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    Morse Code in Premium Port?

    I had some free time (actually to much but let's not go there) So I here's what I figured out. It wasn't easy as there isn't a space between code groups, Not that it's an absolute but if my read is correct then it all fits. And it makes sense too. I read: - . . . . - - . - . - . . . - . - . - This is what I came up with : - =T . = E . . . =S - =T - . - . - = Start Copying - Prosign . . . - . = Understand - Prosign - . - = Over - Prosign Prosign is a set of commonly used terms in a sort of International Morse shorthand. Reference : https://morsecode.world/international/morse.html
  2. Military Against Nation Tyrants Abroad We believe real life is more important that this game. We want this to be fun and if we're not what you're looking for you just let us know and you can leave on good terms. We are a 40 slot clan of mature (35+) players that are 70% semi-competitive and 30% very competitive. We've been in Clan Battles and we're working to return. We won't tolerate bigotry or drama of any kind. Start that and you'll be counseled once and gone the next. We expect you to download and use discord for any competitive actions. (Clan Battles, Ranked Battles, Operations) We expect ANYONE in the clan to be open and to accept constructive criticism.(Yes that includes the officers) We share our ship setups, captain setups, and any valuable information with our clanmates. We expect you to be active in the clan's efforts for the base. (ie. Naval Battles) and to improve your own experience and standing and give us your best effort. (ie. Ranked Battles, Clan Battles, Operations) We are not stat happy. If you're willing to improve we're willing to work with you. You can PM us in game if you have any questions. 7thArmoredCavalry XO, LEVI_THE_PANTLESS CO,
  3. 7thArmoredCavalry


    Does anyone have a Pan-American tech-tree or know which ships qualify as Pan-American? I only ask because in the Happy Anniversary event. in the last mission (#4), is the task to earn 750000 credits in the Pan-American. Is it just me or is there another branch other than the Italian cruisers on the horizon?
  4. 7thArmoredCavalry

    CV deck operations Circa WWII

    Just for anyone interested. I found this video on WWII flight deck operations. Enjoy..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfkwjU8k6W4
  5. 7thArmoredCavalry

    A Familiar Face Joins the Team - Femennenly

    Congratulations on the new job and the new digs! Best of Luck with both. I didn't get to catch your stream much but I watched many of your CV videos. East coast, West coast time difference. You'll be a welcome addition.