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  1. majormojo

    Harugamo is the stupidest thing ever

    Its almost like i tried that 🤔
  2. majormojo

    Harugamo is the stupidest thing ever

    Great plan. Ill speed on outta there in a musashi.
  3. majormojo

    Harugamo is the stupidest thing ever

    How so? Moving with a pack of team mates, he smokes up and the takes me from full health to none before his smoke ran out. Happens way to often
  4. When is it gonna get a nerf? This thing is a [edited]bane to everything with no counters. Dammit man it shreds everything and there's [edited] all you can do about it
  5. majormojo


    I know but i feel a little cheesed because i know what shoulda been
  6. majormojo


    I love my Musashi but sometimes its immensely frustrating. For example that 163k damage game should have been well over 200k but it seems that when it matters most, the shells take off and do their own thing. I have the accuracy mod and a 12 point captain so please tell me how to properly set it up past that. I'm doing a survivability build but if i cant hit much of anything it doesn't really matter. Thanks!
  7. Ill give the replay thing a shot Dunno how to post it though or find it Specs i have no idea but i run the game on maximum. I have 60+ fps with ping in the 30s with a wired connection
  8. No sir! It was 1 torp and its happening a lot
  9. So i took a torp that caused flooding and so naturally i hit R but it didnt do anything at all. It went on cooldown but didnt fix my flooding problem. Its happened numerous times now and is starting to get very annoying. Why is this?
  10. majormojo

    Why no USS Nevada?

    She was quite famous so why didn't they add her? Too much t5 saturation at t5 or what?
  11. Yeah the GC is awesome as far as manuvering. I think with maybe an exra 10-12k HP and a catapult fighter or maybe a stronger heal its EASILY an amazing T7 quick moving hard hitting BB. But i like it at T5 so all the omahas and koningsburgs come rushing up to torp me only to have 5 citadels scored and a very quick trip back to port
  12. Well idk. Those few more HP has kept me alive numerous times
  13. These are the skills i currently have equipped but im just not sure what to do next. Any ideas? Hes a 17 point captain with 3 unspent points. Id add a picture but i just won't work for some reason Priorty target Preventive maintenance High alert Jack of all trades Basics of survivability Survivability expert Expert marksman