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  1. CyberKnife

    Missing the Mouse

    They're much happier now having all real feed back, all criticism, all real reviews and honest critiques of the game gone. They ran off all the CC's willing to speak the truth. Instead of listening and improving the product they chose to shut down any real evaluation of their product. For me I began my slow backward creep to the door right around when they did the big Aircraft Carrier rework. I went from playing 20 games to 30 a day 6 days a week for years and years to 3 games a day for 6 days a week. Then one session a week with 4 games. Now I play once or twice a month just to keep up with old friends. Soon I will just be popping in every few months just to see what's changed. Man I used to spend hours a night lurking in this forum and watching YouTube vids about the game for years and years. This is the first time I have popped into this Forum ....man it may be the 1st time this year. You hate to see a great game go downhill but ANY game that does updates and adds content/changes gameplay all self destruct given enough time. I can still play Civilization 1 or 4 or Pirates! from 1988 because the game once released is the final thing (unless you're into mods which can make an old game like Baldurs Gate or some older game still interesting). Games like this, WOT which I played from Alpha till WOWS was released....they all eventually "patch" and "rework" themselves into oblivion. I never had the big break up with games like this. For me they just peter out as they run their course. I never do the big..."Screw you I quit" spaz out on the Forum. If anything it's a quiet sad thing where I look back, remember the quality of play and how many good years I had. All the friends. Man...Old Ranked?? The early years by the time you made it from Rank 28 or whatever down to 1st league you knew almost everyone in every ranked match. Taking away Old Ranked really helped shoo me out the door. Besides the CV rework...the addition of Subs and the way the game went from very dynamic to extremely campy in Meta made my interest drop off. I love aggressive play. Pushing with BBs like in the old days. Knife fighting for cap in DDs. Now these things are long past. The current mechanics deter the type of play that WG used to encourage and that I most enjoy. It's not an awful game by any means. It's just not nearly as fun as it was in those first golden years and seemed to chip away at itself one patch at a time....month after month. Like a slowly boiled frog it took awhile to feel the effects of the dumping of this tier ships for dubs, CV domination with unlimited planes, no CV strikes, dumbing down of CV play (old time CV experts were impressive pros and even as a DD main I had to respect it) AA nerfing, proliferation of Radar and Hydro, Subs and everything that brings, BBs that must now camp behind spawn to survive or are designed to camp behind spawn...just all of it. All those reworks and the aforementioned just brought a different flavor to the game that wasn't my thing. Seeing Mouse, Flamu etc..the voices I trusted to evaluate new products before I spent real money on them leave was just another symptom of a larger problem. I think in the end they were here for the best parts and they really helped ...and are missed especially in the reviews department. They're probably better off to be on to other things. WG won't be pulling the plug on these servers anytime soon but I think the future is written on the wall. This game is in the final phase these types of games go through. The final decline phase. I will still be playing for sure. I have some really good friends in a clan and this game is just what we do while we talk, hang out and give each other a hard time. The friends in chat is what will keep me playing here and there. I don't spend real money anymore though. Sry this ran long...my prescribed herbal medication kicked in and this turned more into a blog that a post...my bad.
  2. CyberKnife

    how super CV's troll the CV rework.

    I know my clan would be just fine with far longer wait times to get no CV games alone. If it were no CV no Sub? I can't imagine how long we would be willing to wait but it would be substantial. WoWs is geared more to the delayed gratification gamers anyway IMO. Tanks is more the hit button, in game, in battle, shooting all in 30 seconds type game. Fast in, fast to start shooting, twitch reflex game type. Ships is Chess to Tanks Checkers. You have to take time to develop the game and see where the enemy is heading. Adjust. People take time to switch sides of the map for 5 minutes in BBs before they can fire a shot. It takes a longer time to arrive and engage in any combat in ships. I think if any community could tolerate a bit longer wait time it's this one. The slower pace and potential for more strategy is why I moved to Ships as soon as it was released after playing tanks since year 1 in the first place. I think a lot of people like me switched over permanently as well when Ships first came out. I'm the youngest dude in my clan and I'm 52. All retired military. Half the time we're there in the Div to talk and break balls as much as play. We had an 12+ minute wait time late one night and we commented on it but never came close to being pissed or bailing. Oh..and after the 12 minutes the MM throws in like 6 bots on each side.....like it couldn't have done that like 8 minutes in?? lol..
  3. CyberKnife

    how super CV's troll the CV rework.

    How can you troll something that is itself so broken it is itself nothing but a troll on the entire game? The broken Re work is now more broken? CVs=less fun. So say 80% + of players consistently. If there were an option to play without CV's they would cease to exist overnight because the server with CV's would be empty. Weegee sunk too much money in breaking them so they wont do anything about it. Every time you get a zero CV game you see cheers in chat. If not for the sunken cost they would/should have just thrown the entire rework in the trash and reverted back to the way they were. A pain but a pain you rarely saw enough of to be bothered by.
  4. CyberKnife

    Spotting Damage XP?

    World of Tanks gives tons of XP for spotting as well as badges for the accomplishment.. I had an incredibly high win rate for a light tank player and had a very low amount of damage average. I often spent most of a game just making sure that my team could shoot at the enemy and not being able to shoot myself because it would reveal my position. I could force a win by simply making sure my team could see everything they needed to at the critical time they were most needing the information. I was surprised when I came over to WoWs and played as a DD main since Beta. There is zero XP or any type of reward for spotting in Warships....and it is crucial as well as risky. I can tell you as a DD main players freak out and start spamming "I NEED INTELLIGENCE DATA!!!!" in chat when a DD dares to not keep the enemy spotted when they smoke up and are no longer spotting or not playing way out front. Personally I think it's stupid and promotes crap play. There is so little team play in this game there is no need to have disincentives for it. Plenty of games are won or lost because somebody couldn't...or wouldn't spot an enemy. Spotting is so powerful that things like Radar, Hydro, Subs and CVs, ships that can smoke.... are some of the most controversial topics ever in the game. That ALL revolves around Spotting...something so critical yet worth nothing to the player that provides critical vision at great risk (except CVs who never risk anything ever...lol can you tell I'm a DD main). My 2 cents
  5. CyberKnife

    Another code

    Code says "Code Accepted" but doesn't work. Doesn't actually add a mission. Broken...judging by the comments on the video it's broken for most people. Most say the code isn't accepted or if it is it does nothing like with me.
  6. Every Christmas for at least 5 years WG has given really nice gifts for each tier X ship you have. Namely Super Containers...1 per ship. I have 10 Tier X ships so that means this year I received 10 coupons for XMas Gift boxes. 10 tickets gets you 2 "mega" Xmas gift boxes. Which turned out to be a total of 2 camos 25x each. So underwhelming. Last year it was the scandal of getting one of 3 ships only in crates though they made it seem like you could get any ship as usual. So instead of 10 Super Containers this year I got a total of 50 camos from 2 boxes. How disappointing. My friends I play with decided to no longer give each other Christmas Loot Boxes or any type of WG presents for Christmas anymore. When we found out that WG was actually only giving away 3 possible ships none of which any of us wanted we felt ripped off. Since we quit giving each other WG presents ...or generally spending money on the game. We all have enough Premium ships to not need to pay anymore to play the game at this point. I spent a lot in the past when you would actually get ships from Christmas Crates. Those first few years they were amazing. Now you're pretty much guaranteed garbage camo or flags for 5 bucks a pop. Also...how is that not gambling? For years before Ships came out and I played Tanks WG gave players a free collectors tank every year (a couple were actually great light tanks). Seems to be a continuation of the trend. Every year the gifts get cheaper and the nice little things they use to do for players diminish. Seems like across the board WG rewards, crates, gifts etc get fewer, cheaper in quality or just removed. Each thing not too significant itself but taken together add up. Lessening the number of flags you get in reward crates. Lessening the rewards of Super Containers. Removing ships that pay well in credits. Removing flags that help players accumulate credits. A hundred other little cuts in rewards, credits and other things players earn. Death by a thousand cuts for the long time players IMO
  7. CyberKnife

    WR is Meaningless

    ....said nobody with a decent win rate ever.
  8. CyberKnife

    I don't like subs

    They add to the game but nothing positive and IMO make it less fun to play. I think they should be removed from the game. Ahhh...that's all I have.
  9. I would agree with you if this was a Military simulation and not a game. We have ships in there that never even existed in reality. We have ships that carry unlimited torps and planes that never run out of fuel. We have WW1 subs going 36Knts under water. Don't talked about reality when we're speaking of game balance. Every other thing in this game isn't based on reality. Ships don't sit behind islands launching shells over them in the real world. It's laughable to stake a claim on "reality" as why something should or shouldn't be in this Arcade Game. The point of this is not reality. I spent a lot of time on Navy ships in the Marines and never saw our 4 Smoke Consumables anywhere. This is a game. It's supposed objective is fun game play. So perhaps argue that in the game it would be better that Subs not be RPF located but don't sit there and tell me it can't be cause it's "not realistic". Go tell 9 out of 10 Russian ships about how the game needs to be real. Meanwhile I will be proxy spotting ships 2k away on the other side of a mountain.
  10. I guess I should say "has the curving torpedo bug been acknowledged yet?: I just watched Flamu's video on how Torpedoes on all ships are bugged and finally figured out what has been going on since the last patch. When I'm in a turn my torps 100% of the time curve off away from where I'm aiming and in the direction of my turn. I have been going nuts the last week trying to figure out why I cant land torps on stationary objects...even islands if my ship is in even the slightest turn. Thought it was just me. Anyone hear anything about this being fixed. I play Torpedo DDs mainly and my damage this week dropped off an unbelievable amount. Like to know when I can play them again. Here is the link to the video test Flamu did a week ago. I just would like to know if this issue is being worked on.
  11. CyberKnife

    Fix ranked battles already please

    I used to loved Ranked. I always though Sprint was much easier...and less fun. Ranked used to really shake out the bad players. By the time I would reach the First League the vast majority of players were excellent and it was highly competitive. Especially if you played early in the season. The later you play ranked you end up with the worst players...you want to play early and ride the "wave" of good players down. Once they did away with real Ranked in favor of this perpetual horse dung...watered down Sprint for the window lickers I stopped playing. Ranked was always frustrating at times when you would get bad teams but in the 16 Seasons I played (Ranking out in like the last 9 or 10) I always found that it was highly competitive and challenging once you got below 10 into the 8th rank. Once you got to rank 5 you had amazing players. Those that say you could just play 3000 games and rank out as a Potato ...I saw a few of those but the majority of the players who were in the first league when I played were the cream of the player base. Sprint dumbed everything down. I don't play it. Real ranked used to give me ulcers but when you finally hit Rank 1 ...especially after only a week or 10 days it was an accomplishment. Back in the first 8 or so when you would hit Rank 1 it showed in your friends profile and you would get tons of congratulations. Especially after they started putting all the Names of the players who hit Rank 1 on a list on the homepage. It was an accomplishment. You received tons and tons of doubloon's, Steel and especially flags ...especially in the early years. When you saw after the battle that player had a Rank 1 by their name you were never surprised because they were good. Today "Sprint" ranked is just a never ending season of your worst players. When I see some player has ranked out today they're often awful players and it means nothing anymore. I have never regretted stopping playing after they removed real ranked mode.
  12. OMG BRO! You and all the other CV players should just totally stop playing CV's in protest immediately. You guys don't have to sit still for this type of abuse. The only way to get your message across is to stop playing CVs. Every other class will salute you and your efforts and appreciate how the game is instantly more fun. Sincerely. Yes. Definitely quit playing CVs and teach WG a lesson!
  13. CyberKnife

    10.3 CV nerfs still suck

    Oh man....that really sucks for you CV guys. Perhaps you should all quit in protest and make the game great again with hardly any CV games? Just a thought....I wouldn't put up with this. Definitely quit playing CVs in protest I say. That will have the effect of teaching WG a lesson and making the game fun for everyone again.
  14. CyberKnife

    Should ranked play be completely scrapped and redone?

    There is no "Ranked" anymore. They got rid of real ranked. What we have now is year round Sprint. Played Ranked since the Beta Year and probably ranked out 9 or 10 times. I haven't and won't play this new system. I never liked Sprint and I sure don't want to play it on a year round endless loop.
  15. I only saw a few people that managed to Rank out by sheer number of games. About 99% of the players I saw with Rank 1 were Players that had very high win rates in regular games and were all around good players. The "anyone can get Rank 1" thing was definately started by people that never were able to reach Rank 1 and like to take a dump on the achievement they were unable to reach. "yea man, if I had time to play a bunch of games I could totally rank out"....yea sure. The one or two people I saw do it that were not good players...low to mid 40% it took them something like 800 to 900 games. The reality of Ranked is...you generally end up with the rank you deserve. If it's to exasperating and you quit at Rank 12,....that's the limit of your competitive ability in that specific measure. If you're able to figure out how to save stars and advance in ranks you go further. The first 8 Seasons I had trouble getting to 15. Then one season it clicked and I made Rank 1 10 times and always from 115 ish to 250 battles. You saying if you can't rank out in 147 battles you suck is pretty funny. I know a lot of unicums who had tough years and it took them well into the 200 and even 300 battles. The Old Ranked System was vastly more difficult and required far more skill than Sprint. That was the entire point. To make it more easy and accessable for the masses which found competitive Ranked battle systems too difficult. Sprint is nothing more than a dumbed down, simplified and easier version of Ranked that runs all the time letting you easily keep that Sprint Rank up at 1 as long as you're willing to spent the time. I used to Rank out in Sprint in 1 game session. Real Ranked took me in the low 130s average games to get Ranked 1 10 times. It was frustrating. Difficult. Exposed you to better and better players as you got into the single digits and really intense blow Rank 5. I run WoWs Monitor and you could see the Win Rates and skill level of the players on the teams rise exponentially from Rank 6is to 1. Ranking out meant something. Today nearly every game you play both teams are fully stacked with players at Rank 1 and hordes just below 1. In real Ranked if you saw a Rank 1 on your team at the end of the game ...especially early in the Season...their stats in the game matched that rank. Today everyone and their brother is up there. Diluted. It's a tiny Participation Trophy for you sitting there on a table with tens of thousands of them anyone who cared to show up walks away with. It used to mean something when it was hard to earn. That "anyone could get it before" nonsense has been laughable for a long time. I found your Rank in the end screen in the old days matched up perfectly with your game performance...from Unicums top Player and Rank 1 to the first killed bottom of the list Rank 25 or 18 after the cut off the Ranks in the 20s. Nothing but a thing people who didn't have the skill or patience to compete tell themselves to avoid having face the fact that their inability to advance was due to their skill level and not something they chose not to due because "anyone could do it" so I didn't bother. I don't care what you say. That old Ranked was hard and required a moderately good player to really up and adapt their game to get to Rank 1.