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  1. SkywhaleExpress

    Just a shame...

    No, you can't do it all day long to a high AA boat. You will likely kill them if you are a REALLY GOOD cv player... especially if in Nakhimov (broken line) or Immelman, which can actually launch skips /etc. almost safely. But, most CV's can't do that.... and the majority of players can't.
  2. SkywhaleExpress

    Just a shame...

    Yeah... I have stressed either delaying the spot like radar (~6 seconds) or mini-map spotting. That way, you can help the team be aware, but they team has to help actually visually spotting the enemy.
  3. SkywhaleExpress

    Knife fighting other DDs?

    If you're only fighting just one ship...another DD... then it's kinda okay, but not really best. Most DD's have half their guns in the rear half of the ship... so if you can do a more angled approach than this MS Paint drawing, you'd do well. There should be a pretty good amount of angling you can do and still be able to get most of your guns to bear on the target. Also, if talking about Benson/Fletcher, you don't actually want to prolong a gunfight, because you've been severely power crept in that department with all the newer DD lines. Long gone are the days of Benson v Kagero EZ fights. Your strength is in your torps. Using guns should be more situational and not an every 5 seconds thing.
  4. SkywhaleExpress

    Just a shame...

    So... you're half right here. While it's a true that a CV can still drop on almost any ship... there are clearly certain ships (Mino/Petro, etc.) that can wipe a lot of planes if you didn't pre-drop and also start the attack from outside of the flak zone... or get lucky enough to dodge every bit of flak... And, yes... highly competent CV players fare better in that regard, but that's not the same as any CV player can.
  5. SkywhaleExpress

    Just a shame...

    Heh... I mostly don't. I played [edited] for a bit, but it was too grindy, and I had already stopped paying WG $1k a year on average... suddenly down to below $200.... so, I was like.... nah, not gonna pay to grind [edited]. I let my kids lawn dart the stats in that one, because they enjoyed just flying around haha. Yeah... I wish they didn't muck with the mechanics of 0.3.5 or 0.4.1, especially the whole turning Me-410 into a super BnZ plane that it never was in real life. The whole HF concept over there was completely imaginary.... let alone how they nerfed/buffed/re-nerfed Cosair's line so much... ending with it being "multi-role" (which they were IRL) but because they're multi-role they suddenly no longer had the climb and flight performance they correctly used to have... The nail in the coffin for me, wasn't even when they did the same to IL's (not letting them climb beyond a certain altitude) or when they nerfed the 37mm+ cannons to have WoT-link aiming timers/dispersion so much so that they shot at sometimes 70 degree angles away from the barrel..... but when they suddenly made IL's (and then introduced OP bombers) god-tier tail-gunners of doom. ... even nerfing bombs/rockets because of people like me wasn't that bad... but suddenly making us IL's and bombers able to EZ win by rapid cap.... so silly... As well as the [edited] like respawns.. P.S. Yeah, I always have to explain that while I did play Planetside... the name doesn't come from that game
  6. SkywhaleExpress

    Just a shame...

    They're not exactly using great planes. They just don't face much if any AA. If they select DD/Cruiser first, they almost never lose any planes. It's just time for WG actually give more AA to most DD's and even low tier ships of all classes. There weren't any WW1 CV's, unless you're stretching "era" to be the 5-6 years after WW1 ended. I'll grant that... Hermes was the first purposed designed in 1918, followed by Hosho in 1919... Hosho beating Hermes to commission by 2 years in 1922. Most of the t4 CV's were mostly sea-plane tenders by or before the 1930's. Langley mostly ferried P-40's and such to the Philippines.
  7. SkywhaleExpress

    Just a shame...

    I definitely agree. Especially if WG is going to continue with cherry picking what historical accuracy they subscribe to, and when... the very lease they can do is allow t3-5 ships to have their AA back. Wyoming and Kaiser with full spec/ manual AA used to be brutal on enemy CV's. Texarkana (just like Hood) was sold to us as an AA boat, but the re-work didn't allow us to have the 76mm secondaries act like flak, so they are effectively easier to hurt than the Kaiser a tier below it... all because flak...
  8. SkywhaleExpress

    how super CV's troll the CV rework.

    Oh... bad players or bottom tier players can easily still be deplaned. Or specialist ships like Bearn, just because they have terrible reserves and relatively slow regeneration. Super CV will always be able to strike every ~240-270 seconds, regardless.. since the "tactical" strike planes act just like Tone/Ise, where they don't care about being destroyed. 1. Mostly true. Again, depends on if they're bottom tier/low reserves/low regen, as stated above. 2. Definitely true, especially if they are below average. Another thing most people don't account for is that pre-rework CV's actually had much better alpha strike, which is the trade-off we took for the re-work... less likely to be de-planed, but now our damage has to be done over the entire match, not just key targets getting nuked. I wouldn't say either one was better or healthier for the game... but the current system is definitely more harassment level spotting, due to the fact that, as you say, it is virtually impossible to completely deplane most of the CV's... it's only possible to effectively deplane/turn them into spotters, and even then, it's usually only by a combination of bad CV play and/or bottom tier.
  9. SkywhaleExpress

    Just a shame...

    1. You and I played WoWP during the good times... our opinion doesn't count to anyone! 2. With 1 being just a joke..... here's 3. 3. That DD was low HP already, so oh well... the other things.... all tiers should have some semblance of AA, in my opinion...I play DD the most, but I enjoy CV as well. I find it funny that pre-2019 CV's actually had to contend with AA at almost all tiers. Even t4 ships like Wyoming had pretty dang good AA... and AA worked continuously back then... so long range AA still added to the short range as the enemy planes flew over you. Plus, manual AA allowed you to target specific squads. It would be kind of cools if they re-implemented a version of that... such as being able to manually control the flak bursts... or show all the planes in the squad, and you get to manually select which ones you are attacking... hoping that you guess the right one which is actually attacking you. Let alone, toning down the spotting to be more like how radar delays ~6 seconds for spotting to the whole team. There's a myriad of things they could but likely won't do.
  10. Fairly close match to what MOST are in game. https://man.fas.org/dod-101/sys/ship/weaps/guns.htm ” For example, the 5-inch/54-caliber gun has a rate of fire of 35 rounds per minute at the maximum rate and 20 rounds per minute at the sustained rate.”
  11. SkywhaleExpress

    Most Dev Strikes you have had in 1 game

    I think I have had 3….but it doesn’t count because it was in Monaghan. I also got what would be a triple strike in that ship. Nowadays, you can delete someone and not guaranteed to get the dev strike achievement.
  12. SkywhaleExpress

    DevBlog 323 - Changes in Clan Battles and Brawls

    So, they do know how to implement some sort of team stacking MM after all? 😝😂😜
  13. SkywhaleExpress

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    Yup. I enjoy all classes, even CV, but there are glaring issues. Their alpha strike (except skip bombs and Russian/super) aren’t the problem… it’s incessant team spotting. I think if spotting worked similar to how subs update the last known position, that would help force teammates to do spotting and engage. As stated in many other sub threads, the problem is nigh immunity to spotting—I showed a screenshot of Baloo being 1.56km from a Goliath whose hydro died, demonstrating assured detect needs to be a thing. You can be right on top of my torp arming range and not see me— AND the tier 10 submerged speed being as ludicrous as Marceau/Kleber Plaid Speed Drive… only thing is those two DD’s are spotted like mini-cruisers. I’m not against anyone on these things, except WG ignoring our input. I’ve specifically pointed these issues out to @Ahskance, but it looks like those in upper management are doubling down on the near invulnerability of subs UNLESS the subs make the mistake of getting within 2km of hydro. P.S. That is not a dig at CM’s.. but in upper management’s 10+ year track record of ignoring player/tester input.
  14. SkywhaleExpress

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    Hello there! Kindly, please re-read my post and learn what humor is. At no point did I bag on or star shame him. You can also go through my post history and learn that at least 90% of them are constructive. Heaven forbid I try to make a little humor in these times where so many people are at each others’ throats…. Since I’m not allowed to make a joke…. In regards to radar… I’d be all for removing penetration of islands if they stop the upcoming duration nerd AND remove the ~6 second delay. In regards to CV’s, my stance has been quite clear. In regards to subs, my stance has been quite clear. +/- 1 tier MM, I’ve been indifferent about. Really, it’s BB’s and CL’s that are woefully incapable of carrying (by themselves) as bottom tier, but that means you have to rely on team work in a team based game —the horror!!— but I have also never been against it either. However… what is your plan. to avoid 5-10 minute queues? We already have that issue at tier 1-5…. where new players should be feeling an easy ability to get matches in and learn the game. Remember, we don’t have 10-20k players online concurrently throughout all hours of the day. We have as low as 2k-3k players and sometimes up to 14k+. Usually, we get spikes when they have a fun gimmicky game mode like the Savage Battles that recently ended. Since you know how experienced I am, again, kindly go look up all of the constructive posts and such that I have given to WG in the last 10 years across two games (WoWP and this) and then again, remember to lighten up and find some humor in life. P.S. In fact, all 3 of my posts before this were intended to be humorous about what crazy thing WeeGee might do in this game.