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  1. They should change it to only be able to give +1's The trolls use it to prevent the number from getting up. Other than that it serves absolutely no purpose. If at least you got a notification after the battle "Someone liked your performance in this battle" it'd be a nice pat in the back.
  2. Co-op difficulty needs a boost

    Operation is not the same as what veteran Co-op players want. It's always the same things, with trying to make due with players on our team and trying to get by with the established strategies. I'm talking random coop mode (like the regular) with more twist to it. It's not the amount of Coop mode but rather giving players other options. Call it advanced CoOp and make random game modes 8vs10/12/16, Boss fight (8 tiers 2-4 taking down say... a Yamato or a Bismarck) etc... and give flag rewards like PvP because wining these will be hard. You're right on something tho, we don't *need* more coop modes. Neither does PvP need additional modes. But if it gives your players more option and keep them playing/paying, isn't it a good thing?
  3. Never thought I'd say this, but I miss old T10 gameplay of CBT/OBT. Having lots of potential with IJN Long range torpedoes, no radar, BBs having better turn circles (CVs having far more power too to offset), almost no gimmicks except smoke/speed boost/Emergency AA... And that old ice maps with icebergs, man I miss that map, it was so fun to play. Why can't I get a Kitakami anymore? Oh and if I had my way (which thankfully for many players will never happen) Fires would get nerfed to damned hard for all classes (I'd remove HE from BBs, and make current fire prevention a two point skill with another type of fire prevention for a 3 points skill). I'd bring back the CV/DD>BB>CR/CL>DD so hard you'd never hear the end of whining on these forums. That being said, Keeping hydro and even boosting it a bit for tiers 9-10 an getting rid of radar would be a good beginning. Without touching much else and I still want the CV rework.
  4. Co-op difficulty needs a boost

    I'm kind of hoping they don't buff them. Co-Op is fun and allows for some unorthodox strategies that would make many a PvP player cringe (and karma bombing you, even tho you end up top of the chart after the match). Buffing the numbers a bit, or introducing a mode where you have say 8vs12 or 8vs16 would be far more fun (especially with low tier premiums). But making bots light more fires abusing game mechanics the way players can to keep you burning/flooding, and break the rules even more would just make Co-op boring and drive away those that like it. Not to mention if they start camping in the corners too... oh man... :( (And no I don't think they'd go PvP. I started as a HC PvP player here, and I had enough one day and never looked back). I think if thy want to up difficulty of co-op, offer a new co-op mode (say advanced mode) or 8 vs 12 mode and let us play that (with more xp, maybe reward flags at 40% value from PvP numbers), then that would perk me up into playing said harder mode. My 2 cents.
  5. Co-op difficulty needs a boost

    The only thing I would like in Co-op, and I cannot take credit for it as it was suggested by another player, is to increase the number of bots by one for each two players there are on the human team. That way, with a full 8 players, you'd get 4 extra bots on the enemy team. Now in some games, that would have been a death sentence (we get potatoes even in coop... sometimes I am one of them as I do mistakes), but it would make the games interesting and give more targets to shoot at. Really? Bots are already deadly tiers 7+. I hope they don't start spamming HE like in PvP, now that might just make me reconsider keeping playing. ><
  6. Prince of Wales

    Hey all, long time, no post. ( This is my personal, open request to WarGaming. Feel free to chime in as well. ) Hello WarGaming, Been with you since World of tanks somewhere in late 2011 I think. Now almost only playing on World of Warships. I would like to make a personal request of your ship designing, balancing, and premium team(s): I have been a Battleship player ever since I first unlocked the Kawachi back in CBT, however my most treasured battleship has been the WarSpite for as long as I remember. Sure I don't really play the old girl as much as I did back then (mostly because of T6 MM but also because I am more playing Yamato/Musashi and other high tier vessels). Now, HMS Prince of Wales is wide open for premium material, and should you ever make her a possible premium in-game, this is where my request kicks-in ! >> Make me another WarSpite please, a T8 variant ! << No ultra-dupah heal like some UK BBs, no Anti-air gimmicks(Hood), no speed boosts, no special consumables (Hydro, radar, reload booster, etc). Absolutely nothing. WarSpite relies on her guns, on her agility, on her brawling(tho it was power-crept since CBT - still manage a DD kill with them every now and then). Not to mention player skill/positioning. Just a basic, sturdy ship with good guns characteristics, good secondaries and agility (well as much as the Prince of Wales lend itself to it, size-wise). Of course the Grand Old Lady isn't as sturdy and good as she was in CBT, but a Prince of Wales might just be able to pull it off at tier 8. That's it. if you really want to do something special with her, just give her tons of resistance against fires and good secondaries. Thanks for listening, and thanks for the Massachusetts btw, haven't had this much fun since Mikasa/WarSpite of CBT. -- François.
  7. +1 for Ark Royal and Fantasque. On another note, I would personally hope for (finally) another DD with long range torpedoes (not deep torpedoes for the love of god). Say a tier 6 dd with 12km or t7/8 with 15km would be nice. That's the reason I don't own any premium DD beside super crates or for lolz (Okhotnik)... Gimme one that can play the stealth torp boat that IJN excel at. If the French fit the bill, then I can finally buy a premium DD. +1 for Alaska and Dreadnought. Speaking of Dreadnoughts, increase secondary range of Mikasa, and make sure HMS Dreadnought has good secondaries as well. Those are the best BBs, especially at lower tiers (tho Massachusetts is pretty sweet in that regards). Battlecruiser Invincible would be a fantastic addition at T4. So would the French Armored Cruiser "Edgar Quinet" which is kinda like St. Louis, but with guns of higher caliber, but half the reload time (~15sec). Read about it on the wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_cruiser_Edgar_Quinet I would really love that thing, it's right up my alley (say T4) I also want a good IJN Battleship. Not a hull-A down-tiered. Something with a lot of Armor and innate Fire resistance. Like an IJN Hood (ok Hood sucks against fires, but you see my point)... an IJN BB that can tank damage and live long. USN got a lot of nice/great BBs now, I hope IJN get their turn (for a good/great one).
  8. Why not take this opportunity to increase the range on Mikasa's Secondaries? WG has made it clear that they are more open to long range secondaries, and Mikasa could definitely use 4 or even 5km base range, as it's kind of it's main armament. I think it's about time this happens. imho.
  9. Massachusetts is for sale

    Just bought it... I had my John Doe captain, and as an Atlanta main, he fit perfectly in the Massachusetts. First game, 133k credits, 2 kills - a BB and a DD (also nailed 7 planes) 137,934 dmg (42.718 main guns, 16.495 secondaries w/311 hits, 78.721 fires) Thank you WG, it'll fit nicely in my collection of Brawlers. Now soon I'll have enough points for IFHE *Rubs hands*
  10. Steven Seagal Voice gone?

    Yeah a necro, but I have this problem too, so it is still actual. So props for the resurrection. Hopefully WG will fix even tho it IS minor.
  11. « Fire from HE guns to everything is making game increasingly less enjoyable » FTFY.
  12. Musashi, I'm ready and waiting.

    That would suck a lot... Tho It would save me money. I already have 786k free XP saved either way because I didn't need an English or American ship. But I do need an IJN
  13. Gimmicks: Speed Boosts, Defensive AA, Hydro, Torps on a BB (especially bad ones), those are gimmick. Mutsu is crap... I have it and it gets deleted too quickly. Hood DOES have a gimmick, true, but the CORE battleship is okay. It can tank at least. And yeah funny that a gimmick-full BB is the best of the recent releases. That's just ridiculous. I just want a Nagato clone at tier 7. Plain battleship with no gimmicks. I'm not alone spending money, you like Mutsu? np buy it and have fun. I don't like the IJN premium BBs so far.
  14. Well for me I am much more critical of the premium ships I am buying. The reason is simple: I already bought a lot of premiums, and am mostly satisfied with them. The only thing I am missing is a good, sturdy, IJN premium battleship. So far they have all been disappointments (Still waiting for a clone of Nagato or something like it... Accurate and good BB provided you don't open-up too much). In DDs I want torpedoes and a lot of range with them In cruisers, I want sturdiness (ie: T4 Edgar Quinet would be very interesting if done properly). In BB, I want more WarSpite/Mikasa/Nagato... Mikasa has lots of secondaries and is pure brawler, WarSpite was just the best before power-creep and still is good today, Nagato is a very good BB and I could use a premium of that. Secondary range should be extended by 2km on all these 3 ships, but that's another subject entirely. I also hate gimmicks. A speed boost on a BB? I mean come on. I would NEVER spend "Ship points" to build a ship with such a crappy "power-up". Give me more turn radius/Rudder shift instead, or drop my reload from 32/34sec to 28/25sec and forget the gimmicks. Suffice it to say not a lot of interesting candidate happened this year for me. Hood was very fun/decent but I still need to play her more... Looking forward to more basic, gimmick-less BBs in the future. And If I am to purchase one, I want it at least equal to the tech tree counterpart. A premium Nagato needs to feel like a Nagato. Maybe remove it's AA by 2/3rd and increase secondarie and range there off, or throw in more armor and reduce speed by 3 kts. Make it a better brawler without torps.
  15. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    I'm getting really tired of getting sub-par IJN premium BBs. And when a new IJN premium BB gets announced we get the "Another Premium BB, did we really need another one" ... Can I just PLEASE get a good IJN Premium BB WarGaming... Just this ONE TIME ? (oh and fix Mikasa's secondaries' range while at it) That'll be all. Thank you for the review Mouse, as usual.