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  1. Francois424

    AA increase on PTS - a concern

    AA is completely useless if it cannot PREVENT (Or at the very least reduce) your planes' drops. Because you have unlimited airplanes at your disposal, who cares if you wipe your squad? And I say that with a neutral tone, not a angry one. Each rockets/bombs you hit on any type of ships not only has a chance at reasonable damage (a 5-8k hit at t10 isn't too shabby, considering you could do 2-3 passes on some ships) but you add the fire chance on that too, and the reduction of those AA mounts, Secondary mounts, and possible use of the DCP to repair engine/flooding if torpedoes. Again: Unlimited planes just means that as long as you get to drop your ordinance at least once (and hit, but face it with practice this will become a non-issue) it's a win-win situation for you, the CV captain. Not all ships should be AA terrors. Of course not ! But an Atlanta needs to be able to escort my Bismarck no problem, especially with the consumable, without having to ram me around to have a chance at getting your planes. You should not be able to lay a bomb on me. However if I am alone? I should be your food to play with. Now with a Texas? Nope. though luck CVs. With some BBs you should pay for your chance to drop. And forget USN cruisers. That's fair, and that's balanced. You want unlimited planes? No problem (honest), but that have to heavily be paid for ! If it was me, the AA consumable would become as unlimited as your planes, and mounts (and DP guns if ships have any) would be indestructible (by air attacks) as well. Unlimited planes skews the entire balance and IMHO it's a mistake.
  2. Francois424

    Yet another poll on CV's

    Before the rework ? No. I like having CVs in the game. After the rework? Yes. They are too OP in their current state because of the way AA divide it's damage amongst all the planes of the squad (instead of per plane, peeling them off one by one like before), thus making it impossible to stop/reduce a strike's power... If my AA doesn't do squat in time (and don't forget unlimited planes, ofc), then I don't want CVs. But they aren't going away.
  3. Francois424

    Flamu tries CV Rework

    More worried of the stacking DoT in games where you'll have 2 to 4 CVs. It'll get nasty quick, especially in a Division of CVs (and face it, it will happen). If you cannot prevent planes from dropping all their load as an AA-specced T10 USN Cruiser... bad day.
  4. Francois424

    Flamu tries CV Rework

    They just need to deplane the squads the exact opposite od how it works in the current iteration of the rework. Ie: Lead planes of your current attack squad first, one plane at a time instead of all the squad soaking the damage and no planes being lost. By killing the active (ie: planes who are gonna drop on you), you mitigate the current strike potential, reducing torps/rockets/bombs that you will eat, and forcing the CV to do another pass and so on. Planes that get taken out and replaced soon enough in the assault as back planes come forward needs to have worse accuracy (ie: being panicked), but can still drop. Your just gonna have a weird drop pattern. Doing that, current AA power is quite enough (just look at the damage planes in the squad takes) it it strikes me as a good middle ground. As for infinite planes, they just have to make the reload slower. If you lose an entire squad, they need to regenerate slower... If you lose a squad again ? Even slower... which I suspect is more the way WG is going to/should balance the whole thing. But the soaking of dmg thru the WHOLE SQUAD before some planes start to die needs to go. AA *needs* to have an effect BEFORE the CV drops on you. My 2 cents on the current iteration.
  5. Francois424

    Flamu tries CV Rework

    Agreed, have you seen the score chart at the end of that battle? Almost exclusively CVs had the kills. And the only reason damage went down is because they ran out of BBs to kill, haha. Imagine this in random with 4 CVs, 4 BBs, 2 DDs, and 2 Cruisers? EDIT: The AA is next to useless. T10 CVs vs T10 ships, the AA damages the entire squad before it starts taking down planes. Now that is just wrong, they should put it the way it was before, which is plane by plane. If they do not, you can at your leisure swoop in and land 2 good strikes even on a DesMoines. Now that's wrong too. Especially since CV have unlimited planes. Leave AA power as it is now, but have the carrier shed planes more often, just not all at once in the last 5sec of standing in the AA bubble for nearly 20-30sec... take one off, then another, then another... like it used to be. Let's see how that change goo, then maybe adjust ease of panic on those planes as well if it's not enough.
  6. Being on the receiving end will suck... We're pretty close to what CBT was. Sure there's less immediate damage, but with games getting many carriers you're gonna get swarmed by all kinds of planes. In a match I've watched on the public test, one poor fella got attacked by all 4 enemy carriers. 3 fires + a flooding. Not a chance. In fact it was flooding galore happening everywhere. Then a DD smoked up, and 5 waves of torps happened to his smoke (one carrier dropped twice in it's attack run). Also AA is pretty much useless because of one reason. The damage inflicted on a squad seems to be divided amongst the plane in said squad. Previously, you killed one plane, then another, then another. Not it seems like it's nothing for a while, them WHAM! the squad looses 1/3rd to half it's planes. So you always eat bombs/fish/rockets. ( Hence getting lit on multiple spots and possibly flooded too... It's not that much a big deal of only one carrier, but 2 and above and it's good night ! Nevermind the surface ships shooting at you and DDs torping you too heh ) My original thoughts on the rework still stands to this day. It's going to get very ugly soon(tm). Is it an improvement? No. It's far worse.
  7. I miss the 150 flags we used to get from a SC... SC who where far more common. I never got a ship, but I almost always got something useful. Not had a SC in a very VERY long time.
  8. Francois424

    Cause & Effect / PVP vs. PVE

    I would like a regular "Hard coop" as a type of game at middle top better. operations can be a pain with timeouts and other restrictions, and WG might rework the rewards to make it not worth it. Just a regular mode you can switch in the menu before hitting play, no special mechanics/rewards/restrictions, other than getting your backside blown off by 2-vs-1 odds. Get a crap team and you're done for.
  9. Francois424

    Cause & Effect / PVP vs. PVE

    PvE needs that "+1 bot per human player" I read a year ago or so (forgot by whom). A coop with 8vs16 was being tested 2 years ago, call it hard mode and I would have at it a lot. With some PvE players I have met, this would be very fun. Also having some achievements rewarding 1-2 Flags (as opposed to 5 in PvP) would be good. I mean some of us whales like Coop more than PvP (for different reasons). But yeah same rewards than PvP would make me very happy, and I would just continue playing Coop. There's already way WAY more players in Coop than there was 1-2 years ago. It was common to have half a team of bots by T7, and 80%+ by tiers 8 and over. Now it's not uncommon to have full player teams from t2 thru t10. I feel many players made the switch roughly around xmas 2017 and stuck around.
  10. Hell yes. We Japan BB players have been whining and complaining to WarGaming for a very long time now. I got the Kii and Mutsu, but they're port queens. I only took them out recently because of the snowflakes event. I love playing the ARP Kongos but sadly, they aren't full premiums (missing credit multiplier). Ishizuchi is ok with the buffs it has received, Mikasa is still waiting for a secondary buff to base 5km, then nothing really worthwhile (imho) until T9 with the Musashi. There's a lot of tiers to cover properly with nice a nice BB or 3. Something non-gimmicky (no reload boost, speed boost, AA boost, torpedoes, etc). Just use those "balance points" to make a good BB. Tier 5 thru 7 would be my choice. Played Nagato for the first time since about 4 months with snowflakes event, ended up with a 100k game. I had forgotten how much of a basic, good BB it was. I'm not opposed to anything outside said tiers. Say the Satsuma with 6x twin 10 inches and 2x twin 12 inches. And before someone says "blah blah different shell characteristics" just make like a DD torp spread mechanics, press "3" and you control the 10", press 3 again, and back to 12" or something. It also had 20 secondary batteries.... But the meat of the subject stands, a good BB of tier 5-to-7 would be preferable.

  11. Merry Christmas and Thanks for the Santa Crate 30 Dragon Signals came in handy.

  12. Francois424

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    I did about 40 ships today, which makes this my biggest game session in a very, very long time. I recon I am about halfway thru with the eligible ships I own. Great time for this as I need some more free XP...880k/1'000k
  13. 60$ Canadian. was a good deal. Even tho I cannot use it on World of Tanks, I am semi-retired from that game eversince they added gold ammo for credits (and started balancing tanks around said gold ammo). 363 days of premium @ 65% exp... so nice. Thanks for the heads-up and Thanks for WG too.
  14. Hey all, I thought I would indulge a bit because starting Christmas vacation today. If you're interested, here's my haul this year, for 20 mega gifts (About 100 CAD) : 30 Leviathan 20 New Year Streamer Prinz Eugen (Worth 61$ CAD) 20 New Year Streamer 30 Scylla 20 New Year Streamer 20 New Year Streamer 30 Hydra 30 Ouroboros 20 New Year Streamer 30 Red Dragon 30 Wyvern 5 Mosaic 20 New Year Streamer 30 Dragon 5 Asian Lantern 2000 Doublons (Worth 13$ CAD) 30 Hydra 30 Wyvern 2000 Doublons (Worth 13$ CAD) So all and all, I am under by about 15$. the flags are nice for sure, especially since I am a coop main guy, but I didn't make up my investment IMHO. Am I satisfied? yeah... but not as joyous as last xmas. If I had gotten a load of coal on top of that haul, say replacing a stack of New year or other flag, I would be happy. It could've paid for the Charleston. In any case, happy holidays everyone, and I hope health and santa are nice on you !
  15. Francois424

    Dreadnought's missing item...what is it?

    Dreadnought is still missing as a stand alone purchase from the shop. Looking forward to when it is... Charleston too as 15000 coal is a bit too step imho. I hope it gets it's rear secondary, I doubt it'll fire often with my playstyle ( ) but it might be fun when it does.