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  1. Aureolus

    Update 0.8.9 - Feedback and Performance

    shouldn't matter, if they do this every couple of months your laptop will lock up before long. Too many programmers act like folks have all the space (and download speeds) in the world. What about folks that download and have data limits?.
  2. Aureolus

    Update 0.8.9 - Feedback and Performance

    a 6 GB update? really? Maybe you guys should work on some file optimization protocols. Doing multiple updates a yr at 6 GBs per is going to hose my memory. There ARE other things to do (and load) on my PC you know.
  3. Aureolus

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    17 pages to this point and the community is still in turmoil. God job Ms Mouse, I'd swear you were trolling the community. Lots of both good and bad ideas in the forums, CCs, and boards since the new rework dropped in Jan. I would ALSO think that WG has PLENTY of data on their systems to see where the issues are and what the trends show. So tell me why, MS Mouse. do you even need to bring anything to WG? Any chance that by now there is anything that they already aren't aware of? I enjoy your commentary but I think that you are basically wasting yours and everybody else's time. WG is going to continue this fiasco and keep tripping over various body parts making various tweaks that they can say will solve the issues. It buys them more time for the shxxstorm to die down and for folks to just wear out and get back to the normal buying economy. Unfortunately I don't think this is going to happen. To many of the "veterans" in this game are fired up angry at what was done and the pitiful attempts at repair. A great many of us have just stopped putting money into the game. (I, personally, haven't spent a dime since Jan and I am usually pretty good at picking up bundles, premiums, and time). And unfortunately too many are not going to give WG much more time to fix it or claim defeat and start over. Sad, it was a really good game.
  4. Aureolus


    folks, folks... Never said I was ignorant about the Sims strengths nor that I wasn't aware she is a gunboat. Just said she has pitiful torps. Kidd is an awesome AA and gun platform and has only one set of torps but at least they can hurt something if they hit it. The other day I caught a Leningrad broadside on with 2 torps and didn't sink him. Have hit a Musashi with full salvos and then drove back around after reload to hit him again before he went down. Just saying that the torp damage should be a little more in line with the competition especially since it's not uncommon to get uptiered. When u take the belt reduction percentage in line with the pitiful gross damage amount they can't even be defined as area denial weapons (mobile mines).
  5. Aureolus


    During all the "balancing" how about showing the Sims some love? Torpedos that do 49 kts and 9700 damage, really? In a boat that can be in-game with the Musashi? I understand that it was somewhat necessary to keep it from being the all dominant gunboat that it once was when first released but many of it's peers now have as good guns or better and some can go ALMOST as fast as the Sims torps can (Leningrad, Minsk). I seriously think that some upgrading to counter all the power creep is called for. just my 2 cents worth :-)
  6. Would be interesting to see how the sales stats are working out for this time period on premiums and prem time. Anybody have access to that info?
  7. Have been a long term and avid player of this game from the closed beta. Usually played long enough each day to get the 3 containers and was looking forward to the CV redo. 8.0 dropped and I jumped right in the see what I needed to "adapt" too. Am an avid DD player and got creamed in my first few matches, took some dedicated AA DDs out and got creamed again. Said Ok this isn't quite what I was looking forward to; planes overhead constantly and teammates huddled in slow moving clumps and refusing to go for the caps. Said humm, DDs are going to need some work and switched to CAs; different tiers, dedicated AA boats, stealth boats etc (have over 200 ships). All the games were plane fests and perma-spotting messes. Tried the tactical changes recommended by WG and some of the CCs about "AA supporting my teammates" in CA or BB clumps. Finally decided after both hotfixes that this wasn't why I came to WOWS; driving around in a clump waiting to get in range of the enemy clump so we can see who can armor angle the best. So I've been playing ranked with the occasional game in pubbies to see if things have mellowed. The answer so far is nope, still broken. And now I read that the radar boat ranges are increasing (and can still see thru islands) while DD torpedo ranges are not, MORE CVs are inbound, Russ BBs with BB/CV only radar are coming and Russ DDs with British heals. Kinda wonder if teleporting is the next gimmick WG will add to help with "gameplay". None of the tricks will matter tho because the CV meta is still messed up. So in answer to the thread. I have stopped playing randoms. I play a few ranked and have closed my wallet. Don't see any reason to buy any premiums if WG is going to greatly modify the boats after the fact. I am letting my premium time tic down and will revisit that issue in the future. All the gimmicks that have been added (and are planned), the CV rework fiasco, and WG premiums unreliability have sucked the fun out of this game. It also has caused me to revisit my Steam library.
  8. If it takes 2 full patches to get it squared away (not counting who knows how many hotfixes) will there be a player base to play it?
  9. Aureolus

    Update Hotfix

    I regularly play DDs and I think one issue has been totally overlooked.....fighters. In the old meta a CV player could use his fighters for area denial. This kept the strike planes back (and limited spotting by planes) and helped allow the stealth built ships to actually use their stealth. The new meta has a "drop off" fighter which is insufficient to prevent strike planes from entering an area which contributes to perpetual spotting (besides all the planes flying around at high warp). Fighters also caused the CV players, who had a limited number of planes, to be more cautious on their approach to an area. A proper fighter meta MIGHT help this current f**kup get sorted out. That and a few other changes :-)
  10. Aureolus

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    well, it's been another day since I posted and it keeps getting worse. CV players now can avoid most damage to their air groups AND decrease their turnaround time by just using the "F" key after their first strike, (refer to video by IChase today). Drop on u, hit the F key and zap right back to the CV and in another air group and launched. Played against 2 CV drivers today who apparently watched him (or figured it out) and it sucked. Was in my Buffalo again and got clobbered. Game 2 I was in a full AA Worchester and was one of the last boats left at the end. Never ending waves of planes (shot down 45). U get attacked , hit the DFAA and after the first couple of planes strike the rest just disappeared. Still have time on the DFAA and the next strike would just hover until it timed out and inbound they come. You would think that after losing 45 aircraft a CV driver would be almost deplaned or at least be a little shy about attacking but with unlimited aircraft why would he care? As long as he floats he has lots of planes and with the F key immediate strike response (especially since near the end he was on the other side of the island only 5k away) u just get beat up. Zoom in drop torps, warp out, and be back for a rocket strike almost before the torps get there. Got dizzy just trying to fight my boat, dodge islands, torps, rockets, bombs and incoming fire. Is definitely NOT FUN ANYMORE. Not interested in dropping any more cash at the moment and still have a bunch of premium time left (been buying it yearly since year one). So I think I'll give it a rest for a while and see if the new data WG is getting allows them to unscrew what's been done.
  11. Aureolus

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    just reviewed the previous 10 pages of almost universal negativity and am wondering what WG was thinking releasing this patch in it's current form. So my 2 cents worth: was one of the original Beta testers of this game and have watched it evolve into generally a nice game. It's had problems, some created by an effort to give the player base more options on game play (hydro, radar etc), and some just because. But after playing the last 2 days of this update I have to say that WG has stepped all over it big time. I haven't played CVs yet so won't comment on the "new system" (tho it does appear to be kinda boring on the face of it). I have played all the other classes from t4 to t10. And it's a mess. DD's are pretty much perma spotted (got spotted 13 SECONDS into a game) and u just do well to hang on and hope u don't run out of smokes before u finally get killed. Capping is extremely hard, even worse then when the radr meta came out. U pretty much have to do the old system of driving into a cap and pop smoke and hope to u can cap it before the torps or radr comes for u. When playing DDs I have found that my teams are VERY timid and clump up near the spawns because of all the planes. I have also found out that spotting is a waste (CV spots everybody) and that my AA, even for my dedicated AA boats (Kidd, Fletcher) is about the same and not really useful unless I out tier the CV. CA's are about the same with regards to AA and stealth. Playing a high stealth CA and trying to get your thin skinned self into a tactical position is almost impossible now. Dedicated AA boats aren't. The range has been nerfed so AA umbrellas are 2 small and it seems that my AA fire stops when planes get to certain distances. (Was in a full AA spec buffalo and ate 3 separate attacks before I shot down a plane. Was attacked 13 times by games end and killed 4.) BBs seem to do best but spend a crazy amount of time dodging planes and incoming fire. Same thing with the spotting meta as the other boats; stealth doesn't mean crap since the planes are so fast. BB AA isn't too bad and improves significantly when u have a dedicated fighter but u still can spend lots of time acting like the donkey in a pin the tail contest. Seems unfair that CVs have unlimited aircraft but ur AA degrades over time. Shouldn't have it both ways - CV players suffer no damage unless they lose their CV, no attrition just a time delay to relaunch the planes. Spent a bunch of time trying to watch both the minimap in a wider threat arc (due to plane speed) and trying to shoot/torp folks while dodging air strikes. Some information overload going on. Was nice that the update stopped plane spotting of torps. Just means that my IJN ships just have to deal with the normal LARGE spotting footprint. Summary - WG screwed this up. They didn't deal effectively with all the new things they broke by implementation of the update and now we have to go thru another long period of fixes or modification to GET IT RIGHT. In the meantime lots of folks will be looking around for other games to play. Am currently waiting to see if the effort is going to be put in by WG. I played warplanes and tanks. I have stopped playing both because WG broke them so many times in the past. Would be a shame if I bailed on this game also.