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  1. SkywhaleExpress

    The sinking of New York

    Gotta see if they can pen the 16-22 mm conning tower armor.
  2. SkywhaleExpress

    Best Tier 112 Supership?

    You under estimate how many people we've seen with less than 400 battles playing Conde/Anna Polina, etc. already. Remember, they can also play co op or use economic resources to get them... but they still might not have that many captains sufficient to utilize them well.
  3. SkywhaleExpress

    Best Tier 112 Supership?

    I'd say the ISD is more like Kearsarge and the new tech tree line in testing. It has moderate but not impressive AA. It has squadrons, but it's not a carrier. Has fewer starfighters/bombers than even the Mon Cals. They have massive broadside power, but they're vulnerable to just about everything, since they're such wide wedges. Also, I agree that new canon is a joke. Marvel/Disney has even turned Boba Fett into a bumbling bloodthirsty killer/thug "somehow seeking redemption in the new tv series" whereas in the original he was more a bounty hunter with a code and eventually became Mandalore. He never killed wantonly or unnecessarily.
  4. SkywhaleExpress

    Best Tier 112 Supership?

    Yes! I would take even a Starfleet Academy like Star Wars game, where you maybe command one of the Corellian Corvettes or Nebulon-B Frigates! Basically, that was partially flight sim-cade and partial choose your own adventure.
  5. SkywhaleExpress

    Best Tier 112 Supership?

    I honestly think they should have kept them as able to use any captain. Gate its purchase to the tech tree, but allow it to act as premium for captains... even if not getting any premium bonus earnings. Edit: Mostly because unlocking the any captain option would be beneficial to newer players that have significantly less battles than we do.
  6. SkywhaleExpress

    Best Tier 112 Supership?

    Yeah, they mostly do that to keep it within the "conventional WW2/Korea" level of non-guided munitions... and obviously will likely not add even tactical nukes because the blast radius could make getting a double strike too easy. Some things would just be far beyond unbalanced. I could see some alternate game modes, or at least readjusting the tiers/battle ratings of certain ships (WoWS Legends has like Iowa/Musashi as t8's) akin to the other Naval/Plane/Tank game out there does. They have A-10's, F-14's. F-5 Tigers, and such now... all at high battle ratings. So, while I joke about it... it is very much a possibility... somewhere down the line. I think it took the other game 8+ years before they truly went beyond the F-86/F7U type aircraft... so never say never.
  7. SkywhaleExpress

    Best Tier 112 Supership?

    Arleigh Burke coming April 1st.
  8. SkywhaleExpress

    Impressions on the new Battle Pass that will come on 11.10?

    Was WG hemorrhaging money so badly, that they needed to push this battle pass on to us, on top of premium time and $100 tier 9/10 premiums, and $200 "Admiral Fluffy Cat" packs? Like, what is the point of this? Does it actually benefit/hurt players currently? Is the rewards going to be the same as current-- or closer to what the OP alluded too-- and this is just for people with less time on their hands to pay to get the rewards faster?
  9. SkywhaleExpress

    Birthday Coupon should have more time

    Probably, but not after the coupon has already triggered. And, not in such a way that gets you more than one in 12 months. Those have been tried.
  10. SkywhaleExpress

    Dear WeeGee

    If they spent time or care on what players/testers wanted, WoWP wouldn't have gone from a great (CBT) game to pile of doodoo like it did.
  11. SkywhaleExpress

    Radeon 6000 series bug -- ETA?

    Yes, and the torpedo aim line is just a razor thin line.
  12. SkywhaleExpress

    Birthday Coupon should have more time

    Haha, yeah... book fair and school fall carnival burnt what little money we had left over for entertainment this half-month.
  13. Dear WG, 7 Days isn't always enough time for us to get our payday before the birthday coupon expires. Rent was due on the 5th, a day after my birthday, for instance, so my days to buy WG items is usually the 15th of the month. This coupon ends before that, though. Problem: We need more than just 7 days to use this coupon, since we're not all millionaires. Solution: Extend these to at least 21 days, if not 30 days. Most companies (that give discounts for birthdays) let you come in anytime within 30 days of your birthday to use whatever discount/free item they give.
  14. SkywhaleExpress

    Dear WeeGee

    Not unlikely, but definitely would require much more work, due to the need to make multiple sets of models + DDS skins to account for the different ships' shapes and sizes. Because of the aforementioned extra workload. The art/model teams are likely hard at work redesigning old maps, making new ones, making new ships/camos as well... so squeezing in one new camo model/skin file here and there is a much easier thing than creating literally 30+ ships at a single tier. Also... it would be kind of bland to potentially have every single ship in a battle (T8 only, for instance) show up wearing the same lobster-tail or scorpion or pumpkin head style camo.
  15. Player Support has already stated this Radeon 6000 series UI issue is a known bug, is there any update/ETA on when this might be fixed? Some of us can't simply roll back to a pre-July driver, because we play other games that require these newer drivers. Or, is there potentially a workaround/mod that can bring back the missing UI elements, such as for torps and air strikes?