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  1. Shephard0A

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    Gotta make money somewhere. New players are best for quick cash-ins.
  2. Shephard0A

    "Carnal" ship in Savage Battles mode

    The Carnal (and its successors') maneuverability is downright crazy. I have never felt so comfortable sailing in the middle of torpedo soup and avoiding all of them without being deterred. Just sail between all the fish. The fact that you can stop and accelerate in a blink, coupled with a 0.4 rudder shift gives you the ability to just smile at torps and wave at them as they pass you by, add the engine boost + torpedo reloader and it makes for an amazing aggressive ship. Also, the Rumble is the most hilarious thing I have ever sailed, I got it last night while playing with my friends and we were all just cracking up at how insanely the thing moves. I don't remember last time I laughed so much while playing this game.