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  1. Well... that makes me sad. I honestly think the removal of the citadel concept from the game would actually serve the game better than making ships easily punishable if they every show broadside. Obviously this is an unpopular opinion. I think citadels as a game concept result in the more passive meta that we see, especially from BBs where they would rather bow tank than ever expose their broadsides. And the same can be said of most cruiisers that would rather camp islands than be caught broadside in the open
  2. Did they say this on the stream? This makes me sad... I hate citadel damage as a concept on any ship... guess Im not progressing further down the RNBBs...
  3. Avalon304

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    A tier 9 ship int he premium shop? Not ok. Not even remotely ok. Not even on the same planet as 'ok'.
  4. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Initial support for 0.7.10 has been pushed to the Github download. I'll be adding Wichita ad WV '41 soon.
  5. Avalon304

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    No. It isnt.
  6. Avalon304

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    This change literally puts a hard cap on the amount of damage a BB can do to a DD with AP. How is that anything other than buff to DDs? Again... take any DD (minus Harugumo and Khaba, which are unaffected by this change for some reason) ... then take any BB... fire AP at the DD from the BB... and you are capped at doing 10% of the BB's AP shell damage to that DD, even if that DD is nose in at 5km.
  7. Avalon304

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    This would be a massive BUFF to every DD affected by the change... even those rushing nose in at close range to a BB. With this change... if you were in a Gearing, and you bumrushed a Yamato, and it managed to somehow hit you with all 9 of his guns firing AP, he would do 13,320 damage to you... leaving you with at least 6,080 health (provided you dont, for whatever reason, have Survivabilty Expert).
  8. Avalon304

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Your art is good... thats really all I had to say... I can share some popcorn tho... if you want to keep watching the festivities...
  9. Avalon304

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Its always entertaining when people argue from positions of pure ignorance and keep digging themselves into deeper holes.
  10. Avalon304

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Huh... Ive always liked Richelieu and her guns have always treated me well... Jean Bart may now vie for my attention alongside Alaska...
  11. Avalon304

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    From my (extremely cursory) look into West Virginia vs Maryland there are no differences in the type or number of guns in their AA suite or secondary battery when they were constructed. (Colorado on the other hand has 2 more 5inch guns when she was constructed, meaning theyve already likely has to make any changes necessary to even make her West Virginia). It does appear as if swapping names from West Virginia to Maryland is actually as simple as 'Ctrl+F: West Virginia' and then pasting Maryland in its place.
  12. Avalon304

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    So youre saying theres a chance... (however slim it may be) that we could actually get to see this ship? Because Id buy it... and I want WG to know that.
  13. Avalon304

    Mouse Previews HMS Vanguard

    I know its WiP... but this ship looks awful right now... and not even because of the citadel... (which is in itself awful) but because of its guns...
  14. Avalon304

    Bourgogne Preview. An Alsace at T10. Why???

    Please make Super Alsace an arsenal ship... do want.
  15. Avalon304

    [ALL] Improved Maid of Orleans Camouflages

    These issues should now be fixed if you redownlod the mod. I really wish I had Gascogne so I could have caught these issues back when I made the skins.... a way to preview camos on ships you dont own would be great...