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  1. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Updated for 10.3
  2. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Updated for 10.2
  3. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Updated for 0.10.1, including support for USS Austin:
  4. Avalon304

    PSA: Official survey is up!!

    Didnt completely set fire to them... but negative feedback for the majority of the changes in this patch was left.
  5. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Initial updates for 0.10.0 have been pushed.
  6. Avalon304

    Flint in Co-Op: No AFT? No Problems.

    Actually just the fact that you needed the stars to align is a pretty good indication that it will be trash. (Actually the fact that you had to have the stars align in a PVE mode is good indication that it will be trash). Similarly the one good game you just showed in that Indianapolis doesnt mean the Indy is a good ship, just that a good player was able to make it work. That what people like you miss: Being able to make something work doesnt make that something good.
  7. Avalon304

    PTS 0.10.0

    Genuinely WG when you write stuff like this: Its sounds like patronizing PR double speak. (Because thats what it is). While you may not have PLANNED to lower the efficiency of secondary battery builds you HAVE lowered the efficiency od secondary battery builds. No, the range increases are NOT enough to compensate for the loss of accuracy. Infact increasing secondary range only serves to make the already inaccurate secondaries LESS accurate at their maximum range (because thats how cones work). Secondly, if the PTS isnt enough to make a decision about this, literally just stop asking for feedback on them. Just use it as what you clearly want it to be, a server where you make sure it doesnt crash when launched. If youre going to solicit, or attempt to solicit feedback on a patch you need to USE that feedback BEFORE the release of the patch, NOT AFTER. Thirdly, no the exceedingly minor buffs to the main batteries that some secondary ships MAY see (which is no guarantee because a secondary build actually takes more skill points in the new system than the old one) will not improve a ships overall efficiency to a point where youre going to see it in your spreadsheets. Also, as I said about your PTS is useless if you arent going to make changes to the patch BEFORE it releases. Continuing to use your live server as a test environment is some of the sloppiest development work I have ever seen from a gaming company... and Ive played games made by Bethesda Studios... Stop it. Either use the test server as a proper test server or stop using it all together. (Seriously, if youre ever wondering why your community sees you guys as bad game developers, this is part of the reason). Lets also address a ship that was absent from the buffs already: Flint. It needs to get the same range increase as Atlanta/Atlanta B. Period. They are all but identical in terms of relevant armament. Should Flint go live without the increased range, expect to see ALOT of people demanding full steel refunds. You have a chance here... to pull this back and work on it for a very long amount of time, and cancel it. This is, quite possibly your Rubicon moment. You are making changes that dont need to be made. You are making changes that arent going to accomplish what you want them to, because they never do in ames like this. Stop. Stop before you make an incredibly dumb mistake. Stop before you shoot yourself in the foot. Just stop.
  8. Avalon304

    Quitting Due to Secondary Nerf ( excessive )

    I know the WoT team will back off of something if is badly received enough (Rubicon, the ammo rework, the tank rebalance changes on the original sandbox), but has Lesta ever done it?
  9. Avalon304

    Why is armored deck a thing?

    Why? You yourself have just admitted that your previous argument was silly. Why does the class that gets to sit in cover and attack with near impunity need enough armor to bounce long range shells and be able to bow tank things at range? Your armor is: A. Your team. Because by the time youre getting shot, your team is long dead. and B. The Islands that you can sit behind to block any incoming fire. Why do you also need an armored flight deck that can bounce BB shells at long range, especially since you cant really be set on fire and you cant be detonated. We've already established that CVs arent going to miraculously die off if the 4 tier 10s with armored flight decks suddenly lose them because the 12 other CVs already dont have armored flight decks so why, exactly, do you need them?\ It couldnt be because youre a CV main and you want your class of choice to remain broken, is it? I mean, yes? But thats not exclusive to CV hulls; Im interested in targeting every ship and destroying them as soon as possible. Thats the point of the game: Find ship. Shoot ship. Kill ship. Preferably as fast as possible. For 99% of the ships in game, its relatively easy because they have to be in range to do the same to you. For CVs, they get to sit in the back and attack from unlimited range and you cant return fire to affect a defense.
  10. Avalon304

    Why is armored deck a thing?

    The tier 10 CVs have had armored decks since their implementation into the game. It has nothing to do with 899 divs. Infact outside of the tier 10 CVs, no other CV in the game currently has an armored decks. (IIRC the old tier 9s used to also have armored decks, but I dont remember that for a fact). This is why Merc's argument that CVs would die off because of sniping is silly... because the majority of CVs dont actually have armored decks right now, and sniping isnt a huge problem.
  11. Avalon304

    Quitting Due to Secondary Nerf ( excessive )

    Nah, the 3 US BBs dont really need Man Secs, unless youre trying to snipe DDs with the secondaries at their max range. For cruisers and BBs theyre accurate enough without Man Secs. Even after the changes, if you take Man Secs you basically just wind up with the same accuracy as GK has currently with Man Secs on live. The US BBs arent reliant on Man Secs to actively be useful in their secondary roles, unlike the German BBs, which actively rely on it to be any sort of useful. Youre still going to be plenty accurate after the changes if the only secondary BBs you play are the US ones, and with Man Secs you'll be better off against BBs and cruisers so you dont have your secondaries shattering against belt armor close in if you have Man Secs.
  12. Avalon304

    Quitting Due to Secondary Nerf ( excessive )

    Actually Massachusetts, Georgia and Ohio are fine after this change, since they dont normally take manual secondaries anyway, and now if you do the new system results in old GK levels of accuracy which is actually more useful than the hyper accurate levels that the US BBs currently have on live with man sec. The major problems are German BBs which are already super accurate and relied upon ManSec to be useful at all. Hmmm... I could believe you and the rest of the bads saying they'll be fine, or I could believe the far better players than you that are saying theyre dead. Hmmm... like I said... its ok that youre wrong. I'll listen to PQ who is a far better player than you (in BBs no less) and Flamu and temper what they say with my own observations from the PTS thanks. The GK is not super tanky, it eats pen damage for days, it eats superstructure damage for days. Its worse than other tier 10 BBs in a survivability role. I'll ignore the DD main who gets carried in 2-3 man divs more often than not and listen to the actual unicums thanks.
  13. Avalon304

    Quitting Due to Secondary Nerf ( excessive )

    Its ok to be wrong. You like a poor BB. Thats fine. But its still going to be worse than every other tier 10 BB. That turtle back is only good for letting you eat lots of normal pen damage. German guns are far worth than other BB guns and every other BB is better with a survivability build over a GK.
  14. Avalon304

    Quitting Due to Secondary Nerf ( excessive )

    I mean you can disagree, but GK is a poor ship when spec'd as a "normal" BB with a survivability build. Its huge, has a large super structure and inaccurate (even for a BB) guns. Congrats, you have hydro, which while nice isnt all that amazing either. What GK currently has is amazing secondaries to set it apart from every other BB line. After the changes a full secondary build actually costs 21 points (instead of 19) and a full survivability build costs 21 points too, for no really changes over the live server: This is a 21 point survivability build. I think over live you gain 10% action time for Hydro and 10% more Torpedo Damage Reduction (which will probably be offset by any torp DD running the more torp damage skill). You dont get an extra Hydro charge, you do have an extra Repair Party (so like half of super intendent). Thats 21 points for no meaningful changes when compared with a 19 point live build of PT/HA/JoAT/BoS/SI/CE/FP. You arent actually getting more skills with 21 points, you getting the same skills with 21 points. And even then, every other BB is going to be better in a survivability build over a GK. Any other tier 10 BB will be better. They'll have more accurate guns, or better armor, or both. Lesta is taking an already normally poor ship that had one feature you could make really good and nerfing the crap out of that feature. Your increased secondary range isnt going to matter when you cant hit things with them because their accuracy is bad, even if you now spec into them. German BBs, are dead if the skills stay as they are or if their secondaries dont get a major accuracy buff, because otherwise the best secondary BBs in the game will be Massachusetts/Georgia/Ohio.
  15. The loss of accuracy outweighs the gain in survivability You would see more damage with the greater accuracy and not having CE/FP. The in ability to actually hit your target at anything other than close range is a straight nerf, because secondaries that dont hit dont do damage at all.