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  1. HMAS_Valhalla

    There's a new kid in town!

    Congratulations on completing the grind for the PR!
  2. HMAS_Valhalla

    Just blew my Santa Crates!!!!

    The wine I could live with... DDs ain't my thing tho
  3. HMAS_Valhalla

    Just blew my Santa Crates!!!!

    You lucky bugger... ( aussie slang)
  4. HMAS_Valhalla

    Just blew my Santa Crates!!!!

    OMG... you make it sound even worse. LOL. thanks for the comments.
  5. HMAS_Valhalla

    Just blew my Santa Crates!!!!

    you may scoff at me now.... I know IFU.... but hey...... everyone plays for free!!!!!!!!
  6. HMAS_Valhalla

    Just blew my Santa Crates!!!!

    Yo brother Captains it does get worse............ I just traded some of the Dub's for other Santa Crates...... OMG i got 180 days Premium time........ YESSSSSSS... but no............. I will be away from the game for 90 days, overseas for work... get my drift... FML..........
  7. HMAS_Valhalla

    Just blew my Santa Crates!!!!

    Yes you laugh now minions. But Valhalla will rise oh shiet no we won't.
  8. Hi Captains, just dropped $204 Aussie dollars across my NA and Asia accounts on Santa Mega Crates (40 crates). Well let me reach for the "vasso"! Out of the forty crates I received: NA Account 4,00 x doubloons 125 x cam 140 x flags Huaghe Asia Account 10,000 x doubloons 125 x cam 140 x flags Lenin Le Terrible note: not a DD player So to those that got 4 or more premiums well done.
  9. Hi Captains, as the title suggests, is there a higher chance of top notch premium ship rewards and higher non-ship rewards from Santa Crates the closer we get to Christmas, or would they all be set ( I.e. the RNG) from the get go? Trying to determine if I indulge a few dollars now or wait a bit longer. Cheers. HMAS_Valhalla.
  10. HMAS_Valhalla

    Please explain HE fire chance...

    Great question. Pondered it myself lately. Look forward to responses.
  11. Oh yeesssssss please. Might need to rob a bank first but YES.
  12. HMAS_Valhalla

    How do I lower my PING?

    Great advice. Didn't think of that option. Thank you
  13. HMAS_Valhalla

    How do I lower my PING?

    Hi all, I have enjoyed reading all the responses. A lot of useful information being shared around. I play from Australia and seem to have a constant ping of 168 ms. I have fibre to the house and connect using wifi. I have tried ethernet but there seems to be no difference in ping. As for the server location Tracert seems to point to San Jose CA. The major impact to my latency seems to be the 'bundling' of my packets with everyone one else from the Sydney Australia DC to the first landing point in NA. These hops jump from ~25 to 150 ms.
  14. HMAS_Valhalla

    So this is why no one was in T10 tonight

    I wonder if WG would consider adding some server stats after log in. I.e. a pop- up announcement advising the average tier being played (or even tier range) . Would save some time maybe. Just my two cents worth.
  15. HMAS_Valhalla

    The Iowa is making me poor!

    Thank you everyone that contributed to this conversation. I found it extremely informative, and civil. Again thank you.