couldn't resist writing a little something. I'm very pleasantly surprised by the implementation of submarines in this event! It's clear from the complexity of the mechanics that Wargaming has spent a considerable amount of time designing the new class, and the anti-submarine warfare mechanics to counter it. My main concern is with the pace of gameplay. Submarines in the game currently are quite fast both surfaced and submerged, and their submerged endurance is particularly short. I realize WoWS is not at all a historical simulation, but actual submarines were able to stay submerged for hours on end (the iconic Type VII, for instance, could stay underwater for roughly a day before needing to surface for air). As a result, designing gameplay around oxygen meters feels rather arbitrary and unrealistic, even for WoWS. It also necessitates that submarines in the game have a much higher maximum submerged speed than they did in reality (most submarines of the Great War and WWII had a top submerged speed of 7-8 knots), making them incredibly difficult for destroyers to successfully depth-charge. My suggestions for submarine implementation in the actual game (PvP): Remove the oxygen meter, and instead implement a battery meter. Submarines will be able to stay submerged indefinitely, but they have a limited amount of movement underwater: they can only propel themselves in the horizontal if they have charge left in their batteries. The rate at which energy is used is directly proportional to the speed at which the submarine is travelling. For example, a submarine with engine telegraph at 'stop' will use no energy while underwater, one with telegraph at '1/4' will use energy at a fourth of the max rate, etc. Once the batteries are exhausted, a submarine may choose to surface and run on normal diesel engines, thereby recharging the batteries. The rate at which the batteries are recharged is directly proportional to the speed at which the surfaced submarine travels. Implement snorkels as a consumable for high-tier (VII+) submarines. These would allow the submarine to run on its diesels while at periscope depth, allowing it to recharge its batteries while keeping relatively hidden. It would also come with a considerable debuff to submerged detection range (diesels are noisy, and snorkels are large/give off exhaust fumes), which would last for the duration of the consumable. Only allow one reload per torpedo tube while submerged. Once all prepared torpedoes have been expended (always twice the number of tubes in the submarine), the submarine must surface to get more. It would have to stay on the surface for at least a minute to resupply all tubes and their respective spares. Lengthen the reload times for torpedo tubes. They should take roughly a minute per tube, depending on the tier of submarine. Of course, that's all rather specific feedback, but I think something along those lines would greatly improve the experience for all player ships.