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  1. LordPanqueque

    Everything wrong about the CVS

    I dont know who had this horrible idea and how in the hell the dev team actually though players were gonna like this. First off, the damage of cvs is ridiculous low and the logic is WAY WORSE. Im with a tier 6 CV, and i have 9 FRIGGING PLANES FLYING WITH ME AND THEY ONLY DROP 2 TORPEDOES, OR BOMBS. WHY IN HELL THEN I HAVE 9 PLANES TAGGING ALONG? CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN ME? IF THEY ARE NOT IN THE RUN WHY DO THEY TAG WITH MY 2 PLANES TO GET SHOT DOWN FOR DOING NOTHING? because those extra 7 plains also get hit by the ridiculous strong AA batteries. Even destroyers take down my planes, DESTROYERS who have 2 AA torrets attached to their ships.... Im basically watching my planes get wreck by literally any ship to be able to do 3k, 5k dmg if im lucky per round.... Its so dumb the logic to run a squad of 9 planes from which only 2 will fire per round, but all of them are hit by the AA batteries and tag along with you on you runs... Im quitting playing CVS untill they give them a total rework. Also, what happened with the "with great risks also come great rewards"??? cause its so damn hard to not get shot down, to land your bombs, torpedoes on ships to end doing crap damage. Why even to bother playing cv?
  2. lo que este en mi mente esta todo en español asi que dudo mucho que lo puedas entender :P

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  4. a sandwich of Parma ham