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  1. Will the nelson get an armor buff?

    Oh yes i see. Right no point in turning much if you set up right but set up wrong and ya get paddled pretty fast
  2. The Nelson!

    I definitely need practice but its a fun ship!
  3. Will the nelson get an armor buff?

    I dont. But irl its citadel was well protected. Pretty sad in this game
  4. Compared to its real life counterparts its pretty pathetic. I think it needs some better armor
  5. The Nelson!

    Got her!
  6. The Nelson!

    thank you guys!
  7. The Nelson!

  8. Oh no.... another cv player MIA.... (Loads up BBs with happy grin)
  9. The Nelson!

    Also sorry for the typos. Sometims my screen works and sometimes it doesn't
  10. The Nelson!

    So I almost have enough free xp to get it. Ibe seen good reviews and bad so what is your opinion as a player? Ive run into one once and he absolutely destroyed me and my team Iin a 6v2. I think killedd 4 of us and the atlanta took 2. Its all the experience I have seeimg this ship in action but it looked beastly to me I also have jack dunkirk amd I read hes good on there if youbtake more of a survivability approach. Thank you!
  11. replays

    damn. that super sucks weenie
  12. replays

    so i had an epic game but i didnt have replays enabled at the time. is it hopeless or is there a way to have it still? Id like to send it to Jingles its chock full of mystery, betrayal, excitement and beautiful woman (ok last part might be a lie)
  13. Dallas or pepsicola?

    Whats your guys opinion? I have the omaha. I like big guns and the desmoines autoloaders look great but is the dallas line worrh going through? Is the cleaveland even any good anymore at tier 8?
  14. probably one of my faves Anybody have some relatively unknown tidbits about this battle that i may not know?