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  1. SkywhaleExpress

    Armada: Habakkuk

    Back 2 School camouflage x2
  2. SkywhaleExpress

    Armada: Habakkuk

    I was hoping for a Russian one with Tsar Bomba!
  3. What about those that try the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? I mean, not too long ago I usedto say minimum WR 50% should be a requirement, so if I had my way back then, you yourself would not be allowed to participate. I was wrong to be so callous back then. I do think it would be nice if teams actually try to work together in a team based game, but that’s never going to change... it’s totally random. And, Ranked is just randoms with rewards.
  4. SkywhaleExpress

    I almost never do this but........

    It certainly forces team play and tactics, in a team based game. It punishes yolo players going off on their own. Utilizing AA bubbles and getting a few people to work together goes a long way in negating 90% of what any CV can do. They are fully dependent upon getting their whole attack squadron to hit the target, and being able to stack fire/flood. I was in my Gearing, without the AA module in 6th slot (this module gives 2 extra flak burst), and without AA spec in captain (skill gives 1 extra flak burst) and I was able to kill 3 FD Roosevelt dive bombers with one flak burst, because I was in an AA bubble with a Yoshino. I was in a Shimakaze, and same thing against Richtofen planes... I was sharing my smoke with a moskva, whom in turn reciprocated with radar and AA. Imagine if I had taken AA modules and captain skills. No, it’s not ideal, and certainly kills your “fun” meta build, but we have counters to CV, for the most part. There ARE several DD’s and a couple cruiser/BB that do need an update to AA range and/or DPS+flak counts.... or they need to get extra preferential spotting immunity from CV... I’d even go so far as to force the game to make surface ships detect DD’s and that would solve most of the harassment level spotting issues.
  5. SkywhaleExpress

    Epic takeoff and victory screenshot

    So, was playing Enterprise last night, and I got this epic take off screenshot as the match was ending. My Hellcats taking off in a close up shot, just had to post it.
  6. SkywhaleExpress

    Check out these useless jokers on my team!

    Co Op... This is the way!
  7. SkywhaleExpress


    This. Occasionally, people also just have internet issues or something. I get the frustration, if the player is consistently low scoring via AFK. That can easily be seen. But, overly punitive actions for not moving after 10 seconds?
  8. SkywhaleExpress

    140 knot benson...

    Please tell me you utilized that speed to blap things with torps at point blank range? And/or ramming a BB or CV would be insta delete of you and the target...
  9. SkywhaleExpress

    Well, THIS is a New One....

    At least it's downloading for you. I'm stuck at between 5KB/s and 500 KB/s. Only Wargaming update servers are giving me such lousy speed.
  10. It seems that the last two patches for Warships have been extremely slow to download. Bouncing between 5KB/s and 500KB/s. My ISP has no issues currently, as I am getting more than my guaranteed 110 Down/10 Up. My game update settings are set to Unlimited speed:
  11. Yeah, one thing I realized when I reinstalled, is I didn't set that back to off... so I wasn't getting the kind of hits I'm used to.
  12. SkywhaleExpress

    a 40 Sec Reload on Oklahoma?

    40 seconds is even harsh on the new t8-10. Even New Mex and Arizona are 34.2 seconds. Feels like a comfortable not-too-slow compromise for the increased accuracy/high damage salvos they dish out. But, the 40s is just a bit much.
  13. Do you have track locked target on? If so, turn that off, and you should be able to shoot wherever you want. Track locked target really only helps you keep aiming at a maneuvering target. But, it also hurts your ability to aim exactly where you want to aim.
  14. I can't understand whit rectangles in chat. []
  15. SkywhaleExpress

    clan battle desync/server drop

    I noticed that, earlier today, my routes to Wargaming were getting major packet loss and reroutes when I hit Dallas.level3 (CenturyLink owns Level3 communications) as well as Dallas.telia (Telia always has issues.). That was neither Wargaming's nor my ISP (Cable One/Sparklight) having issues, but rather those other networks.