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  1. Francois424

    So tired I accidentally clicked 'try your luck'

    Gratz, haven't done try your luck in years... Not only the rewards kinda suck right now (unless you hit something like coal/steel and good effin luck) but the chance have been severely lowered from the 1st game year.
  2. Yes to removing mercy rule Also for more opponent, Credit goes to some unknown guy I(forgot whom) who said: for each 2 human players, add one bot. This would be great as if you play at odd hours and you're the only human, you don't want 12 enemies. But if we're a full team? Sure.
  3. yes please ! This is one ship I really want since Beta. I just hope they don't put her behind a stupid line regrind or other B/S requirements. I know how NOT to TK with torpedoes already and as a casual I want this to be available. If it needs some kind of wall, make it coal ! at least I can grind that slowly even with my limited play time. 12-15-20k torpedo choices would nail it correctly. Everyone play like they want it.
  4. Francois424

    CC Summit 2019: CV Rework Video

    possibly yes, the thought had occurred to me. Still, Flamu's question did trigger the largest of grins on my face.
  5. Francois424

    CC Summit 2019: CV Rework Video

    Remember that this was pre-8.5 Flamu's question was very well worded. It amounted to this : "Are you okay with the class with the most survivability also having the most damage?" To which it took a very long time for the representative to even articulate an answer. The entire answer can be summarized by: "Oh they have huge damage numbers because they can rack it up at the end of the match" Which does not answer the question much now does it ? It explains the numbers but not answer the concern that was raised. This was mostly fixed in 8.5 tho. So there's that.
  6. I remember reading that, and WG saying the original plan was to allow 4 CVs per side. During the Closed test of the CVs after playing a few rounds, I was telling that no way 4 CVs per side would be possible, that it's would be disgusting. WG went ahead with a slightly nerfed CV from the Closed test, and limited them at 2 per side. The only way 4 CV per side would be possible is if they did not have DOT and AA would work to prevent a strike given a strong enough aura. Something would have to be done about the spotting too, if not 4 CVs is impossible to balance. I'd even go as far as limiting how far planes can fly from the CV (like the maximum range circle you get on surface ships). But yeah they definitely failed on what you said.
  7. Funny how it was so much OP and even then, I feel it was the better system.
  8. Francois424

    In what ship do you have the most Co-op battles?

    Total battles : 2,274 Mikasa, w/248 battles. After that it's WarSpite, Gneisenau, Texas and Scharnhorst in the mid 100's ... It gets too diluted after that.
  9. The rework was met with opposition because there was no way to mitigate a strike. - Automatically getting thru no matter what the defending ship does is B/S. - Slingshotting is B/S - Forcing the already super-stressed DCP even more is B/S. Which is why the Pre-8.0 system was much much better. If you messed-up, you got destroyed in one strike (like getting citadelled on Cruisers or caught with your pants down on a DD, or getting close-proximity torped by DD in a BB). But if you played well, you could turn into the torps, shootdown 1-5 planes who would not get replaced. Finite plane hangar and all. Patch 8.5 **still** gives the player no way to mitigate a strike (unless the CV player is quite inexperienced), which is still absolute B/S. But at least it brought the plane kills to pre-8.0 level. It would be like BB's first turret will ALWAYS hit no matter what (if the BB aimed well), and could do some fire or flooding on top. Doesn't matter if you angle, and if you took any consumables/commander build/ship module you take, you always eat the first 2-3 shells from that turret. It would be B/S too. If they want to keep the arcady gameplay of post-8.0 fine. I don't like it, but fine... ego and all. But they need to fix the mechanics to bring them as close to pre-8.0 as possible. Right now I feel we have a good balance, maybe need to address tier 4 CVs and some that are too weak. But as long as the B/S of the automatic first strike isn't addressed, I'm not opened to re-buffing CV or reducing AA. Start by giving CV controllable fighters and ship hull as well. Those shouldn't have been taken away. It was an absolute mess, and in many regards it still is.
  10. Depends on your style... To me it's Scharnhorst for sure.
  11. Francois424

    CV Stat's

    Ppl will flock to Flavor of the Month (or patch cycle). Carriers where extremely good for 4 months (up until 8.5 hit) so ppl flocked to them. Now that they are reigned-in, ppl will go back to BBs or CLs, whatever they can make work for them to do obscene amount of damage (With citadels or IFHE/Fire spamming).
  12. Francois424

    Attn WG: Commander XP = junk

    Agreed. Not everyone is drowning in 19pts commander. I'd gladly take free commander xp to finish grinding my German commander, and stashing some away for Jingles. Commander XP is especially good for Coop players, Like it or hate it.
  13. Francois424

    WG if you want me spending my FXP

    really? where do I do that from... commander stats? Great news tho for me =)
  14. Francois424

    Jingles to re-record his lines! - Update

    Do we know when to expect this commander to be available? It seems it's been a thing for 6 months and still no concrete Jingles to buy. At least let us buy the Jingles right now and patch the voice over in a later patch
  15. Francois424

    WG if you want me spending my FXP

    I'd buy commander XP vouchers with free XP if I could. That would be nice