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  1. KatzeWolf

    Damage to allies for 2 games

    Be that as it may, its not the best practice, I'm guilty of it myself on occasion. But I'm fairly sure you would have to be extremely toxic for it to warrant a warning, so personally I don't think that is the reason. You should submit a ticket if you like, if anything to see why it happended.
  2. KatzeWolf

    Damage to allies for 2 games

    Well this is a game for all ages, you call them snowflakes but the thing is a lot of the players are only kids.
  3. KatzeWolf

    Damage to allies for 2 games

    Was about to mention that, maybe you were toxic to your team or enemy team.
  4. KatzeWolf

    "it's just a game"

    Exactly, and apart from communication, the best teamwork you can do is just to read the map and go and help where you think you are most needed. See a flank being pushed, assist. Etc. If everyone on a team does that, its a win.
  5. KatzeWolf

    Latest Submarines Q&A

    You're* Sorry...
  6. KatzeWolf

    "it's just a game"

    Well, it is just a game. Do you get paid depending off your stats? Is getting in to college dependant on your win rate? No. The majority of players play for fun, enjoyment. All you can do is improve yourself so you can better carry teams.
  7. KatzeWolf

    Can I get a good game...

    Went from 52% win rate to 46% in 10 games because of crappy teams. But I have low games played on this account so my win rate is very volatile.
  8. KatzeWolf

    How NOT to win Friends WG

    Good point, I always overlook driver issues because it's an obvious thing for me to check, but I end up forgetting to mention it to pepole.
  9. KatzeWolf

    How NOT to win Friends WG

    There is a difference between a potato PC and a potato PC with windows full of junk, errors and malware. @OttoVonPrien If the game isn't running as intended, then something is wrong with your hardware, or more likely, windows. Run malwarebytes and a viris scan once in a while. Also open command prompt and type. sfc /scannow This will scan windows files and look for errors and missing files and try to replace them.
  10. KatzeWolf

    Latest Submarines Q&A

    That is why It is called "testing".
  11. KatzeWolf

    How NOT to win Friends WG

    I have never had problems with WoWs, are you running mods? Also I can boot my PC in under a minute.
  12. KatzeWolf


    Careful there, walking a fine line.
  13. KatzeWolf


    Kongo is my favourite, I at least want her on this account.
  14. KatzeWolf

    Can somebody tell me how this works please?

    Fairly sure it was a joke. It looks like it might be using Personal Rating as the main definer.
  15. KatzeWolf


    I'd buy one off ya, Just moved to NA server and lost mine :(