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  1. Francois424

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    If you think ppl would scream and whine at the current iteration of CVs, you just wait until this one goes live. I can only assume there's going to be massive nerfing of damage capabilities before this releases, because what you can do now is in many levels even worse than what you could do before. Of course the Dot / HE / Fire / Flooding (which will get worse) issues plaguing WoWS right now only makes the rework even more deadly. The thing in the rework that makes it annoying is the vulnerability of the Carrier itself, it's far worse than before. Once the chivalry code of no CV sniping goes out the windows when this rework hits life... ouch. Don't believe me? think I'm exaggerating? Sign-in for the BETA or/and watch Youtube videos. May the WG gods have mercy on our souls.
  2. Francois424

    CV Rework Feedback

    That's what I figured. I guess I shall alternate. Gives me a chance to try some cruisers I don't own on my main account. Tho I really signed to test CVs, not to play yamatoes or woosters. But I get their point. thanks for the heads-up !
  3. Francois424

    CV Rework Feedback

    Played one game today. Complete newb as I expected, and I kept pressing "F" thinking that was the attack formation keyboard button. Finally it was mouse button. Didn't do much, but got the hang of it on second part of the game. Managed to do 20k damage before match ended. Now I noticed the service fees are 5 million (why???), so I can't play that carrier any more as the fight only gave me 50k profit. That aside, planes melt rather fast and I can see why they gave unlimited plane (at least for test server). AA is deadly in "cruising mode". Losing 1-2minutes each time to go back into the action is definitely something to get used too... I tend to be an aggressive player and I hate the downtime, lol. Agreed with others, planes are sluggish (T6 Japanese anyways), and lining-up attacks takes some getting used to. Going to play more games on the week-end when I actually have time. But the concept is decent.
  4. Francois424

    Is fire prevention any good?

    4 points is too expensive in the current meta. It helps there's no denying that, just not enough. Sure the 1 fire in the mid-section is nice, but I'd give it up instantaneously to get a -50% fire chance (so 50% of whatever your gun's fire chance is). Then it'd be worth the 4 points. Right now I'd say it's worth as much as the Tier 3 that gives +2% fire chance. So 3 points at most. There's soooooo many ways to get set on fire (with carrier rework incoming that will add *a lot* of more fires), and 90-120sec cooldown on DCP while you can get re-lit to 4 (3) fires 30sec later and you just take 30+k damage from fires with no solution. If you're lucky you survive and you can repair about 10k every 2 minutes with 2-5 repairs depending on the ship. HE doesn't just put you on fire as well, it does damage too and destroys AA/Secondary mounts. What's the use of spending 4 points on a skill that reduces one fire and only reduces the chance by 10% of your gun's % chance? I tried it... And I don't see a difference as I play smart and pretty rare I get lit on multiple fires. And when I do the skill is useless as I rarely manage to get away and lick my wounds... too much damage done to me. It's even worse as a cruiser, but at least you have speed, concealment and better DCP... so it tends to be easier to deal with the problem. No need for the skill either.
  5. Francois424

    Best WWII ship ever. Ever! This be fun!

    The U-Boats. They almost strangled UK to death. Only them getting the enigma machine and keeping breaking the codes allowed them to win the upper hand. Imagine the Allies not getting the machine nor breaking the code? Imagine the damage. As much as I lament the end of the Heavy dreadnought/BB era, The Carriers are equally the best WW2 warships.
  6. Francois424

    CV Rework Feedback

    That's why I signed on to the BETA. Yes, to test it and report concerns and bugs. But also to have a taste of what's coming. As you said, What is the difference between say a Hosho and the Kaga ? Looking forward to finding out. Personally, I don't agree with unlimited planes. Ships don't have unlimited AA mounts. Sooner or later they will get destroyed and cannot be repaired. Even with the commander skill, they are still super fragile. So the longer the match is, the more powerful the CV becomes. Also throw in the fact that you will possibly be able to have normal Divisions and more carriers per match than 1 or 2, and you can get what... 4 players with unlimited planes? What happens if the carrier players only target their mirrors at the end-game? Imagine the [censored]-storm of a match for any surface vessels. Ouch! Mechanics-wise, the gameplay looks trippy to me and I just can't wait to play CVs and lay the smackdown over and over and over on ppl. It might not be feasible at tiers 7-10, but 6 and below barring the Texas and a few choice cruisers? OUCH. It looks exiting an fun... But also infuriating to the BB crowd. Think fires are bad now? well if this goes thru the way it's been advertised we're really in some pretty serious [censored]. 90-120 seconds cooldown on DCP ? Lol-nope. One dead BB coming up. The above comes at a moment where extremely fast firing ship kept being added since the UK cruiser first came out. Too high a rate of fire makes for very annoying situations. Does the game really need any more irritating situations? As I said, still looking forward to the changes. I had the most fun against carriers in CBT and early OBT. Facing 2 enemy CVs with none on my side as an Ishizuchi was insane, and it pretty much meant a doomed match from the get go, but what a match. I remember me (NY) and 3 other NY cuddling together in "A" cap to fend off the T5 Japanese carrier (and it working) being pretty interesting. Maybe I'm just crazy, but at this point it's WG's game and they can do anything they want. I'm just gonna go along with it. - I still think Fires are stupidly OP, especially from smart players who knows how to light you up 3-4 places... - I still think Secondaries are Underpowered (except some choice ships) and the secondary skills are far too expensive for the benefit they give you (only 15% <t7, losing fire on other target, only 20% more range with base range being crap until T8, etc)... But it's their game and I'm willing to try it and hope it fixes the annoyances and imbalances. See you in the CV beta, and hopefully we find answers to our questions.
  7. Francois424

    Bot CVs got better in Co-op

    In some cases they drop really close you your ship. It's not uncommon to eat one torpedo even when paying attention. But I believe this is mostly in the high tiers (8+) It's those changes they made about a month ago, give or take. Not a big fan.
  8. Francois424

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    I just want a T8 WarSpite for the Prince. Take what WarSpite has (great secondaries, great turn radius, Precise guns, lower range, average speed, average AA, good defence) , translate into a T8 body... boom done. I don't want a cruiser for a BB... Sorry mouse. I will admit to really loving the Scharnhorst tho, so may work if done correctly. Just a T8 WarSpite, no need to reinvent the wheel. Thanks for trying tho, and I hope WG is not closed to the WarSpite idea.
  9. Francois424

    Finaly Had Enough

    Try coop before you quit, you might like it
  10. When I got to the Nagato. I realized I had gotten it. I knew how to play BBs. It's just that Low tier BBs just wont cooperate; you never knew if you did your aiming correctly or angling because the game at those tiers makes BBs atrociously inaccurate and the games where/are full of HE slinging cruisers and overpowered DDs. So yeah, it felt really good to come to the realization that... you know... I didn't suck. In number of games? I dunno... 350? (including Beta testing phase). Early WoWS youtubers really helped me thru the essentials as well.
  11. Francois424

    My Night of Co-op

    You got lucky. When the AI gets a hard-on for you, you get focused the entire game. I saw at least 20 torpedoes flying around (and I ate 4) today. Yesterday, I saw a 12-15 stack heading my way (Yes in Co-Op). There are too many players in Co-Op nowadays tho. It makes matches far too quick, easy, and feeling unsatisfying. But not enough to go back to PvP. I had enough of that long ago.
  12. Francois424

    Give us the Tier 7 Refit!!!!!

    Now ppl know how us IJN fan felt. To be fair the new UK BB doesn't seem that great either. I wish luck to the USN fans... Now if WG would just give me the 'Prince of Wales' as a Tier8 WarSpite (No gimmicks, no superheals or odd consumables. Take the WarSpite and make it a worthy T8... USN Alabama style). At least I'm getting Dreadnought.
  13. Francois424

    28 days of premium...thanx WG...I needed that.

    Personally, I only got ONE supercontainer (only the Yamato for this casual... still working on that German monster BB) I got... 50 useless flags of +250% commander xp. I really wish I could trade it for coal. Oh well.
  14. I ran fire prevention on mine to try... The skill is as useless as I remembered it, and I dropped it back for other skills. What a waste of 4 points. Business as usual for Mass and every other BBs.
  15. Francois424

    Finally, the Dreadnought...

    Very exited for this (I love derping in low-tiers in coop) I hope she keeps all of her blueprint secondaries (they are 76mm I think) Knowing my luck WG will put them at 3.5km or less :( But if I had it my way, 5km base. Still gonna get it regardless.