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  1. SkywhaleExpress

    Skin Mods causing crashes?

    @USNA_76 Thanks for thr info. These are my own custom texture mods. zby the way, I noticed that the new wowsunpack reveals nee files, a dd0, dd1, dd2 or something ... along with the dds files... AND that the pixel size of the new contents folders are all in 512x512 or 512x256, etc, instead of what used to be 4096, 2048, etc... Will I need to downzise the pixels of my files, or simply re export them as they are? And do you know if they are still using RGBA8 or something else? I use gimp, not photoshop.
  2. SkywhaleExpress

    Skin Mods causing crashes?

    Howdy folks, I've been outta WoWS for several months, and I came back today. I am able to run the game with just Aslain's modpack installed, no skin mods or anything. As soon as I try to use any of my DDS file mods (skins), it seems to cause an odd crash. I have attached the report, and am also sending in a ticket to ask if they changed how we have to do the compression of the DDS files or something. I can't see anything in the modding section.. As soon as I remove my content folder from res_mods (where my DDS files are), the game works just fine again. So, I can [almost] safely say that it is not Aslain's that is the problem. I run no other mods except aslains and these skin (paint the hull of the ship, with a blank camo xml file from Aslain's) mods. The camouflages.xml file doesn't seem to be the problem, because it is from Aslain's, and when I don't have my skin mods installed, it properly makes all the ships a boring light gray. Sorry this isn't in the mods section, but such threads need approval, and they never get approved when I post them. 18-11-08-00_03_13_709.zip Any insight into the changes since I've been gone would be helpful. I've been gone since about July-ish.
  3. Are we under NDA for the testing, or can we stream it?
  4. Which stopped being good after closed beta’s 0.4.1 update... and they still asininely try to force players to accept their botched ideations.
  5. SkywhaleExpress

    7 day ban for not cheating

    Telling them what is flagged does not give anyone any insight whatsoever into their detection methods.
  6. SkywhaleExpress

    7 day ban for not cheating

    Sorry, I have been out on vacation a a bit... however, you forget that Wargaming is witholding ANY and ALL evidence of what/where/when/how/why anything triggers a response in their "detection." So, forgive me for being blunt, but there is no discernible evidence one way or the other as to what is or isn't causing a positive or false positive hit on their "detections..." In one sense, it makes perfect sense to keep hidden the "methods of detection." However, the fact that something was detected warrants some information as to where to look in order to fall into compliance... even a minimal informational describing the basic type of illegal mod suspected, and which mods/files they truly know DO NOT HARM the game. Wargaming's blatant refusal to even assist players to figure out what is causing them to go into "non-compliance" status is a sign that they are either using a broad spectrum (aka inaccurate) method of detection, or they simply don't give a rat's hind end about customer service. More power to them, if it's the latter, because they are losing paying customers... OR, they know exactly what is causing the detection, and it is a legit cheat they are seeing, but they don't want anyone to know anything whatsoever... a.k.a. they are post-fact-paranoid about the situation, even though they missed the "hack" until it was too late. Either way, I would say the 90%+ rules this, logically, in that they are not intentionally using a cheat/illegal mod, and would willingly uninstall anything Wargaming deemed inappropriate.... but, they're not given the time or day to decide to be good and honest people... Wargaming just decides for them that they are guilty of intentionally harming the system, instead of providing the individual an opportunity to resolve the issue amicably to both parties.
  7. SkywhaleExpress

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    The iOS versions of the games are standalone, not the same product, and therefore play much differently.
  8. SkywhaleExpress

    7 day ban for not cheating

    and this one: But, sure, the kremlin tells us that their automated detection system is 100% accurate and to believe them.... when abyone with half a brain knows that no manmade code/system is 100% perfect and flawless, let alone accurate enough to say “aha! proof.”.
  9. SkywhaleExpress

    7 day ban for not cheating

    They don’t have to give away detection methods to say what mods are being detected, or even a general description of the type of mod auspected.
  10. SkywhaleExpress

    This explains a lot.....

    This... sooo much of this...
  11. SkywhaleExpress

    7 day ban for not cheating

    Like this one? And many others that pop up and get closed/removed from time to time? Also, how are your "statistics" checked, verified, etc?
  12. SkywhaleExpress

    7 day ban for not cheating

    The only way for what you're asking is to put the DDS file for the skin into the game folder/subfolders/named correctly, then run the ship without camo.
  13. SkywhaleExpress

    7 day ban for not cheating

    One can never be too certain, for sure... but then you never know until it happens to you. I've only ever gotten the first strike warnings, and yet they still don't even say a vague bit about what it might be. My conclusion from the last one I got, is it must have been from me modifying my captain names with their global.mo file. I changed George and John Doe in to Admirals Michelle Howard and Samuel L Gravely, Jr, along with their pictures. Only thing that isn't in Aslains that I have. I removed them and haven't gotten hit again. For all we know, your GeForce Experience or similar program from your video card is doing it, or you have something similar but different to ReShade... who knows. Good luck, mate. 99% of people will turn on you and say you're a liar, even people you thought were friends... instead of genuinely trying to help you figure out what is causing it. So, coming to the forums will likely just get you trolled or cost you "friends." But, hey, internet "friends" are a dime a dozen. Heck, real life "friends" most often aren't either. So, don't let the trolling get you down... Of course, if you are trying to dupe us... well,
  14. Thanks for this, fellas. Yeah, I used 56s radar module, and when I popped sonar early, I fat fingered it. And, yeah, I mostly was taking advantage of enemy making more mistakes. I made plenty, for sure.. but going wide on the DM was because he was pu***footing around with our other ships, and didn't notice I had turned around.
  15. So, I just submitted my USS Helena Camouflage contest entry. Was wondering what other people went with. My entry: This camouflage is a completely custom design, not specifically mimicking any historical camouflage patterns. However, I did take inspiration from the US Navy's Navy Blue 5N color scheme that was used on the USS Helena. I also have the in game .dds files of my camouflage, which looks a lot cooler than this .jpg allows. .dds files available upon request. Cool thing I like about mine, is at different reflection angles, it looks more gray than blue, and vice versa.