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  1. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Updated for 0.11.8. No new ships added.
  2. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Added support for Vallejo and Velos, as well as updating the texture for Worchester's turrets (which are also used on Vallejo):
  3. Avalon304

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    Updated for 11.7.
  4. Avalon304

    USN Maine - really?

    I cant remember... is tier 8 the end tier in Legends? Would that make this the rough equivalent of a 9 or 10 BB? Either way... I sort of want it.
  5. Avalon304

    Sub Change Proof of Concept

    I dunno who thought this change was a good idea... but they should be fired.
  6. Remove subs. Remove CVs. Tone down how effective HE spam is (I dont need it removed it just need to be not as effective, whether thats by nerfing fire chances or nerfing/changing fires themselves or nerfing HE pen or changing how HE interacts with damage saturation I dont know). Other than that, Im ok with the rest of the game. Would the complaints stop? No. I doubt they would stop even if WG made the game 100% perfect somehow.
  7. Avalon304

    Kitakaze at T10?

    Ok leaving aside those abysmal random stats... if you like Akizuki in co-op... then Kita is a literal straight upgrade. Like it would play no differently than Aki, other than the fact that you get way more HE and AP DPM thanks to the slot 6 upgrade. Like...why play Akizuki when you can just play Kita and be better in every way.
  8. Avalon304

    Warning! Econ Bonuses PreSelected!

    Congrats you did have bonuses mounted and forgot. I rewent through my port and foun 3 ships that did have bonuses, Kongo, Aurora and KGV. All were ships I had played briefly for a campaign and mounted economic signals on then dropped and didnt return to look at them. 3 ships out of like 95 total ships and they were all ships that I had thought I had cleared but actually hadnt because I had played them so long ago that I forgot. Im sure youve seen confirmed reports. People are misremembering and forgetting that they had stuff mounted. And then because this playerbase is this playerbase and they dont take responsibility for their actions, they blame WG because its easier than admitting they messed up. The perma bonus box is on the left hand side of the bonus screen. It is separate. The numbers in the right hand box show the total bonus amount that you will get from everything mounted on your ship + any account wide bonus. Maybe instead of trying to blame the UI people should learn the UI... because its quite simple.
  9. Avalon304

    what a joke - economy rework

    Mount All only existed for Economic and Special signals. Combat signals have been limited to 8 for years now. Yea sure, but my meaning was... were there ever any ships that would benefit from more than 8 of them? Because I cant think of any where I would want to take 9+ combat signals. Or ships that would benefit from more than 8 at all.
  10. Avalon304

    Kitakaze at T10?

    People like Kitakaze because its just an Akizuki... but like way better. Their guns are the same. But Kita gets more health, better torpedoes (and fires 2 more of them on every reload), more speed and a better ruddershift. If you like Akizuki, then Kitakaze is a straight upgrade to it in every way that matters. And its tier 9 so it gets the slot six equipment meaning even faster firing guns than Akizuki. Like... its close to a tier 10 DD at tier 9. Their torpedoes are a nice to have... tey are gunboat DDs. Even Aki. ~~~~ I like the idea of uptiering Kita and making Haru a special ship...
  11. Avalon304

    Warning! Econ Bonuses PreSelected!

    What is this nonsense about "colour codes". Stop it. "Colour codes" are irrelevant. Youre trying to complexify something very simple. If there is a colour = bonus on. If no colour = bonus off. Period. Could be grey, green, blue or red, the actual colour doesnt matter. Stop this colour of safety nonsense too. Green hasnt really been used that way in the UI design of this game. Its not a thing here. Even still if a player is avoiding using their eyes that much that they ignore the number of bonuses, the X (which is a standard in UI design across nearly every UI ever made) and the 'Remove All' text they deserve to lose their bonuses. It isnt rocket science to take a minute and click some buttons and hover over UI elements to learn what everything does. If youre so disconnected that you go "oh green good" and then dont look further into things you get exactly what you deserve. No if theres a bunch of people lead to a false impression is generally because those people arent paying attention. (Which given the average player in the game is pretty much the case all the time). And Im sorry a UI shouldnt be there to just coddle the person and do it for them. Thats lazy design. You should need ot be engaged and active in learning a UI. What a good UI does is make you learn it, so that it BECOMES intuitive to you, not so that it just is. Yes you foresaw morons being unable to take ownership of their own mistakes and carelessness... we all saw that coming. The difference is Im not coddling them by trying to blame WG. Im blaming them for not paying attention and taking a minute to click around the new UI and learn it. This is exactly the way it should have been: If you had bonuses mounted before the patch then bonuses would still be mounted after the patch. Anything else is dumb. Expecting anything else is equally dumb And to try and frame this as bootlicking is hilarious. Imsorry people are too impatient to take a minute to learn the now UI and check their ships but this isnt WGs fault. WG has done plenty of dumb stuff over the years and Ive given them flak for plenty of it, but this aint one of those times. This one falls squarely on any player who wont use their brains and eyes to actively learn the new UI. None. Not a single ship in my port had any consumable bonuses mounted after the patch. Not even the ships I was grinding. The only stuff that was equipped were permacamos/permabonuses. I removed all the consumable stuff before the patch went live. If you had bonuses mounted after the patch then you missed removing something (either consumable signals or consumable camo) before the patch.
  12. Avalon304

    An Aircraft Carrier Reversion

    Nah... CVs were just as powerful as they are now, with unicum CVs just as capable of ruining any ships day, but surface ships had actual AA and could actively deplane CVs AND there were less CVs in the queue. And Id much rather get smacked out of a match in one big hit than a death of a thousand cuts.
  13. Avalon304

    Warning! Econ Bonuses PreSelected!

    There are THREE separate indications that a bonus is actively equipped: 1. The entire box is actually filled in, regardless of colour. (This is especially noticeable on any ship that doesnt have a permanent bonus equipped/didnt have a perma camo because that box will be empty showing it isnt equipped). 2. Theres a number displaying the amount of bonuses available. 3. Theres an 'X' that lets you TURN THEM OFF. (just noticed a 4th one: there's text under the boosts that says 'Remove All' if any bonus is equipped or 'Mount Best' if none are...) and if you take 2 seconds and hover over any one of the boxes the tool tip will also list the expendable bonus equipped separately from any permanent ones. Like the UI is fine, if you actually take 2 minutes to look at it. You have to actually be actively ignoring all three of those things in order to not know that there are bonuses. Even further still bonuses were only auto equipped after the patch if the ship had ALREADY HAD economic bonuses (camo/signals) equipped to it before the patch. So essentially no different than every other patch where you had signals equipped to a ship. If this system hadnt come out, you still would have had those signals/came equipped and would have still been using them after the patch on whatever ships they were equipped on anyway. Then you were a fool to expect that. There was no way WG was ever going to actively remove stuff that a player had put on their ship already without ensuring that after the patch they had a similar setup equipped. Because I can guarantee you that if they had, there would be another group of people here complaining that they had to reequip every one of their [insert ridiculous number of ships here]. And further if a player didnt already to intend to familiarize themself with the UI and got into a situation where they blindly used boosts (which they were likely using before the patch anyway, since only ships with camo/signals actively equipped had boosts equipped after the patch) then thats on those players for not taking 5 minutes to click some buttons, read some tool tips and experiment. No one ever wants to take personal responsibility for their actions...
  14. Avalon304

    Warning! Econ Bonuses PreSelected!

    Boosters were only equipped if you had economic signals equipped before the patch. Essentially nothing would have changed... like... what did you actually expect. None of my ships had boosters equipped after the patch until I went and turned them on because I had none equiupped prior to the patch. Did you actually expect that they would dequip what you already had equipped? Why would they. You had clearly wanted to you eco boosts before. The colour coding system is actually irrelevant, all that you need to know is that if the box is coloured in the booster is on. Theres also a number telling you how many boosters of that type are available AND and X in the upper right letting you remove it. The only way you could possible not know the pooster isnt on is if you werent actually paying attention.
  15. Avalon304

    Warning! Econ Bonuses PreSelected!

    Yes it is. Colored in would mean on. Especially with the additional indicators of the amount of bonuses available and an 'X' in the upper right of the box indicating that you can remove the bonus thats equipped...