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  1. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Preliminary update for 0.8.5 has been pushed. No new ships added, but the camouflages.xml was updated to reflect additions from 0.8.5
  2. Pushed a small update last night to fix the fact that I missed recolouring the deck on the new Yamato textures. If you see issuse with the Yamato camo, please post high res pictures and a list of mods you are using (other than this one).
  3. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Updated for 0.8.4.
  4. Avalon304

    And also Ark Royal

    Did Ark actually run a measure 22 like camo patter?
  5. You want a video of someone being able to consistently hit divebomber citadels on moving targets? Ok: Theres several clips in that video of an Enterprise hitting multiple AP citadels on moving ships and dealing in excess of 15k damage multiple times.. (starts at 5:47 if the video doesnt autoplay from there).
  6. Ive used the latest texture I can find in the client for HSF Yamato (and theyre identical to the actual Yamato's textures). I cant see why the textures would be loading like they are, and unfortunately I dont own Yamato so I cant even look at it in game to figure it out (or see if its another mod messing with things, and unfortunately it would take too many dubloons (~22k) to free XP my way there, plus I dont have enough credits to actually buy the ship even if I did do that). If you can provide larger pictures, I can maybe take a better look at whats going on here... but other than that its going to be hard to diagnose without direct access to the ship.
  7. Avalon304

    are you gonna get pobeda?

    I have no plans to get any of the RU BBs... so probably not.
  8. It wasnt announced because the ship has had it since it was introduced. It just never had the range to effectively use it until its most recent incarnation.
  9. Yes. She does, and has, since she was first introduced. Heres Georgia on WoWSFT: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASB729&modules=1111&upgrades=000000&commander=PCW001&consumables=1111&lang=en Maximum secondary dispersion at 7.5km is 112m. Heres Massachusetts: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASB518&modules=1111&upgrades=000000&commander=PCW001&consumables=111&lang=en with the same dispersion at the same range. For reference heres Alabama: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASB508&modules=1111&upgrades=002000&commander=PCW001&skills=268435456&consumables=111&lang=en Maximum dispersion of 138m at 7.2km. Certainly seems like Georgia and Massachusetts have the same secondary dispersion, doesnt it? And this thread on reddit was posted yesterday: which shows both Georgia and Massachusetts with a dispersion formula of "11*R/333.333+30"
  10. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    This from a quick google search: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Benham_(DD-397)#/media/File:USS_Benham_(DD-397).jpg Literally the first result. That being said, this mod doesnt change texture of the ships themselves... just their perma camo overlays.
  11. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Support for Support for USS Benham:
  12. Updated for Supports new Yamato model.
  13. Georgia already has Massachusett's secondary dispersion, she just doesnt have the range to actually use it currently. With these changes she will.
  14. I mean, I agree that its a gimmick thats not really needed (and giving it the cruiser version rather than the normal BB version is doubly weird), but I dont think it'll be anything more than a meme for the ship. I dont think adding it is making the ship meaningfully more powerful than leaving it out.
  15. I can only tell you what Ive been seeing happen in my games. Max dispersion is usable, but for a player facing figure something like "Dispersion: 215m at 20km" would be a better figure (thats an example, by the way). Obviously, not ever ship has 20km range, so having values for BBs, CA, CL, DD and CB would be the best, that way you have a directly comparable number in the port between different ships If ever BB gives dispersion at 20km then you can really tell which ships, at a glance, have good dispersion, rather than needing to know the formula or try to adjust ranges to get close to similar max ranges. By the time I got to this thread, it had been changed. Looks like it was changed sometime in the initial 2 hours of this thread, since theres a post 2 hours after yours with the changes quoted and the main battery dispersion isnt mentioned. Judging by that, it appears to either have been an error or an internal change that was meant for internal testing only and wasnt ever supposed to see the light of day (one of those "lets see if we should even do this" changes). Im happy with what is currently (as of this post) in the OP as well. For the record Im just gonna... quote that again incase it changes again: