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  1. TrevzorFTW

    Musings of a pirate

    Being a pirate was a blasty! It was good seeing all the folks that I remember again as well as seeing the new and excited folks out and about. Love ya guys!
  2. I remember that fight... Sorry, I didn't sink easy
  3. I'll think about it, but I don't know that I will feel comfortable taking money from people even if it is for shipping. Don't count on a yes :( That candy... never again! Wargaming left me!!! jk jk jk When Wargaming moved to Austin, I elected to stay in California closer to my family. My last day was March 30th You got that backwards, my dude. Niko split long before the Emeryville office closed. I was there until the bitter end
  4. What up everybody!? Bet you guys didn't expect to see this here It's Pirate Fleet weekend and I just couldn't stay away! Not only that, but I have some nifty stuff that I have laying about that I think some of you folk would like. So, seeing that I am included in this already awesome giveaway event, I reached out to your glorious Community Team and asked if they would be cool with having a secondary giveaway related to Pirate Fleet. Guess what? THEY SAID YES! Bwahahahahahaha! So here we go. A super non-official, non-Wargaming, giveaway of some neat World of Warships and Wargaming stuffs! Below is a video with all of the details for the giveaway. I hope you guys have fun this weekend! I certainly will be! *note* I will be asking verifying questions. I don't like scammers. GOOD LUCK OUT THERE, CAPTAINS!
  5. TrevzorFTW

    Hunt on the High Seas - The Pirate Bounty

    We can all dream