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  1. alex08060

    How do you Co-op players generate enough credits?

    For me it's mostly operations with the preium ships, camo and flags.
  2. alex08060

    Coal burning a hole in my pocket

    Thanks for the advise as I was going to get Yoshino until this thread, now I will just coal grind for the Thunder only.
  3. alex08060

    ask and ye shall receive: Kitakami is BACK!

    Things has changed since start so she is not going to do as well as start, also tier 10 has a lot of radar ships.
  4. Well the game does require team work to make the ships successful seeing how slow they are. If you want to depend on less team work the other BB line is available.
  5. The only free ship you will get from the event is a good tier 6 CA.
  6. alex08060

    USS Florida -- Tier VII Premium BB

    Looking at the stat, it's way better than the Colorado. That 27 knot
  7. alex08060

    How to Improve the CV Game

    CV haters will demand AA buffs if this ever happens.
  8. alex08060

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    2 million free xp, that's the only way they will make money out of it since they don't sell tier 10 ships.
  9. alex08060

    What is with all the overpens of late.

    They are telling us to aim better ?????
  10. I see that they will also sell the Florida nice
  11. alex08060

    ask and ye shall receive: Kitakami is BACK!

    When you TK by accident, the system doesn't allow you to join randoms until you finished 3 matches in Co-op and you don't TK by accident.
  12. alex08060

    Would AP on all rocket planes be accepted?

    And let CL/CA and BB get more attacks ?
  13. alex08060

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    Radar is going to be the bane of this ship.
  14. alex08060

    Your thoughts on the British Lines? What do you think?

    The Conqueror Used to be good with 18 inch guns before the cry babies went to WG and have it removed.