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  1. Francois424

    BBs in Co-op

    Those are the best games !
  2. Francois424

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    The only way I'd ever support starting over, would be a new server you can opt-in when loging-in. That server would have HARDCORE rock-paper-scissors mechanics and old RTS carriers. What is hardcore RPS? IFHE does not exist, HE exists only on DDs, no radar (hydro is there), and we get great torps back on IJN DDs. Of course this is not enough, all the overpowered B/S that creeped in needs to be adjusted HARD. If anyone has premium ships, when they log into the new server, they get the adjusted equivalent. You could play on the current (regular) or the new one, or both. If ppl like the unbalanced, HE spamming, power-crept with stupid economies and currencies current server? they can play on it. If ppl want to start on a real skill-based server they can play the new one. It's not happening... It's never happening, and ZOUP should know better. The best WG can do now id reign in the disgusting metas and fix the game the way customers like(d) it. Or they can continue inflating/OverPowering ships until the game dies. Their choice, not mine.
  3. Francois424

    Buff German BB's

    Armor became quite irrelevant since they added, and continue to add more HE spamming cancer-ships. The buff to Fire prevention helped but quite inadequate in the current meta. If we are to buff German BBs, they really need their survivability back and I don't care how WG does it.
  4. I honestly don't understand why the Germans (And dedicated secondary ships, like Mikasa) aren't getting ALL the secondary perks. I mean French are better in some cases, Americans are FAR better now. What is WG waiting for before baking in the better accuracy and IFHE advantages into these ships? Let the National flavor of German boats rise up again. It's not a popular opinion, but I'd rather they keep their drunk main gunners if it means WG buff their survivability to get in secondary range and that the secondaries really are more than show. If the Bismarck needs enhanced fire resistance / more superstructure damage resistance / better secondaries to be a good ship again, then do it. Oh well
  5. The problem is that Massachusetts has the improved secondary dispersion that is given to a few ships in the game. Where our poor Bismarck and many other German ships who are SUPPOSED to be the best secondary ships in the game, does not. I'd rather WarGaming improved the secondaries on German ships with the best mechanics currently implemented than boost the main batteries. If you want to buff accuracy/reload of something go with the secondaries for them... Some German ships could use better secondary range as well. It shouldn't be reserved only to BBs and only T8+. But I agree, I replayed mine as well, and it was nothing special. I did not even notice an improvement on the secondary performance. Maybe with more game I'll notice something, we shall see.
  6. Francois424

    Worst Premium ship in game

    Fixed for Mikasa, thanks. As for Mutsu, I am not bothering with blueprints or anything; she's supposedly using the "Dreadnought Hull" of the Nagato... Personally, I am just trying to make her fun, and since she features torps I was trying to push the brawler route with her. I did get citadelled from all sides no matter what angling I did. She also caught fires far too often as well which really did not help. I really tried to make her work but ultimately couldn't, so she became a port queen. It's a darned shame since she is beautiful, IJN, and I really want as many IJN captain trainers as I can. Being T6 is pretty nice as well !
  7. Francois424

    Worst Premium ship in game

    [ Mikasa ] All Mikasa needs is 5km 6km base range on her secondaries. Easy fix tho might not be enough for PvP, can be boosted a bit more if needed. And/Or: Make it so the AI controls the 2x2 305's instead of the secondaries, and allow player to control the secondaries (Keeping the range buff on the small calibers). It's not like they don't have this mechanic already (post-apocalyptic scenarios had that on some ships). I feel that for pre-dreadnoughts this would be an amazing gameplay. Hopefully paving the way for more pre-dreadnoughts in the future ! [ Mutsu ] The #1 option on my list is to lower her into the water... Lower her citadel. If I wasn't eating them left/right/front/back/center, then it would be a start and would feel better and more fun. Other than that, I would only increase her secondaries' range to a base of 6km. This ship performs well as a brawler (< 8km range) and has torpedoes to help her with that. She just lack survivability and secondary range. Giving her better fire resistance would be great as well... No immunities, but something that would make her less likely to be set ablaze by everything out there on almost every shot. Thank You. .
  8. Francois424

    New code for French missions no Co-op, thanks for nothing

    After a while, you get tired of players abusing game mechanics to the fullest (perma fires, and other garbage). And some guys have either superhuman luck, or just that good as marksmen. Without Coop I wouldn't have hung around for as long as I did, nor sunk any money past the second month of official release. Game's PvP is an absolute un-fun mess to me, but at least in Co-Op I find my due and still have a lot of fun... for now. Agreed that is sucks for events. If anything you can blame WG for you playing(paying) less because you don't play these events.
  9. Francois424

    What is your favorite BB for Co-op

    Scharnhorst If not, WarSpite is a close second, and I like the Arizona. With all the power-creeping going on tho, I am having a hard time settling on anything since about... ~8 months ago The game isn't as "Stable" as it once was. Scharny is still my favorite tho.
  10. Francois424

    Worst Premium ship in game

    All Mikasa needs is 5km base range on her secondaries. Dumb and easy fix.... might not be enough for PvP, but can be boosted a bit more if needed. And/Or: Make it so the AI controls the 2x2 305's instead of the secondaries, and allow player to control the secondaries. It's not like they don't have this mechanic already (post-apocalyptic scenarios had that on some ships). To me the worst ship is the Mutsu. Paper-thin armor. Burns too easily. Secondaries (like Mikasa's) are too short of a range. Just forget getting over-tiered. She BARELY manages against her own tier. If you get T7 or T8's you're just [censored]. And a Kongo is a ***FAR*** better ship in every regards... As a T5. Now let that sink in. Absolute piece of Garbage.
  11. RTS was a better system than the rework. Yes, it needed a few small tweak (which many veteran CV players of the time were more than happy to suggest) The more time elapse, and the more time and money WG is forced to waste adjusting it, the more I hate it with a passion. It was a major mistake and they really should just can it already. YMMV.
  12. Francois424

    New Coal ships

    Dunno but I'd like more variety. Maybe another T2 pre-dread, (Mikasa's Russian Rival?) Maybe the T4 French Protected cruiser Edgar Quinet (I've been wanting this premium for a while now, tho coal is good as well) - basically an heavier half RoF St-Louis, but with 14 × 194 mm (7.6 in) guns 20 × 65 mm (2.6 in) guns 2 × 450 mm (18 in) torpedo tubes Now the tubes are usually axed in World of Warships, the 20x 65mm is Mikasa level of secondaries (tho usual t4 secondary range is crap) Not only T9/10 ships is the gist of my rambling. T8 has lost it's luster as well. Except if they offered a Coal purchasable Kitakami -- Oh I'd be all over that. Anything below T8 is good. Bonus points if it's ships we rarely see these days (Low dmg/quick reload stealty torp DD with decent range on torps, Anti-HE ships (great to awesome HE resistance), and so on).
  13. Francois424

    "Super"Cruisers - anyone else?

    They burn too much, which means they are easy kill for HE spamming cruisers -- of course you get to citadel cruisers easier with this than say, most other cruisers... but so can you with a regular BB They get owned by BBs easier than if you where to play another BB instead. So you get owned by HE just the same and by BB almost just the same. Why play these again? If they really would be to hunt other cruisers as WG and other seem to maintain, then they would need HE resistance like nothing else. It would really make super cruisers special and warrant them getting owned by BBs. They would indeed be "in-between" in the food chain. But no, instead they made them burn like BBs because reasons. Agility/AA wise, it's not something outstanding. They aren't bad either, but nothing special. Concealment? Meh. You'd better play a Zao or something amongst those lines. They have their moment, but they do not rub on me. I'd rather play (or have) another CR/CL, or DD, or BB on my team instead. Much more worthwhile. IMHO the key to cementing their place in the X>Y>Z>X is to make them super resistant to Fires at the very least. I'd even make them immune. If you're a HE spamming Cruiser -- you're f**ked. (Immune remember?) If you're a light caliber AP cruiser? still fuc**d (Better armor than cruisers) if you're a BB, DD, or CV? you own the Super Cruisers. That's how I would fix them.
  14. Francois424

    So tired I accidentally clicked 'try your luck'

    Gratz, haven't done try your luck in years... Not only the rewards kinda suck right now (unless you hit something like coal/steel and good effin luck) but the chance have been severely lowered from the 1st game year.
  15. Yes to removing mercy rule Also for more opponent, Credit goes to some unknown guy I(forgot whom) who said: for each 2 human players, add one bot. This would be great as if you play at odd hours and you're the only human, you don't want 12 enemies. But if we're a full team? Sure.