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  1. What are the chances of use being able to buy this eventually?
  2. Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Alaska does indeed look perfect as she is. I hope she remains as such.
  3. CV Rework Feedback

    Hopefully? The complete removal of CVs as a concept. In a game about surface to surface ship combat they have no purpose and do not play buy the rules of other classes. Id be completely fine if CVs went away and AA was relagated to shooting down spotting aircraft.
  4. CV Rework Feedback

    You misunderstand... I dont mean worse as in "these will be dumbed down and bad"... I mean worse as in "this will make CVs more powerful and capable of dealing more damage over longer periods of time". Because now instead of stacking fire DoTs they can use a single torpedo squadron to stack multiple ships with flooding DoTs.
  5. CV Rework Feedback

    This looks... worse. DoT is awful, and extending a CVs ability to cause multiple DoTs doesnt seem like a good idea. Honestly, Im not one to request refunds... but this would have me going so far as to request XP and credts back from any CVs Ive ever researched...
  6. Well, I found time toupdate this mod today... so how about some MS22 Alaska? Sound good? Ok: Mmmmm... so gud. Anyway... download should be updated to work properly with this patch.
  7. Expect updates to the mod to come on or around Friday for patch 0.7.8.
  8. Dear WG moderators: Read the thread before moving it to the archived forum... dont just rely on the title to tell you which mods are old and out of date... do your jobs better.
  9. No the point of this is to give an accurate assessment of the best way to play the ship. Without playing the ship my information would be inaccurate.
  10. Welp... never played the Ognevoi... so I cant provide any input on how to play it. Good luck to those who enter this round.
  11. Update today: compatability. Nothing more. No additions. But Alaska soon. So that will be fun!
  12. I just recoloured the existing texture... Wargaming likely has the entire model loded up in the 3D program as they texture and can mess with the UV mapping of the texture to enture that everything lines up as they do the textures.
  13. Still questioning why WG destroyed a fun operation by drastically ramping up the difficulty so much... its absolutely awful to play Narai now... (and Im not sure Raptor needed to be thouched either). Return Narai to its old form and reinstate it with no changes, this new one is actually terrible.
  14. Updates! US Light Cruiser support is finally here. This means Dallas, Helena, Seattle and Worcester now get MS22 camos. As a bonus, because I did this on the test server Im also set for 0.7.7. In 0.7.7 theres also an entry for Neueve De Julio/Boise under the USA premium section that did not exist in 0.7.6 so... that has support too... though I dunno what that means... if anything... Dallas Helena Seattle Worcester Please let me know if there are any issues with these camos in particular.
  15. Does the test server not load contents from res_mods? Trying to update a camouflage mod but its not respecting my changes in res_mods at all. EDIT: res_mods is missing from the paths.xml for some reason... may want to look at that... Also why is the Yokosuka Naval Base port gone now? (Or is it just never on the PTS and Ive never bothered to look)>